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Lyme disease put a fitness instructor in a wheelchair 

Only four years ago, ex-Army fitness instructor Lorraine Murray (right), 46, from Montrose, Angus, had completed four Olympic-length triathlons, ran her own businesses and was raising two children (inset with her husband James, 47). She believes she contracted Lyme disease while walking her dog. She adds that what began as flu symptoms soon spiralled into muscle spasms, dizziness and headaches, which caused her to spend days in hospital (left).

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Researchers from Brigham Young University found that a compound in cocoa, known as epicatechin monomers, enhances the secretion of insulin from specific cells. It also reduces obesity.

MedExpress plans to use drones to deliver the medicines nationwide following a successful trial in Kent. The service will be particularly useful for people living in remote areas.

London scientists have designed a shoe-box sized machine which enables the correct diagnosis of infections. It is hoped the NHS will roll out tests across sexual health clinics.

Researchers from the University of Pisa found the unusual combination significantly raises endothelial progenitor cell levels, which are critical for blood vessel repair and function.

Restoring a bone hormone back to youthful levels reversed memory loss in mice, found scientists in New York, paving the way for a new drug to treat age-related cognitive decline.

Parents of a boy with fused fingers sell their belongings

Aswanth (left and right), eight, from Palakurthi in the southern Indian state of Telangana, suffers from Apert syndrome, which causes his fingers to fuse (inset) and his head to grow abnormally large. Over the past two years Aswanth's parents have sold many of their possessions to fund his treatment. As well as parting with jewellery, the family have even sold property in a bid to help Aswanth's recovery.

Rugby star Matt Dawson, 44, developed a rash and fever after being bitten by a tick while working out at a park in Chiswick, West London in July 2015. He was eventually diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

Japanese researchers found people who woke up repeatedly in the night were 99 per cent more likely to suffer from ischaemic heart disease – the medical term for a heart attack.

Scientists at the University Heart Centre, Zurich, warned the results of the trial is worrying for the elderly, considering their higher rates of arthritis and hypertension.

Senior study author from Aston University, Birmingham, Dr Rahul Potluri, said: ‘This is the most conclusive evidence as yet to confirm the link between high cholesterol and breast cancer'.

Incredible laser operation in the womb saved my twins

A pair of identical twins (pictured right) had to be separated by laser inside the womb, to save them both from a rare and deadly condition. Bianca McKewan (left), 35, was 13 weeks pregnant when she was told she and husband Trevor, 45, were expecting identical twins. But just three weeks later doctors had to tell them the babies had Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. It meant the one twin was receiving a larger share of the blood supply and nutrients, which was putting a strain on its heart. Meanwhile, the other twin was being starved of nutrients. Without intervention, both twins, named Dakota and Scarlett, would die. The couple from Croydon, south London, were told that the condition had already progressed to such a serious stage, that a rare and risky procedure was the twins’ only hope of survival.

The Deskcise Pro, by Californian company FlexiSpot, can be used as an exercise bike and a standing desk, keeping its own noise levels to under 60 decibels - the sound of a normal conversation.

Crash diets don't work, according to US research - so making mini tweaks, not major alterations, to your diet brings greatest success. You don't even have to stop eating cookies (file pic).

Incontinence (file pic) is thought to affect up to six million people in the UK, and is more common in women, as pregnancy, childbirth and menopause can weaken the muscles that control urination.

Professor Charles Spence, an Oxford academic has found that interacting with food could be the best way for children to develop healthy eating habits from an early age.

Made In Chelsea star's doctors failed to spot MS

For more than two decades, Jane Felstead, 65 (pictured left, and right with daughter and MIC co-star, Binky Felstead), believed she had fibromyalgia because of chronic aching joints and fatigue. But after neurological tests this year Jane was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Without treatment, many people with MS end up in a wheelchair.

ROSIE TAYLOR uses virtual reality technology (file pic) to see for the first time what could be triggering back pain and stiffness that had troubled her for about 15 years.

Karen Johnson and fiance Steve Rymond (pictured), from the West Midlands, should now be finalising plans for their wedding next year. Instead, they are supporting each other through cancer.

New York City is fighting to require all chain restaurants to show their calorie information on the menus. Studies revealed that there is no conclusive evidence this helps people make healthier decisions.

The findings, by experts in Norway, offer hope that it is not too late to get fit to the millions of middle-aged people in Britain who do very little exercise. Around 100,000 people have a stroke each year in the UK.

New Victoria mum who gained 22kg loses weight with pram

An Australian woman has revealed how she lost a staggering 37 kilos following the birth of her baby girl, after starting off by going on simple walks with the pram. Kashmir Jacobson, 26, from Victoria, (pictured) gained 22 kilos while she was expecting her first child (with her inset), after suffering from pre-eclampsia during the pregnancy. 'I topped the scales at 115 kilos at my last appointment before being induced to have my baby,' Kashmir told Daily Mail Australia.

Researchers from Aston University in Birmingham found spouses often remind each other to take their medication, which increases their chances of living through a heart attack.

Researchers from the University of Southern California found practicing the ancient spiritual exercise for just three months reduces anxiety and depression, and boosts mindfulness.

This week DR MARTIN SCURR helps a reader whose mother has suffered hip replacement complications (file pic), as well as a young man who cannot sleep because of pain in his testicles.

Researchers from the Netherlands, including the Regional Public Health Laboratory Kennemerland, found the growth of bacteria responsible for Legionnaires' is highest in stainless steel taps.

Mother speaks out on daughter's nut allergy reaction

Sue Shead says her daughter Amy May Shead's brain damage was 'totally avoidable' after Amy May (left, and inset in hospital) almost died when she ate restaurant food in Budapest in 2014. She was served the meal that contained nuts despite showing the waiter a card in Hungarian stating she had a severe nut allergy, and asking him three times if there were nuts in the dish. Amy May, who once had a promising career as a producer on ITV's This Morning (where she is pictured with her mother and Ruth Langsford in an appearance on the programme last week), now needs 24-hour care.

A new study by the Rand Corporation has found that 56 percent of people aged 57 to 61 will end up spending at least one night in a nursing home.

The number of pay-per-hour doctors has doubled since 2002 to more than 48,000 practicing physicians. The shortage of doctors is expected to rise to 100,000 by 2030.

The US Marshals Service found five vials of the product - enough for 500 vaccines - in StemImmune Inc, a clinic in San Diego, California. Regulators also cited a Florida clinic for risky treatment.

A study conducted by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel, Harvard Medical School and University of Chicago shows the growth of the opioid epidemic in the United States.

How Game of Thrones' Emilia Clarke gets her enviable body

Playing the role of the Queen of Dragons is no easy task and Emilia Clarke (pictured left and right) has impressed fans with her dedicated efforts over the past seven seasons of Game of Thrones as Daenerys Targaryen (right). So how can you get a body like the ethereal Dragon Queen? Fortunately, Australian personal trainer, James Duigan (inset) has trained her over the years and recently revealed some of the key tips he has for those looking to sculpt a lean yet healthy physique.

The illegal party drug, also known as MDMA, has been awarded 'breakthrough status' by the FDA for the treatment of the mental health disorder; meaning it could be developed faster.

Simon Sama, from Nong Khai, northeastern Thailand, was born with an abnormally large head in January after doctors warned his relatives during the pregnancy to expect complications.

Inside the Snapchat Surgeon's operating room 

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: The past two years have seen the rise of the 'Snapchat Surgeon': doctors who livestream operations on social media. At first, the industry dismissed the accounts as salacious fads which would die out. They were wrong. The trend reached such a height among board-certified surgeons this year that the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) was forced to publish guidelines on how to use social media in the operating theater. As the industry grapples with ethical boundaries, Daily Mail Online took a look behind the scenes with Dr Matthew Schulman (pictured) as he performed a Brazilian butt lift on a 25-year-old girl from Queens.

Spanish researchers, who tracked people aged 25 to 60 for a decade, believe the antioxidant plant compounds in coffee benefit the heart and ward off cancer.

In a landmark four-year trial, scientists found that the drug - given by injection every three months – cut the risk of heart attacks by 24 per cent. It has been hailed as a breakthrough.

Amputee who drank heavily aims for world marathon record

Keen runner Charlie Lewis, 32, from London had 15 operations across 12 years in a bid to save his leg. Now, thanks to the amputation and a prosthetic blade, he has his freedom back to run. The surgeries had cost him £100,000 and he turned to drink to cope with the pain - but now he aims to take the world record for fastest amputee marathon runner.

A team of scientists at the University of Cork discovered that certain gene regulators in the brain play a roll in anxiety-type illness and behaviour and are affected by bacteria levels in the gut.

Researchers at the National Institute for Health and Welfare in Helsinki found 20 per cent of people were eating more than 13.7 grams daily – more than double the UK guideline.

Mystery baby born with a DIPG-like tumor  puzzles doctors

A two-week-old premature baby is a complete puzzle to doctors after being born 17 weeks early with a significant tumor on her brain stem.  Addison Faith Richburg was born in a hospital in Manning, South Carolina on August 12, just 33 weeks into her mother's pregnancy.  But before she was delivered doctors noticed her head had already grown to the size it should be at 39 weeks into pregnancy. Doctors then realized there are a buildup of fluid in the brain and a tumor at her brain stem that resembles DIPG. And now, two weeks after Addy's parents received that devastating news, they still don't know what the tumor is because she is too weak to be taken in for a biopsy.

Researchers from Cornell University believe caffeine's ability to boost alertness may also reduce people's perception of sweetness, which could cause them to desire such flavors more.

The Hadza tribes living in the Savannah have more diverse gut bacteria, found Stanford researchers. They don't get the gut ailments that we do such as Crohn's disease.

Fasting for weight loss is a well kept secret in the world of nutritionist’s and others in the health know. Nutritionist May Simpkin explains how intermittent fasting could help you lose weight.

Helen Heraty, who runs a boutique hotel in York, was told that she could only have cataract surgery on one eye – despite being virtually blind.

Mckenzie Watson, from Doncaster, was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome which causes his kidneys to function improperly and water to build up in the body. His family are fundraising to fund a cure.

London personal trainer never drinks a protein shake

Max Lowery, 27, of London, says 90 per cent of people don't need to drink protein shakes, and warns that many whey protein powders can be full of chemicals and artificial sweeteners. He recommends that fitness fans get the protein they need from their diet instead.

Researchers from North Carolina State University found around half of silent sufferers claim to have at least one barrier that makes asking for help 'extremely difficult' or 'impossible'.

Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in the US found that women with a history of pre-eclampsia are more likely to have hardened and narrowed arteries years after giving birth.

Dr Darby Saxbe, a psychology professor at the University of Southern California, found testosterone levels can predict a new father's depression risk as well as his partner's risk.

Researchers at Arizona State University studied plane-boarding scenarios to see if different methods reduced the risk of infecting passengers. They found that zone boarding helped spread the most germs.

Bangladesh toddler has a hand that weighs 6.6lb

The toddler (left) from Bangladesh, who weighs just 4.4lbs (2kg), is barely able to stand or walk and falls over every time she tries to run. She is thought to have the non-cancerous condition haemangioma, which caused a small lump to engulf her right hand (right). Her father Abdul Sattar, 23, who cannot afford her treatment, said: 'We have faith in God and doctors. We are hopeful for the doctors to find a treatment for my daughter and give her a life worth living.'

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Reddit users say they've noticed vast differences in their romantic encounters with men and women. These include how they show their feelings and what they are like in the bedroom.

A protein released in exercise increases blood flow to the brain and muscles, Leeds scientists discovered. A pill could trigger this to give the benefits of physical activity without moving a muscle.

Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found a relationship between the brain, gut and stress hormone cortisol influences how 'messages' are communicated in the body.

Researchers at NIH Clinical Center in Maryland tested exoskeleton suits on children with cerebral palsy. Six out of seven children had improved knee extension and steps after using it.

Researchers from the Helmholtz Zentrum München, German Research Center for Environmental Health, found that radiation may reduce the heart's ability to contract.

The caveman 'Victoria's Secret' diet gives glowing skin

The paleo diet, favoured by Victoria's Secret supermodels (inset), involves eating like our hunter-gatherer ancestors - namely no additives, preservatives or chemicals. London-based Susannah Taylor (pictured before, left) struggled to cut out lattes, dark chocolate and white wine. Yet, these few indulgences did not stop her from achieving glowing skin and a leaner physique (pictured after, right).

Cutting sugar (file pic) out of a diet may lead to depression and even behavioural disorders such as ADHD, the paper published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine revealed.

From their colour to their shape, strength and texture, FEMAIL takes a look at what the condition of your nails really means. Expert Fiona Tuck also explains what to eat to nourish them best.

Leola Rose, 28, was at work and had no symptoms anything was wrong, when she took a bathroom break. 'I went to the bathroom, doing my business, and then I fell off the toilet onto the floor.'

Agnetha and Anja Norendal, from Cockermouth, Cumbria, have constantly frizzy and static hair. Their mother Angela, 52, suspects they may be the only twins with the condition.

Melbourne woman lost 20kg and became a personal trainer

Tori Smith began gaining weight at 18 after she left school and stopped doing team sports. The Melbourne native was eating a bag of Pods every other night. At first Tori was too intimidated to join a fitness class and only ran and did yoga. But one day she got the timetable wrong at her studio and the group class changed her life. Now Tori, 24, has been training and teaching boot camps for nearly three years.

It doesn't matter where we do it, why we do it or what we expect from the walk, found Iowa State University researchers. Physical movement alone boosts happiness due to our hunter-gatherer roots.

The NHS currently recommends 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week, but experts now accept this target may be too ambitious and are instead telling people to walk ten minutes per day.

Switching 'conventional' gender roles is making both sexes unhappy, finds an Illinois study. Despite better opportunities for women, society's expectations are slower to evolve, researchers say.

Clayton woman almost lost sight after scratching her nose

Anita Clark (left), 50, from Clayton, Manchester, was terrified when her face doubled in size and a huge blister developed across both cheeks (right). She had cellulitis - a deadly infection that can cause sepsis. Ms Coward said: 'I was terrified, at times I thought that my face would never go back to normal. I thought I'd end up with skin of an alligator, because the cellulitis made my cheeks really crusty.'

Patients were in Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and D.C. Lawyers claim numerous patients' relatives and neighbors learned of their status.

Brain scans revealed that varsity athletes in Canada who recently suffered a concussion had visible changes in their brain structure after they were already given the go-ahead to return to play.

According to Professor Hans Nordahl from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, people should recognise that brooding thoughts are a waste of time and not a form of problem-solving.

Ten more cases of tuberculosis have been diagnosed at George Bush High School (pictured) in Fort Bend County, Texas, which is near Houston, bringing the total number of cases to 24.

Indian boy's shoulder was pierced by a 12-inch-rod

Lalit Kumar (left), 12, from Greater Noida, northern India, was swinging on the iron rod of a window canopy when it suddenly collapsed, causing the rod to pierce his shoulder (right), leaving him unconscious. Local residents heard the noise and rushed over to find Lalit in a pool of blood. The rod measured 12 inches (inset).

Males are typically powerful but women have a greater power of endurance, a Canadian study has found. This makes females better at endurance events, says Professor Brian Dalton.

R.E. Pranke, five, was born with bilateral phocomelia so she has no arms. The Minnesota girl turned down prosthetics but she wanted to be able to cycle. Her specialists made it happen.

Rezia Begum's, 40, right leg weighs around 132lbs (60kg) due to elephantiasis. The mother-of-two, from Bangladesh, has suffered with the condition since the birth of her second daughter 18 years ago.

Herefordshire woman has overcome steroid cream addiction

Juli-Anne Coward (right), 50, from Leominster, Herefordshire, spent decades battling topical steroid withdrawal, which caused agonising flare-ups of sore, cracked skin (left) every time she tried to wean herself off them. At one point, Ms Coward said her entire body was covered in raw patches and oozing boils. Yet, with the help of her partner and online support groups, she has ditched the 'habit' for good. (inset).

Beatriz Pugliese, 22, from São Paulo, Brazil, was born with a nevus birthmark covering more than 80 percent of her body. The condition affects just one in 500,000 and left her the target of nasty remarks.

The link was found in a large study - the first of its kind - of 800,000 people in Denmark. Results show lithium was found to reduce the risk of the disease - but only at certain concentrations.

Mothers urge parents to give kids meningitis B vaccination

Kimberly Coffey (left), a high school student in New York State, died at the age of 17 of meningitis B. Emily Stillman (right), a college sophomore from Michigan, died at 19 years old from the same disease. The CDC recommends vaccinations that protect against meningitis strands A, C, W and Y. But, even though a meningitis B vaccination exists, the CDC does not say that all children need it. The mothers of Coffey and Stillman are promoting awareness of the rare disease that killed their daughters.

The tool, designed in conjunction with a mental illness group, will not provide a definitive diagnosis, but it is designed to give US users tangible information to take to your doctor.

Public Health England (PHE) said cases of meningitis caused by the meningococcal W strain are still rising in the UK - as the disease spreads across the world (stock image).

New York City dietitian Jennifer Medina tells Daily Mail Online how to take a proactive approach to avoid college weight gain as obesity rates skyrocket among youths in the United States.

New Milford man dies of tick-borne illness in Connecticut

A tick-borne disease killed a man in Connecticut after he thought he was suffering from a stomach bug that wouldn't go away.  Michael Yoder, who lived in New Milford, died of liver and kidney failure after contracting babesiosis from a tick bite, according to the state's medical examiner.  The 55-year-old was an avid gardener who knew about the risk that tick bites carry, and his wife Wendy told News Times they didn't see any signs of a critter when he started showing symptoms.

One of the most common plastic surgery procedures involves the dorsal hump, lowering the 'bridge' of the nose and lifting up the 'tip'. And this animation graphic offers an insight into how it is done.

Dr Sandra Lee, aka Dr Pimple Popper, is dermatologist in California. Her latest viral video shows her popping a cyst that has been on man's forehead for the past six years.

The move, unveiled in a policy statement on Wednesday, comes amid a broad effort to battle dangerous superbugs which are becoming increasingly resistant to medication.

The World Health Organization said the leading cause of death is now lower respiratory tract infections. HIV/AIDS killed 760,000 Africans in 2015, and was the top cause since at least 2000.

Bristol firefighter's hand was sewn inside his abdomen

Antony Seward (inset) was just 20 when his left hand was crushed in the large mangle at the Heathcote Fabrics Ltd factory in Tiverton, Devon. Firefighter Antony's hand was sewn inside the skin of his abdomen for three weeks (right). The Pedicled Abdominal Flap procedure carried out at Southmead hospital in Bristol allowed the skin to heal and get a blood supply from the hand. It was then separated from the abdomen and the skin was folded over to cover the entire hand (left).

Chronic vertigo should not be treated with medication say a team of UK and Amsterdam experts. Instead, sufferers should try vestibular rehabilitation, a form of 'brain retraining' exercises.

A bacteria used in the fermentation of Emmental cheese found to be beneficial, say Seoul researchers. Also found in milk, it decreases inflammation and boosts the immune system.

Supplements do not provide enough 'good' bacteria to replace the 'bad' bacteria, says a Colorado professor. Studies suggest synbiotics - probiotics combined with prebiotics - are beneficial.

Researchers at PSE Health Energy found more than five percent of the US population was exposed to harmful toxins from oil and gas wells. West Virginia has the largest amount of its population exposed.

HIIT boosted cognitive skills in youngsters more than moderate activity, New Zealand research shows, by improving short-term memory and cognitive control.

Cold sores, athlete's foot, fungal nails, thrush - they may not be life-threatening but they can really get you down. In the fourth part of our unique series, we ask the experts what you can do to shift those infections.

Rare i-cell disease will kill Seattle girl by three

Adorable Willow Rae Porter, 22-months-old from Seattle in Washington, has inclusive-cell (i-cell) disease, which could lead to her premature death by the age of three. Despite her medical problems, mum Katie Hanson (right), 23, says her daughter is her 'saviour' as it was discovered she had cervical cancer thanks to pregnancy scans. At the time, doctors advised her to have an abortion so she could seek treatment, but Katie carried to full-term and after giving birth had the three inches of cancerous cervix removed. Last year, she spent a mere 12 days outside of hospital (inset).

Not drinking is suddenly cool. But doing it isn’t easy. Helen Foster did it and wrote an entire book called Quit Alcohol (For A Month) about how she gave up drinking for a month. Here’s what she learned.

A Dutch lab is growing mini organs for cystic fibrosis patients to see how drugs would affect them without the risks of trying it. Els van de Heijden (pictured) is one of their patients.

Researchers at the University of Toronto found that kids aged 4-6 learn don't learn social lessons from stories with animals as effectively because they don't see these characters as similar to themselves.


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