Homemade pocket survival kit

A "pocket survival kit" should be small enough to easily fit into a shirt or a coat pocket. Choose a package small and light enough not be a bother to carry along. A small container such as a tobacco tin or pill tin box is excellent. An alternative to a container is to attach your survival items on a strap or wire. Put it in your pocket or keep it around your neck.

Suggested contents for your kit:

pocket survival kit

- artificial flint striker
- tinder - e.g. cotton wool or dryer lint
- waterproof matches
- button compass
- wire saw - for shelter building
- water purifying tablets
- condoms for water storage
- waterproof matches
- fishing kit - line, hooks, lures, snares
- snare wire

If you choose to put your survival items in a small container. Polish the inside of the lid so you can use it as a signal mirror. Pack your items with cotton wool to prevent rattling. Cotton is also excellent tinder and will make fire starting easier. To get your small container waterproof, seal it with adhesive tape.

Survival kit tips

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pocket survival kit

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