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Tech Ambience Call Center

About Us
Our History
We developed our call center after a number of failures with “leading” call centers that outsourced all of their work, usually offshore. In response, we created The Tech Ambience Call Center, staffed with 100% U.S.-based callers.

All our callers are located in Florida. English is their first language and their neutral accent is easily understood by customers throughout the nation and even abroad. Our turnover rate is well below the industry average. And we never outsource our work, ever. The result—an affordable U.S. call center that excels at lead generation, appointment setting, webinar and meeting support, telesales, research and much more.
What Makes The Tech Ambience Call Center Different From Other Call Centers
Professional callers with a pleasant attitude.
Our Florida-based callers know how to “smile” through the phone so their contacts can hear them. Callers are experienced at leaving voice messages, speaking with office staff and ultimately reaching C-level executives, decision makers and hard-to-reach professionals such as physicians and healthcare personnel (HCPs).

Our callers understand the time and effort that goes into creating a recognized and respected brand and that they are responsible for representing your brand and maintaining your brand image. All callers are trained to meet the goal of each particular client, whether this obtaining qualified leads or agreements from HCPs to attend an event.
Your personal management team.
In addition to our professional U.S. callers, you’ll receive a management team who will work with you to customize a campaign that is geared for success. Your team oversees your callers, tweaks your campaign as needed, and keeps in contact with you so that you know exactly how your campaign is performing. If your industry requires it, our team will also help you stay in compliance with regulations and all necessary documentation.
Real-time access to campaign info.
Our callers work from our proprietary cloud reporting application that gives you real-time access to your campaign from anywhere there’s an Internet connection. You’ll be able to see the number of calls made, contacts reached, faxes sent, email requests, your cost-per-lead or appointments/registrations received, and more.
Call Center Solutions That Match Business Goals
Call us at (844) 271-6825 from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM US EST!

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