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Antarctic photographer reveals his favourite penguin shots

Waddling along with their wings stretched open and their eyes shining bright, the sight of a penguin is sure to prompt a smile. California-based Ira Meyer has been photographing penguins around Antarctica and the South Georgia region for more than a decade and he says that he never tires of documenting the characterful critters. Over the years he has snapped a number of different species including Macaronis - which have a distinctive tuft of yellow hair on their heads - and chinstraps - which have a visible black line under their beaks, as if they're wearing hats.

Dubai unveils plans to create a replica of Venice

The Floating Venice will be the world's first five-star floating destination aiming to bring 'the charm, serenity and culture of Venice to the tranquil shores of Dubai'. The resort will not only resemble the original Venice, with a canal network, gondolas imported from Italy and even a replica of its most famous square Piazza San Marco, but will also boast a luxury underwater world consisting of cabins, bars, shops and restaurants.

YouTube's Another Dirty Room reviews Maryland motel

Next time you check into a hotel you might want to investigate what's lurking under the bed, as these alarming images show. Dan Bell, who produces the hotel reviewing YouTube series Another Dirty Room , checked into the Days Inn motel in Gwynn Oak, Maryland, with his team and they were hit by a string of treats. Exploring their $75 double, smoking room they discovered a soiled mattress (top right), 'disgusting' yellow-stained pillows (bottom left) and evidence of bed bugs. More bizarrely, they also found an iPad under the sheets (bottom right). Elsewhere in the room, they found the smoke detector was missing (centre) but there was no odour (top left).

With the rise of social media, the Mail on Sunday's travel editor Frank Barrett says people are after experiences rather than lazy beach holidays.

Scotland-based distillery Glenmorangie has unveiled a limited run of two-wheelers which have been made from liquor-infused oak.

Celebrities often seem to enjoy luxury, problem-free travel. But singer Paloma Faith has publicly dispelled that myth, this month - after branding Gatwick Airport 'the worst that ever existed'.

Annette Musgrove, from Cramlington, Northumberland, was horrified when she discovered her brood were booked on to different flights following a trip to Disneyland Paris.

The world's most extreme golf courses

Golf has a reputation for being boring but these zany golf courses certainly put some thrill into the sport. From greens crafted out of giant icebergs in Greenland (top right) to holes located high above the clouds (top left and bottom right), MailOnline Travel has scoured the world for some of the most extreme golf courses. Making the list is the Kabul Golf Club (bottom left), which describes itself as the 'best and only' course in Afghanistan and promises 'golf with an attitude'.

Penny Walters, her husband and children, took a Royal Caribbean Christmas cruise, meeting up on board with her sister and her two children who live in Chicago.

Northampton man says he's world's unluckiest traveller 

Jack Page might be the world's unluckiest holidaymaker with all of his jaunts plagued by disaster. Jack, 29, a freelance events specialist from Northampton, has spent the last decade visiting exotic spots all over the world with a string of mishaps along the way - including being marooned on a desert island and being trampled by a cow. He has struggled through parasites on Mt Everest, been stranded for 36 hours on a derailed train in Burma and even had his supplies eaten by monitor lizards when he accidentally stranded himself on a desert island.

Scottish Nature Photography Festival's stunning UK images

These incredible photos of birds, beasts and rugged beaches have been shortlisted in a competition celebrating Britain's beauty. The stunning images, taken at picturesque spots across the UK, were all contenders in this year's Scottish Nature Photography Festival contest. Pictured: (From top left, clockwise to centre) A stonechat in Dorset, a razorbill in northern Scotland, a hare in Glenshee, the waters of River Cowe in Glencoe and Clachan Sands in Scotland.

A cafe in Walsall inspired by cafes in America and created the belly busting 4,275 calorie 'Ultimate Breakfast Box' made up of 39 pieces and is so huge that it is served in a in a pizza box

National Geographic Travel reveals autumn's top places

If you've still got holiday days to use and pennies in the bank, then National Geographic Travel has revealed some its top destinations to hit this autumn. In a bid to beat the cold weather blues, experts from the site suggest heading to the luxurious white sand beaches of Lizard Island (top right), an exclusive resort off the Queensland coast. If you're more of a mountain goat, then head to Zion National Park (bottom left) in Utah, where the rugged landscape will quench your appetite for adventure. Cape Town (bottom right) also serves up a range of different activities and a hike up to the top of Table Mountain is a must. Other top autumn spots include Bhutan (top left) and India (centre).

Successful candidates must be prepared to move to Disneyland Paris, look similar to the original movie character they want to portray and be a competent dancer.

Marine-turned-model hits the road in an old VW van

Intelligence, good looks, military training and a lust for adventure to boot - meet the real life Prince Charming. Will Gregor (centre and top and bottom left) from Devon is an ex-marine turned model who quit his regimented military life in favour of a summer of freedom in a stunningly renovated VW van (top left and right, and bottom right).

TP services, a pest control firm in Poole, Dorset, warns that oncoming wet weather is set to drive 200 million rats out of the woods and into people's homes in the UK this autumn.

The Liang family recorded the ordeal behind the safety of a class door in their Acadia, California, home. The mom and cub first visited the family's backyard pool in April when the cub was much smaller.

PilotGanso's Instagram selfies from outside 'mid-flight'

As pilots, they are trained to be risk averse - especially mid-flight. But one aviation expert has become an internet celebrity for the daring stunts he performs to capture the ultimate selfie. Brazilian Daniel Centeno, 31, has dazzled Instagram users after he was spotted hanging out of the cockpit mid-air in a number of viral posts.  

Taking a ride through North Korea's Taesongsan Park

Incredible photos of from a theme park in North Korea provide a rare glimpse at what families from the communist state do for fun. Candid snaps show thrillseekers clinging on to a rickety rollercoaster with a vague look of fear on their faces (top right), while another shot shows children causally armed with bow and arrows at an open-air stand (top left). Taesongsan Park, which opened in 1977 and is around seven miles from Pyongyang, boasts around ten to 15 ride and attractions. Other images show the tracks of the big rollercoaster (bottom right), dodgem carts in action (bottom left) and the ferris wheel turning (centre).

The world’s first CBeebies Land Hotel has just opened at Alton Towers in Staffordshire. TravelMail's Sarah Welsh checked it out with her family and had a very colourful stay.

A study from the University of Washington found the record loss was brought on by a ‘one-two punch’ from the Pacific Ocean and the South Pole, with the 'perfect storm' of atmospheric conditions.

The Eagle & Child in Ramsbottom is named pub of the year

The Eagle & Child, in the market town of Ramsbottom in Lancashire, was crowned John Smith's Great British Pub of the Year beating stiff competition from across the UK. Run by licensee Glen Duckett, the Eagle and Child serves the local community with more than just quality food and beer. The pub impressed judges with its commitment to social enterprise: giving opportunities for disadvantaged young people in the community to learn new skills and enjoy a fresh start.

The 12m-long German motorhome features an interior comparable to a luxury hotel suite, including a satin-white leather lounge with handmade American walnut wood veneer.

London fashion writer lives on £100 a week to travel

Thanks to her cost-cutting measures, which see her save £600 per month, Bridie Wilkins, 23, from London, has checked into dozens of luxury resorts in 19 countries. And she is set to hit Copenhagen, Los Angeles and Mexico over the coming months. While Bridie's life might appear to be very glamorous on the surface, she says it hasn't come without a price. She says she has given up a lot of her social life to travel. While she used to be a big fan of nights out, she now thinks they seem a huge waste of money when she could be making 'memories that last a lifetime'. Pictured: Bridie enjoying the Maldives (top left, bottom right and inset), reclining on a boat in Ibiza (top right) and sunning it up on the Sorrento Peninsula (bottom left).

A new BBC series with Gordon Buchanan takes viewers inside Owarigi Island in the Solomon Islands, where natives manage to live in harmony with oceanic whitetip sharks.

Rick Wilton, 52, has a state-of-the-art tortoise breeding facility at his home in Essex. He hopes he will be producing up to 5,000 of the shelled animals each year by 2020.

Cayo Espanto, a five-star private island paradise in Belize, with a staff-to-guest ratio of two-to-one, is a celeb favourite. It boasts seven private villas, each of which are hidden within palm trees.

A new fleet of 75 carriages is being built as part of a £150m upgrade of the overnight service between Scotland and London. Operators said the new trains will ‘dramatically improve’ the service.

Belfast's stunning £28M Titanic Hotel opens for business

It has been more than two years in the making. But visitors to Northern Ireland's capital city can finally enjoy Belfast's stunning new Titanic Hotel, which officially opened for business over the weekend. The dazzling development, which cost a staggering £28million, welcomed its first-ever customers on Sunday after a ribbon-cutting ceremony capped 24 months of dramatic renovations to the former Harland & Wolff headquarters, where the historic vessel was conceived and executed in the early 1900s.

US-based travel expert Gilbert Ott set his budget at £120 ($90) a night and rented Airbnb apartments in Paris, Tokyo, Santorini, Bali and Cape Town, then compared them to hotel rates in the same regions.

At the moment the company says around half of all the journey miles completed in the British capital are undertaken with greener vehicles on the firm's standard low-cost UberX service.

The Monaco Yacht Show looks set to dazzle sailing fans, with 125 vessels set to gather at the historic Port Hercule between 27-30 September. Here, we reveal the most amazing exhibits.

New Zealand man Lance Wallen returned from a weekend getaway to find his 2009 BMW X5 M 'thrashed' by airport staff at Auckland Airport and claims it was driven at speeds up to 70km/hr.

Ross OC Jennings, from Edinburgh, has become an Instagram sensation for his bagpipe-playing photos. He's on a globe-trotting mission to be the first man to bagpipe in every country of the world.

Paul Murton's photos show why Scotland is world-beater

The beauty of the Hebridean islands has been laid bare in a series of stunning images. They were taken by BBC presenter Paul Murton and appear in his new book, The Hebrides, which is dedicated to the vast cluster of islands off Scotland's northwest coast. The pictures include white sandy beaches, clifftop lighthouses and tranquil bays, as well as iconic shots of the multicoloured house fronts of the town of Tobermory, used as the setting of popular children's TV show Balamory (bottom left). They underscore why Scotland was crowned the most beautiful country in the world by Rough Guide readers.

Imgur images shows nuns eating in KFC and firing guns

From gun practice to seaside jaunts and basketball games, these candid photos reveal what nuns get up to in their free time. Clearly distinguishable in their calf-length habits and wimples, sisters are seen out and about in various locations, from the Philippines to Lisbon and America. Pictured: (From top left, clockwise to centre) An eco-conscious nun in Lisbon, a sister wielding a gun, nuns at the beach, two sisters having a snowball fight and one getting to grips with a hoverboard.

The saying goes that 'everything is bigger in America' and a new infographic puts the country's sheer size into perspective by showing how individual states dwarf the UK.

Why women live longer revealed by hilarious images

Images have emerged on Imgur of men around the world wantonly risking their lives for the sake of completing a manual task. Or in the case of the group who put a trampoline on the terrace at the top of a block of flats, going about having fun in a manner that can only be described as hazardous. File the photographs here under 'how not to stay alive'...

Gardening fails revealed on cheeky Instagram account

A collection of excruciating horticultural fails has been gathered by one cheeky Instagram account, known simply as S***Gardens. Featuring a gardener painting his lawn green (top, left), a chicken's garden party (top, centre), a lonely palm tree on a bleak balcony (top, right), topiary lemurs (bottom, left), bra planters (bottom, centre) and a dashboard oasis (bottom, right) there's little to covet about these plots. The account welcomes submissions, with most of the gardens featured so far located in Australia.

It may have ended its run more than 25 years ago. But, despite this, the legacy of US sitcom The Golden Girls continues to inspire modern-day fans - as one New York cafe owner has proved.

Detailing the Austrian village where Hitler's grandmother was buried to decaying Russian houses empty since the revolution, an infographic explores 15 of the most extraordinary ghost towns.

They say an Englishman's home is his castle. But, with a dramatic shift in UK architectural styles over the past 500 years, a person's 'fortress'  can now take-on many different guises.

With ministers determined to ban sales of new petrol and diesel powered cars by 2040, we're all going to have to come around to the idea of electric vehicle ownership. Could this be the answer?

The man, who was thought to be a tourist and came dressed in blue swim shorts, was seen sliding down a street in Majorca on the inflatable after heavy rains flooded the holiday destination.

The home of Poldark captured in stunning photographs

Breathtaking photographs illustrating the emerald landscapes of Cornwall have been released just as the fourth series of hit period drama Poldark begins filming across the county. The stunning images, included in a new 128-page book, show a range of different landscapes, from sandy beaches to rugged rock faces. One shot captures the crystal-clear waters of the Trebarwith Strand (bottom right) with a lifeguard sitting on the edge of a rocky beach looking out to the horizon. Other images show a rainbow at Porthgwarra (top left), the Trevose Head Lighthouse (top right) and a bird's eye view of Zennor head (bottom left).

Jay Tindall's video of a trip to Turkmenistan

Getting visas to enter Turkmenistan can prove tricky - MailOnline Travel was recently denied entry. But for those forbidden access to the mysterious former Soviet country, a stunning new video offers an insight into what the place has to offer. Intrepid explorer and photographer Jay Tindall recently went on a trip through the landlocked state and he hit some unusual spots, including the 'sinister' capital of Ashsbat and the burning 226ft-wide Gates of Hell crater. Pictured (from top left, clockwise to centre): The Gates of Hell crater, the capital of Ashsbat, red rock canyons and examples of Soviet-style architecture.

Jake Wallis Simons and his family have just returned from a P&O; voyage to the Norwegian fjords. He declares it one of the most relaxing and beautiful holidays they've ever had.

Wind turbine blades transported on trucks in China

Incredible clips show how enormous blades - ranging in length from 52.4 metres to a world-record 88.4 metres (288 feet) – have been transported by road on the back of trucks in manoeuvres that resemble surreal mechanical jousting competitions. One trucking firm in China – CIMC Vehicles – was tasked with transporting 90 wind turbine blades to the top of 2,900metre-tall (9,500ft) Baoding mountain in Yunnan province (pictured).

The Krane sits on the Nordhavn harbour in Copenhagen and comprises of sleeping quarters, a meeting room, and a spa - with black interiors as a homage to its past as a coal crane.

William Hanson thought Saint-Tropez would be all fur-lined super yachts and no rudder. But he was surprised by its village charm. And more than a little impressed with the Hôtel De Paris St-Tropez.

Researchers in Vienna were surprised to find that the Griffin's cockatoo spontaneously made tools to reach food from inside a tube. The species is not specialised to make tools for foraging.

Man swaps suit for flip flops and sets up a Belize Airbnb

Most people can only dream of escaping the rat race. But, for one brave man, that wasn't enough - and, to prove it, he swapped his entire life in Europe for a remote existence in the Caribbean. Christian Gusenbauer (pictured), 41, was a respected pharmaceutical company manager in his native Austria, where he enjoyed a lucrative salary and enviable lifestyle. Now he is living a life 'better than I could imagine'.

Ben Nevis

The readers of Rough Guide voted the nation as 'the most beautiful country in the world', beating Canada to the number one slot in the top 20 countries.

Travelling can be a lonely experience. Fortunately, the Hotel Charleroi Airport in Belgium is offering guests a goldfish in their room to make them feel loved.

History of the Seawise Giant world's largest ship revealed

The Seawise Giant, a Japanese-built supertanker completed in 1979, was so vast it couldn't navigate the English Channel, and so mighty it served another 21 years after being sunk in Iran in 1988 (inset) by a missile strike and subsequently renovated. Weighing more than 564,000 tonnes and measuring 1,500ft in length, she was the largest ship ever built - but was finally broken down for scrap at an Indian shipyard in 2010, a task that took thousands of laborers.

Ibiza may be losing its edge, as the younger generation are increasingly opting instead to holiday on Greek islands Kos and Zante.

According to geologist Dr Charles Merguerian, New York City has been hit by major quakes in the past, along roughly 150-year intervals, and the region could be overdue for the next event.

Monarch pilots' Instagram photos taken from the cockpit

EXCLUSIVE: UK-based pilots Paul Fox and Ashish Raval, who fly for Monarch, have thousands of Instagram followers thanks to the stunning images that they upload. And they’ve allowed MailOnline Travel to publish a selection of their snaps. Raval, from London, who’s been with Monarch for 18 months and is based at London Gatwick, says that gazing down at the Alps is his favourite view from the cockpit over Europe, where Monarch flies. Captain Fox, who’s been flying with Monarch for 12 years, agrees that the range is ‘always an amazing sight’, but added that when Monarch used to fly to America, he enjoyed peering down at the ice sheets over Greenland.

Craigcrook Castle, near Edinburgh, has also welcomed the likes of Sir Walter Scott, and George Eliot over the past few centuries, but has not sold in more than three years on the market.

A hilarious gallery compiled by BoredPanda shows animals getting up to no good. One cheeky bird was seen walking through a store and out of the 'no exit' sign, while a pooch stole a 'no dogs' sign post.

One passenger flying from Delhi to San Francisco awoke to find his seat neighbour cleaning his teeth on his fellow flyer's blanket, while his own blanket was neatly placed on his lap.

A mother and son duo have been dramatically rescued in South Australia on Sunday night after a rapid change in weather conditions left them stranded and unable to make it back to their car.

Cliveden House named UK's best hotel at Conde Nast awards

Cliveden House, pictured, beat the likes of Soho Farmhouse and London's Ham Yard Hotel to win in the Best UK Hotel Category at the annual Condé Nast Traveller Awards. Built in 1666 by the 2nd Duke of Buckingham as a gift to his mistress, Cliveden House in Berkshire has always offered visitors an impressive dose of glamour and intrigue. New York was named as the world's best city and Italy took the gong for the best country to visit.

Puns tend to go hand-in-hand with cracker jokes - more groanworthy than hilarious. Still, for many, they're a guilty pleasure. These were spotted everywhere from London to New York.

Britain's cheapest lager is on sale in Liverpool where the average cost of a pint costs £2.90. Lager lovers in Sheffield are not far behind, with a pint in the city costing £3.

The world's most beautiful spiders? Five new species of 'dancing' peacock arachnid are found in Australia

When a male peacock spider senses a female, it begins the mating ritual by lifting its legs and flashing its stomach in a sequence that looks like a dance. Dr Jurgen Otto spotted the five new species of spider on his travels through Western Australia. The Jotus auripes spider (top right) has almost holographic bristles at the front and is bright orange at the back, and was spotted by Dr Otto on July 22. He is yet to name the other four new species, which were found from June to August.

WARNING: DISTURBING CONTENT. Approximately 70,000 people from all over the world have gathered for the annual Burning Man festival, which is taking place in the Black Rock Desert.

Travel blogger, Nicola Easterby, 23, from Brisbane, recently lifted the lid on her perfect Instagram photos, confessing that it is in fact 'so much work' and adding Instagram isn't reality.

The Mail on Sunday's Sarah Turner checked into Round Hill, Jamaica, where previous guests include Emma Watson, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Does the Savoy have the world's most comfortable bed?

The London hotel is claiming that the four poster in the Royal Suite, pictured, is the most comfortable bed in the world, saying it 'transcends all levels of comfort currently available'. This is thanks to the bed being made, in part, from fibres of the noble Khangai yak (inset), but the experience of sleeping on it doesn't come cheap. A night in the bed - called the Savoir No1 Khangai - costs £1,400, and for those who want to enjoy the luxury of The Savoy’s Royal Suite at home, the bed is available to buy starting at £70,525, while the topper can be bought separately for £13,250.

The pictures, some of which date back to 1857, have been collated by and highlight what's changed, and what hasn't, for holidaying Brits.

Dan Bell, who produces the hotel reviewing series Another Dirty Room, checked into the Royal Inn motel in Detroit with his team and they were flabbergasted by what they found.

The Mail on Sunday's Peter Duncan packed his bags for Costa Rica, with highlights including a trip to the Arenal volcano, a stay at the Hotel Presidente and a tour of the Tortuguero National Park.

The Mail on Sunday's Sarah Lucas found culinary bliss at La Bastide in France, one of the hotels owned by famed chef Michel Guerard, this one in Gascony.

The Mail on Sunday's Gareth Huw Davies explores the Highbullen Hotel in Devon, where recent guests include food writer and presenter Mary Berry.

In the UK, a biscuit is a sweet baked good - but in America, it's more like a savoury scone, served with gravy. What's known as 'coriander' in the UK is called 'cilantro' in the US; while 'rocket' is 'arugula'.

London father claims Greek get-away became a holiday hell

A father-of-one has described his holiday hell after a family break turned into a nightmare - due to the allegedly squalid conditions of the resort. Jani Jance, from London, travelled to Greece with his wife Mirela, 41, and son Eliot, seven, in early August. But, despite assurances that the Margaret Hotel in Rhodes was rated three-star with 'recently refurbished' rooms, he found himself confronted with unhappy guests and poor conditions. 

Nine Belgian men were thrown off a Ryanair flight this morning, after shouting 'Allahu Akbar' as a joke, leading to sniffer dogs searching the plane, which was flying to Madrid from Brussels.

The National Trust will publish details of hunts on its land in a move which has angered the Country Alliance who say it will make it easy for animal rights activists to sabotage legal trail hunts.

Britain’s ultimate beach huts hit the market for £1,450pw

These pictures show Britain’s largest and most luxurious beach huts, which have just been built. Measuring 23ft by 11.5ft, the huts are about twice the size of the traditional seaside shack and come complete with all the comforts found within a residential home. The two cabins, which have a mezzanine level and can sleep up to eight people, are now available as holiday lets. Power to the electrical appliances, including a full height fridge, is provided by solar panels, while there’s a gas oven and hob for cooking on.

Lilium, a start-up based in Munich with ambitions to develop a 'flying taxi', has raised $90 million in funding, making it one of the best-funded electric aircraft projects to date.

This remote archipelago of 332 islands and 522 smaller islets is scattered across the South Pacific Ocean. And it's the embodiment of a tropical paradise, writes Keiligh Baker.

The Daily Mail's Will Baxter took his wife and kids, 11 and 13, to the Lake District, where they stayed at Another Place, The Lake - a new 40-room resort hotel.

The mapping technology, which Facebook says it developed itself, can pinpoint any man-made structures in any country on Earth to a resolution of 15 feet.

Images reveal beauty of Derbyshire through the seasons

Majestic snapshots of Derbyshire that illustrate its history through the county’s most popular landmarks have been showcased in a new book. The seasonal shots were taken by Richard Beresford, who was born and bred in Chesterfield, and appear in his new book, Derbyshire in Photographs. It features lush green valleys (top left), babbling brooks (top right), jaw-dropping lakes (bottom right) and the intriguing Salt Cellar rock formation (bottom left).

Both BT mobile and EE, which is part of the EE group, have banned certain customers from using UK minutes abroad despite rules from the European Commission (stock image).

This 12-question multiple-choice test is aimed at 15 to 16-year-old GCSE students in the UK, and covers everything from river profiles and weather systems to population data.

British duo become first to run length of South America

A British couple who were the first people to run the length of South America have detailed their extraordinary exploits in a new book - and revealed that they really didn't want the epic jog to end. Katharine and David Lowrie, from Devon and Northumberland respectively, ran from Cabo Froward in Chile, the southernmost tip of the continent, through Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and finally Venezuela to the Carupano and the Caribbean sea between October 2013 and December 2014. Spanning 6,504 miles in 14 months, much of the journey was caught on film - and now stunning pictures from their book show them on their adventure running through the Brazilian Amazon, taking in the breathtaking carretera austral of Chile and stopping at remote schools to give presentations along the way.

Visitors to the Balearic Islands will be charged twice as much tourist tax next year. Regional governors announced the news on Thursday, boasting they'd rake in £90million.

The Mail on Sunday's Steve Turner toured the Greek island of Hydra, where Leonard Cohen lived for six years at a pivotal time in his early career.

Enjoy the 'world's greatest commute' along coastal Norway thanks to an incredible 360-degree interactive video

If your working day begins and ends in a cramped train carriage or stuck in an inner city bottleneck, look away now, or prepare to be made green with envy. The 'world's greatest commute' has been revealed in an amazing 360-degree interactive video that takes viewers through coastal Norway on what really could be the most beautiful drive to work. The five-mile virtual journey starts at a single house in a sleepy-looking coastal community in Averøy but soon viewers are out on the Atlanterhavsvegen - or Atlantic Ocean Road - heading to Norway's mainland.

Researchers from the University of Chicago got 40 volunteers to see if they could tell the difference between real and fake reviews for forty restaurants (stock image).

The Punta Cana International Airport, located in the Dominican Republic, has revealed plans for a VIP lounge, opening in December 2017, overlooking parked planes on the tarmac.

The night market in Thailand that resembles game Tetris

They say perspective changes everything. And where Ratchada night market in Thailand's capital city is concerned, that's certainly true - as stunning aerial shots of the popular tourist spot have proved. While shoppers are often struck by the ground-level sights and sounds of the multi-coloured vendor tents, bird's-eye images have revealed its similarity to 80s computer game Tetris.


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