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Meet the Victorian couple's vegan dog who eats berries

Lily the Labrador (pictured) gorges on fresh berries, bananas, cashew nuts and healthy home cooked meals, making up the crux of her vegan dog diet. After switching to the vegan lifestyle four years ago, Shane(right) and Adele (left) Goodall decided to include their 'baby' Lily in the switch too. 'It’s a controversial thing, as far as we’re concerned dogs are herbivores and there’s research to support that,' Adele told Daily Mail Australia. 'If she was unwell or really unhappy or not enjoying her food we’d be concerned but she’s thriving. 'People still say 'is she a puppy'.' Lily has been living on her plant-based 'vegan' diet (inset) for two years and her doting owners say she's the healthiest she's ever been. The Victorian couple say their beloved dog, who was the ring-bearer at their wedding, has beautiful fur and has no bad dog breath. While the family feed Lily the dog a plant-based diet, they say they wouldn’t ‘lose sleep’ if she was to eat some meat. 

Family pleads for help from NDIS for severely autistic son

A family in Canberra may have to place their autistic son in full-time state care if the National Disability Insurance Scheme doesn't help their son's care centre. The McCarthy family (pictured) are faced with the decision after learning the Ricky Stuart House, where they send their severely autistic son Logan (top and left of bottom picture), can no longer afford to pay the difference for children with disabilities. Logan currently spends seven nights a month in short-term care, but will not be able to access the carers from next month. Mum Lucy McCarthy said her family are already 'at breaking point'.

Nail technician Jean Skinner, from Essex, shared an image on Facebook of her client's thumb as a warning to others to get any changes to their nail beds checked out.

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Could turning a light bulb off early, or using the washing machine a little less really make a difference to your overall energy bills?

EXCLUSIVE: Planet Organic founder Renée Elliott shares her top ingredients with FEMAIL from her latest book: What To Eat And How To Eat It. They include nori and plain and simple apples.

'Childcare centres are hothouses for spreading infection,' Health Minister Brad Hazzard said, saying that parents trying to 'mask' their child's symptoms was making things worse.

Rob Kardashian was ballistic when Kim married Damon Thomas

Robert Kardashian 'went ballistic' when he learned Kim married first husband Damon Thomas (left) because he believed black guys only went after white girls for sex, it is revealed in a bombshell new book The Kardashians: An American Drama, by Jerry Oppenheimer. The Kardashian patriarch reportedly blamed himself for bringing O.J. Simpson into his family circle, thus making his children 'too liberal' about race relations, a source revealed. Robert angrily told a friend: ''I know these black guys and I've known them all my life, and I know they love white p***y.' After her marriage to Thomas ended in divorce, Kim went on to have several interracial romances (right). Despite his prejudices, Kardashian fell in love with attorney Shawn Chapman Holley, a beautiful black attorney who served with him on O.J.'s 'dream team.'

Did Sophie Monk just give away the Bachelorette winner?

Sophie Monk may have just given away the Bachelorette winner not even one week into the season.  In a cryptic Instagram post on Friday, the 37-year old made reference to a specific item of clothing that had contestants Blake and Jarrod livid at each other on Thursday's episode. 'When your besties get you ready for dinner bcs (sic) you are hopeless and want to wear ugg boots,' she captioned an photo of herself getting ready to go out. 

The mother took to Mumsnet to ask for advice, explaining that the boy had pushed his father as they walked to school and he'd responded by smacking him twice on the back of the head.

Jasmine Yarbrough to leave LA to be with Karl Stefanovic

Jasmine Yarbrough has given weight to rumours she's prepairing to move in with Karl Stefanovic. Days after the Today host settled-in to his reportedly $7 million North Sydney pad, his fashion designer girlfriend announced plans to leave Los Angeles. 'I have always planned to do that,' she told The Daily Telegraph in an article published Friday.

Man knifed ex-wife and murdered her date won't apologise

Alexander Villaluna brutally attacked his ex-partner Jovi Pilapil and Keith Collins as they were dining together in Hornsby, on the North Shore, last year. Mr Collins died in the Korean restaurant from numerous stab wound injuries. Mr Villaluna has said he could never write an apology to Mr Collins' family as he is 'still angry at what happened to me'.

Harry mania hits Canada! Crowds go wild as the prince arrives in Toronto for his Invictus Games - where he's set to make first public appearance with girlfriend Meghan Markle

Harry mania swept Toronto on Friday as the beaming prince made his first appearance in the city ahead of his week-long Invictus Games. The smiling royal, 33, began the countdown to his 2017 Invictus Games by meeting competitors and supporters taking part in a discussion about the global sporting competition. There is speculation he will be joined at some point during his nine-day visit to Canada for the Games, by his actress girlfriend Meghan Markle (inset), 36, who lives and works in Toronto. As he left the first event, in the center of the Canadian city, a massive crowd screamed and took photos (left). Inside the event he met Australian veteran and athlete Mark Reidy, his wife Karen May and children (center), and wounded Canadian veteran Trevor Greene (right). The opening ceremony of the third edition of the games is on Saturday night and the week's games will see 550 athletes from countries including Canada, the UK, America, Australia and Iran and Iraq compete. The Prince will meet Melania Trump on Saturday as she leads the U.S. delegation in her first solo foreign trip as First Lady.

Domino's romp couple's shame is complete as new video emerges of them pretending to have sex with massive yellow CONE in pizza restaurant

In 12-minutes of footage from the takeaway, drunken Daniella Hirst and Craig Smith were seen moving from joking with each other, to kissing, then to oral sex, all just yards from staff working away to deal with orders. The pair now face possible jail terms for outraging public decency over the incident in Scarborough. The footage of their actions while waiting for a 12inch pepperoni pizza with stuffed crust was shown to a shocked jury at the town's magistrates court yesterday. The video showed the couple ordering food and messing around with a yellow cleaning cone before Hirst performs oral sex on Smith, 31. The pair then have sex leaning on the counter close to the till.

Can YOU tell who's a sex worker? Volunteers are challenged to pick out the porn stars and escorts from a line-up of 12 strangers (with very surprising results) 

US website Cut.com challenged four volunteers to see if they could pick out the sex workers from a line-up of 12 strangers, and the task turned out to be much tougher than expected. Clockwise from top left: A girl tried to convince the volunteers with a sexy dance; Isla reckoned this man had a 'porn star body; a man was challenged to eat a banana suggestively and a woman, 58, showed off her whipping technique.

The PM used a crucial speech in Florence to declare that Britain will cover the huge hole left in Brussels' finances by our departure until the end of 2020 - potentially another 20bn euros.

Lesley Speed, 44, has been arrested on suspicion of murder following the death of her son Archie Spriggs, seven, at a house in a Shropshire town.

Margaret Court claims holidays ruined by same-sex marriage

The 24 Grand Slam-winning extraordinaire admitted that advocates for the upcoming postal vote in Australia only hoped for equal marriage because they 'wanted to destroy it.' 'There will be no Mother's Day, there will be no Father's Day, there will be no Easter, there will be no Christmas,' Margaret Court (pictured right) said, reports The Advocate. Court, who now works as a Pentecostal minister, has been adamant that marriage and having children are life stages reserved for a man and woman since she publicly took aim at tennis Casey Dellacqua (left) and her family. In a letter to the editor of a local newspaper, Court used scare quotes to say she saw nothing wrong with Dellacqua 'or her "partner",' but that their baby with two mothers shouldn't have been 'deprived of her father.' Dellacqua returned serve by tweeting: 'Margaret. Enough is enough.'

Razor ad banned from Facebook for breaching nudity rules

Friction Free Shaving's video features a naked woman with strategically placed panels of colour protecting her modesty, as she contorts into different poses while shaving. But the footage was blocked for failing to comply with the site's advertising policies with the founders saying it breached guidelines on 'sexually suggestive or provocative' images.

The legendary funnyman, who passed away in August at the age of 91, made a point of clearly stating in the legal filing that his six sons with first wife Patti Palmer were to get nothing upon his death.

EXCLUSIVE: LinkedIn data obtained exclusively by FEMAIL reveals how September marks a spike in the number of workers looking for a new job. An expert reveals how to make your CV stand out.

Witty teachers who have banter with their students 

From teachers who donned their pyjamas to deliver early-morning lectures to those who managed to see the funny side of assignments handed in late, students have been taking to social media to share their comical classroom moments, including a sign posted by a professor mocking lovestruck teens (left), and some not-so-subtle warnings designed to keep students in line (below centre and right).

Officials in Saudi Arabia are trying to find out how an image of the Star Wars character Yoda appeared alongside a photograph of the future King Faisal in school textbooks.

'You f***ing idiot!' Ute driver swerves towards motorbiker after he overtook him in the same lane in shocking road rage clash - but who was in the wrong? 

Shocking helmet camera footage (pictured) has emerged of a ute driver and a motorcyclist overtaking each other in the same lane during a shocking road rage clash. The alarming video shows the rider driving in the far left lane in the Gold Coast, with the ute visible in the bike's rear view mirror. The ute was caught on camera overtaking the bike from the left hand side of the lane just before the intersection.

Photo of optical illusion carpet confuses the internet

Youtuber Muselk tweeted a photo of a mesmerising carpet that looks curvy. But the floor, which is believed to be at a branch of FNAC in France, is actually completely flat and not bumpy at all. The curved lines on the carpet give the illusion that the floor contains craters.

Experts have warned that unusually warm Spring weather is set to bring out a slew of snakes across Australia, with a deadly brown snake recently found in a Queensland couple's bed.

Jon Entwistle, 74, has met his half-sister Christine Kitteringham after 67-years of secrecy. Mr Entwistle, from Ampleforth in Yorkshire, grew up thinking his father's second wife was his mum.

California woman opens up about being divorced at 19

Taylor Gamble, 19, married her childhood sweetheart, Albert, (both pictured) in 2015 after dating him since she was 14. The New Jersey native had been accepted to her dream college but decided to move to California with Albert to support his military career, but the couple quickly grew apart and Taylor went back home after seven months, saying no one would hire her Albert refused to pay for any educational programs. They are no longer in contact and are saving money to legally divorce. In a piece for Seventeen magazine, she said she doesn't regret the marriage, but does wonder what her life would be like if she had put herself first.

Tony Abbott's daughter, Frances, 26, has revealed she is set to compete in a bikini modelling competition in Melbourne, after weeks of training and weighing out her food portions.

Hobart DJ Astro Labe charged with assault on Tony Abbott

The man charged over the alleged headbutting of former prime minister Tony Abbott is 38-year-old DJ Astro 'Funknukl' Labe (pictured right). The DJ said he 'seized the moment' when he saw Mr Abbott in Hobart, headbutting the former Prime Minister (left) in the face. 'I decided I'm never going to get the opportunity to head butt that c*** again so I seized a moment,' he told 7 News . The self-described anarchist admitted to having a few drinks before the assault: 'I saw Tony Abbott and I'd had half a skinful and I wanted to nut the c***.' The arrest of the North Hobart man followed a Tasmania Police investigation prompted by a complaint made by Mr Abbott. The alleged attacker was granted conditional bail, and will appear in Hobart Magistrates Court on October 23.

Shocking moment five schoolchildren are injured when a coach in Taiwan has its roof sliced off by height restriction bar

Five schoolchildren in southern Taiwan were injured when the roof of a coach they were travelling on was shockingly 'shaved off' after it collided with a vehicle height bar. Children from the city of Kaohsiung in south-western Taiwan were travelling in the northern city of Taoyuan when the crash happened on a bridge. Dashcam footage provided by a passing driver captured the moment the coach slams into the height restriction bar, which tears through the top of the vehicle where the pupils and teachers were sitting.

A 45-year-old Sydney man has been arrested for driving five times over the limit, blowing 0.248. The man was pulled over after officers spotted a 10-year-old boy on his lap.

Bondi-based personal trainer, Dylan Rivier, spoke to FEMAIL about how to work out for free - as well as his day on a plate. Dylan, 37, has worked with Oliver Curtis and Sienna Miller.

Sri Lankan bride uses 250 children to carry 2 mile saree

A Sri Lankan couple are under investigation by child protection officials for using hundreds of school children to carry the train of the bride's two mile saree during a wedding ceremony. About 250 students carried the train of two-mile long saree she and the groom walked down a main road in the centre of the city of Kandy. Using students for such ceremonies during school hours was against the law, with violators facing up to 10 years in prison, the head of the National Child Protection Authority said.


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The Block judge Darren Palmer shows off luxury Bondi home

He dishes out his design advice and critiques contestant's choices as a judge on Australia's much-loved renovation series, The Block. And on Friday, Darren Palmer provided a sneak peek of what his own abode looks like to fans of the show. Appearing on Today Extra, he invited viewers into his stylish Bondi beachside home and provided tips on how to achieve the same looks.

The president published the angry tweet just hours after China warned the world to 'exercise restraint' in response Kim Jong-Un's hint that he might detonate a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean.

Heart surgeon Patrick Pritzwald-Stegmann, who died after he was allegedly 'coward punched' at a Melbourne hospital, was 'thrashing' and tried to get up after the attack, a court heard.

Where are the stars of Beauty And The Beast now?

Beauty And The Beast was a long-running daytime chat show that saw viewers write in asking for advice on a range of problems. Hosted by a usually gruff and outspoken 'beast' - with the likes of Stan Zemanek, Doug Mulray and Rex Mossop taking on the role - their strong opinions were normally tempered by a raft of celebrity 'beauties'. The show sprung to life in Australia in 1963 and saw various iterations on the Ten and Seven networks, and later Foxtel, before wrapping up production in 2007. 

‘One does not sit before Royalty sits.’ Princess Margaret told a pregnant woman. Her lavish lifestyle and grand personality is laid bare in new biography by author Craig Brown.

North Korean ruler Kim Jong-un called President Donald Trump 'deranged' and said that he will 'pay dearly' for his recent threats to destroy his country, it was reported on Thursday.

A man has been sentenced after he burst into his new lover's Newcastle home wearing a clown mask and smacked her husband in the head with a baseball bat.

Texas woman's topless photo shoot with husband goes viral

Texas couple Stephanie and Arryn, who declined to share their last names, were photographed by Bria Terry of Wolf & Rose Photography last week, and the images quickly went viral after the photographer shared the stunning lakeside images on her Facebook page. Stephanie, who used to struggle with body image as a plus-size woman, said she never felt more attractive than she did after seeing the images.

Coca-Cola is shrinking the size of its cans by almost 10 per cent, claiming people enjoy drinking smaller cans when they're at home.

An ABC staffer has cheered the alleged headbutting of former prime minister Tony Abbott on the Hobart waterfront on Thursday afternoon, writing 'good' in an email about the alleged incident.

Times Princess Mary and Kate Middleton looked identical

Although the two royals were born on opposite sides of the globe, Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and the Duchess of Cambridge are more alike than you might think. The Australian-born Princess Mary, 45, and English-born Kate, 35, could pass as sisters, with their brunette hair, slim figures and similar taste in fashion. Earlier this week Princess Mary was seen in a navy wrap dress she had recycled from a previous event. FEMAIL recalls the previous times they've looked like twins (pictured)

Gruesome video reveals the moment doctors find a WORM wriggling in a teenage boy's EYEBALL that caused him to go blind

A 17-year-old, from Mexico, lost his sight after the parasite invaded his eye. The worm has been there for three weeks, causing agonising pain. The boy was operated on and doctors removed the eye's lens to get to the worm. But it had left holes in his retina and his iris, causing permanent damage. The flatworm can be eaten from under-cooked fish but how it got into his eye is a mystery.

The first-ever celebrity Bachelorette proved to be a hit with viewers during her debut on Wednesday, beating ALL seven former Bachelor and Bachelorette season premieres in the ratings.

Most of the White House egotists and drama queens are male — while the women have kept their heads down and got on with the job. So who are the female winners at the White House?

Channel Nine star Erin Molan (pictured) has clarified her criticism of the AFL's decision to back same-sex marriage, saying she believes the league should just focus on 'finals footy'.

Complete with old school fixtures, abstract wallpaper and a bold jewel-toned colour palette, this Adelaide home takes those who visit on a trip back to a simpler time.

Weather Photographer of the Year award winners announced

The winners of the Weather Photographer of the Year competition are in and showcase snappers' incredible ability to capture the elements. Organised by the Royal Photographic Society and the Royal Meteorological Society, the contest takes place every year in a bid to find the best and most dramatic weather shots from around the world. This year's competition received over 2,000 submissions from more than 60 countries. The grand prize for 2017 went to Mike Olbinski with his 'Superstrike' image (left) of a dramatic lightening storm over Arizona's Superstition Mountains. Winner of the Public's Favourite Image award was Scott Robertson with his image of a 'fogbow' arching over a tree at Rannoch Moor in Scotland. Another popular image was Paul Kingston's 'Monster of the Deep', (top right) which shows gigantic waves lashing against Seaham Lighthouse on the County Durham coast in north east England.

A woman who was abandoned as a baby girl in a blue hat box almost 50-years-ago in Connecticut tracked down and reunited with the man who found her when he was walking to school at 16-years-old.

A woman working in a post office in a remote Aboriginal community in the NT has been accused of tampering with same-sex marriage votes, filling out multiple forms under other people’s names.

EXCLUSIVE: Karoline Bjornelykke, from Oslo, Norway, walked for designers including Luis Vuitton and Chanel at London Fashion Week in 2012 while battling an eating disorder.

Students outsmarts teacher with 3x5 FEET cheat sheet

A student at Anne Arundel Community College in Arnold, Maryland, outsmarted his professor by bringing a 3x5 foot-long cheat sheet when 'inches' weren't specified in the instructions (right). Assistant professor Reb Beatty (left) had allowed his students to bring a 3x5 notecard cheat sheet to the first test of the semester on Tuesday, but didn't clarify that he meant inches. He posted the hilarious result first to Instagram before sharing on Facebook where it's received more than 20,000 reactions and been shared more than 17,700 times. Social media users have praised the student's ingenuity in the comments (inset, top, center, bottom).

Kmart has released Halloween costumes for your pets

There is a fine selection of seven costumes to choose from including a bumble bee, taco, bat, pineapple, shark, spider and pumpkin with prices starting at an astounding $5 a pop. Instagram was awash with the #Kmartpets hashtags with pet-devoted accounts sampling the costumes for their eager followers (pictured left and right). 'Mum is obsessed with my new outfit from @kmartaus,' one pooch named Kiba wrote on their personal social media handle. 'I have this, the pineapple, the new shark and all the Halloween ones. I hate Kmart. Hate it,' wrote another frenzied dog-lover. But already there appears to be controversy surrounding the sizing with some pet owners suggesting their large animals won't be able to fit. 'Kmart why do you discriminate against big doggos??? They have also been good boys and girls,' wrote one disgruntled Facebook commenter. 'Was thinking exactly this last night. Poor Toby being left out of the costume fun just because he's a big boy,' agreed another. The costumes do come in small, medium, large and extra large with the latter fitting dogs that are 51cm in length.

Modest queues have been photographed outside of Apple's flagship stores today in London, New York, Sydney and Singapore - a far cry from the snaking crowds of previous years.

An iPhone fan who camped outside Sydney's flagship Apple store for 11 days to be the first to get his hands on the latest device on Friday, revealed he has no interest in the new iPhone.

A massive 5.2m saltwater crocodile has been found shot dead in central Queensland. The reptile was found in the Fitzroy River at Rockhampton on Thursday with the bullet still in its head.

A violent brawl erupted after a demonstrator shouted 'Terrorist!' as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke at the Marriott Marquis hotel in Times Square on Thursday.

'Brisbane has the most bipolar weather!' Incredible video shows a highway being pelted with huge hail stones

An insane 13-second video has emerged of a highway being bombarded with hail stones.The footage shows a Gatton, bypass, a town in south-east Queensland being pelted down with huge hail stones (main).The video which first appeared on the Lockyer Valley Weather Facebook page has had over 700 shares and 54,000 views since it was uploaded on Friday. Pictured inset is a photo of a social media user with some hail stones on her palm.

The man slowly opens his mouth to release a large, black spider which crawls across his face at a home in Dagenham as his friend, who hates spiders, films the skin-crawling scene.

An Australian model has revealed to Instagram why she is happier heavier as she shared a before and after photo. La’Tecia Thomas, 26, from Melbourne, presented side-by-side photos.

A video shows Sam going through a series of poses to show off his toned physique at an Inspiration Dedication event in Brea, California. Sam, 24, has been weight training since he was 14 years old.

Liverpool bodybuilder hits back at claims shots are fake

(Pictured) Tyler Cooke, 21, from Liverpool has fiercely denied claims that his jaw-dropping photos of his physique are fake - and insisted his 'near impossible' body is the result of hard work alone. He spoke out after a body building website suggested he could be digitally altering his pics. The website Generation Iron described the 21-year-old’s physique as 'insane'. But the negative comments have only spurred the coach and personal trainer to post more photos of himself on social media.


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'Don't mess with me': Trigger-happy Pauline Hanson fires a Glock and a 'Dirty Harry-style' pistol as she visits a shooting range - and you'll never guess what she wants to do next

Pauline Hanson has warned people not to 'mess' with her after she spent the day at a shooting range. The Queensland Senator, well-known for her fiery words, spent the day firing something much more powerful at the North Arm Pistol Club in Queensland on Friday (main). 'Well I've had the best day I've had for about 20 years,' she said. While boasting she had good aim, Ms Hanson said 'you know what, don't mess with me. (It would) make my day if you want to have a go'.

The litter of three-month-old Labradors, set to be future seeing eye dogs, were introduced to the public for the first time by the Chinese Guide Dog Southern Demonstration Centre on September 16.

A fashion stylist is suing Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Erin Heatherton for $10million, claiming the runway pro backed out of their business venture to pursue a relationship with an NFL player.

The food that's been served on anything but a plate

Diners frustrated with food served on very unusual surfaces share their photos on the We Want Plates sub-reddit. The odd plate replacements include (clockwise from top left): a dog bowl; mousetraps; a hollowed out crab shell; a plant pot filled with soil; an palette; and a bed of fur.



Girl, 1, blisters at the slightest touch

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Rhiannon Atkinson, 30, was told her daughter, Pippa (left), now one, had the rare skin condition, epidermolysis bullosa (EB). It causes the skin on her body to blister and tear at just the slightest touch - leaving the toddler, from Cwmbran, South Wales, in unbearable pain. Mrs Atkinson now has to restrain Pippa when she dresses her in bandages to stop her catching any deadly infections - which goes against her motherly 'instinct'. Around 90 per cent of Pippa's hands and feet (top and bottom right) are without skin and the condition has started to spread across the rest of her small body.

Bernd Thälmann, 64, from Brandenburg, reportedly found the uranium-based object near to the site of a secret Third Reich factory that was destroyed by 16,000 RAF bombs (stock image).

The Russian president was speaking to Arkady Volozh, chief of internet firm Yandex, during a tour at the company's Moscow HQ. It comes after Putin said whoever masters AI will rule the world.

Leo Jones, from Porthcawl, South Wales, repeatedly sought help for his headaches which left him banging his head against the wall in agony. Doctors repeatedly missed the signs.

Victorian postcards reveal the 25 stages of dating

From waiting for your date to call and meeting the parents to the proposal, these charming stereograph slides reveal the twenty-five stages from courtship to marriage between a couple. The hand-tinted cards were made around 1890. And although the world of courtship may have moved on considerably since the 1890s, these vintage postcards show that some aspects of dating and relationships haven't changed. The stereographs, which can be found in the Haper Stereograph Collection of the Boston Public Library collection, are generally depicted from the perspective of the woman being courted and reveal age-old dating problems like the awkwardness on a first date, waiting for a guy to call you, the dreaded meeting between your new boyfriend and your mother and the looming task of wedding planning. Top row L-R: Waiting for him to call, the 'bashful lover' phoning, the first date. Bottom row L-R: The proposal, wedding day and married life.