Haiti earthquake and recovery
NEW YORK – Hurricane Matthew has reopened the debate over whether Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation provided true disaster relief for the people of Haiti after the 2010 earthquake or mostly enriched themselves at the expense of the suffering Haitian people.

Crossing Haiti with a vengeance, Hurricane Matthew last week killed 877 people in the impoverished island nation and left tens of thousands homeless. It also reignited a cholera outbreak that has killed another 17 people as floodwater mixed with sewage.

Former President Bill Clinton on Oct. 4 wrote a sympathetic offer of renewed charitable assistance on Twitter: “Praying for everyone impacted by #HurricaneMatthew. Here’s how you can help in Haiti.”

Clinton linked the tweet to a page created on the Clinton Foundation website to solicit tax-favored contributions from U.S. donors to provide relief efforts in Haiti in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

Clinton’s tweet prompted one Twitter user to respond, “Is this a joke, you looted Haiti once already.” Another said, “Clintons still scamming off poor Haiti after a natural disaster.”

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Haiti protest in NYC: ‘Vote Donald Trump’

On Oct. 6, the Committee to Mobilize Dictatorship in Haiti, KOOMOKODA [Komite Mobilizasyon kont Diktati an Ayiti], conducted a small but vocal protest attended by some 20 Haitian activists in front of New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s Manhattan office at 120 Broadway, off Wall Street.

“We will be there to denounce Schneiderman’s double standard in deciding to prosecute the Trump Foundation for fraud while ignoring the lack of audits and billions ‘missing’ from the Clinton Foundation,” KOMOKODA announced in a press release. “This is clearly Schneiderman abusing the authority of his office to tilt the scales in favor of Hillary Clinton in the upcoming US presidential elections.”

WND, attending the event, recorded interviews with several of the Haitian activists protesting Schneiderman.

“We are here today to tell Schneiderman that he is looking in the wrong place,” Dahoud Andre, a KOMOKODA organizer told WND. “The real corruption is at the Clinton Foundation. The Trump Foundation might have a few thousand dollars missing, but the Clinton Foundation has stolen billions. We are here to tell Schneiderman and the state of New York to stop the bias.”

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When asked if the Clinton Foundation came to the aid of the Haitian people following the 2010 earthquake, Andre laughed.

“We understand the Clinton Foundation has been stealing money from Haiti since 2003,” he responded. “In 2008, the United Nations placed Bill Clinton as a special envoy to Haiti. So, this family has been stealing special envoy money, they have been stealing Clinton Foundation money, they have been stealing Interim Haitian Relief Committee money, they have been stealing Clinton-Bush Fund money. The list goes on.”

Andre charged the Clinton Foundation has not been shut down only because “it is being protected” by the Obama administration, specifically by the IRS and the Department of Justice.

“It’s corruption from beginning to end,” Andre asserted. “With Hurricane Matthew, the Clintons cannot even show their head because the whole world knows that they are thieves, and the only reason the Clintons would come to Haiti would be to steal money.”

Clinton Foundation protesters:

‘Hillary Clinton helped herself in Haiti’

Andre made his opposition to the Clintons clear.

“The best support you can give to Haiti in November is to vote Donald Trump, to stop Hillary Clinton from getting to the White House.”

An unidentified female Haitian activist at the protest agreed.

“You will be making the biggest mistake of your life if you put that woman [Hillary Clinton] in the White House,” she said.

“Hillary Clinton is an ambitious woman, and she doesn’t care about anything. … Her purpose is to be the first woman president, that’s it – so she can be rich. She’s carrying water for the 1 percent – that’s all she’s doing.”

She also agreed Hillary Clinton had not aided the Haitian people in 2010 when she was secretary of state.

“Hillary Clinton helped herself in Haiti,” the Haitian activist continued. “She gave her brother [Tony Rodham] a 25-year gold mining contract in Haiti. She and her whole family are going to benefit off the back of Haitians. Hillary Clinton is an ambitious woman who just wants to make history and benefit the 1 percent. She’s a criminal and a thief. No person of color should vote for Hillary Clinton. Do not waste your vote with her.”

Hillary Clinton betrayed innocent American donors’

WND interviewed acclaimed Haitian-rights activist Ézili Dantò, who detailed charges of theft in Haiti against the Clinton Foundation.

“The earthquake weakened the victims and she used her power to crush them some more,” she said. “Dressed as ‘savior’ at the Obama State Department, Hillary Clinton betrayed innocent Americans who desired to help with recovery. If we are scientifically and objectively balancing facts, then Donald Trump, arguably a bigot and perhaps a sexist, still clearly has less of a record of lies, looting, lawlessness and implementing systemic governmental/institutional racism than Hillary Clinton.”

She said Clinton dares not mention Haiti without risking a damaging political backlash.

“Addressing Haiti is a debacle for [Bill and Hillary Clinton],” she said. “It brings up the 2010, Michel Martelly presidential election that Hillary Clinton and, her longtime consigliore, Cheryl Mills, help to doctor. It brings up their association with the convicted fraudster Claudio Osorio, who never built any of the 10,000 housing units in Haiti that the U.S. government put in a $10 million grant for him to build, and which the Clinton team heavily facilitated.”

She continued: “It brings up the pay-to-play, money laundering scheme they call the ‘Clinton Foundation.’ The Clintons cannot justify why they prey on hurt quake victims and poor Haitians to put money in their Foundation – a slush fund where 85 percent of the money collected goes to salaries, travel, luxury hotels, dinners and overhead, all tax free.”

Schneiderman issued a “cease and desist” order to the Trump Foundation, charging it was in violation of Section 172 of Article 7-A New York’s Executive Law, which requires charitable organizations that solicit contributions in New York state to register with the Charities Bureau and to provide annual financial reports and annual audited financial statements.

On Sept. 4, Schneiderman’s office confirmed that no similar “cease and desist” order had been issued against the Clinton Foundation despite the fact the Clinton Foundation had failed to file years of supplemental tax forms related to the required disclosure of “donors and contributors” to the New York State Charity Bureau.

Schneiderman, a known Democratic Party partisan, told CNN that the Clinton Foundation’s failure to file required tax forms was just another honest mistake resulting from the complex nature of the Clinton Foundation and the affiliates that operate within it.

CNN acknowledged that in 2015, the Clinton Foundation had $315 million in reserves and is hundreds of times larger than Trump’s foundation, which in its last filing held just $1.3 million dollars in its accounts.

The Clintons’ corruption is exposed in “Partners in Crime: The Clintons’ Scheme to Monetize the White House for Personal Profit,” available at the WND Superstore!

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