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Why Hospitality and Retail Brands Trust SocialMetric

“… Exceeded the KPIs by 100% …”

Maybelline Tan

Pernod Ricard Singapore Pte Ltd

Pernod Ricard Singapore wanted to increase their brand impressions through fan acquisition to promote their new product. Using our C3 System, we identified the market’s persona and created branded content that their market consumed and shared. The end outcome was a 100% increment in the Client’s KPIs.

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Measurable Social Media Marketing Case Studies

Learn how hospitality and retail clients implemented measurable enagement and social media marketing into their organization to achieve business objectives.

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“Showed Us the Dollars and Cents of ROI”

The team (at SocialMetric) quantified the value of each fan, and showed us the dollars and cents of ROI we got from our social media campaign.

Gordon Lee

General Manager, Home-Fix DIY Pte Ltd


“High Response in the First Week Alone Surpassed Our Expectations”

SocialMetric helped us revamp and launch new initiatives for our Facebook page. The high response in the first week alone surpassed our expectations! No regrets working with SocialMetric. Keep up the good work!

Mikki Seng

Marketing Manager, Wacoal Singapore


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