Dr. Gautam Barthakur, Principal, moble : +919435524985, email : golaghatpolytechnic@gmail.com
desires to set an approach to learning that encourages inquiry, research,
analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities of our students. We believe
that it is our responsibility as educators to nurture develop every student to
his/her maximum potential and help them achieve the heights of being a
responsible global citizen.
My message is meant to encourage all my students to take the canvas of
hope and brush of a glorious vision and paint your own portrait of

Dr. Gautam Barthakur, Principal
In the world governed by technology, we
at Golaghat Polytechnic, Furkating, put in
our sicere efforts to keep pace with rising
demands of the time.
We all have the potential that is limitless.
As a 21st century organisation, our college
Anti Ragging Committee
Greivance Redressed Committee
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