Truth about Scientology revealed by escaped Janis Grady

Janis Grady was born into Scientology royalty and partly brought up by its founder L. Ron Hubbard before she escaped its clutches. Now she is exclusively telling DailyMailTV about what she saw at the heart of the controversial celebrity church - and dishes on everything from abuse she suffered from senior figures to the truth about how it treats its most famous followers. This summer, reported on Tiffani Johnson's vacation-turned-nightmare when a shark ripped off part of her right arm. 

George Michael’s miracle baby

Daily Mail TV reports on how George Michael helped a British woman have her dream bundle of joy, and Dr. Phil on the nation’s opioid crisis that has one mom using heroin before PTA meetings.

Doctors miraculously give a shark attack victim a new arm

In this DailyMalTV extra, meet the doctors helping shark attack survivor Tiffani Johnson learn to use a prosthetic arm and find a new future.

Bill Bush's wife Sydney Davis seen without wedding ring

The estranged wife of Billy Bush has been pictured without her wedding ring for the first time after after the couple confirmed their 'short term' separation. Seen in exclusive DailyMailTV photographs, Sydney Davis, 45, appeared tired and drawn as she visited a grocery store close to her home in Encino, California. The mother-of-three, whose split from the disgraced Today show host was announced on Tuesday, wrapped up in a black and gray striped cardigan for the outing and wore her blonde hair loose. Bush's lawyer said the split was not due to infidelity and was a 'short term break'. The former Access Hollywood host was fired by NBC from its flagship Today show after the notorious tape of him talking with Donald Trump surfaced. The day before the split was revealed he posted (top right) a distinctly unsubtle message on social media.

Dennis Rodman's request from Kim Jong-un

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un wants to come to New York and watch a basketball game in Madison Square Garden, according to his pal Dennis Rodman in this DailyMailTV exclusive.

Rosie O'Donnell's estranged daughter is pregnant

In an exclusive interview with DailyMail TV Chelsea Alliegro, 20, has revealed she and her husband Nick Alliegro 31, are expecting their first child. However, the estranged daughter of Rosie O'Donnell has vowed that the comedienne will play no part in the child's life. The only member of the family Chelsea is still in touch with is Kelli Carpenter, Rosie's first wife, who adopted her after they married in 2004. She said the child's grandmothers will be Kelli and Nick's mother only. Chelsea also opened up about the recent suicide of O'Donnell's other ex-wife Michelle Rounds (pictured with Rosie, Chelsea and Chelsea's sister), who she described as a 'sweet, loving person.' She claims Rounds was 'taken away' from her after her mother's divorce when Rosie obtained an order preventing Michelle having contact with any of the children.

Jesse Palmer kicks off DailyMailTV from New York

DailyMailTV launched today with a story-packed hosted by Jesse Palmer. The first edition brought new developments in Prince Harry's romance and the Sherri Papini mystery. Palmer was joined in the New York studio by Nancy Grace to discuss the exclusive revelations. And Tuesday's show will have an exclusive interview with Chelsea O'Donnell on the tragic death of her mother Rosie's ex wife Michelle Rounds. Check for your local listings,

Jesse Palmer weighs in against Nicole Kidman smooching

Talk show host Vieira and DailyMailTV's Jesse Palmer were on the Today Show to discuss Nicole Kidman's shock kiss with costar Alexander Skarsgard, in front of her husband Kieth Urban, at the Emmy Awards on Sunday. While the smooch shocked many viewers, Vieira said she had no problem greeting both men and women with a peck on the mouth. But Guthrie seemed dubious, telling the NBC correspondent, that ' I don't think we've ever kissed.' 'Yes we have Savannah,' Vieira shot back. 'You were a little out of it, but we have,' she added - to Guthrie's mortification and the laughter of her Today co-hosts. Palmer, the host of Daily Mail's newly launched TV show, also weighed in on the controversial kiss. The former special contributor from Good Morning America and ESPN football analyst, said that coming from Canada had given him a taste of a more European way of greeting friends and family - but kissing on the lips was a step too far.

Which celeb had the most viewed photo? DailyMailTV answers

DailyMailTV is bringing you premiere access to the reporters and editors who make sure you get the most addictive and eye-catching photos and videos every day on Expect exclusive stories, breaking news, showbiz, politics, crime, health and science and technology updates as the new syndicated series brings the best of to life on television. photos getting a spotlight on DailyMailTV

DailyMailTV begins airing across the country Monday, September 18 and will be bringing the best of the to your television. That means those iconic caught-on-camera moments that you can’t stop looking at online are about to become essential TV.

Julianne Hough dishes on her exotic honeymoon

She's finally back to reality after enjoying a long luxurious honeymoon with her new husband Brooks Laich. And Julianne Hough sat down with Rachael Ray and guest co-host DailyMailTV's Jesse Palmer on Wednesday on theRachael Ray Show to dish the details about her exotic adventure. While traveling in July the former Dancing With The Stars judge shared plenty of snaps on her Instagram, prompting Jesse to ask 'Where weren't you?'

The Talk hosts and Jesse Palmer talk Kylie Jenner's lips

The hosts of The Talk were joined by DailymailTV host Jesse Palmer on Tuesday to discuss some of the big showbiz stories this week. The hot topic up for debate was reality star Kylie Jenner's recent revelation that she got cosmetic surgery because of a comment a boy made about her lips when she was 15.  Sara Gilbert was the first to weigh-in, admitting she could never change her appearance based on someone else's opinion - because it wouldn't be authentic.

DailyMail TV host Jesse Palmer's outlaw roots in Canada

The retired athlete and former reality star revealed this in an interview with just one week before the premiere of DailyMail TV, the syndicated series launching September 18 that he will host. Sports were his first passion, with Palmer and his two younger brothers all catching the football bug from their father Bill, who played for the Ottawa Rough Riders in the Canadian Football League. Bill taught his children to love the game and provided them all with some pretty memorable names. Oldest son Jesse James shared a name with the legendary outlaw so his brother William John got the nickname 'Billy the Kid' and youngest boy Christian Wyatt became known as 'Wyatt Earp.' The James Gang.

Sneak peek of DailyMailTV with host Jesse Palmer

Newly-revealed host Jesse Palmer gives viewers the first sneak peek inside’s newsrooms in New York City and Los Angeles, where a team of more than 200 reporters seek out the best exclusive stories and videos to share with 84 million unique monthly visitors across the United States. Breaking news stories from around the world will now be brought to life on DailyMailTV when it launches on September 18. Palmer says: ' DailyMailT V will cover everything. Whether it's the latest in news, showbiz, politics, crime or even human interest stories, there is really something for everybody.'

DailyMailTV to launch this fall in over 100 markets

The best stories from the world's most read English-language newspaper will be coming to life on television later this year. DailyMailTV, a new daily syndicated series from Stage 29 Productions and Daily Mail On-Air, will launch in Fall 2017 across the United States. The series will feature exclusive stories and content from along with breaking news on a variety of topics including show business, crime, health and science and technology. These captivating stories will be shared five days a week, and just as addictive on the television screen as they are online.

Daily Mail and Dr Phil McGraw announce new daily TV series is teaming up with TV’s number one daytime talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw to launch a brand new daily television series in the US. Publisher and Editor-In-Chief Martin Clarke made the announcement on board the yacht at the Cannes Lions festival on Thursday with Dr. Phil.


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