Hillary Clinton was privately in support of the Trans Pacific Partnership but wanted wiggle room to publicly criticize it, according to a leaked email from Clinton speechwriter Dan Schwerin.

In the 2015 email released by Wikileaks, Schwerin was writing a speech that assumes “she’s ultimately going to support both the Trade Promotion Authority and the TPP” but gives herself an out to publicly backtrack from the corporate “trade” deals.

“This draft assumes that she’s ultimately going to support both TPA and TPP,” Schwerin wrote. “It focuses on what needs to happen to produce a positive result with TPP, and casts support for TPA as one of those steps.”

“It also says that we should walk away if the final agreement doesn’t meet the test of creating more jobs than it displaces, helping the middle class, and strengthening our national security.”

The statement that “we should walk away” is Hillary’s public position, and notice how it’s written as a subjunctive statement.

In other words, Hillary will walk away from the TPP publicly after it destroys the economy, but will still continue to support it privately, especially given that nearly all her donors and campaign backers on Wall St. support the TPP.

As Secretary of State, she publicly called the TPP a “gold standard” trade deal, but since then Clinton’s downplayed her support after both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have pointed out the TPP will kill jobs and grant more control to transnational, unaccountable corporations.

Additionally, a close Clinton ally, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, also revealed Clinton would ultimately support the TPP despite claiming to oppose it during her primary battle with Sanders.

In a private speech given to corporate bankers, Clinton said it was important to have both a “public” and a “private” position on political issues.

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