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Our automated comment moderation helps agencies get work done quickly, and your brand clients will appreciate your boosted community management prowess.


We protect your brand’s reputation by scanning your social profiles for problematic illegal and offensive content, spam, trolls and erasing them from the feed in real time.

Comment moderation is essential for online brands.

Warren Buffett famously said “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it,” and that couldn’t be any truer in our always-connected world. A coordinated attack from trolls can kill a brand’s reputation overnight, and a toxic comment section can quickly turn prospective customers away from a business.

You can protect your users from abuse and shield your business from trolls by moderating comments and eliminating harmful language. Learn how vigilantly moderating comments can suit your needs.

A cutting-edge solution, powered by artificial intelligence.

We offer the first machine learning, artificial intelligence-based automated moderator, providing an unmatched service to online brands and average users alike. The software works in real time at a high accuracy rate and can read the meaning, context and tone behind comments rather than rely on keyword blacklists.

With an automated tool, you can get more done (and, faster).

Ideally, you want to moderate your communities 24/7 to ensure they stay protected. But this can be a difficult and costly goal for businesses and individuals to achieve.

Thankfully, always-on automated moderation can help without breaking the bank. It enables your team monitor the community faster and more easily by reducing the amount of content they need to review in real time.. Check out our features to see how we’re the best tool for comment moderation.

How does automated comment moderation work?

With automated moderation, your social profiles will free from spam, abuse and trolling in real time.

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Smart Moderation is available on your favorite social networks!

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Let us help you cultivate a happy community.

By moderating comments swiftly, your users can enjoy a happy, safe community where everyone can participate without fear of blowback or abuse. You also shield your reputation from trolls, creating a community that reflects core brand values.

Taking only two minutes to set up, Smart Moderation is simple to use. Try the best tool for comment moderation today!

More than 1 Billion comments have been processed using Smart Moderation, posted by Millions of users globally!

Smart Moderation

Smart Moderation use machine learning and natural language processing to detect offensive content, abusive language, spam, trolling and bot attacks and - optionally - automatically remove those content from the platform in real time.

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