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Melbourne mum breastfeeds three children at the same time

An Australian mother-of-six has opened up about how she came to be breastfeeding three of her children at the same time. Alicia Dixon, 35, from Melbourne, has been tandem-feeding her three youngest - MJ, aged three, Poppy, 23 months, and Alex, 12 weeks - since Alex was born earlier this year. 'It means I’m sitting down a lot,' Alicia - who is also mum to Shelby, 11, Charlotte, six and Emily, five - said. Her path to tandem feeding began when she breastfed her toddler son MJ while she was in labour with baby Poppy (both pictured with Alicia, left) after he woke while she was preparing to give birth.

Alcoholic who stole a car at knifepoint while on a bender that started with a sip of wine at HOLY COMMUNION is jailed for two and a half years

An alcoholic who stole a car at knife point while on a bender triggered by a sip of wine at Holy Communion in church has been locked up for two and a half years. Adam Alfred Taylor, 32, (right) raided a Gold Coast takeaway restaurant and demanded a couple hand over the keys to their car while threatening them with a 30-centimetre kitchen knife (left). When he appeared at Southport District Court on Tuesday, the Judge heard Taylor had a long history with alcohol and drug abuse when he went to church and consumed wine (inset) at Holy Communion on June 18.

An advertising campaign directed at convincing Australians to say 'no' to same sex marriage aired for the first time on Tuesday night.

NRL player's efforts at dressing up mocked on social media

Parramatta Eels cult hero Clint Gutherson may be having the best season of his career on the field, but his form in other areas off-field is certainly lacking. The star fullback has been relentlessly mocked on social media after attending a team function in interesting formal attire.

This is the surfer who miraculously escaped almost unscathed after he kicked and punched his way out of the jaws of a monster great white shark while riding waves near Lorne, west of Melbourne.

Bouncing back! Bald bunny Mr Bigglesworth with rare condition that leaves him HAIRLESS shoots to social media stardom after being rescued 

A bald rabbit destined for death because of an ultra-rare genetic disorder leaving him completely hairless has been taken in by a Victoria family and transformed into an unlikely social media star. The two-month-old rex rabbit named Mr Bigglesworth was given to the family last week by a breeder who planned to have him put down because nobody wanted him. But in a bizarre twist the miniature bunny has begun racking up Instagram followers thanks to his unique condition.

NEW Michigan woman Glenna Duram, 49, has received life in prison after being convicted of the murder of her husband, Martin, 46 - after being turned in by her own parrot who repeated his final cries.

A Victoria teenage boy has died two days after being shot in the head at a Neeram East home in what police believe may have been accident.

Model exposes prostitution within the fashion industry

EXCLUSIVE: London-based model Jazz Egger, who recently turned 20, makes the extraordinary claim that 'big agencies' and 'established models' are involved in seedy underground dealings, with young women paid up to $2million (£1.54million) to spend the night with 'clients'. Austrian-born Jazz (right and inset) said she was first propositioned last summer after meeting an agent at an exclusive London club who offered her an 'image modelling job' which involved a Greek yacht trip with three 'millionaires'. On another occasion she was offered £2,000 to partake in 'natural intimacy' with a mystery client (left).

Playboy model Sarah Harris opens up about breast implants

She's the glamour model who boosted her bust from a 'natural' C-cup to DD. But Australian Playboy model Sarah Harris revealed her breast implants have been far from glamorous after she was left with insecurities and excruciating pain. The 23-year-old decided to get breast augmentation following an emergency operation to get a lump removed from her chest just days before her 'dream' photo shoot with Playboy more than two years ago.

Japanese researchers found people who woke up repeatedly in the night were 99 per cent more likely to suffer from ischaemic heart disease – the medical term for a heart attack.

Pattreon Stokes, from Wildwood, Florida, was arrested on several drug charges after being pulled over on Saturday morning for speeding. His seven-month-old child was in the front seat of the car.

South Korea drops eight bombs near border with North Korea

U.S. President Donald Trump said in a statement that he had received Kim Jong-un's message 'loud and clear' after this morning's missile test, and that it signalled ‘contempt for its neighbors, for all members of the United Nations, and for minimum standards of acceptable international behavior’. Trump added that ‘all options are on the table' when it comes to solving the issue with North Korea. It followed a threat by South Korea to 'exterminate' Kim Jong-un if he continues to risk the safety of its population. Within hours of the missile launch, South Korea had responded with 'overwhelming show of force' by bombing a shooting range in Taebaek, Gangwon-do province, near its border to the North as part of a military drill, launching footage which contained a stern warning to Kim Jong-Un. The rocket, reportedly a mid-range ballistic missile designed to carry a nuclear payload, was fired from a region near the capital Pyongyang over Japan. It broke into three pieces off the coast of Hokkaido and landed in the Pacific Ocean, around 700 miles east of Cape Erimo, after travelling 1,700m in eight minutes.

'Imagine going to the loo and seeing that !': Giant python found hiding in a light fitting is rescued by world's calmest snake catcher who calls the creature 'cute'

A giant 1.5 metre carpet python has been coaxed from the bathroom sky light of a Queensland couple's home. The huge reptile was soaking up some heat before being removed by a strangely calm Sunshine Coast professional snake catcher, Luke Huntley. Video footage shared to Facebook shows Mr Huntley remaining exceptionally relaxed throughout the extraction, all while holding a casual conversation with one of the home's occupants. 

Economist Andrew Oswald from the University of Warwick and his colleague examined the psychological well-being of 1.3 million people aged 20 to 90 in 51 countries (stock image).

Queensland's offensive place names which symbolise Australia's racist past will be wiped from the map. Concerns were raised about N****rs Bounce before a wider review was launched.

Go Social's snaps that will make you do a double take

A collection of images that were inadvertently taken at a perfectly opportune moment have been shared online, and the optical illusion effect is guaranteed to mess with your mind. Clockwise from top left: Father and son merge; a fire-breathing dog; a very hairy lady; a giant seagull; a canine daytripper and a woman with a foot attached to her arm.

Supersonic pods that could get you from Sydney to Melbourne in less than an hour have just completed its first test run as the technology takes a step closer to being rolled out across Australia.

St Ignatius' College in Sydney and Xavier College in Melbourne stopped short of advocating a 'yes' vote – but noted Pope Francis' teachings on love, mercy and non-judgement.

Vet students pose for nude calendar to raise money

Wearing just a pair of leather boots and a farm hat, veterinarian students have dared to bare all in a cheeky photo shoot. About 70 Queensland students (pictured) stripped down to pose on tractors and hay bale, not forgetting to include dozens of cute pooches. Nothing was off limits in the raw shoot, with the students exposing their derrieres in everything from cattle yards to horse stables. Vets Uncovered organiser Chelsea Crake told Daily Mail Australia the James Cook University graduating students launched the annual calendar three years ago to raise money for drought stricken farmers as well as their annual graduation ball.

The influx in Chinese spending across Australia has continued after sex toy and wine magnate Peter Tseng splashed out nearly $2.5million on the number '4' licence plate in a record deal.

Prosecution material is still to be filed in the long-running case against a former South Australian midwife charged with the manslaughter of two babies during home births.

Sydney Danny Lim sign call Tony Abbott c*** not offensive

A judge has ruled it is legal to call Tony Abbott (inset) a c*** because Australians don't find the swear word offensive. A New South Wales court ruled on Tuesday that a 75-year-old man's sign, which said Tony You C***', was not offensive because it was essential political comment and the word 'c***' was 'prevalent in everyday language'. Well-known Sydney identity Danny Lim (left and right) was seen in Edgecliffe, Sydney's eastern suburbs in August 2015 with a sign bearing the allegedly offensive phrase. 'Peace, smile, people can change, Tony you c***, liar, heartless, cruel, peace be with you,' the sign read (left). Judge Andrew Scotting said 'the prevalence of the impugned word in Australian language is evidence that it is considered less offensive in Australia than other English speaking countries'.

Anthony Allan Munro, a former scout master, has been jailed for more than ten years after pleading guilty to sexually abusing two young boys between 1965 and 1983.

The North Korean dictator's wife Ri Sol-Ju allegedly gave birth six months ago, but news of the child have only emerged this week thanks to South Korean intelligence officers.

Horrifying moment ex-bikie was shot in the back, shoulder, leg and head in assassination attempt - but he still managed to get up and call Triple-0

Horrifying video shows the moment a masked gunman opened fire on an ex-bikie gang member in a failed assassination attempt in Sydney's west. Recently released CCTV footage shows the attack on Hayan Chandab, a former senior Comanchero, outside his St Marys home in 2013. The gunman is seen repeatedly shooting Chandab in the street, before he remarkably manages to get to his feet and call an ambulance. 

Taylor Swift settles scores with Look What You Made Me Do

Taylor Swift is the pop star who made it cool to be nice. She boasted of her baking skills and sent surprise gifts to her many fans - the fiercely loyal 'Swifties'. They, in turn, rewarded her with a string of hit records. But there is another Taylor Swift. Still only 27, she has left a line of ex-boyfriends in her wake and had some spectacular fall-outs with big-name stars. In her latest video, Look What You Made Me Do, which has already been viewed 25 million times, she gets her revenge. ALISON BOSHOFF explains how . . .

Pregnant boa gives birth to six slippery babies in fascinating video that leaves people asking: 'I thought snakes laid eggs?!'

The video was posted on the Reptile Collective Facebook page last week and shows two of the slippery reptiles being born, out of a total of six babies. Since it was posted last week, the video has racked up over nine million views and over 72,000 shares. But the footage left many viewers scratching their heads, with many commenting that they were confused as they thought snakes only laid eggs.

Australian children as young as 12 are making a living outside of school hours by holding down a job, a new study has revealed (stock images).

Whisper gallery reveals heartbreaking last words from exes

For some people, the last words they heard from their ex-partner continue to ring in their ears long after a break-up. Heartbroken people have been revealing their past loves' parting shots online on the sharing app Whisper. Clockwise from left: A man was told he wasn't 'man enough' for his ex, while a woman got revenge on her ex husband by being successful. A couple got closure from their relationship after deciding it was best to break up. These exes admitted they still had strong feelings for each other. This woman got a reality check when her ex told her real relationships aren't like fairy tales. This person's confidence was permanently knocked when their ex said no one else would love them.

They are enjoying an Italian getaway and The Bachelorette's Georgia Love and Lee Elliott perhaps inched closer to a wedding of their own on Tuesday, witnessing a proposal in Rome.

The shocking moment a thug smashes a glass beer bottle into a man's FACE in a Texas bar

Video has emerged of the shocking moment a man smashed a glass bottle into the face of another man in the middle of a crowded bar in Denton, Texas. Police have identified the man after surveillance footage from August 19 revealed the savage attack at Fry Street Tavern. They are now seeking a warrant for his arrest. In the video, a bearded man can be seen walking over to a group of three men, before grabbing one of them by the neck and breaking a beer bottle over his face.

A man has been arrested following an alleged eight-year crime spree stealing 'hundreds of thousands of dollars' from poker machines in Queensland and NSW.

New Victoria mum who gained 22kg loses weight with pram

An Australian woman has revealed how she lost a staggering 37 kilos following the birth of her baby girl, after starting off by going on simple walks with the pram. Kashmir Jacobson, 26, from Victoria, (pictured) gained 22 kilos while she was expecting her first child (with her inset), after suffering from pre-eclampsia during the pregnancy. 'I topped the scales at 115 kilos at my last appointment before being induced to have my baby,' Kashmir told Daily Mail Australia.

An expert in the field, Australian dietitian Susie Burrell, has shared the best foods to help you lose weight. She spoke about the unexpected superfoods you can find in your supermarket.

Scientists at the University Heart Centre, Zurich, warned the results of the trial is worrying for the elderly, considering their higher rates of arthritis and hypertension.

39-year-old Chichester mum ID'ed while buying cigarettes

Sarah Clear visited her local Sainsbury's branch in Chichester, England, earlier this month on her way to work and couldn't believe it when she was asked to show her identification, which she presumed she wouldn't need. She was refused the sale of tobacco because the cashier was unconvinced that she was 18. Sainsbury's defended its staff member for following the Think 25 guidelines but Sarah says she will be steering clear of the supermarket from now on.

Racial tensions are close to boiling over in Kalgoorlie, West Australia, after the father of dead Aboriginal teen, Elijah Doughty, is arrested on the eve of the one-year anniversary of his son's death.

The Good Morning Britain host has been left in agony after breaking the bones in an accident and praised staff for treating him at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in Fulham, London.

Elderly ladies seen in viral flooding picture are now safe

NEW The residents of a Texas nursing home who were seen up to their waists in murky water in a viral photo on Sunday are now safe and sound in a new home. The 15 residents of La Bella Vita were captured in a startling photograph (inset) that showed them knitting and sitting around, apparently unbothered by the flooding from Hurricane Harvey. Now, two days on, all of the ladies have been moved to safer and dryer ground (main image), as CBS News reported. 


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Honey Birdette ad banned for being inapproproate

The founder of Australian boutique lingerie chain, Honey Birdette, has hit back after one of their new campaign images (right) was banned from stores this week. One of the ads from Honey Birdette's 'Issy' campaign was deemed 'highly sexual' and banned from stores after a flood of complaints because it showed nipple. Speaking to Daily Mail Australia Honey Birdette creator Eloise Monaghan (inset) said the image in question was 'beautiful and they plan to simply 'keep on doing what we're doing'.

Australian public health group LiveLighter found eight out of 10 on-the-go products contain up to 4.5 tablespoons more sugar than two Weet-Bix and one per cent fat milk.

Marcel Brundler, 37, has escaped almost unscathed after having to fight his way out of the jaws of a shark near Lorne, west of Melbourne, on Tuesday.

Australian Psychological Society released four-page guide on how to teach children as young as five about sexuality issues in the leadup to the gay marriage postal vote.

Comedian Kathy Griffin has hit back at Sunrise host Sam Armytage over a photo of the severed head of U.S. President Donald Trump. Griffin said Armytage was 'full of crap' in a feisty exchange.

The Bachelor contestants who found love with other women

It's the reality television franchise that promises to bring happy couples together - with varying degrees of success. But recently, for the Australian version at least, it appears some contestants on The Bachelor have found happiness with other women. From flirty friendships in the Bachelor mansion to finding love on the football field, Daily Mail looks back at the ladies who have embarked on same-sex relationships after filming - and those who have admitted to past relationships with women.

Senior study author from Aston University, Birmingham, Dr Rahul Potluri, said: ‘This is the most conclusive evidence as yet to confirm the link between high cholesterol and breast cancer'.

James Horner's score from Titanic, the 1997 film starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, has sold more than a million copies in the UK, and is the best selling classical album since 1992.

Six-month old baby boy Chayse Dearing was allegedly murdered by his mother's boyfriend, Dwayne Lindsay, 34, and had the drug ice in his system, a Melbourne court has been told.

Stunning bird's-eye view of Burning Man shows desert city

The highly-anticipated Burning Man art and music festival runs over nine days from Sunday until September 4 in Black Rock Desert, which is about 120 miles north of Reno, Nevada. As the festivities got into full swing, participants were seen dancing, cycling and driving custom art cars across the flat desert expanse. Black Rock City has been transformed into a 'metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression and self-reliance' where about 70,000 people have descended upon.

Giving the low-down on kombucha on its website, Australian consumer advocacy group Choice revealed how the drink's minimal alcohol content can be a 'drawcard' for some.

Five suspects have been arrested after one of the men walked into a police station in South Africa with a bloodied piece of an arm and a leg saying he had lost the taste for human flesh.

Consultant gynecologist Tania Adib has highlighted the risks of wearing tight, non-breathable clothing loved by the Kardashians and spotted on the VMA red carpet this week.

Running of the Balls backfires: Runner is knocked out by giant 300-kilo snowball used in ‘safe alternative’ to Running of the Bulls contest in Madrid

For the last seven years, Mataelpino in Madrid has used giant 'snowballs' instead of bulls as part of a festival watched by thousands of people. The giant white balls are used in the event known as the 'boloencierro' ('Running of the balls') and can hurtle down roads as fast as a bull can run but are not supposed to cause the same sort of carnage or cruelty.

The first military plane transporting evacuees from Galveston County, Texas, arrived in Dallas Monday afternoon, as rescue efforts continued in Houston to help those devastated by Harvey.

When Melbourne-based architect and mother-of-three Ilana Kitser bought a crumbling church, her first thought was 'what are we going to do with it?' It's now been transformed into a luxury home.

The Deskcise Pro, by Californian company FlexiSpot, can be used as an exercise bike and a standing desk, keeping its own noise levels to under 60 decibels - the sound of a normal conversation.

Just one month after boasting about never having to work another day in his life, Bernard Tomic has crashed out of the US Open and slumped to 142 in the world.

Business owners reveal how to be a successful entrepreneur

Turning an idea into a multi-million dollar company is no easy feat, but founders from three Australian start-ups have revealed their secrets to success. Melanie Perkins from design site Canva (left), Andre Eikmeier (centre) from wine-ordering company Vinomofo and Luke Anear (inset) from checklist app SafetyCulture all feature in a new documentary on entrepreneurs. Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, the trio said that while hard work and dedication were vital to achieving success, everyone has the ability to do so. While each had a different outlook on how to become successful, key factors included courage and belief in your self-worth.

Kashmir Hill decided to keep track of her People You May Know requests and was matched with her long lost great-aunt, who lives 1,000 miles away in Ohio, without either user having any obvious links.

The bizarre craze of people glittering their tongues has become popular with festival goers. But a doctor said glitter can contain bacteria and cause gastrointestinal illnesses.

Brianna Siegel, 21, was waitressing at a restaurant in Woodbridge, New Jersey on August  22. A couple sat down in her section during happy hour and asked Siegel: 'Do you believe in God?'.

Hitler's Third Reich in 100 objects

Most of the items were confiscated by the British secret service for 'propaganda' purposes and have been locked away in the Imperial War Museum archives in London for the past 75 years. The assortment of memorabilia will now feature in historian Roger Moorhouse's new book, The Third Reich in 100 Objects. Hitler carried around the 7cm horn-backed moustache brush (pictured bottom left) which according to his entourage was an integral part of his toiletry bag and travelled with him wherever he went. Also in the collection is (clockwise from top left): Hess' thermal underwear, A Waffen-SS poster, Hitler’s Benz car and Eva Braun’s lipstick case.

As families enjoyed a day out at Birling Gap, East Sussex, the coast was shrouded in a strange mist that left many with stinging eyes, while others struggled to breathe and were sick.

An Australian police investigation into child pornography has saved a six-year-old from a porn ring and led to the arrest of an alleged child rapist, 28, in Winnipeg after involving Canadian police

Bizarre moment an elderly woman stops and gets out of her car at a busy intersection to thank the P-plater behind her 'for not driving like a moron on drugs'

One young Australian motorist was refreshingly surprised when an elderly woman stopped at a busy intersection to get out and thank him for driving safely. The bizarre incident occurred on Saturday in Tasmania. It was captured by Josh on his dash cam and uploaded to the Facebook page Dash Cam Owners Australia. 'I want to commend you for the way you are driving,' the woman says to Josh in the video. 'I see you're on P Plates and you're not driving liked a bloody hoon… good on you.'

Twelve months after Buggy the pony was found in a field in North Yorkshire being eaten by maggots, he has been crowned Rescue Pony Champion at national horse event Equifest.

Conservatives are fighting plans for Christmas carols to be banned in state schools. South Australia's Department of Education is reportedly planning to bar Christmas carols from the classroom.

Navy sailor stationed in Guam gives his mom the shock of her life as he jumps out of his auntie's car trunk after more than two years away 

In Jacksonville, Florida, auntie Tonya Jackson had a very special surprise for her sister, Diana, when she asked her to help with some 'good stuff' she has stashed in her car. Hesitant to venture out in the rain, Diana eventually accepted her sister's strange request, but as Tonya lifted the trunk of her car, Diana could barely believe her eyes when she saw what was inside. Serving in the naval forces for the last four years, Diana's son Lee hadn't been home to see her in nearly three years. Diana launched herself into her son's arms and instantly erupted into a flurry of tears, calling out 'my baby', while clinging on to him tightly.

This year sees the return of pilgrims from Shiite Iran, after a deadly stampede at Mecca killed nearly 2,300 pilgrims in 2016, with 464 Iranians among those dead.

Three would-be robbers have botched their burglary after they failed to break into a Melbourne jewellery store through a glass door despite raining down hammer blows on it for two minutes.

ROSIE TAYLOR uses virtual reality technology (file pic) to see for the first time what could be triggering back pain and stiffness that had troubled her for about 15 years.

Vigilante father jailed for storming 'drug dealer' house

Steven Alexander Marshall, 43, saw texts about buying drugs on his 16-year-old son's phone so he stormed the alleged dealer's Sunshine Coast house armed with crowbars and hammers and threatened his friend with a fake gun after his target fled out the window. Marshall has three past convictions for violent crimes over the past 10 years, including beating his best friend with a golf club over a girl. Social media photos show him getting extensive tattoos, including full facial designs, and wearing numerous gold facial piercings, skull-shaped rings, and necklaces. They include the word 'unloved' on his forehead, a crow eating an eyeball, references to slaughter on his knee, and a slit cut into his tongue.

A Greens MP has been slammed on social media for using the Texas floods to make a political point about climate change. Adam Bandt posted an image of old women in a nursing home.

Karen Johnson and fiance Steve Rymond (pictured), from the West Midlands, should now be finalising plans for their wedding next year. Instead, they are supporting each other through cancer.

Mum gives birth to twin boys on the side of Calder Freeway

Victorian father-of-three Jake Jauhari has described his gratitude for the 'unsung heroes' who arrived to the side of a road to deliver his wife's twin boys before saving one of their lives. The twin boys Colbhi and Wilbur Jauhari were delivered by paramedics on the Calder Freeway one year ago on Tuesday. Courtney Jauhari was 33 weeks pregnant when she realised her twin babies were on their way while still at her Trentham East home, 90 kilometres from Melbourne's women's hospital.

Musk took to social media to share progress on his tunnel beneath Los Angeles, revealing it is now big enough to fit a Tesla Model S. He also shared footage from the Hyperloop competition.

Australia has offered to send troops to help train the Philippines military for its fight against Islamic State, which is looking to expand into the country's south.

Professor Charles Spence, an Oxford academic has found that interacting with food could be the best way for children to develop healthy eating habits from an early age.

FEMAIL spoke to the Melbourne-based fertility expert, Nat Kringoudis, to find out how your cycle can dictate how you think and feel. It can affect everything from energy to creativity and social life.

Sydney wedding photographer shares behind-the-scenes snaps

Sydney photographer Jennifer Allison, 32, takes a documentary approach to her wedding photography. She loves taking pictures that are more natural and behind the scenes. Some of Jennifer's pictures feature the wedding party enjoying beers as they get ready in adjoining rooms, while other feature more intimate moments as parents of the bride and groom help adjust their children clothes.


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Collect Picture of Janet Ellis and Children for Daily Mail Inspire


Mexico's murder capital Acapulco shown in chilling photos

Acapulco, Mexico, a former Pacific resort destination, is now the world's fourth-deadliest city. Chilling photographs show the crime and devastation in the town that was once a popular tropical getaway for the rich and famous, including the Kennedy's and John Wayne. Pictured top left, coroners remove a body that was decapitated and dismembered. Top right police look for shell casings following a homicide. Bottom left, people play at a beach just minutes from the crime-ridden neighborhoods. Bottom right, a community wake is held for two teenage brothers who were tortured and suffocated with wires.

The incident took place at 7.55pm last night near Ladbroke Grove in West London. Footage emerged online of people screaming and shouting as they ran away from the scene.

Sydney man Bob Jarvis revealed he has not paid a toll since 2011 despite using toll roads often, and claims 'everybody could get away with it if everybody wanted to'.

Perth 'mermaid' Julia Wheeler holds her breath underwater

A woman has fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a real-life mermaid. Julia Wheeler, 31, from Perth, Western Australia, has revealed how she can hold her breath for four-and-a-half minutes while swimming to the ocean floor. The professional freediver has given a glimpse into her life under the sea - with breathtaking photographs showing her twirling among sea creatures and wreckage. At the tender age of five, she started practicing holding her breath in the bathtub after becoming fascinated by the Disney movie Little Mermaid.



NSW cow with 'fifth leg' sells for nearly $700 at sale

A cow with a fifth leg protruding from its back has been sold for $672 at a New South Wales sale yard.  The 560kg animal (pictured), which yielded $1.20 per kilogram, was bought at the Gunnedah Prime Cattle Sale on Tuesday morning.  Despite the extremely rare genetic mutation, it's believed the cow was otherwise 'healthy and happy.' A picture of the beef cow shows the extra limb, which seems to be a leg from the knee bone down, dangling down the right side of the animal's stomach.

Scientists exploring the 'nuts and bolts' of how cancer ravages the body have knocked out a protein in the body which enables chemotherapy to kill tumour cells 'silently' (file photo).

Norwegian researchers found men who started getting fit in their 40s and 50s saw their stroke risk drop to levels seen among those who had exercised throughout their youth.

Rapist cult leader Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, who was sentenced on Monday to 20 years in jail for rape, also had sexual relations with his adopted daughter, according to her husband.

Scott Baio's wife makes shocking remark to Sandy Hook mom

Scott Baio's wife has come under fire after she wrote a shockingly vicious message to the mother of a Sandy Hook victim. Nelba Marquez-Greene, whose daughter, Ana Grace (both pictured left), six, died in the 2012 massacre, got into an online tussle with Renee Baio over the weekend after the Happy Days actor (both pictured right) retweeted a meme claiming the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary were a hoax. In response, Baio told Marquez-Greene: 'I'm sorry 4 your loss @Nelba_MG however, maybe your children are in a better place. Your ugliness knows no bounds!!'