RadioListings is an episode guide to the speech based programmes broadcast by the BBC - there are details for some musical programmes, and some listings for other stations, but the main focus is on scripted speech.

It started as text file to keep track of the programmes I'd recorded onto cassettes, then grew into a site on AngelFire when I wanted to learn HTML, and became a sprawling badly designed monster shortly after.

Currently there are details for 48268 programmes (661851 episodes), ranging from 1949 (Much Binding In The Marsh) to the present day, though the bulk of it is from 1997 onwards when the BBC put their schedules online. The main index is the programme name; there is one for the 62 cast and crew names I've identified, and one for the broadcast date, but these are incomplete and in need of some improvement.

Programmes repeated on BBC Radio 7 Radio 7 Radio 4 Extra are matched to their original broadcast where possible.

The database is updated weekly and revised daily, the content of the web pages is rewritten on a similar schedule. The layout changes as the mood takes me. The majority of the data is from a feed provided by the BBC (see the Copy right Statement link in the footer for details) though additional information from people on either side of the speaker grille is always welcomed, and can be sent to me at

Note that no programmes are available from these pages, not for downloading or listening - where possible I've added links to Amazon UK and Amazon US in the form of an image in the episode details - if you follow a link to them and make a purchase, then I'll get a commission.

By the way, I'm Paul Wells, but you may have seen me post as PAW.


What's the most recent RadioListings news?

  • October 2013 Sorry for not updating the site, fixing bugs, or responding to emails - there's been a lot of real life things happening this year, with most recently the death of my mother in June and my father in September. And with that loss went any reason to visit the city I grew up in.
    Tomorrow I'll be on my first real vacation for two year, and after that then there's a lot of normality I've got to get back into, which may even include fixing the cast list index.
  • And here's a page of older news

Cancer News

In September 2009 I had a colonoscopy - and a tumour was found. Yep, colon cancer.

Less than a month later I'd been operated on, and after that came a six month course of chemo.

I get regular checks now, and it looks like I'm clean - but I'm leaving this on the home page to tell you that if you are supposed to have a colonoscopy, then get one, don't feel embarrassed about it - if I'd put it off I probably would have lived just another five years.