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The objective of this site is to explain everything you need to know about pH measurement.

I had the pleasure in my previous job to give courses in this area of measurement techniques. It was fun and I met many nice people. One thing I found out was that most people appreciate a simple and a less scientific approach, regardless of level of education. My hope is that I have succeeded to include this insight when I built this site.

Why measure pH?

• It is a critical measurement in industries ranging from chemical processing, pulp and paper, food and beverage and biotechnology.
• To test a chemical against a specification. To ensure product quality.
• To test a sample against a legal requirement.
• It is of outstanding importance in water and environmental analysis.
• Prevent damage to materials and humans.
and more. . . . .

At this site you will, among others, learn to:

- understand the theory behind the measurement.
- understand the function of the sensor and meter.
- pick the right sensor.
- handle and maintain your sensor.
- calibrate and understand why calibration is needed.
- make proper measurements.
- recognize and avoid common problems.

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The main sections of this site:

The All-about-pH Blog
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pH Definition
pH definition - or what is pH? Read more . . .
The basic concept of acids and bases
When dealing with pH testing you need to have an understanding of the basic concept of acids and bases. Read here . .
The pH scale
The pH values of different aqueous solutions can be arranged in a pH scale.
pH color chart
Learn how to use pH color chart . . .
The pH sensor
Learn how the pH sensor works:
pH Electrode
To pick the appropriate pH electrode for your application you need to have a basic understanding of the different parts of an electrode, learn more:
pH probe
Learn how to choose the appropriate pH probe for your application; . . .
pH meter
Learn how a pH meter works; . . .
pH calibration
Learn why regular pH calibration is needed to ensure accuracy. . .
pH Testing
Consider the following points before you start your pH testing: . . .
Online pH measurement
Learn more about online pH measurement: . . .
The pH measurement forum
The pH measurement forum provides opportunities for the informal exchange of opinions, experiences and comments on different aspects of pH testing and measurement.
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Favorite pages:

acids and bases
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calculating ph
Do you know what pH stand for? If not, click here!

electrode design
The pH electrode consists of the following parts:
. . read here!
offset error
Real-world pH electrodes are not ideal,
read why.

definition of ph
What is the definition of pH? See the answer. . .

nonglass ph electrode
Is it not possible to use a glass electrode for your application? Use a non-glass pH electrode.

ph measurement
Learn how the temperature affects your pH measurement.

Feedback from readers:

This site is really helpful, thanks for posting this. I really like how each topic is linked at the end to another page.

I have started working at a water treatment plant (lots of probes of different kinds) and have a science background, but did not learn this in huge detail at uni unfortunately. Very helpful to know! Thanks!

BR Jaymie
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

This site helped me a lot for my science project. It is very useful and it gives you a lot of information in a clear and understandable way!