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Mother and daughter rejected from Ryanair Alicante flight

Tania Alston was returning from holiday in Alicante with her daughter Malaika Alston-Ekpei, 12, when they were both told their suitcases were too big. The mother and daughter had flown out with airline Vueling with no issues on the size, and were flying back with Ryanair, which has the same size regulations. Ms Alston was initially waved through but another staff member stepped in and told her both cases were too large, and would have to go into the hold at a charge of £100. Unable to pay the extra before her pay day, the pair had to sleep on the floor of the airport to wait for a Jet2 flight the next day. Left, Malaika sleeping on the floor in Alicante airport, centre, with the cases they have used for four years, deemed half an inch too big, and right, on their holiday.

ParkingEye lose case over sleeping lawyer Nicholas Bowen

ParkingEye sued Nicholas Bowen QC (top) after he refused to pay a parking ticket for exceeding the free two-hour limit while he took a nap at Membury Services (bottom) on the M4. But the controversial firm - which claims it wins 90 per cent of its county court hearings - may now regret taking Mr Bowen on after it was ordered to pay £1,550 in costs when the judge dismissed the case.

Kirsty Pollard, from Hinckley, Leicestershire, spent 10 days on a life support machine after becoming seriously ill, and her family were told she might not make it through the night.

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Mohammed Taluli, 42, from Gaza, was plagued by the rare condition, known as epidermodysplasia verruciformis, for a decade - but had been unable to find treatment.

William and Kate (pictured) have now moved back to Kensington Palace in London, their official royal residence, after the prince gave up his part-time job as an air ambulance pilot in Norfolk.

Police were slashed with broken bottles, had acid thrown at them and in one of the worst confrontations, three PCs had bloody spit sprayed in their faces by a man claiming to be HIV positive.

The chilling nod that betrayed a killer: How parents who murdered their daughter for 'refusing to embrace Pakistani culture' were caught out by body language experts

A body language expert has analysed footage of Iftikhar and Farzana Ahmed lying to the public about 17-year-old Shafilea's 2003 disappearance from Warrington, Cheshire, for a documentary that revisits the tragic case. It shows footage of an interview given by the parents, during which Iftikhar is asked if he had any involvement with his daughter's disappearance, to which he replies: 'Never. I couldn't even dream of it.' However, according to expert Cliff Lansley - who shares his findings on Investigation Discovery's Faking It: Tears Of A Crime - he gives a self-incriminating nod as he responds.

Raelin Scurry, from Pittsburgh, shared the incredible photo of the rare moment, known as being born en caul, which occurs in fewer than one in 80,000 births, on her Instagram page.

In a new book from Mumsnet released this week, mothers reveal their ultimate hacks for tackling childhood ailments from ringworm to warts, with remedies you already have in the cupboard.

Is Chloe Green engaged to hot felon Jeremy Meeks?

Topshop heiress Chloe Green, whose father Sir Philip is worth an estimated £3.8billion, displayed a diamond on her ring finger while getting close to her unlikely boyfriend Jeremy Meeks in a series of social media posts. The 26-year-old shoe designer sparked engagement speculation as she displayed dripping jewels, which she alternated between her two ring fingers, in shots posted on Instagram pages during a trip to Miami Beach on Tuesday, where they were spied looking extremely cosy.

The boy pleaded guilty at Plymouth Crown Court to raping the six-year-old last August. He admitted five further counts of causing or inciting that child into sexual activity in August and in March.

Belinda Mulcah, 46, and Joanne Sheperd, 41, were speechless when they saw the note written on their receipt at Hafan y Mor holiday park, Wales, and called the barman's behaviour 'horrifying'.

Hong Kong businessman David Tang dies at 63

Hong Kong businessman and socialite David Tang, known as the founder of international fashion brand Shanghai Tang, died at the age of 63 just weeks after inviting friends to a farewell party. He is pictured in hospital, left, with Czech model Eva Herzigova; alongside Kate Moss at the Dorchester Hotel in 2008, top right; and with Princess Diana, bottom right.

Tower Hamlets Council in east London, where two thirds of residents are from minority groups, last night returned the five-year-old to her family after a court ruling.

How many have spent years on adoption registers, jumping through ridiculous hoops and performing endless box-ticking exercises, only to be told that they don't quite come up to scratch?

The decision follows a national outcry over Tower Hamlets council's decision to place the five-year-old (pictured with her carer) in two Muslim households - against the wishes of her family.

Friends of 21-year-old 'genius' Brian White, born in Zimbabwe, are campaigning for a change to his immigration status so he is allowed to stay legally in the country where he has lived for five years.

Cat owners share hilarious Snapchats of their pets

In a new online gallery pet owners are sharing photos of their cheeky felines getting up to no good in hilarious Snapchats. While dog owners will be aware that you shouldn't leave a pooch alone it seems that leaving a cat unattended for too long can spell disaster. Elsewhere moggies prove that they can have quite the temper with one disgruntled cat giving his owner the evils for spilling his bowl of milk.

Andrew Shaw, 44, from Lancashire, is accused of downloading 71 obscene images of children. He is blind in one eye and appeared in front of magistrates with the aide of his guide dog.

An 11-year-old boy in China endured a two-hour-long surgery to remove 26 magnet balls from his penis after he inserted them out of curiosity.

Italian holiday home leaves buyer in £35,000 legal battle

When Alice O'Connor (left) put down £35,000 as a 50 per cent deposit on a new-build holiday home in Calabria, southern Italy , she was certain she was on to a terrific deal. Then aged 51, Alice had been blown away by the views on a visit to the site of the unbuilt Jewel Of The Sea development (artist's impression, centre). Back home in West Kirby, Merseyside, she had carefully checked the paperwork. Everything looked above board nine years ago. But what followed is a cautionary tale to anyone purchasing homes abroad. To the dismay of Alice and hundreds of other buyers, the Jewel Of The Sea site has never been completed (right). Instead of sun-soaked holidays, they've been left out of pocket and caught in a legal nightmare involving the mafia and a convicted IRA terrorist.

Loren Froggatt, 21, from Eastwood, Nottingham, was at Leeds Festival last weekend with her fiancé, Adam Collins, and was looking forward to seeing the top acts on Saturday night.

Michael Steer Renshaw, 50, who had been living in Sao Paulo, Brazil, for ten years after marrying a Brazilian woman, was beaten to death by a fellow rough sleeper (pictured).

My son, Stanley, got a D (in Classical Civilisation) and an E (in English Literature) in his A-Levels this year which is technically two passes, writes AMANDA LYNCH.

Mother who 'wrapped son in cotton wool' killed herself

Businesswoman Susan Underwood (centre and right), 38, was so enraged at finding the drug in her garden shed in Warrington, Cheshire, she grounded eldest child Brandon (left), 21, before having a violent confrontation with those who gave him the substance. Last April when Mr Underwood asked if he could go out again only to stay out 45 minutes later than usual, his mother dragged a knife down her own arm before resting it on his shoulder when he came home, asking 'are you ready?' Less than ten hours later Mr Underwood found her dead on the living room floor with notes of intent scattered around after taking a fatal overdose of prescription. An inquest heard divorcee Mrs Underwood, who ran a tattoo parlour in the Padgate area of Warrington, was said to dote on her two children but she split up with her partner over rows about her mollycoddling Mr Underwood.

Authorities in China have tightened their grip on the country's churches by ordering that children are to be banned from joining religious groups.

Ricardo McFarlane, 30, 'breached an ASBO' when he approached shoppers outside Topshop in Oxford Street. At Southwark Crown Court today, he refused to stand for the judge.

Kasey Lee Schembri, 20, has been jailed after she set fire to her former partner's furniture when he told her to move out of his Cardiff flat on Valentine's Day last year.

Newcastle legend Alan Shearer has undergone surgery to have a plate inserted into his broken wrist. The 47-year-old fell off his bike during a biking holiday in Portugal earlier this month.

Viewers vent frustration at Bake Off's new ad breaks

GBBO's eagerly anticipated first episode well down well with the majority of viewers, despite its new presenters getting a mixed reception. But while they differed on pros and cons of Noel Fielding and lamented the loss of Mary Berry, there was one issue than united the majority. Audiences flooded Twitter with complaints about adverts, with many frustrated by how many were 'forced' in.

Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig came up with some hilarious double entendres during the first episode of the Great British Bake Off, such as a 'moist clutch' and a very phallic chocolate bottle.

Great British Bake Off is back with crazy creations

They are creations that would not look out of place in the final of The Great British Bake Off. Yet these extraordinarily convincing 'illusion cakes', made to look like a BLT sandwich (top right, by Steven), a watermelon (top left, by Flo), a stack of pancakes (top centre, by Liam) and a bowl of noodles, were crafted during last night's first episode of the new series. The fiendish task was billed as the 'hardest first showstopper' ever to be set on the hit baking show - which has moved to Channel 4 - and was always going to sort the wheat from the chaff. And the triumphs of deception and baking competence were certainly matched by disasters, in the form of a black clutch bag (bottom left, by Stacey) and a loaf of bread with a snapped knife (bottom right, by Peter). Indeed, while marketing executive Steven was crowned the first star baker for his bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, the challenge proved the undoing of IT manager Peter.

Led by Dr Igor Ashurbeyli, billionaire and founder of the Aerospace International Research Center in Vienna, the space nation 'Asgardia' already seems to be running into problems.

Experts are examining satellite images from space in a desperate bid to find the cause of a mysterious toxic gas cloud which left hundreds of people hospitalised in East Sussex.

Rum brand Malibu shared the clip on its Facebook page and encouraged fans to film themselves doing a similar 'slow-mo run' for the chance to win their own branded swimsuit like the model's.

Emmerson Mnangagwa, 74, had to be flown to South Africa two weeks ago after a severe bout out diarrhoea and vomiting at a rally where the Zimbabwean president was speaking.

Burning Man festival-goers brave dust storm in Nevada

Amid the madness of this year's psychedelic symposium at Black Rock Desert, Burning Man participants on Tuesday found themselves absorbing the brunt of a punishing dust storm. Pictures of the festival show the 'community' inundated with thick choking clouds of sand, with some well prepared participants using gas-masks to fight through the earthly gust while others seem to embrace the natural phenomenon.

Paddy, 58, who shot to fame on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, says he 'envies' traveller children today because they 'have the best of both worlds' and are able to mix with non-travellers at school.

Taking to Reddit, teachers shared their closely kept secrets during a candid discussion. A number of the revelations involved what they really think about their pupils, as well as their personal lives.

While there has been a 30 per cent drop in the number of sales in the past decade, stamp duty tax receipts soared to a record £12.8bn in the year ending in June, according to analysis by Nationwide.

Samuel Olaitan, 32, was found to be nearly double the legal drink driving limit following the collision in Bolton town centre on May 20.

'The next one is heading for Guam': Giggling tyrant Kim Jong-un warns he will target US Pacific base and fire more rockets over 'cruel' neighbour Japan after overseeing 'curtain raiser' ballistic missile launch

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un was pictured laughing with top officials (main) as he watched the launch (inset) of his Hwasong-12 on Tuesday and later warned the trial was a mere 'curtain raiser'. State media boasted that the test was timed to mark the 107th anniversary of the 'disgraceful' Japan-Korea treaty of 1910, under which Tokyo colonised the Korean peninsula. It was part of 'a bold plan to make the cruel Japanese islanders insensible on bloody August 29', the KCNA agency said. US President Donald Trump has said that 'all options' were on the table, reviving his implied threat of pre-emptive US military action just days after congratulating himself that Kim appeared to be 'starting to respect us'. The UN Security Council - which has already imposed seven sets of sanctions on Pyongyang - said in a unanimous statement the North's actions 'are not just a threat to the region, but to all UN member states'.

The US National Nuclear Security Administration has revealed that it has conducted a second series of test flights in the Nevada desert involving an upgraded version of a nuclear bomb.

The civil protection department in Vladivostok was instructed to relocate residents living in the border area with North Korea. Russia shares a 24-mile frontier with the hermit state.

How does West neutralise Kim without risking a world war?

Just when simmering tensions over North Korea's nuclear missile programme seemed to be easing, its unpredictable dictator yesterday upped the ante in brazen style - sending a missile capable of bearing a nuclear warhead over Japan. It was an act of outrageous provocation. As we have seen, South Korea responded with a display of firepower near its border with the North, while President Trump announced he'd received Kim Jong-un's message 'loud and clear' and repeated that 'all options are on the table'. His words didn't have the impact of that 'fire and fury' speech aimed at Pyongyang earlier this month, but the threat is implied. Which begs the question: just how long can the White House go on sabre-rattling?

The US Geological Survey says the earthquake hit at 8am on Wednesday and that the epicenter was 51.7 miles (83.4km) southeast of Inarajan Village, a community of about 2,300 people.

Global stocks swooned yesterday after North Korea carried out its missile launch over Japan, deepening geopolitical worries while sending safe-haven assets like gold higher.

MARK SEDDON confronts the question bemusing some of the best political and military minds in the world: What is going on inside the mind of North Korea's unpredictable ruler, Kim Jong-un?

Jet 2 pilot shouts at passengers on Ibiza flight

Holidaymakers were left stunned when a furious pilot stormed out of the cockpit to reprimand rowdy passengers. The pilot (left) left his seat to give intoxicated revellers a dressing-down on the flight from Edinburgh to Ibiza last week. He warned aggressive behaviour would not be tolerated, adding: 'A lot of you think this is a party bus, but it is not' - leading to a round of applause and cheers.

Witnesses filmed the daredevils performing stunts off Plymouth Hoe in Devon. Footage shows the youngsters pulling off back flips and other moves while plunging 65ft into the sea close to rocks.

These photographs taken outside the building used by council-owned supplier Essex Cares Limited are likely to leave council bosses shamefaced.

The NHS is rolling out a scheme that requires all family doctors in England to seek approval from a medical panel for all non-urgent hospital referrals.

What not to watch before skydiving: Parachutist terrifies the internet with a video of a plane nearly HITTING him 5,000 feet in the air but can YOU spot why it's a fake?

A video purporting to show a parachutist narrowly avoiding being struck by a private jet has been causing a stir online - but not for the reasons you might expect. The headcam video, apparently showing the near-miss 5,000 feet in the air - was posted to YouTube, and then shared on Reddit.  But the skeptics on the site's videos forum weren't willing to take the video at face value - and uncovered telling evidence that the whole thing was a brilliant fake. 

The EU Commission President faced charges of blackmail after he backed resistance to talks on the future trading relationship between Britain and the EU before finalising the divorce deal

Ministers are offering all 40 countries that have trade agreements with Brussels the opportunity to replicate those deals so there is no disruption to business.

Two doctors are suspended after they're filmed hurling abuse at each other during a C-section delivery of a baby which died 

Two doctors have been caught on video hurling abuse at each other inside an operating theatre as they conducted an emergency C-section which resulted in a baby's death. A one-minute 22-second video has caught Dr Ashok Nainiwal, an obstetrician, and Dr Murari Lal Tak, an anaesthetist, volleying abuse at each other while operating on an unconscious woman in India today. Around a dozen medical staff are forced to stand around while the two men argued in the Umaid Hospital in Jodhpur.

The Canadian research team, who published their study in the respected Lancet medical journal, said fat may actually have a protective effect on human health.

The NHS for the last 15 years has focused on its 'five-a-day' message in a bid to improve people's health. But three quarters of people in Britain fail to hit the target.

Houston convention center overflows with 9,000 survivors

Hurricane Harvey has dumped the most rain on the continental US in history as catastrophic scenes unfold in Houston with shelters overwhelmed with survivors, a curfew in place to prevent looting, dams overflowing and a chemical plant at risk of exploding. There are currently 20,000 Hurricane Harvey evacuees in shelters, according to Homeland Security Secretary Elaine Duke, and in Houston's main shelter, the George R Brown Convention Center, there are 9,000 people, which is almost double the capacity of the center. However, people continued to flock to the overcrowded shelter as floodwaters kept rising. Rainfalls reached 51.88inches in Cedar Bayou, Texas, on Tuesday afternoon, which is the record in Texas and the continental US. There are initial reports that at least 18 people have died from the storm and its aftermath, however, the complete death toll can't be fully counted until after the floodwaters recede. And while military help has been limited by weather and flooding, Air Force Major General James Witham said up to 30,000 National Guard troops are prepared and could be called on to help in Texas.

Reporter Brian Curtis got out of his car after spotting a trembling possum taking refuge from Hurricane Harvey on a Houston bridge. The possum appears visibly shaken and with a fearful expression.

Volunteer rescue boats make their way into a flooded subdivision to rescue stranded residents as floodwaters from Tropical Storm Harvey rise Monday, Aug. 28, 2017, in Spring, Texas. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Researchers are quick to say that climate change didn't cause Harvey in Texas, but they do note that warmer air and water mean wetter and possibly more intense hurricanes in the future.



Proud parents share their children's inventions

In a series of images compiled by BoredPanda proud parents have shared their resourceful offspring's most ingenious inventions. Pictured clockwise from top left: A young girl does away with a selfie stick using a straw instead, one genius finds that a clothes peg prevents spoons slipping into a bowl, a boy uses a cap to create a viewing system for his phone, two cups make a cheap alternative to speakers, a sibling uses their bunk beds to their own advantage, and a young lad fashions his own hammock.

Samim Bigzad had been booked on a commercial flight back to his home country - but as he was escorted onto the Turkish Airlines jet the pilot told guards: 'I'm not flying. Someone's life is at risk.'

Both girls, from Letchworth, Hertfordshire, suffered memory loss, severe confusion and seizures, before being unable to walk or talk. One has since died, while the other cannot write.

A Channel 5 documentary has revealed the slightly darker heart of Balmoral, the 50,000 acre estate in the Scottish Highlands beloved of the royal family since Queen Victoria's reign.

A major Public Health England study of 60,000 teens discovered only 3% used e-cigarettes and most were already tobacco users. Vaping was as low as 0.1% among non-smokers.

Forecasters say cool temperatures and torrential downpours are set to sweep across the UK, bringing an abrupt end to sweltering heat and clear-blue skies (Newquay beach, pictured).

Wisconsin-based David Meade, author of the book 'Planet X - The 2017 Arrival', believes a star, which he calls 'a binary twin of our sun' will reach our planet in September.

Florida home owned by man who 'killed woman' pictured

These pictures taken by police give a look into the home of accused killer Russell Tillis before it was demolished. Tillis, 54, from Jacksonville in Florida, is still in prison awaiting trial for the murder of Jodi Lynn Gunter. Her dismembered remains were found in his front yard by police in 2016. Pictures from the State Attorneys Office give an insight into Tillis' home, which neighbors dubbed the 'House of Horrors' as they heard screams some nights.

A damning report found that nearly 40 per cent of youngsters across the UK - a staggering 2.2million - were concerned that they will become the victim of crime or anti-social behaviour.

Alistair Jarvis, the new chief executive of Universities UK, said institutions had been 'unfairly categorised as elite' and as 'detached from individuals, communities and day-to-day challenges'.

The politician had faced heavy criticism from the left wing of her own party after attacking Jeremy Corbyn with a source said to have revealed today she was 'hounded out by JC's mob'.

Taiyah-Grace Peebles was found on a railway line in Herne Bay, Kent, on July 27, and is thought to have been electrocuted. A month on, her father Paul Butters has been found dead in Kent.

Shops in Magaluf on Mallorca, Spain, will no longer be allowed to sell alcoholic beverages between midnight and 8am, or have bottles on display in their windows.

Dubbed 'Florence,' the huge space rock will pass 4.4 million miles from our planet - or, about 18 times the distance between Earth and the moon (stock image).

Woman reveals that she's been on 77 dates in two years

A 'posh boy' wearing a pink shirt and with a passion for rugby is how Anna Heaton, 29, would define her dream man...but so far he's proving very elusive. The pretty brunette, from Battersea, London, says she's rated all of the 77 men she's dated over the last two years on a spreadsheet...but is keen to find Mr Right before she hits 30. (Pictured from left: Anna Heaton, with her Take Me Out date Neale, and appearing on Take Me Out)

Former work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith said the Government is planning to axe a promise to use the money to boost relationship services.

Maëlys De Araujo has not been seen since 3am on Sunday at the event in Pont-de-Beauvoisin, Isère. Police have interviewed 180 people who were at the wedding.

It is understood 16 pupils at St Olave's Grammar School in Orpington, London, (pictured) were told they had to leave as their performance in their AS-levels was not good enough.

British authorities have asked the consumer watchdog in Spain to launch an investigation into car hire rip-offs after we submitted a dossier of damning evidence.

Hungry hippos to the rescue! Incredible moment two animals wade in to stop a wildebeest from being eaten by a crocodile

This is the moment a pair of hungry hippos stopped a wildebeest from being eaten by a crocodile - and then tried to get a bite for themselves. The amazing video was captured in South Africa's Kruger Park by Mervyn Van Wyk, 72, who was visiting the park with his wife Tokkie. The adventurous pair noticed the wildebeest happily grazing on the opposite side of the river along with zebras and impalas. Mervyn's wife was happily snapping away when she noticed that one of the unlucky animals had been grabbed by a crocodile. It struggled for its life for eight minutes with the wildebeest trying and failing to drag itself out of the water. The exhausted animal was close to succumbing to the water when suddenly two hippos appeared before approaching the scene cautiously. They suddenly sprang on the crocodile forcing it to release its grip on the wildebeest - and crucially giving the creature a chance to escape.

Commuters at London's Euston Station were today caught up in a bomb scare panic after an e-cigarette exploded in a passenger's bag. Police confirmed that there was a blast sending terrified travellers fleeing.

Shanique Syrena Pearson was convicted of using threatening or abusive behaviour and driving without reasonable consideration, after she was filmed abusing Vine in Kensington, London.

Carl Freestone, 54, was riding home from the pub on his top-of-the-range Cannondale bike when he was attacked by a gang of thugs who stole the bike in Mansfield, Notts. He was left with a gaping wound.

The data shows that over three years the BBC spent more than £1.3 million of license fee-payers' money on cabs between April 2014 and April this year - equating to roughly £1,237 a day.

EXCLUSIVE Joan Murphy, fitness instructor and co-founder of London-based exercise studios Frame, told MailOnline: 'Regular exercise during pregnancy reduces back pain and improves your fitness'.

Woman diets to spend more time with her dying husband

NEW When obese Taylor Murphy, 24, from Seattle, received the heartbreaking diagnosis that her husband Ricky Carrington, 29, had only 15 months to live after being diagnosed with a brain tumour, she vowed to get fit enough to care for him. After undergoing bypass surgery, she's now lost a staggering 140lb in weight. (Pictured:Taylor Murphy before she lost weight, in a recent photo after shedding 140lb. Inset: with her husband Ricky Carrington)

Ageing parents are now two and a half times more likely to rely on their children to drive them to appointments than they were five years previously, an AA study has found.

The report shows a "postcode lottery" also continues, with prices ranging from £3,036 to £6,516 depending on location, with Kensal Green in London the most expensive location.

Dubbed 'Florence,' the huge space rock will pass 4.4 million miles from our planet - or, about 18 times the distance between Earth and the moon (stock image).

Shops in Magaluf on Mallorca, Spain, will no longer be allowed to sell alcoholic beverages between midnight and 8am, or have bottles on display in their windows.

Sickening moment man stabs and slits a kangaroo's throat 18 TIMES in Australia - as his laughing friend films the attack

DISTRESSING CONTENT WARNING: A wounded kangaroo was slashed across the neck with a knife 18 times by a Chinese man as it cried in pain and tried to escape before bleeding to death on a hillside in the Australian bush. The man, brandishing a hunting knife, avoided several attempts by the kangaroo to strike out at him before callously stabbing and slashing at the kangaroo's neck until it finally went limp and stopped moving and snarling at him.

Cowboy claims firms are wrongly telling the British holidaymakers there is no risk if they seek compensation despite not being unwell, according to travel trade organisation Abta.

Shortly before 2am, northbound traffic was diverted from the Forth Road Bridge to the new structure, which links Lothian and Fife, but by rush hour there were already long delays.

Bone-snapping CRACK as drunken David and Goliath arm-wrestling bout ends... in no way like the biblical tale

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. The instantly regretful incident happened at a friend's home in southern China, where the group appeared to have had one too many drinks. In the clip, the much smaller man can be seen challenging his bigger and stronger friend to an arm wrestling match. The pair position themselves on a low plastic stool and lock their left arms in place for the start of the match. The pair begin to arm-wrestle and are evenly matched for a few seconds - but then the poor man's arm gives way in a loud crack.

Karthikeyan and Lavanya Ramasubramanian were taking their daughter to Disneyland when their minibus was 'squashed flat' in a crash with two delivery trucks on the M1 on Saturday.

Bobby Cooper, 51, wife Cheryl, and children Lauren, 13, and Robbie, ten, were on a dream two-year voyage round the globe when they were shipwrecked 200 miles from the nearest island.

Mother and her twin daughters found dead inside their home

Celia Henning, 41, and her six-year-old twin daughters, Makalya and Addison (together bottom right), were found dead on Monday inside of their home (main) in the 400 block of North Reed in Joliet, which is about an hour away from Chicago. The girls' father and Celia's husband found them when he came home from work inside of a bathroom and called 911.

It fuels fears that spiralling motor insurance premiums, driven by government tax hikes and controversial reforms to injury compensation, may be putting off more drivers from taking out insurance.

So far this year, a huge 900 cuts have been made, with more than 100 in the past couple of months. In some cases, customers have been earning half the interest they were earlier this year.

Arthur Donald - eldest son of Stella's photographer sister Mary - left £19,545-a-year University College School and has decided to continue his education at American college Yale.

Model Lottie Moss, 19, who burst onto London's social scene last year, looks worse for wear in this picture that her mother, Inger, posted online with the caption: 'Munch munch.'

Conor McGregor's sisters flaunt glamorous lives

Conor McGregor's two glamorous sisters Erin, 35, and Aoife, 30, have been celebrating their brother's brave performance in a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas as they joined a pool party wearing slashed Team McGregor swimsuits, left. Erin and Aoife have become social media stars in their own right as they flaunt their lives and are pictured with their MMA fighter brother, right.

Richard Eckersley, 28, and wife Nicola, 27, have opened Earth.Food.Love. in Totnes, Devon. Their products are stored in dispensers, with customers using pots and jars to shop there.

Former bailiff's home transformed into stunning getaway

The three-storey, three-bedroom copper-clad pad (top left) near Penzance in Cornwall overlooks a reservoir in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Built in the 1960s alongside the Drift Dam, South West Water used it as living quarters for the manager of the dam and reservoir. But when the dam was automated the house was sold off as a private dwelling and had fallen into disrepair (centre) - before a pair of architects intervened. It now boasts three luxury bedrooms (bottom right) each with a sun deck (bottom left) and the inside of the eco-friendly home has been lined with plywood and there is also a concrete tile floor (top right).

Detailing the Austrian village where Hitler's grandmother was buried to decaying Russian houses empty since the revolution, an infographic explores 15 of the most extraordinary ghost towns.

Japanese researchers found people who woke up repeatedly in the night were 99 per cent more likely to suffer from ischaemic heart disease - the medical term for a heart attack.

The superyachts on display at the Monaco Yacht Show 2017

For those with a nautical streak - and a deep pockets - it's the highlight of their annual calendar. And, once again, the Monaco Yacht Show looks set to dazzle sailing fans when 125 vessels gather over four days at the historic Port Hercule between September 27 and 30. The 27th edition of the glamorous event brings together manufacturers, owners, buyers and enthusiasts in what's considered the most prestigious pleasure boat show in the world. So it's perhaps unsurprising that more than 33,000 people are expected to attend for a glimpse of utter luxury on France's Mediterranean coastline. They'll be gazing upon vessels that have an average price tag of £25million, which is definitely not a drop in the ocean. Here MailOnline Travel reveals some of the most amazing exhibits that are destined to make waves with visitors.

Britain is reportedly prepared to pay a Brexit divorce bill of £36billion - but a survey out today finds the vast majority of voters would be angry at parting with this much cash.

Channel 5's In Solitary saw five people locked away from the outside with nothing but themselves to keep them entertained. One contestant Sarah began talking to herself after just 72 hours.


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Ronda Rousey gets married to Travis Browne in Hawaii

Ronda, 30, married her fellow UFC fighter and partner of almost two years Travis Browne on Saturday during an outdoor ceremony (left) in Hawaii, on what appeared to be a joy-filled day. Travis, 35, took to Instagram on Tuesday to gush about his bride following the happy occasion. The former UFC bantamweight champion picked a white, plunging number with embellishments and lace details (right). Ronda (also pictured inset) also wore a long veil, which grazed the bottom of her mermaid-shaped, floor-length gown. Travis, meanwhile, opted for a simple shirt with light-colored pants and a matching vest on the big day along with a lei made out of leaves around his neck, as is fit for a Hawaiian wedding.

Shocking pictures show the turtle, with a huge ring through its shell, chained with a 23ft wire to a tree in Dortmund, Germany. Shocked neighbours called the fire brigade in order to free it.

The skeleton is that of a plesiosaur, an extinct sea reptile that resembled the Loch Ness monster and dominated Earth's oceans during the Age of the Dinosaurs.

Russian teen who weighed five stone beats anorexia

Vera Schulz, 18, from Stavropol in south-west Russia, found herself constantly fainting due to a lack of energy and was struggling with her schoolwork after dropping to a critical weight of just over 5 stone in 2014 (left). But the teenager has since overcome her eating disorder and is now a high-flying personal trainer, having reached a much healthier weight of around 9 stone 7 lbs.


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Flying Scotsman meets the Union of South Africa

The Flying Scotsman and the Union of South Africa met for the first time since the 1960s in Didcot over the Bank Holiday weekend. It may be the last time before the Union is retired in Scotland. Thousands of people all over the country converged on Didcot Railway Centre over the Bank Holiday Weekend to get a glimpse of the World famous Flying Scotsman, at the same time as the Union of South Africa. The Union of South Africa is due to be retired to a museum in Scotland, so it might be the last time the two iconic locomotives are next to each other at the same time.

The video was posted on the Reptile Collective Facebook page last week. It shows two of the slippery reptiles being born, out of a total of six babies.

The cub (pictured), whose sex is yet to be determined by keepers at Flamingo Land Zoo in Kirby Misperton, North Yorkshire, was born to mother Surya and father Bawa on Friday evening.

For some people, the last words they heard from their ex-partner continue to ring in their ears long after a break-up. Heartbroken people have been revealing their past loves' parting shots online.

Kayakers discover hungry polar bears raiding their camp for food after spotting paw prints leading up to their hut 

The group were staying in Spitsbergen, an island of the Svalbard archipelago in northern Norway, when they came across the animals. In the video, which was captured on August 10, the kayakers find huge polar bear tracks in the mud close to their camp. Soon afterwards, when returning to camp from the shore, they discover three bears raiding their possessions and looking for food. For their own safety, the adventurers decide to get into their boats and observe the bears from the water.



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