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New book Climbing Beyond reveals jaw-dropping climbs

North Face ambassadors James Pearson and Caroline Ciavaldini, both aged 32, have been tackling rock faces all over the world for more than a decade. In their new tome, Climbing Beyond: The World's Greatest Rock-Climbing Adventures, the married duo give detailed descriptions of their favourite spots to scramble up. Pictured: Kinabalu in Malaysia (top left), Salto Angel in Venezuela (main), Les Calanques in Marseille (top right), Tonsai Beach in Thailand (bottom right) and the Ennedi Desert in Chad (bottom left). 

Mother Nature's dark side revealed

These pictures of the natural world illustrate the eerie side of Mother Nature. Brace yourself for some of the most alarming natural occurrences. These include (clockwise from top left) a dead fox, frozen in a block of ice; a creepy, staring fish; a hermit crab seeking shelter in a doll's head; a devastating landslide in Taiwan; a centipede protecting her babies and a sheepshead fish with its multiple 'human' teeth.

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Joel Harrison and Neil Ridley scoured the globe in a bid to create their book Straight Up: The Insiders' Guide To The World's Most Interesting Bars And Drinking Experiences.

The statue of 'America's first composer', Stephen Foster, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has come under fire, with critics claiming it is racist and amounts to cultural appropriation.

Model Melissa Miller reveals how she nearly died on a trek

You wouldn't know it from her modelling snaps - but this Swede has a daredevil streak. And it nearly cost her her life. Melissa Miller nearly died during a mountaineering mishap, contracting hypothermia on a gruelling winter expedition in Norway's mountains. And now the 31-year-old, from Borlange, Sweden, has issued a stark warning to fellow thrill-seekers about the dangers of extreme adventuring. She had previously travelled all over the globe, including Thailand (top right), Bali (top and bottom left) and Peru (bottom right).

A video uploaded to Facebook this week shows four men epitomising the vulgar visitor stereotype - by swapping Venice's real-time views for their virtual reality.

Plane spotter Martin Bogdan praised the 'incredible skills' of an Airbus A380 pilot after he filmed the aircraft swaying across the runway at Düsseldorf airport, in west Germany.

Victorian-era London bar is named the world's best

A London bar that first opened its doors 128 years ago and went on to create the gin and vermouth-infused Hanky Panky cocktail, has been crowned the best drinking den in the world. The American Bar (top left), at the swanky Savoy hotel, scored first place at The World's 50 Best Bars awards in London on Thursday night, taking the title from New York's Dead Rabbit. Overall there were four bars from the British capital in the top ten - including Dandelyan (bottom right) and the Connaught, which came in at second and fourth place respectively. Also pictured is Melbourne's Black Pearl, which came 22nd and the NoMad, which came third.

An Uber driver in New York has provided passengers with a tongue-in-cheek guide to receiving a five-star rider rating, which is hung on the back of the driver's seat in her Subaru.

In what's thought to be the first-ever footage of sand cat kittens in the wild, researchers have recorded three young cats in the Moroccan Sahara, each estimated to be just six to eight weeks old.

20 stunning maps reveal global activity in minute detail

The world is a complex hive of activity. From human behaviour to animal activity and natural phenomenon, our planet is a non-stop source of physical, political and cultural movement. But, until recently, much of this was difficult to record visually. Thankfully, with the advent of satellite technology and modern data research, this has now changed - as the stunning images from forthcoming book New Views: The World Mapped Like Never Before proves. It includes maps of asteroid strikes (top left), migrant numbers (bottom left), venomous animal concentrations (bottom right) and gun ownership (top right).

For the first time, reptile experts at Chester Zoo, near Liverpool, have successfully bred the Cameroon two-horned mountain chameleons, which are just 5cm (2 inches) long (pictured).

Thousands of leopard sharks and other marine life including rays and striped bass have been dying in the San Francisco Bay, and it may be due to a parasite that enters via the nose and eats the brain.

A plane-blimp hybrid that can hover like a helicopter developed by Seattle-based aviation company Egan Airships could be used for applications such as agriculture, surveying, and filming.

Researchers from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology have used genetic analysis to confirm that insects found in the 1960s are the same species as Lord Howe Island's.

Video offers sex and drug holiday on Colombian island

The erotic video, from the Good Girls Company, explicitly advertises the trip from November 24 to 27 as a 'sex island experience'. The holiday is also labelled as 'drug friendly' over images of a young man being caressed in a bedroom by several girls amid a cloud of smoke.

The eight-month-old Shiba Inu puppy called Toko was left alone briefly with owner Anastasia Fai's Rockstud court shoes at their home in Melbourne and the puppy quickly devoured them.

One woman's gaffes that ruined her holiday in Rome

Steph Edri, from Michigan, is a seasoned traveller with years of experience - but a recent trip to Rome was still marred by poor decisions. Here, she dispenses some common-sense advice on how to get the best from a jaunt to the Italian capital. She's pictured at the Colosseum (top centre), the Vatican (bottom, centre) and Moro's Fountain (bottom right).

The footage of the squid making its way through the darkened waters was taken by staff on the Exploration Vessel Nautilus in the waters of the Quinalt Canyon near Washington.

Viewers in Northern America, Europe and Asia are in the best place to see the Draconids although those closer to the Equator may also be able to see few.

The stunning photos in new Rough Guides book You Are Here

If you don't have the energy to get up and see the world, fear not, because you can sit down with a cup of tea and see it through the eyes of talented travellers who've contributed to a new photography book. More than 300 images are included in new Rough Guides tome You Are Here, with subjects ranging from Turkish Kurdistan to Rainbow Mountain in Peru. The travel guidebook publisher , which turned 35 in May, ran a competition to create its latest release, with thousands of submissions pouring in. Pictured clockwise from top left: Tokyo, the Lake District, West Bengal, a woman smoking a cigar in Myanmar and (inset) Anglesey in Wales.

From the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen to the Statue of Liberty, tourists from around the world have expressed how various landmarks are much smaller than they'd envisaged.

Hawaii Four Seasons is where the A-listers go for luxury

Of all the press trips, of all the hotels, of all the countries: Hawaii Four Seasons took the biscuit. Hands down the best holiday I have ever been on in over ten years of writing travel features. In fact, the best holiday I have ever been on period. Nothing quite says quality like the Four Seasons - and we experienced it by the bucket load. Pictured is the view from the Penthouse Suit at Four Seasons, Oahu. Inset top right is a selfie taken from the infinity pool featuring myself, my girlfriend Lisa and our two new friends Brittany Daniel - the star of Sweet Valley High and her husband Adam on their honeymoon.

The British Airline Pilots' Association (Balpa) discovered that employees were asked to join a conference call if they could not make it to meetings discussing lay-offs.

China has just opened its first cross-island glass bridge to public in Hunan Province on September 30. The bridge can hold a maximum of 1200 people at one time.

Review of Le Pavillon des Lettres hotel in Paris

MailOnline Travel's Madlen Davies checks into the chic Pavillon des Lettres, where novels can be brought up to guests' rooms, like literary prescriptions. What's more, the hotel can arrange for a French teacher to give you classes so you can perfect the so-called language of love.

Lisa Felepchuk, 33, and her boyfriend Coleman Molnar, 31, were once at the top of their game in magazine publishing. But they gave it all up for a simple life on the road, where they now work.

Startling footage shows a fish lurching out of the water and revealing a mouth bigger than a fist

Some have eyes bigger than their belly, but this ravenous fish has a mouth that's bigger. Slow motion video footage from the shores of Florida shows a large silver tarpon being offered a fish by a man. As the sea creature lurches out of the water, it stretches its mouth as wide as the man's fist with its big eyes and gills on show.

The online gallery show cars left in the most unlikely of places, including one mounted on top of a pair of benches. Other snaps show drivers who have managed to miss their parking spaces.,

Meet the blonde pilot who's become an Instagram star

Netherlands-born Lindy Mariëlle Kats has amassed nearly 80,000 followers with her non-stop adventures both on-land and in the friendly skies. Her social media page is a constant stream of glamorous images, which show her commanding a Boeing 717, posing with colleagues and holidaying in the sun.

The swaddled corpse has been in Russia since long before the Bolshevik Revolution a century ago but the Hermitage Museum decided to learn more by conducting an tomographic scan.

Scuba Diving Magazine's underwater photo contest winners

Hold your breath and gear up for a magical underwater ride courtesy of these stunning photographs. Scuba Diving Magazine has announced the winners of its annual Through Your Lens underwater photo contest, with some incredible shots bobbing to the surface. Pictured from top left, clockwise: Seals off the coast of British Columbia in Canada, gannets diving in Scottish waters, a whale breaching in Tongo and a coconut octopus in Indonesia.

The predictions were made as part of research commissioned for the new C4 series Electric Dreams, which will bring to life the stories of American Philip K Dick, who created Blade Runner.

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Travelling to America on long haul flights could soon be a thing of the past for Australians with new supersonic jets predicted to slash flight times in half within 10 years.

Abandoned Canfranc station in the Pyrenees set to reopen

After years of neglect, Canfranc International Railway looks set to be revived with a £350million investment, which will transform its fate. If successful, the entire project could be finished - and accessible to the public - by 2022. That's almost 100 years after it was first opened in the presence of Spain's King Alfonso XIII in 1928.

The little boy was filmed grinning for the camera as the whale breached in front of him during an expedition with Nootka Wilderness Lodge on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Canada.

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Belgium nudist couple who've become internet sensations

If you're looking to pack light on your next holiday then this couple might convince you to shed an outfit or two. Nick and Lins from Belgian have been travelling around the world with just a smattering of clothes in a bid to explore nudism. Photos on their Instagram account @nakedwanderings show them enjoying a range of warm weather activities in the buff, from swimming in the sea to cartwheeling on the beach. Pictured: (From top left, clockwise to centre) Lins in Croatia, the couple striking some fun beach poses, playing scrabble in Malta and flying a flag in Croatia.

The world's very best museums have been revealed in a definitive new poll. And Manhattan's Metropolitan Museum of Art has scooped the top accolade - for the third consecutive year.

MailOnline's Sarah Fitzmaurice discovers that the Macq01 is the icing on the cake of Hobart's glitzy harbour area - but it doesn't let its guests forget the area's not-so-glamorous past...

Passengers who are on a flight which is heavily delayed or cancelled have the right to compensation under European law. We explain what how much you're entitled to and how to claim it.

Chris Orange captures the UK's most stunning islands

Acclaimed photographer Chris Orange has captured five of the UK's very best islands for a definitive autumn-themed collection. Ranging from the Holy Island of Lindisfarne to the Isle of Tiree - which is the most westerly island of the Inner Hebridees - the images illustrate the natural wonders of each. Other locations include Lundy Island, which is the largest island in the Bristol Channel, and the Isle of Lewis.

Created in 2010 by local designer Pino Brescia, Borgo Egnazia in Puglia, Italy, is like a picturesque village says The Mail on Sunday's Wendy Gomersall.

The Mail on Sunday is running an exclusive eight-day Secrets And Spies cruise on the Danube, with special guests including Sir Richard Dearlove and John Simpson.

In a bid to soak in the wild beauty of southern Sweden, The Mail on Sunday's Anna Melville-James decided to rent a motorhome for a family break.

A glimpse inside the new Lego house in Denmark

After seven years in the pipeline, Lego has finally opened its impressive flagship house in Billund, Denmark. The striking building consists of 21 white bricks stacked on top of each other and its facade is covered with tiles, giving the illusion that the whole building is made of Lego. Inside there are dozens of exhibits crafted from 25 million Lego bricks, including giant trees and a brigade of dinosaurs.

Eva and Tim Johnson spent more than £200,000 making the handcrafted tree-top structure in Eastbourne, which has four bedrooms, a fully working kitchen and a balcony.

A comprehensive new list has revealed the ten most popular options on Airbnb across the UK - as determined by the site's millions of users across the globe.

Despite being little-known to those outside of Cork, the historic Spike Island was declared the ultimate visitor experience at the World Travel Awards on Sunday.

The US carrier have recently launched America's shortest-ever commercial flight, which boasts a flying time of just sixteen minutes - from San Francisco to Santa Rosa.

Whitby couple quit jobs to turn bust-up bus into beach hut

With some grand designs up their sleeves, one travel-hungry couple have revealed how they went about converting a bust-up bus into their dream home on wheels. Amy Butler, 27, and David Laws, 33, quit their jobs in the Caribbean, moved back to Whitby in north England and spent £16,000 purchasing and renovating a 2005 Fiat Ducato mini bus into a beach hut-inspired abode. Pictured: (From top left, clockwise to centre) Amy removing seats from the bus, David sitting on the half-built bed frame, Amy reclining in the lounge area, showcasing the kitchen space and an exterior shot of the bus.

Mahshid Mazooji has gone viral after she danced the night away at Charlotte Douglas International Airport because she missed her connecting flight and was stranded overnight.

Stunning plans for elevated walk through Danish forest 

Appreciating nature usually requires little intervention from mankind. But a preserved forest in Denmark is currently undergoing a rather large modification - thanks to an architecture firm's plan to build an epic observation route 45 metres above the ground. Currently being constructed in Haslev's Camp Adventure resort, at the Gisselfeld Klosters Skove - one hour south of Copenhagen, The Treetop Experience is scheduled to open next year, attracting thousands of visitors. 

French officials saerch for couple to run remote island

More than twenty wannabe Robinson Crusoes have applied to live on a tiny mile-long windswept island off the coast of western France. The French government have been advertising for a new couple to look after Quéménès for several months and the successful applicants are soon to be announced. The current tenants, David and Soizic Cuisnier, have been living on the island for ten years but now they are heading back to the mainland to pursue a business in seaweed farming. Pictured: (From top left, clockwise to centre) The Cuisniers on the beach, the main house, a shot of one of the bedrooms, the kitchen interiors and an aerial shot of the island.

A French architect, 40, who was so fearful of pollution damaging the Western Pacific has created a dazzling vision for green builds - and could transform how resorts are designed.

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Ever wanted a hotel by the beach? The aptly-titled Sand hostel, in Australia's Gold Coast, goes one better: it's built entirely from 24 tonnes of local sand.

The Soviet predecessor to Concorde which disappeared

It was a race for the skies and the Soviets were winning, thanks to a dose of espionage and underground planning. On December 31, 1968, a Moscow-based aerospace company unveiled a high speed plane three months before Concorde's first test flight. Boasting the same narrow body and needle-like nose to its British-French competitor the Tupolev Tu-144 - masterminded by Soviet aerospace engineer A.N. Tupolev - wheeled out of a secret hangar and successfully completed a 38-minute trip. Pictured: (From top left, clockwise to centre) The plane interiors, an aerial shot, debris from a crash in 1973, aviation engineers and an exterior shot of the Tupolev Tu-144.

The breath-taking beauty of one of the UK's most iconic national parks has been captured in a stunning new book aimed at helping visitors make the most of their visits to the Peak District.

They are usually reserved for the super-rich. But yachting holidays could become the new normal after one British entrepreneur launched a boat-sharing business inspired by Airbnb.

The UK's most picturesque fishing villages revealed

From slick cities to national parks, the United Kingdom has countless geographic gems. And, with their narrow lanes, tiny harbours and cosy atmospheres, the coastline's historic fishing villages are among them. But with so many to choose from, which are the most stunning? And which offer the best views? Countryfile magazine has picked what it thinks is the ultimate top ten for your bucket list, including: North Devon's Clovelly (top left), Cornwall's Portloe (top right) and Mousehole (bottom left) and Fife's Crail (bottom right).

The 3,500-passenger Majestic Princess cruise line pulled up outside the Savoia Excelsior Palace hotel in Trieste, with The Mail on Sunday's Simon Heptinstall terrified by its size.

Employees across the carrier's East and West Coast routes can now choose between a variety of options designed to be inclusive - but the move has divided opinion.

The Drift Thelu Veliga Retreat, a new four-star resort in the Maldives, is the perfect spot to unwind says the Daily Mail's Kate Johnson.

400ft superyacht complete with a climate controlled garden

For green fingered billionaires, a nature-inspired 400ft superyacht has been unveiled at Monaco. Netherlands-based Sinot Yacht Design went about designing a vessel (inset centre) that allows passengers to experience the natural world while sailing on the high seas. Its 'Nature' yacht concept, which has a crew capacity of 50 and a guest capacity of 18, comes complete with a climate controlled garden with bedrooms looking into the leafy area (top left). Other perks include an impressive spiral staircase (bottom left) in the central area, a spa, a sea-level swimming pool (top right), a sleek roof deck (bottom right) and a lounge boasting floor-to-ceiling windows.

The world's first inflatable sanctuary has opened, this week - after research by found that 72 per cent of holidaymakers leave theirs behind.

Barcelona's Museu Marítim has been chosen as the first host of the Game of Thrones touring exhibition, opening on 28 October.

The world's most luxurious commercial jet launches

The Crystal Skye - a privately-owned converted Boeing 777-200LR run by U.S-based Crystal - boasts VIP treatment for all passengers. Each table in the dining room seats up to six people (top left), all 88 seats recline into flat beds (top right), there's plenty of lounge space in the bar (bottom right) and each seat offers huge amounts of leg room (bottom left). The new aircraft is an upgrade on Crystal's Boeing 777-200ER (shown inset).

'Wine Angels' are in charge of the cellar at Radisson Blu Zurich, which is a transparent 16 metre tower housing over 4,000 bottles of wine and champagne.

Engineer Jake Archer, 32, from Birmingham, works away from home at least once a month but is routinely irritated by budget hotels only having one plug socket that is nowhere near the bed.

Couple are trekking Australia with their one-year-old

Incredible images show Justin Jones, 34, from Sydney, and his wife Lauren, 37, from Seattle, with their daughter Morgan on their trip through the Australian bush (top left), where they've so far completed 621 out of a gruelling 1118-miles. The pair lug all of their belongings with them (top right), paddle in remote waters (bottom left) and sleep under the stars (bottom right).

Jack, 29, a freelance events specialist from Northampton, has spent the last decade visiting exotic spots all over the world with a string of mishaps along the way.

Intelligence, good looks, military training and a lust for adventure - meet the real life Prince Charming Will Gregor, an ex-Marine from Devon who quit the military to do up and old VW van and hit the road.

The winners of the AA Hospitality Awards 2017 revealed

EXCLUSIVE: They are considered the industry's gold-standard accolades - and MailOnline Travel can exclusively reveal the 2017 winners of AA's Hospitality Awards 2017. The annual ceremony took place at London's Grosvenor House Hotel today after a panel of judges travelled the country, where they sampled the nation's ultimate pubs, restaurants and hotels. As part of their research they tasted moreish morsels, slept in sumptuous surroundings and consumed a cocktail of beverages across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

The airport said that as part of the trial free tampons and pads would be available in toilets in the main check-in hall as well as domestic and international arrivals.

A new interface launched by the Chicago-based carrier will allow customers to enter how much compensation they expect in return for giving up their seats on overbooked flights.

British holidaymakers are snubbing the Balearic Island after a series of anti-tourist protests across Spain - the most recent of which saw 3,000 gather in Majorca's capital city, Palma.

Passengers were momentarily stranded in Indonesia's Kualanamu International Airport, this week, when thousands of bees descended on the craft.

If you've ever dreamed of travelling around the world in a motorhome, then the Mail on Sunday's Mary Hancock has got some top tips to help you have the ride of your life.

The Mail On Sunday's Stuart Forster celebrates Canada's 150th birthday with a trip along the Rocky Mountaineer train, which spans 372 miles from Vancouver to Banff.

Abu Dhabi-based long-haul carrier Etihad confirmed that the pilot onboard Flight No. EY927 from Abu Dhabi to Amsterdam 'became incapacitated' during the flight.

The new route, from Gatwick to Singapore, is now the world's longest operated by a low-cost airline, covering 6,764 miles using brand new, state-of-the-art Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft.

Meet the glamorous Russian gown-wearing globetrotter

While sun cream and guide books might be travel essentials for many, this stylish globetrotter won't go anywhere without a dramatic ball gown in tow. Nina Okhotina, 28, a blogger from Moscow, Russia, has amassed more than 76,000 Instagram followers with her fashion-savvy travel photos. Each time the blonde stops at a new destination, she slips into a glamorous outfit and poses for a fairytalesque snap. Pictured: (From top left, clockwise) Nina pictured in Venice, on a bridge in the mountains of Russia, in front of the Moscow State University and by the water's edge in India for sunrise.

The Mail On Sunday's Giles Milton explores some of Paris's hidden depths, including a taxidermy shop and the city's menagerie.

The Mail On Sunday's Simon Heptinstall takes a break from his sunlounger to undertake a mini-mission exploring the largest Greek island.

The Bangkok restaurant serving INSECTS to fearless diners

They are usually the stuff of travel nightmares - or reality TV shows. But, according to one Thai restaurant, eating creepy-crawlies is the new food of choice for hipsters in the country's capital city. The adventurous eatery in question, called Insects in the Backyard, claims to be Bangkok's first fine-dining menu of its kind - and is popular with both locals and tourists alike.

The Mail on Sunday's Bridget McGrouther felt a definite buzz when she stepped aboard NCL Norwegian Jade for a two-day mini-voyage. Here, she explains why.

Pandora: The World Of Avatar is the latest attraction built by Disney - with the help of film-maker James Cameron - in its vast Florida resort. And it's out of this world.

Stunning images depict twentieth century life in Catalonia

It is currently a region in flux. But, long before the referendum caused Catalonia to make the headlines, the northeastern Spanish spot enjoyed much simpler times - as a rare collection of stunning images have proved, this week. Unearthed ahead of the much-publicised independence vote, which is set to happen on 1 October, a collection of postcards from the 1980s and beyond depict a more sedate era. 

The Daily Mail's Inspector called in at the newly-renovated Dunstane House in Edinburgh, where he was pleasantly surprised by the stylish, modern interiors and nods to local heritage.

Planning a getaway this year? Ensure your holiday is as memorable as possible with the newest and most exciting launches, including the world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge.

Studio used by Oasis to record debut LP now a holiday let

The Sawmills Studio, in Cornwall, was once a popular place for Oasis, The Stone Roses, Supergrass and Duran Duran to create their hits. But, more than 20 years after the release of Definitely Maybe, its owners have made it available to music fans for £1,000 per weekend.

Gastronomy was never on the menu during previous trips to the Basque Country in Northern Spain, but it is now, says The Mail on Sunday's Max Wooldridge. 

Other cities have history, architecture and fine cuisine, but few can share Valletta's year-round warm climate, says The Mail On Sunday's Mostyn Rees.

The wizard tastes of Oz: Kathy Lette's foodie odyssey

Author Kathy Lette recently returned to her homeland for a bold culinary adventure - and met some adorable animals along the way. Her trip included a visit to The Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne's trendy Attica restaurant and The Great Ocean Road.

The i Hotel, located in Taiwan's Taoyuan City, serves up two top-end gaming rigs, DXRacer chairs, 32in TV monitors and extra-wide desks for its guests.

Freddy Gray enjoyed a family holiday to the Welsh countryside with his three children - and was stunned by the beauty and scale of it all.

Indonesia's sublime Bintan Island is a haven for all

Siobhan Warwicker got close to local wildlife on Indonesia's Riau Archipelago, where she stayed at the luxury Banyan Tree Bintan resort - alongside turtles, bats and cheeky monkeys, who are all part of the experience.

Its been more than two years in the making. But visitors to Northern Ireland can finally enjoy Belfast's stunning new Titanic Hotel, which officially opened for business, last weekend.

The photos are from a new book, The Hebrides, by the BBC's Paul Murton. They underscore why Scotland was crowned the most beautiful country in the world by Rough Guide readers.

Archaeologists have discovered proof that shows how the Egyptians transported 2½-ton blocks of limestone and granite from 500 miles away to build the tomb of Pharaoh Khufu in about 2,600 BC.

Inspired by a brand new book, The Mail On Sunday's Gareth Huw Davies explores disused railway routes on foot.

Exploring the hidden gems of the Cote d'Azur

There's far more to the Cote d'Azur than Marseille, Nice and Saint-Tropez, as Ted Thornhill finds out when he explores charming Hyeres (top left) and its stunning islands. He discovers one of the best beaches on the continent on the island of Porquerolles (main, with a further example of its turquoise waters bottom right), a beautifully rustic harbour at Port-Cros (top right) and stays in a stunning Airbnb with views to the sea (bottom left).

Clearly distinguishable in their calf-length habits and wimples, sisters are seen out and about in various locations, from the Philippines to Lisbon and America.

Images have emerged on Imgur of men around the world wantonly risking their lives for the sake of completing a manual task. And having fun in a most hazardous manner.

Getting travel insurance can be a big challenge if you have a so-called pre-existing medical condition, says the Mail on Sunday's Fred Mawer.

If you are a wine-lover, gardener or fan of Andre Rieu, there is a river cruise for you. The Mail on Sunday's Caroline Hendrie rounds up what's new and special for 2018.

The golden sands of China's Hainan Island are the new go-to beaches, writes Michael Stuart-Thomas.

Holiday-makers planning trips to Spain can expect to pay an extra ten per cent in 2018, Chief executive Peter Fankhauser told the BBC's Today programme.

History of the world’s deadliest volcano in Indonesia

It has been over 200 years since Mount Tambora in Indonesia erupted violently, resulting in death and disorder on a global scale. Here MailOnline Travel reveals the devastating, but fascinating, history of the blast and details how Mount Tambora can be visited today, with tourists able to hike along the rim (bottom right) and even descend into the crater.


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