A music player for various computer and console formats.

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Welcome to Droidsound-E help page.

This page is dedicated to Droidsound-E documentation and it's main purpose is to help users to tackle problems at the beginning.

The main menu

Starting from version 1.65 the main menu will look like this when installing it for the first time.

As it can be seen, the Local Mediastore is no more there but it can be added back from the "New" button for those who needs it. Also there is a new item, DSEMusic, which is a pre-defined mountpoint for music.

The pre-defined mountpoint is pointing to /mnt/sdcard/DSEMusic, so all you need to do is copy your files there and rescan the folder. If you don't wish to use this mountpoint, you can always delete it and create a new one if you already have your music files somewhere else.

Another thing that is missing is Favorites.plist. This is because there is a dedicated playlist tab on the right. If you have existing Favorites.plist, it will be automatically copied to /mnt/sdcard/droidsound/playlists/ folder. The rest of the .plist files have to be copied manually.

    ActionBar Items

    The action bar has three items, New, Settings and Exit.

Adding new items

    New items can be added by clicking New button from Action Bar. See above.


    The application supports mounting folders as browsable directories. It works by clicking the PLUS sign on the action bar and choosing Filebrowser. A new window appears where user can input the mountpoint and mountpoint name. Clicking the mountpoint box opens folder selector. Select your folder and click Select Folder button. After that, enter the name for your mountpoint and click OK.

    Modland DB

    By clicking this item a new dialog will show up asking for a name for the Modland offline DB. Since there can be only one at a time, just select internal or external memory and click OK. It will then download allmods.zip from modland and start indexing entries from it. This will take 1-5 minutes. After indexing a new entry will show up in the main menu. Inside the ModDB it looks like user would be browsing the modland archive online.

    Network Link

    By clicking this item a new dialog will show up asking for a network address and a name for it. The network address accepts username, password, hostname, port and path. Few examples listed below.

    • ftp://ftp.modland.com/
    • ftp://user:passwd@
    • http://www.mymusicplace.com

    Local Mediastore

    This item will create instantly a new Local MediaStore browser.


    By clicking this item, a new dialog will pop up asking a name for the playlist. After entering a name and clicking OK, a new entry will show up in playlists tab. This new playlist will automatically become active playlist.


The search screen shows the latest search results, and also provides a button for searching. The search screen works similar to the Browser. You can search for song titles or composers when searching the song databases.The following commands are available in search screen:

    Every search needs a prefix as shown below.
  • .c = searches by composer (local files)
  • .t = searches by title (local files)
  • .r = searches songs online from http://remix.kwed.org
  • .a = searches songs online from http://amigaremix.com
  • .h = searches sid songs online from http://hvsc.de, sometimes this is slow
  • .i = searches radio stations from IceCast
  • .m = searches by various DB entry. Usually helpful with filename search
  • ,c = searches by composer (Modland files)
  • ,t = searches by title (Modland files)
  • ,n = searches by composer and title (Modland files)

  • Examples:
  • .cskaven
  • .aturrican
  • .hJeroen
  • .mfilename, stars.xm
  • .mtitle, commando
  • .ivideo game
NOTE: playing online songs happens by streaming. Only SID files will be downloaded since they are very small in size.

Archive support

Droidsound-E has support for .zip, .7z, .rar and .gz files. These archives are treated as directories. Maximum supported archive size is approximately 2GB. There are some limitations, for example ZIP supports only Deflate compression and 7zip support LZMA/LZMA2/PPMd. Other compresson methods will make Droidsound-E behave bad. Also it is NOT RECOMMENDED to use SOLID-BLOCK archiving for .7z files. Those archives are memory consuming and very slow to process especially on mobile device.


To create a ringtone from a song, long press the song and select Create Ringtone and choose the desired options. Default format is WAV 22KHz mono, select HQ for Stereo 44KHz. If you want to create a ringtone from another subtune then the default one, you need to use the PLUS button on the play screen to add a specific song to your playlist, and then create the ringtone from that playlist entry instead.

Upgrading from earlier version

If you are upgrading from earlier Droidsound-E version, there shouldn't be any problems. Rescanning will be performed as usual since the version has changed.

If you are upgrading from normal Droidsound, the following steps should be done:

  • Backup your files from the following folders:
    • /mnt/sdcard/droidsound
    • /mnt/sdcard/MODS
  • Delete above folders after backup.
  • Uninstall Droidsound, clean cache and everything related to it.
  • Restart Droidsound-E application, it will recreate all the files it needs.


  • If you don't like to keep rescanning enabled, rescan your files manually if you move them around.
  • Sometimes it is a good idea to keep small files insize a ZIP, it scans faster.
  • If Droidsound-E crashes when you start it for the first time, don't panic, try restarting it.
  • Got unexpected crash when using Droidsound-E? Try to remember how you made it crash and e-mail me the details.


  • Help designing user interface.
  • Development help. Required skills Java/C.


Having trouble with Droidsound-E? You can contact me at droidmjt@gmail.com