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Infowars editor-at-large. 'Nativist polemicist' - NY Times (actually a classical liberal/libertarian) 😎

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    7 hours ago

    If Americans wanted war with Russia, Hillary would have won. She didn't. No amount of hysteria will change that.


  3. Support for Southern Poverty Law Center links Scalise, Family Research Council shooters. Oppose this hate group.

  4. James Damore proves that contrary to my mantra, drunk tweets aren't always the best tweets.

  5. You worked for the Project For a New American Century - a group that called for invading 7 different countries. Delete your account.

  6. Malaysia cancels ‘Better Beer Festival 2017’ to abide by Islamic code.

  7. Still struggling to grasp how hand delivering a letter 'looks like white male privilege'? 🤔😦

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    2 hours ago

    Twice as many people in County killed in shootings in 2017 (12) compared to 2016 (6). . 2017:

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    Really makes you think? 🤔

  10. Hey if I'm causing an "influx into hate groups," why do you keep begging to profile me & give me a bigger platform? 🤔

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    You're not getting inside, - I've locked the basement door and not even my mom is allowed in. 🤗

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    I eschew all mainstream media attention. Unlike the alt-right (which the MSM gives a platform to) - I don't need their platform.

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    They can't just leave me alone to make my videos because they're so terrified at the "threat" I represent (to their idiocy). It's amusing. 😎

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    Hate Not Hope is so obsessed with me, they get triggered by selfies with my friends. They too can politely go suck a bag of dicks. 🤗

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    I am an anti-extremist. I abhor extreme beliefs and criticise them daily. The most extremist belief system in the world is Islamism.

  16. The NY Times wanted to send someone to "profile" me. I said no, so all they've got is weak, ad hominem hit pieces.

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    3 hours ago

    Pepe Strikes Back! Smug Amphibian Meme Projected on WilmerHale Building

    This media may contain sensitive material. Learn more
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    Sep 18

    Just a suggestion: how about telling the Saudis to stop bombing the shit out of them?

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    4 hours ago

    This leader is OK with burning the Bible and even lighting the Vatican on fire but thinks it's "racist" to burn the Quran.

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    It's actually way more popular because they treat the different spellings as different names.

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