September 13, 2017

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Wednesday: Real News With David Knight. iPhone Zombies, FEMA Chokepoints & A New PATRIOT Act

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• William Binney, former NSA global head on the technical impossibility of an outside DNC hack and how the NSA has become a 21st-century version of the East German STASI with much greater power.
• Eric Peters, an automotive journalist, breaks down the threat to liberty posed by the new PATRIOT Act for public roads — the SELF DRIVE Act — and why the Feds & car industry want it so badly

iPhone X is a perfect example of Silicon Valley’s design to make us hopelessly dependent while they rob us of choice, privacy, and money.
After the hurricanes, the bureaucratic disasters & nightmares begin. FEMA & Red Cross become choke points while people are blocked from returning home
What Donald Trump did 2 days after 9/11, 16 years ago
$20 Trillion in debt, where does govt money go? Waste? Corruption. Someone got the $Trillions that have gone missing before and after 9/11

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