North Korean regime insider opens up about Kim Jong-Un

Hee Yeon Lim (left) opened up about how North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un (inset) nonchalantly orders the execution of people - including family members - and even makes people watch. Ms Lim, 26, said she was one of thousands who watched as 11 musicians were 'lashed' to anti-aircraft guns and 'blown to pieces' after they were accused of making a pornographic film. Ms Lim also said her 'prettiest' classmates were selected to work for Kim Jong-un as sex slaves. Pictured right: Female soldiers fire an anti-aircraft gun.

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: A picture has emerged of a dead Rohingya Muslim baby, in the arms of his mother, after he drowned as the family was forced to flee persecution in Burma.

The French President vowed to crackdown on harassment and his under-secretary for gender equality Marlene Schiappa has set up a working party to examine the problem.

Judge Waldemar Claudio de Carvalho's decision overruled a 1999 resolution from the Federal Council of Psychology which barred psychologists from trying to treat homosexuality.

The Ukrainian father can be seen in a wooded area swinging his four-month-old daughter around by her legs and arms while saying he can hear 'her bones are popping'. 'She feels good,' he adds.

Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation said today the 5-year-old great ape, which it named Alba, cannot be safely returned to the wild because of health problems related to her albinism.

Russian royal family correspondence goes on display near Saint Petersburg 100 years after Lenin seized power - and it reveals the full extent of their despair over the turn of events.

Maria makes landfall in Puerto Rico as a Cat 4 hurricane

Hurricane Maria has made landfall in Puerto Rico. The National Hurricane Center says the Category 4 Hurricane made landfall early Wednesday near Yabucoa, Puerto Rico. It had a sustained wind of 155 mph. It was located about 30 miles south-southeast of San Juan. 'This is going to be an extremely violent phenomenon,' Gov. Ricardo Rossello said in advance of the storm. 'We have not experienced an event of this magnitude in our modern history.'

Protests as Spain clamps down on Catalan independence poll

Hundreds of protesters have taken to the streets of Barcelona after Spanish police stepped up efforts to thwart the October 1 independence referendum that has been ruled illegal.Catalonia's regional president, Carles Puigdemont claimed the Spanish central government has established emergency rule in the region. Spain's constitutional court has rules the ballot illegal. In a bid to enforce the ruling,
police raided printers, newspaper offices and delivery firms to seize election material. Up to nine million ballot papers were seized in one raid, in a town near Barcelona. Spanish minister Alfonso Dastis has accused pro-independence campaigners of using 'Nazi' tactics to intimidate opponents.

Beaches on the Spanish island of Majorca have been closed after torrential rain caused the sewerage system to malfunction and faeces were pumped into the water.

Jamil Ahmad, 23, gestured towards the driver 'in frustration' near the Dubai Financial Centre on September 8. He was arrested at the airport two days later and detained for two days.

War games code named 'Zapad' or 'West' are taking place near Minsk amid Nato fears Moscow is using the training as a cover to station soldiers and equipment in Belarus.

A hungry leopard in South Africa has been filmed grabbing a handy take-away meal and enjoying it in a tree after snatching an impala from the jaws of a pack of wild dogs in the Kruger National Park.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: A child carer in Namibia is facing an attempted murder charge after a nanny cam caught her violently throwing a baby into a crib. Nine month old Laila is fine.

The young girl, from Chandigarh, in India's Punjab, was denied an abortion by a court in July, because her family only discovered that she was pregnant when she was in her third trimester.

Photos show Korea before it was divided after war

The black and white photos were taken between 1890 and 1910, long before the Korean War tore the nation apart, and show people in the north and south living in peace. Today, the entire peninsula remains on the brink of nuclear disaster with North Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un continues to trade threats with the US. Pictures show a traditional wedding in Seoul, the capital of what is now South Korea (left), and people praying to their gods in the city in 1900. They also show young women playing a dangerous see-saw game (top right) in 1905 and school pupils in 1903 (inset).

Wife of jailed Saudi blogger sentenced to 1,000 lashes condemns the country while speaking at the UN, two years after she shared horrific footage of flogging that nearly killed him

Ensaf Haidar (pictured left), who fled to Canada with the couple's three children in 2013, spoke to the council in Geneva about her husband, Raif Badawi (inset), who was sentenced to 1,000 lashes in 2013. He was convicted in 2013 for 'insulting Islam through electronic channels' after creating a website called Free Saudi Liberals. Badawi, 33, received the first 50 of his lashes - which his wife says nearly killed him - in 2015 (pictured right). Haider said she seized the 'unique opportunity' to address the council on behalf of NGO UN Watch because it was the 'first time I have ever been able to speak directly to a Saudi representative.'

American tourist Alyne Tamir filmed on her phone as the quake's vibrations turned the usually tranquil canals of Xochimilco, in the north of the city, into a undulating, quivering mess.

Four adorable elephants were rescued using a digger after falling down a well in Sri Lanka. They were discovered by a farmer in the morning and he called local wildlife officials to ask for help.

Police have released images of five suspects accused of murdering Emma Kelty, who was kayaking alone in a remote and lawless part of the Brazilian rainforest.

Rescuers cut whale free from fishing ropes in South Africa

Brave rescuers freed a huge 60-ton whale from fishing nets off the coast of South Africa. Danger posed by the mammals tailed meant the operation needed skill and courage from the team. The National Sea Rescue Institute crew were on their first mission and had to rely on their training and observing other missions. The danger of such operations was brought home when a Canadian rescuer was killed after being hit by a whale's tail. The South African team's bravery paid off, though, and the whale was able to swim free.

Russian 'decapitates toddler carrying head through street'

Mikhail Elinsky, 42, also stabbed his niece, the dead girl's mother, resulting in serious abdominal injuries, during the attack in the Russian city of Astrakhan. Dramatic footage shows him repeatedly taunting officers with a knife (left) and refusing to give himself up. But he was eventually shot by police, before being taken to hospital (bottom right) where he later died. The man's niece Tatiana (top right with her 18-month-old baby Natalia) had earlier pleaded with the authorities not to release him from psychiatric hospital, fearing he remained a danger after he had killed a woman six years ago.

Grace Mugabe’s son imports two Rolls Royces to Zimbabwe

Russell Goreraza (top inset), 33, offloaded the two luxury cars at Harare International Airport from a plane belonging to the Dutch airline KLM on Sunday. Goreraza, said to have a 'chequered reputation', was also reported to have enjoyed a 'huge celebration' with friends after the exotic vehicles arrived, with Champagne flowing freely. The cars are thought to have been bought in Europe. Custom-built Rolls Royces are sold for as much as £1,000,000. But media in South Africa are reporting the combined cost of the cars as about £4 million. The news comes as Zimbabwe is in a terrible financial position, owing huge debts to South Africa. Grace Mugabe (bottom inset), meanwhile, was accused of wounding a 20-year-old model in Johannesburg, South Africa last month. Gabriella Engels, 20, claims that Grace beat her repeatedly with an electrical cord in a hotel on August 13.

Man found injured on Majorca stag 'fell at building site'

Alex Green, 26, was said to have disappeared from his group of relatives and friends after going to the toilets in a bar during his first night out on his stag do (left) on the Spanish party island of Majorca last Friday. The fireman (right with fiancée Rebecca Thorpe and son Zach), who lives and works in Rochdale, remains in intensive care in hospital in Majorca. Today it emerged police were focusing on the theory he fell from the site of an old hotel where a new four-star hotel and shopping centre is being built (inset).

Stacey Kozel, 41, became the first paralyzed person to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. She was diagnosed with lupus at 19 and lost the ability to walk in 2014. She completed the 2,650 mile hike alone.

A fourth grade teacher was scolded by her bosses for wearing an 'inappropriate' grey dress and knee-high boots to teach her class in the U.S this week.

The mayor of Lampedusa has warned that his Italian island is 'collapsing' after 'threats, harassments and thefts' caused by migrants from North Africa. Over 250,000 people have arrived during the crisis.