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Spectrum Paint Applicator Corp.

The origin of Spectrum Paint Applicator is not unlike that of many other businesses started after World War II. Our company was founded by three Edelson brothers. They learned their craft from their father Jack who was the general manager of one of the country's largest paint brush manufacturers. Upon returning after the war, they pooled their money together to form the company that today is known as Spectrum.


They operated a successful brush manufacturing company and began to make private label brushes for other brush companies. With that success, they expanded their customer base into paint and hardware distributors and other wholesale companies. They always provided quality products that their customers were proud to place their name on. Hand craftsmanship, attention to detail and personalized service was, as it is today, the number one goal.


Spectrum has expanded its operation since the early years. In 1980, we added high-speed paint roller production to our facility. In 1985, we purchased Edy Brush Company, a similar operation to Spectrum, however marketing toward the retail trade. In 1997, we acquired Paramount Brush, a well known artist brush manufacturer.


The success of our company has been evident for 60 years and we look forward to the future with great enthusiasm. We hope to be able to fulfill your brush requirements in the future.

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