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Sir Bruce Forsyth dead aged 89

Sir Bruce Forsyth has died, aged 89, his family confirmed today. In a statement, they said he died peacefully at home surrounded by his wife and children. Sir Bruce was loved around the country for his 75-year TV career presenting shows including The Generation Game, Play Your Cards Right and Strictly Come Dancing.

Finland attack: Two killed and several injured in stabbing

Two people have been killed and several others wounded in Turku, Finland after a man armed with a ‘large’ knife went on a rampage in the market square. So far six people are thought to be hurt. One of the wounded is a woman who was pushing a pram when she was stabbed. In footage purported to be from the scene of the attack, people can be seen running down the street in desperation (pictured inset bottom left). Police said a man was shot in the leg and arrested after armed police responded to the attack (pictured left and bottom right). Officials have warned people to stay away from the scene while police in Helsinki have upped security at the airport and train stations in response to the news. Pictured top right: Victims lie on the pavement near an ambulance in Turku.

ISIS Barcelona attack killed 13 and injured over 100

A terror cell which carried out yesterday's massacre in the heart of Barcelona's tourist district planned to load the van used in the attack with explosives, police have revealed. The driver of the van which claimed 13 lives and injured more than 100 when it swerved through the busy Las Ramblas district is still believed to be at large, despite police making two arrests.    

This terrifying map documents the sixteen different attacks carried out by jihadis which have killed 364 people in Europe.

One person was killed and six were injured after a house, which contained more than 20 butane gas canisters, blew up in Alcanar, Catalonia at about 11.15pm on Wednesday night.

A survivor of the Manchester bombings, Chris Pawley, 30, has narrowly escaped death for a second time after being caught up in the Barcelona terrorist attack on Thursday.

One Islamic State supporter was writing on the encrypted messaging service Telegram when he praised God for the terrorist attack in Spain and wrote: 'They can die in their rage.'

The terrorists carrying knives and an axe bailed out of their Audi A3 used to plough into crowds on the seafront in Cambrils on the Costa Dorada, killing one woman and injuring six more.

Welsh assembly member Leanne Wood sparked anger by tweeting about the apparent ISIS-inspired atrocity last night.

This graphic shows how the Barcelona terror attack unfolded. It started when a terrorist in a white van turned on to a pedestrianised part of Las Ramblas at around 5pm British time.

Horrific videos show the moments when the streets of Barcelona's popular tourist area erupted in carnage when a van ploughed into pedestrians as police search for the terror attacker.

Tom Gueller, who lives on an adjoining road, said the van did not slow down as it sped through the heavily packed Las Ramblas area, adding: 'It was just going straight through the middle of the crowds.'

Trump Barcelona message: approval for defiling Muslims

The president said his administration condemns Thursday's terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain –  but then told a widely discredited military tall tale to reinvigorate his tough-on-terror image. 'Study what General Pershing of the United States did to terrorists when caught. There was no more Radical Islamic Terror for 35 years!' the president tweeted. Trump had already issued a more prosaic tweet 45 minutes earlier, writing: 'The United States condemns the terror attack in Barcelona, Spain, and will do whatever is necessary to help. Be tough & strong, we love you!' The claim earned him the rating 'pants on fire' by fact-checking organization Politifact, and was called a 'lie' by CNN anchor Jake Tapper.

The Central Intelligence Agency warned Spanish police that the famous Las Ramblas strip in central Barcelona (pictured) was a likely terror attack target two months ago.

Prime Minister Theresa May said her thoughts are with the victims as US president Donald condemned the attack that has left at least 13 dead.

Former Holby City actress Laila Rouass, 46, dramatically live tweeted her experience ‘hiding in a restaurant freezer' after being caught up in the horrific terrorist attack in Barcelona.

The body language of a killer: How Soham murderer Ian Huntley gave away SEVEN signs of deception during a police interview 15 years ago - all while saying just three words

EXCLUSIVE: Expert analysis reveals how Soham murderer Ian Huntley, left, gave away seven different signs of deception in one of his early police interviews. Huntley is currently serving two life sentences for the murders of schoolgirls Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, right, whom he killed in his home in Soham, Cambridgeshire, in August 2002 in a crime that horrified the nation. A new documentary re-examines police interviews and TV interviews given by Huntley and his girlfriend, Maxine Carr (inset), at the time to uncover the couple's chilling deception.

Emma George, 24, had taken Felicity to a hospital urgent care centre in Dudley after the baby, who had been born premature, had a temperature, was not feeding and was becoming difficult to rouse.

The UK Government is drawing up guidelines aimed at drastically cutting the calories in popular savoury foods.

Retired bank worker Craig Hunt, from Studley, in Warwickshire, answered his front door to find a police officer standing there.

Sir Leonard Fenwick, 70, the health service's longest-serving chief executive, claimed last night that he had been the victim of a witch-hunt at Newcastle upon Tyne NHS Trust.

The judge said in his ruling, delivered at the High Court in Leeds and published yesterday, that the couples’ sex life came to an end for almost two years on 27 March 2015.


An article on August 10 included a photograph purporting to be of Lesley Simkin from Lytham, Lancashire who had been in dispute with her neighbours about a security light.

'If you walk, I'll walk': How Prince Philip persuaded William and Harry to join their mother's funeral procession

Sir Malcom Ross, the courtier responsible for planning the event, says the decision wasn’t made until the royals gathered for a ‘family supper’ hours before Princess Diana was laid to rest on September 6, 1997. William in particular was reluctant to walk in the procession, but his grandfather persuaded by both boys by offering to walk with them.

Then aged 15 and 12, the young princes picked out an arrangement of white roses, a favourite of their mothers, to sit on top of her coffin as it made its way to Westminster Abbey.

In a gripping new ITV documentary one of the Queen's most senior courtiers opens up about the thinly-veiled attack made by her brother on the Royal Family at Diana's funeral.

Here Elizabeth Emanuel tells the story of how an appointment with 'Debra' in January 1981 was the start of Diana's lifelong love of fashion, and what happened behind the scenes on the big day itself.

Places in southern and eastern England dominated the top 10 list, with Dorset, East Sussex, Devon, Norfolk and Suffolk also identified as hotspots by Prudential.

Foodspeed, which holds a Royal Warrant to the Queen, is one of five companies forced to withdraw liquid egg products by the UK Food Standards Agency.

Teenagers who use electronic cigarettes are four times more likely to go on to smoke tobacco, research led by the University of Leeds has found. The study is the first UK evidence of the sort.

William Hill gambling addict Eric Baptista trashed bookies

Eric Baptista (left), from Liverpool, used a hammer, anti-vandal paint and water balloons in his wrecking spree at William Hill branches, screaming: ‘I’m sick of losing money'. The taxi driver targeted fixed-odds betting terminals, which are nicknamed the ‘crack cocaine of gambling’ for ensnaring addicts, who can bet hundreds of pounds a visit on casino-style games such as roulette. (Pictured right and inset: The damage caused by Baptista)

Sarah Champion resigned from the Shadow Cabinet on Wednesday after she wrote that the UK had a ‘problem’ with British Pakistani men abusing white girls.

I have been aghast to see the completely unacceptable treatment meted out to Sarah Champion after she was forced to resign from a Shadow Cabinet post.

Speeding up working on the Elizabeth Tower and the clock and bell it houses could be more expensive but if the work is completed in half the time everyone benefits, says Sir David Amess.

Around 1 in 500 men have an extra X or Y chromosome, which disrupts their sperm production but scientists at the Francis Crick Institute in London (pictured) may cure male infertility.

How migrating birds navigate their way to nesting grounds has long perplexed scientists. Now a study of Eurasian Reed Warblers has revealed the neat trick they use to navigate.

Seal seriously injured after getting caught in trash

A young grey seal was left with serious injuries after getting tangled in a net on a remote West Cornish cove in Britain that was littered with plastic bottles. Environmental group Cornish Wildlife saved the injured mammal, pictured left, by calming it before cutting away the nylon netting, pictured bottom right. They managed to clean the deep wound around its neck, freeing it back into the sea. The group said the incident highlighted the hazard that lost and discarded netting poses to wildlife. While on the beach, the team discovered a large number of plastic bottles as well as discarded litter, pictured top right. Plastic bottle recycling efforts in Britain have stalled and an astonishing 15-16million are now thought to be thrown away every day.

Grade II listed Groes Onnen Windmill, near Holywell in North Wales is and a rare surviving example of a full-height windmill. The distinctive property has three-bedrooms.

An 11,000 strong petition has been signed by frustrated locals following repeated closures of St Ann's Well (pictured) at Buxton, Derbyshire.

Police are investigating the vicious assault after the man was discovered with stab wounds on Sale Road in Northenden, Manchester at approximately 3pm today.

Belgian grandma looks for British long-lost soldier love

Josianne Van Craeyveld, 68, was a teen when she met handsome Peter Baker in a cafe in her hometown of Kortrijk. He was a couple of years older and stationed with the British Army in a town called Emblem, near Antwerp. They courted and on one day trip to the countryside Josianne snapped a photo of Peter which she kept for more than 50 years. When Peter returned to England they wrote each other letters which were translated for Josianne by a schoolboy friend. But their brief romance ended when Josianne's parents wrote to Peter telling him in no uncertain terms there could never be anything between a British Protestant and a Catholic girl.

SAS hero of the Iranian Embassy siege sells medals

An SAS hero of the 1980 Iranian Embassy siege is selling his medals for £30,000 to help fund his retirement. Warrant Officer Ian White (top right) is also auctioning a never-before-seen copy of annotated floor plans of the building which highlighted the known location of the terrorists and hostages in the embassy in Kensington. He was one of the first of the crack team of commandos to enter the embassy and bring an end to the six-day siege. It was played out live on TV and ended with the SAS dramatically killing five gunmen and freeing all but one of the hostages. Warrant Officer Ian White is also auctioning a never-before-seen copy of annotated floor plans (pictured) of the building which highlighted the known location of the terrorists and hostages in the embassy in Kensington.

Manchester family return from Menorca to find home burgled

A family's two-week holiday to Spain turned into a nightmare after they returned to discover their Audi had gone missing and their home ransacked by burglars. The Firth family (left) arrived back at Manchester Airport (bottom right) from Menorca to be told their car could not be found - three days after a burglary at their home. Georgina Firth had dropped off the Audi A4 (top right) with Car Park Manchester, which offers a 'meet and greet' service and keeps the car at a nearby compound at a cost of £82. After touching down in the UK, however, the 41-year-old was told by staff that the car could not be found and a taxi was booked instead. To make matters worse, Mrs Firth's 17-year-old son had rang her three days before to tell her there had been a break-in at the family home in Penrhyn Bay, North Wales. Police believe the thieves who took the car used house keys left inside the vehicle to break into the house, before they were scared off by Mrs Firth's son.

Shanna Newby, from Halifax, West Yorkshire, has been in and out of consciousness since the trip last week. She has also lost the use of her limbs.

Adrian Wyles, pictured with his wife Dee, was headmaster at the exclusive Oratory School in Oxfordshire but quit because the job 'didn't suit him'. Mr Wyles, 49, was later found dead.

Two-year-old Finley Amos, from Hereford, had four amputations after contracting meningitis and septicaemia. His parents say he has coped with the partial loss of his limbs better than they have.

Police are now investigating an allegation of assault after little Archie Joslin suffered the painful injuries at Orchard House Nursery in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

The Firth family (pictured) arrived back at Manchester Airport from Menorca to be told their car could not be found - three days after a burglary at their home in Penrhyn Bay, North Wales.

Molly Young, from Haddington, East Lothian, left scarred for life after an acid attack by a love rival, has revealed the scars she will be left with for the rest of her life.

Carl Barlow (pictured), 58, from East London, appeared in the iconic 1973 commercial at the age of 13 where he was seen struggling to push a bike up the steep hill to deliver bread.

Peter Froud, 41, splashed the cash on his 2001 sports car but was horrified when it ended up trapped in his garage due water works. Mr Froud, from Barry, Wales, was offered compensation.

New mother Beau Marr's one-bedroom rented flat in Leeds became a breeding ground for flies and maggots, which had seeped through the floorboards of the home directly above.

Leeds schoolboy who killed his love rival faces jail 

The 17-year-old - who cannot be named for legal reasons - was found guilty of killing Irfan Wahid, 16, by a jury. Irfan was getting close to the ex-girlfriend of the defendant during the aftermath of his break-up with her, Leeds Crown Court heard. Irfan, described by friends as 'humble and very fearless', was killed following a single wound to the chest in a broad daylight street fight. The teenage defendant was found not guilty of murder, but was found guilty of manslaughter as Irfan's heartbroken family sat listening to the verdict in silence.

David Bryson who stalked two exes avoids jail

David Bryson (left), 41, began relationships with Heather Munro (top right) and Ciara Nelson (bottom right), 32, after contacting them through Facebook and dating websites. The property developer handed out gifts including a horse and a Louis Vuitton handbag and purse to Miss Munro, and the Rolex and Mini for Miss Nelson. But police were called in after the relationships soured and Bryson, of Strathaven, Lanarkshire, embarked on a campaign of harassment. He admitted stalking when he appeared at Hamilton Sheriff Court last year but sentence was deferred for six months to allow him to seek therapy for his obsessive behaviour. Now he has walked free after the court heard he had behaved well and was now in a relationship with Miss Nelson.

Child abuse victim meets abusive uncle and punches him

A woman has revealed how she punched the uncle who sexually abused her as a child after accidentally bumping into him in Asda 40 years later. Mother-of-two Tracey Davison, 50, shouted 'this is for all the abuse' as she twice hit Douglas Richardson (pictured with Tracey, left), breaking his glasses and knocking him to the ground. Richardson (right) jumped up and sprinted off from the Asda in Cramlington, Northumberland, while Tracey finally called the police and reported the historic attacks. At Newcastle Crown Court, Richardson was jailed for three years for abuse he carried out on Tracey and her sister Donna Cunningham (inset) in the 1970s. The sisters are speaking out after a judge halved Richardson's sentence, meaning the 59-year-old will soon be back on the streets.

The shocking video of a horse being forced to snort cocaine is believed to have been filmed around 8.30pm last night in Hawarden, North Wales, and shared on Snapchat among teens in the area.

Peter Smythe, 74, clashed with Nigel Clark, 63, a company director, following a petty row over a boundary ditch between their homes in Tolleshunt D'Arcy in Essex.

Kyle Ferguson, 23, who had a 48 hour topless stand-off with police after climbing on a roof of a house in Scunthorpe has been arrested.

Shirley Bothroyd (pictured) was apprehended by police after they were called to the incident at the Bay Hotel in Teignmouth, Devon, last Thursday evening.

Charlie Alliston, 20, had used a similar bike around London for eight months before he smashed into Kim Briggs, 44, as she tried to cross Old Street, east London, on her lunch break in February 2016.

Carl Johnson, 25, was hospitalised with a bleed on the brain after he was set upon in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, on Sunday. His family fear the unprovoked attack was motivated by his sexuality.

Darren Stanway, 39, had been drinking with bride Nadia, 34, in their taxi on their way to Manchester Airport - but the pair had a bust up when they turned up too late to catch their plane to Malta.

Tony Coates stole the delivery van while the driver was making a drop-off in Staines, Surrey. When the driver jumped on the bonnet to try and stop the theft, Coates sped off with him clinging on.

The disturbing incident took place around 10pm on Friday in Cardiff. The video shows a man shining a torch into a car before two further people are seen opening its doors and boot.

Rodger Dudding has Britain's biggest car collection

Millionaire Rodger Dudding (right) has amassed the biggest collection of classic cars in Britain after purchasing 350 vehicles. The collection, which is worth a staggering £40 million, means that Mr Dudding has had to spend an additional £7 million upgrading his garage in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. Some of the cars in his collection include a Jaguar (top left), a Hispano Suiza 8 (bottom left) and a Lamborghini (inset).

£3.5m drive to save Milton's 16th century cottage

It was at this 16th century cottage in Buckinghamshire that John Milton completed his epic masterpiece Paradise Lost. The house in Chalfont St Giles now holds the world's biggest collection of first and early editions of his work, as well as a lock of the writer's hair. But with 'money tight' since the financial crisis the trust running the cottage have warned it could dry up by the end of next year. It has now launched a funding campaign - with the aim of raising £3.5million - to preserve the unique literary landmark for future generations.

Ringo Starr's black boots he wore on stage fetch £5,000

Money can't buy you love but it can get you some of the 300 Beatles collectibles that are up for sale at the annual auction organised by The Beatles Shop in Liverpool. Two pairs of Starr's footwear are for sale, including those he sported on stage in 1963. Beatles Shop owner Ian Wallace said the size 7 black suede boots, estimated to fetch between £4,000 and £5,000, are worn but in good condition. Pictured top L-R: Ringo Starr's suede boots, a Ringo Remco Doll in its original box with a guide price of £60 - £80 and a music book from Quarry Bank School signed by a young John Lennon in 1956 or 1957. Pictured bottom L-R: The Beatles 'make a date' calendar from 1964, estimated to fetch £350 - £400, A photo of a young Ringo (circled) at St Silas School and a 1964 Beatles fan club flexi.

It is thought only 10 or 20 'hard core' British jihadists are expected to return and so there now appears to be a greater threat from 'stay at home jihadis' than those who have fought with ISIS.

More than 500 revellers are set to attend Flamefest in Royal Tunbridge Wells for the three-day festival which promises an outdoor S&M; dungeon and 'adult play area'.

Money can't buy you love but it can get you some of the 300 Beatles collectibles that are up for sale at the annual auction organised by The Beatles Shop in Liverpool. Pictured: Ringo Starr's suede boots.

The perfect home (pictured) should be detached and boast four bedrooms. A detailed study also found we want a property with a driveway, a play room and somewhere to hang the washing.

Henry Pelly - whose family has links with Prince Harry - caused uproar when last year he shut the footpath after buying six bedroom Luccombe Mill at Bratton, Wiltshire.

Dr Andrew Thomson filled gaps in his diary with 'ghost' patients - including a 'M Mouse'. The cynical ploy was designed to lighten his workload at the Academy Health Centre in Forfar, Tayside.

Officers in East Hertfordshire have taken to the streets armed with buggies (pictured) so they can fine motorists who do not leave enough space for buggies to pass by.

Cafe Football, which is run by Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt and Gary and Phil Neville, has been slammed by diners for pricing out normal fans, with its three pies all costing £14.

A-Levels: near 45k last-minute uni courses still available

Almost 45,000 last-minute degree course places are still available at UK universities as institutions battle each other to attract new students. This year there has been a drop in applications to start degree courses at UK universities this autumn, fuelled by factors including a fall in the 18 and 19-year-old population, changes to funding for nursing degrees and the possible impact of Brexit. The fall, coupled with reforms which mean universities are no longer restricted by a cap on student numbers, means many institutions which still want to fill places are entering clearing in a bid to attract and recruit qualified candidates.

North Korea shows the Capitol obliterated by red missiles

One of the illustrated posters released by dictator Kim Jong-Un's mouthpiece state media Korean Central News Agency, sees warheads destroying the Capitol Building in Washington DC (left). Another (pictured right) shows dozens of bombs falling over a burning map of the U.S., and is captioned: 'Entire region of the state is now within range of our missiles!', purporting that Pyongyang's bombs could reach the U.S. The posters is the latest escalation in threats of nuclear war by North Korea.

Refugees and migrants live in makeshift camp in Paris

At least 1,500 refugees and migrants are living in a makeshift camp underneath a bridge in Paris, just one month after French authorities cleared thousands from the site. In July, some 2,800 people were removed from the site in the La Chapelle neighbourhood, and large rocks placed on the side of the motorway to prevent their return. However, this week, dozens of tents could be seen erected among the rocks, with some using them to build a makeshift roof over their heads, sleeping in the space between them.

Police say thieves steal Venezuela zoo animals to eat them

Two collared peccaries, which are similar in appearance to boars, were stolen over the weekend from the Zulia Metropolitan Zoological Park in Maracaibo near the Colombian border (inset). These are just the latest thefts from the zoo, who say animals from ten species have been taken in recent weeks, including a buffalo and two tapirs (main). Local police have linked the thefts to the food shortages in Venezuela, saying they believe the animals have been taken to be eaten.

The Korowai tribe who live in tree houses in Indonesia

Meet the mysterious Korowai tribe of south eastern Papua, Indonesian New Guinea. Until the 1970s, it is believed they were unaware of the existence of any other people on earth. Living as remotely as they do - perched up in the canopy of the least explored jungles in the world - it's quite plausible. They live a basic hunter-gatherer lifestyle and do not wear clothes.

Tourism operators have reported an increase in hostility towards visitors in Barcelona prompting the Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy to defend the industry which makes up 11 per cent of the economy.

Brigitte Macron has opened up about the 25-year age difference between her and the French president. She said she is reminded of his 'freshness' every morning during breakfast.

South African police have issued a red alert to prevent Robert Mugabe's wife Grace from leaving the country after the 47-year-old was accused of assaulting a model.

Three ISIS fighters were killed and five hurt as a bomb-laded donkey detonated prematurely near Kirkuk in Iraq. It is thought the new tactic was deployed as a way of avoiding US-led airstrikes.

This weekend, St Johann im Pongau, Austria (pictured) was hit by a large rock slide, blocking a major road with clearing and reparation works expected to last at least three weeks.

The girl was impregnated by her uncle after he raped her six times over several months. The family were first denied an abortion in Chandigarh, Punjab before supreme court also denied them.

The Irishman, 29, was with his American girlfriend - from Tucson, Arizona - in a Lazaro Cardenas petrol station when an armed gang demanded his car. He was shot trying to defend his girlfriend.

Four-year-old Safaa al-Matari's mother Amal has told of her joy after she saw her daughter's killer Hussein al-Saket, 22, shot by machine gun in the Yemeni capital Sanaa's Tahrir Square.

The Varthur and Bellandur lakes in Bangalore, southwest India, are regularly used by nearby industries as dumping grounds for various toxic waste, which generates a foul-smelling foam.