If Democrats and the mainstream think Donald Trump’s supporters are going to abandon him, they’re sorely mistaken.

Trump fans rallied outside of Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan on Saturday afternoon.

Trump’s social media director Dan Scavino tweeted video of Trump greeting a large group of raucous supporters out on the sidewalk.

An enthusiastic Trump waved to the crowd and yelled back a supporter, “I’m with you!”

More videos shows the rowdy scene:

A photo shows the crowd spilling into the street, with only a metal security barrier keeping them from the Fifth Avenue traffic.

According to Scavino, even NYPD officers let Trump know he has their support.

“NYPD just passed Trump Tower and had a message for all of the TRUMP supporters gathered outside of Trump Tower via speaker: ‘GO TRUMP!'” Scavino wrote.

  • Molly

    Most politicians should be facing a firing squad for crimes against the Constitution.

  • Fred Doe

    The GOP elites who want Trump to drop out are the same global elitist 1%ers who were never Trumpers to begin with, and they are simply taking another swing at it.

  • Fred Doe

    To a person of at least normal intelligence, this obviously isn’t a battle between left and right any longer. This is a battle between the globalist 1%ers who infest both parties, their financial ties that are more important to them than any appeal to patriotism or America, their frantic quest to maintain their power and the vast majority of Americans who are being laid low by globalism. The globalists want their rape of America and it’s citizens to continue through open borders that drive wages down, prices up and the continuation of shipping businesses and jobs overseas in order to get that last penny in profit while they literally gut this country and it’s people. They own the MSM and will stop at nothing. That is the explanation for the never Trump GOP elites, the MSM and the corrupt DNC agreeing on electing corrupt hillary, laid bare.

  • pam johnson

    Drudge Report headlines today “Trump Against the World”. So true. We need you Donald.

    • alinla56

      Yes..We need Trump to continue to implode so Hilary can get elected.

  • slohappy

    It’s infuriating to see the media so eager to stir up a frenzy over this locker room smack trump was talking vs the DO NOTHING SAY NOTHING attention the media gave to Hillary’s harassment of Bill’s rape victims, her LYING to everybody over emails, her breaking the law over classified info, over Benghazi, over her influence peddling through her foundation, over her scamming of Haiti’s earthquake victims, and on and on and on! I am sure Hillary has talked smack about P too…, just haven’t uncovered it yet.

  • Bernard Marx

    If anyone thinks the “hot mic” tape in question wasn’t known before this week, I’ve some oceanside property for sale in Utah. This , and I’m sure more , is being strategically sat on for the opportune time, and shows the level of desperation in The Beast’s campaign. The GOPe ar$ewipe RINOs will just use the occasion to promote their horse chips….

    TRUMP 2016…or bust….


    • brownbreadandale4

      STOP CALLING ME A RINO!!!!! I do NOT appreciate it! And, if the loyal Republicans didn’t vote and pay for decades, there wouldn’t be a party for you Tea Party takers to glom onto.


    • alinla56

      So you are okay with Trumps call for the grabbing of pussy.


  • Strangewalk

    Between Hillary’s famous foul mouth and her philandering husband’s (?) golf outings with the boys, there’s gotta be a recording out there that would make Trump sound like Mother Theresa. Somebody needs to find it so the MSM can give it press….oh wait.

    • alinla56

      What is curious is why you believe that such a recording would somehow mitigate the vile things Trump said.

      But be sure to let us all know when you find such a tape.

      • What are you talking about? There is plenty of tape of her lying, saying disgusting things, etc.
        As to Trump, and this is part of the “elitism” people condemn. Normal people understand that a lot of people, decent people in locker room talk sometimes brag and say stupid things. Trump said he gew up on Construction sites, so should anyone be surprised he talks like and has the intellect similar to a Construction Worker? It doesn’t change what he’s wanting to do that’s important for the country.

        • alinla56

          Still waiting to see an anti-Hillary ad that simply uses HER own words to demonstrate that she is not a good choice. (Can you link to just ONE of the tapes you speak of?)

          I have seen at least FOUR such ads attacking Trump. Why is that?

      • Hillary: A Voice of Treason

        “Vile things”, says the bedwetting Hillary blog troll.

        It has been documented via witnesses and recordings that Hillary is the crudest pig that ever entered politics.

        But, to the bedwetting Hillary blog troll “alinla56”, he has to spin and lie – that’s what he’s paid to do.

        And die.

        • alinla56


          So you are saying that there is a tape of Hillary discussing the merits of grabbing pussy? How about ANY video of her saying ANYTHING inappropriate? Can you link to THAT?

          Well CAN you?

    • neergb2000

      American Pravda, aka, the NYC / DC Establishment Media, is the most shameful conduct of anyone at their respective profession. It certainly is lower than Mr. Trump’s comments a decade ago.

      • alinla56

        can you give an example of the “NYC / DC Establishment Media” suggesting that you should “grab a women pussy”?

        Just one.

        • Hillary: A Voice of Treason

          Bedwetter, got cancer?

          Beats lead.

          • alinla56

            So… your answer is “no I can not.”


        • Goober_Pyle

          Suggesting is bad but actually raping is OK right? Moron.

          • alinla56

            Rape is terrible…so is falsely claiming you were raped, agreed?

            All you have are political motivated allegations that where made almost 20 years the alleged incident. NO police report…NO collaborating evidence…NO witnesses that can ever place the alleged rapist at the scene of the attack.

            But you have your hate for the Clintons….so good enough for you.

            Let me know if you have anything like a tape of Clinton discussing the merits of grabbing a women’s pussy. Okay?

          • Goober_Pyle

            Victim blaming, nice. Why would these women lie? Sounds like you have issues with women. You true colors are showing.

          • alinla56

            You believe everything anti-Hillary.

          • Goober_Pyle

            Yes. I believe the facts.

          • alinla56

            Name calling is al you have.


        • brownbreadandale4

          Maybe “die sucker” is worse, but YOU only want to focus on what you can pin in Trump; it has to do with working for Hillary and TAKING HER MONEY to be a jerk. David and Peter, is that you again?

        • neergb2000

          Why don’t you ask Bill Clinton that question?

          • alinla56

            Can you give a documented example of ANYONE running for president who has discussed “grabbing a woman pussy?”

            I can.

          • neergb2000

            So can I and they are both running for President at the present time!

  • Sadly I have a feeling we are still going to lose…. I really thought Romney was going to win the second time, and he likely would have had it not been for Democrat voter fraud, which is why everyone was so suprised he didn’t win. Nevertheless, I don’t think Trump will win either, because the liberal lying machine is so effective, and Trump has made it so easy for them to lie about him, and focus on non-issues, that sadly even those on the right who are “elitist” in their morality and otherwise judgments, judging and thinking like liberals, will not vote for Trump, and thus causing Trump to lose.

    What we really needed was someone who was a cross between Cruz and Trump.
    Someone who’s a strait talker like Trump, but charactered and a true blue conservative/constitutionalist without the easy vulgarity and who can be more clear with the things he say’s and means, like with the stupid “mexican’s are rapists” etc. statement. I get what he meant, but saying “I assume some are good people”, not making clear that most are good people, made it easy for the stupid out there to attack him, not understanding his imperfection in intellect and speech.

    • alinla56

      Sadly I have a feeling we are still going to lose..

      Yes you will….But it is for your own good. Trump is a disgrace. And your fantasy hybrid candidate is not plausible, as we become a more diverse nation.

      Sorry, but it did not go your way.

      • Hillary: A Voice of Treason

        Says the bedwetting Hillary blog troll.

        No matter what, you will die.

        • alinla56

          No matter what…you will never know the pleasure of having an original thought or writing a graceful sentence.

          In essence, you are already dead. Sad (for you)

      • gail24

        Oh look everyone. We have another LOSER with a crystal ball that says “it did not go your way.” No matter what the Donald said 10 years ago, it is nothing compared to what hillary has done for 30 years. People are smart enough to figure it out.

        • alinla56

          In 30 years, Hillary has not provided an audio recording of her saying ANY hateful, vile or even stupid things…has she?

          Let me know what she does.

          • gail24

            No? Really? How about her laughing ON TAPE how she got the rapist of a 12 year old girl off even though she knew he was guilty. Or calling American citizens deplorable? None of this is hateful, vile or even stupid to you? Don’t waste my time.

          • brownbreadandale4

            There are DEAD BODIES that attest to her vile actions and her gross incompetence and her COLD lack of attention. Everything she does is to LINE HER POCKETS! When people become a threat, they are “eliminated.”

            What happened to John Ashe, who was a threat to one of Hillary’s bag man? He was murdered.

            What happened to Seth Rich, who was a threat to Hillary and Debbie cooking the delegates for her against Bernie? He was murdered.

            The list goes on, but you would just say “too bad.” They had “bad luck.” Yeah, dare to testify against Hillary and get “bad luck.”

            Bill has access to unaccounted for HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS and he is using some of those millions for “wet work.”

            Do you HONESTLY believe that Bill Clinton has not threatened to execute various family members of Jim Comey and Loretta Lynch?

            What do you think Loretta means when she says “we talked of our grandchildren?”

            You are either as blind as a bat, or you think that murder is cool for your enemies.

          • alinla56

            And every thing YOU SAY is just your hyper-partican opinion…And you know what they say about opinions…they are just like assholes, everyone has one. .

            Let me know what the tape surfaces that as Hillary talking about grabbing pussy

      • brownbreadandale4

        Hillary is a paid for shill for George Soros; they both want to turn this nation into chaos, to line their filthy pockets.

        She ignores Bill going to Epstein’s island 26 times. WHAT IS BILL DOING TO THOSE 12 YEAR OLD GIRLS?????? Why does Hillary not only not care, but has the guts to claim she has “fought for women and children” all her life? What has she done other than protect Bill from paying for his vile actions?

      • Buzz

        And lying Hillary is an angel.

        • alinla56

          Not an angel…but certainly not the embarrassment Trump is.

    • neergb2000

      It’s Oct. 9th. There is still time for just as much to happen against Hillary as recently with Mr. Trump.

      • brownbreadandale4

        But, if the media REFUSES to cover anything that harms Hillary, the sheeple (who vote) will never know. The Dems and the Media BLOW everything out of proportion and then LIE to press their agenda.

        Remember when she was stiff as a board, and they outran the cops, to get her to Chelsea’s apartment before the cops got there to escort her to the hospital (which was 5 blocks from Chelsea’s apartment)? If Trump had done such a thing, the Democrats and the Media would have SCREAMED bloody murder. But, since it was the Hag, they were silent as a tomb.

        • alinla56

          If only there was a video of Hillary talking about grabbing a woman’s pussy.

          If only.

    • gail24

      You say Trump has made it easy for the Dems to lie about him. No, he hasn’t. It’s the Dems that are sleazy enough to ferret this out and then wait for 2 days before the debates to release it. Donald said these things over 10 years ago as a private citizen. Where is your outrage over what hillary called American citizens a few months ago — at a campaign rally? Where is your outrage over what she did to women after her husband raped/abused them?

      • alinla56

        When exactly did Hilary discuss the merits of grabbing a women’s pussy?

        Any thing like that?

        • brownbreadandale4

          She didn’t talk about it, she just DOES IT! Big difference between talk and action. Trump talked, Bill acted. Trump talks, Hillary acts. The Trump children are attacked, Chelsea is NEVER EVEN APPROACHED. Two sets of rules. Hillary is the devil!

          • alinla56

            She didn’t talk about it, she just DOES IT!

            Two questions:

            • How would you know?
            • If the pussy grabbing is consensual, why do you care?.

            And can site ONE instance of Hillary “attacking” the Trump children… Just one. Okay how about Hilary even mentioning the Trump kids?

  • Muslimbasher

    I was the sound guy on the Billy Bush and Trump video. ( actually assisting )
    This is TOTALLY out of context!

    Billy and TRUMP were JOKING during the sound tests about all the things people THINK celebs get away with…

    They were WAY OVER THE TOP joking about things they get away with… they said things like they had been astronauts, cult leaders, secret members of the Beatles…

    Totally joking and MAKING FUN of the “do you know who I am” crowd…..

    The video everyone saw was just them carrying over from that earlier fun, over the top silliness.

    This tape has been edited and cut to make it look awful.

    This video is SUCH BS.


    Someone pulled this from archives and turned it into a hit piece. Just awful.

    • alinla56

      Good enough for me.

      Thanks for clearing that up.

      But what about the countless other stupid, horrible and vile things, Trump says on a regular basis? Got any weasel words to legitimize those?

    • Thisaintnoparty


    • Buzz

      And you have contacted FOX News to give them your side of the story, right?

    • pilgrimsjog

      Because it happened so long ago Trump may have forgotten the meeting. You need to expose this. Try contacting the Trump camp to demand the release of the complete, unedited audio recording.

  • djbaluta

    The Moral Outrage from Demo-Zombies is a JOKE….when they are not KILLING BABIES they are out starting WARS and never finishing them properly. Demo-Zombies won’t even call Islamic Terrorists… Islamic Terrorists… The Film Industry and TV land and RAP Music have DESTROYED morality in America all in the name of making a dollar.
    4 more years of hILLscary/Obama would finish off the USA as we know it, the SCOTUS would deep six the US Constitution and Single Payer would replace Obama Care, TPP and NAFTA would continue the downward Economic death spiral….just more and more of the same BS!
    The #NeverTrumpers are a BIGGER JOKE believing they are the enlightened ones…guess what?
    They are nothing and will be even LESS either way the election turns out…just one BAD idea!!!

    VOTE TRUMP 2016!

  • Gas_Passer
    • alinla56

      George looks like the type who would grab a women’s pussy…just like Trump.

  • pilgrimsjog
    • alinla56

      What is Bill Clinton running for?

      • pilgrimsjog

        Billary is running for president! When has Hillary ever disavowed the actions of her husband as a disgrace against herself, her daughter and all women? If she has not disavowed the actions of her husband, then she supports his numerous sexual assaults against women! Hillary supports a sexual predator. This directly relates to Hillary’s judgment and her fitness to serve as president. Besides the fact that she is an unindicted criminal.

      • First Man…..
        Further, it’s not “simply” about Bill, it’s about Hillary’s tolerance and going after anyone to protect the “Clinton” brand. It’s about character, it’s about simply what’s right.

  • djbaluta

    So says the hILLscary/SOROS troll…indefensible.
    Too bad you support an immoral lying crook…Repent and God will forgive!

  • Dreammaker711

    Trump for President and Crooked hillary for Prison.

  • Carol Hadenough

    If you were allowed to stay up late enough to watch the debate tonight, you’d know better.

  • Carol Hadenough

    No. Better luck next time.

  • St8kout

    Hey, biased media, remember your line about the Monica Scandal, “It’s just Sex?”
    So IN YOUR FACE! “It’s just Words.”

  • Kintbury

    There is a tape of Vernon Jordan talking about playing golf with then President Clinton and they asked Vernon what they talked about while playing gold – you guest it, his answer was “pu$$y”.

  • Molly
    • alinla56

      Only in your dreams