August 25, 2017

Makeup and Vanity Set publishes Brigador, Vol. I

Source submitted by jeriaska on 2016-06-02
Nashville-based band Makeup and Vanity Set (Matthew Pusti) has published "Brigador, Vol. I," an album featuring twelve background tracks from the tactical mech combat title by Stellar Jockeys.

The musicians posted in a prior Facebook update: "When they hired me, literally the only direction they gave me was 'Do what you do,' and 'John Carpenter.'"

Brigador is published through Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, while the soundtrack album's digital release is available through Bandcamp. A vinyl record edition is expected to ship in August, alongside professionally duplicated cassettes with translucent shells, courtesy of Yewknee Records and Version Industries.

From the product page:

You are a Brigador in the distant future. A combat pilot guiding both his assault mech and the future of Solo Nobre; A colony-planet once owned by a shadowy Corporation. To regain control of its investment, the Corporation hires Brigadors; mercenaries willing to destroy their home planet and take the lives of their fellow colonists in exchange for wealth beyond imagination and a one way ticket off of a planet in dire conflict.

Humble Store - Brigador