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'Son of Concorde' private supersonic jet takes to skies

The jet is an early unmanned prototype of the company's 18 passenger S-512 Quiet Supersonic Jet, and the firm says the tests were a 'huge success'. It hopes to have the S-512 aircraft flying by early 2021, with customer deliveries beginning in 2023. The S-512 will seat up to 22 passengers, with a range of 6200 miles and a cruise speed of Mach 1.6, saving 50% on flight times.

Researchers at Concordia University designed a system that optimizes indoor conditions including air quality, temperature and lighting based on the preferences of each office worker.

The firm has revealed it will start building its videoconferencing app, called Duo, into Androi, and the Video call option will appear in Phone, Contacts, and Android Messages apps.

The University of Queensland study found that the species may have competed for resources with the ancestors of modern kangaroos, which may have led to the fanged kangaroos' demise.

The team, from Cardiff University and Stockholm University, found that around 10 per cent of total methane emissions from the Baltic Sea may be due to clams and worms.

The clock, called MELLA, is designed to regulate a child's sleeping patterns by acting as a nightlight and playing relaxing sounds to help children fall asleep quickly, including rain, white noise or the ocean.

The two firm's sales shares for the three months ending in August were virtually tied at 35.2 percent and 35.0 percent respectively, according to Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

The active ingredient in magic mushrooms may help depressed patients' brains to 'reboot,' an Imperial College London study shows. Participants reported immediate and lasting improvements.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that all 2018 iPhone models will move to Face ID, according to 9to5Mac. Kuo also predicted that the iPad Pro would gain Face ID next year.

House-sized asteroid that came 'damn close' to Earth this week may not miss our planet on its return visit in 2079

Following yesterday's pass, the asteroid's next 'close-approaches' to Earth will take place in 2019, 2050 and 2079. And while 2012 TC4 is expected to miss our planet in 2019 and 2050, experts say that in 2079 we may not be so lucky. Rudiger Jehn, a mission analyst at the European Space Agency, said: 'We know today that it will also not hit the Earth in the year 2050, but the close flyby in 2050 might deflect the asteroid such that it could hit the Earth in the year 2079.' The odds of an impact 62 years from now are now placed at about one in 750.

Hyatt Hotels revealed to its customers Thursday that they had discovered unauthorized access to payment card information at certain Hyatt-managed locations between March 18, 2017 and July 2, 2017.

Qualcomm Inc filed lawsuits in China, seeking to halt the manufacture and sale of Apple Inc's iPhones in the country, Bloomberg reported on Friday.

The 'Noah' bots (pictured) distribute supplies in the Guangzhou Women and Children's Hospital in the capital of South China’s Guangdong Province.

Complaints about troublesome turkeys have surged in Boston and its suburbs over the past three years, causing headaches for police and health officials called to handle problems

Twitter has deleted massive amounts of user data that might have helped federal investigators track Russia's role in spreading propaganda aimed at destabilizing the U.S. election system last year.

EXCLUSIVE: South Korean scientists discovered men taking the male pattern baldness drug finasteride, used by US President Donald Trump, slashed their PSA levels by a third.

Researchers from Kyoto University in Japan working in the Mahale mountains of Tanzania were shocked to witness a male carry a seconds-old infant chimp into the bush to devour it (stock)

The K118 fidget spinner phone was designed by Hong Kong-based Chilli International, and is available in six colours. It features a small one inch (2.5cm) screen and keyboard,

Disabled grandmother, 80, finds fame after Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg tells the world she's 'awesome' for travelling the world from her living room using an Oculus Rift headset

Dorothy Howard (main image) spent £400 ($530) on an Oculus Rift kit to use at her home in Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire, after she was forced to pull out of her annual coach holiday to a knitting convention. Mrs Howard, who suffers from spinal problems and arthritis, now uses the virtual reality kit to 'visit' exotic destinations across the globe (first-person view pictured bottom left). Zuckerberg, who bought the Oculus for more than $2 billion (£1.52 billion) in 2014, described Mrs Howard adventures at a recent technology conference in Seattle (top left).


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US troops in Pacific War revealed in re-colorized photos

The harrowing photos show US soldiers attempting to navigate their tanks and 4x4s through difficult jungle terrain in Papua New Guinea and a marine using a flamethrower on a Japanese position in the Philippines. And electrician Royston Leonard, 55, from Cardiff, Wales, who spent time restoring the pictures, believes the pictures give an accurate portrayal of the struggle faced by American troops in the Pacific theatre. The unexpected Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941 signalled the start of the Pacific War and the USA's involvement in WWII. Pictured, marines firing on a nest of Japanese snipers in Guam in 1944 (left); marines setting up artillery in the Solomon Islands (top right); a camouflaged Japanese bomber destroyed during a low-level attack in Papua New Guinea in 1942/43 (bottom right).

Facebook on Friday launched a service through which its US users can order food for take-away or delivery directly through its app. Restaurant partners include Chipotle, Jack in the Box and Five Guys.

The disaster for the colony in Terre Adelie in East Antarctica was down to unusually sea ice late in the summer, which meant penguins had to travel further for food and the chicks starved.

From questions about the periodic table to puzzlers regarding protons and neutrons, cast your eyes over the below questions, write down your answers and see how well you scored...

Scientists from the Max Planck Institute in Bonn, Germany, measured a star-forming region in the Milky Way 66,000 light-years away, doubling the previous galactic distance measurement record.

A research team led by the University of Leeds analysed what they refer to as 'mimetic Martin water', to better understand how liquid water could exist in sub-zero temperatures on the surface of Mars.

Baltimore-based company ZeroFOX has found 532 fake social accounts - including ones on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube - and is warning people to be extremely vigilant.

The Sentinel-5P satellite launched from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome on board a ballistic missile at 10:37 BST (05:37 EST) today.

With more and more retailers looking into how artificial intelligence can affect our shopping habits, Unity Blott dons an EEG headset to track her brain's response to different items.

The 'transformer' robot set to go to war in the Ukraine next year: Phantom can be fitted with everything from machine guns to anti-tank missiles

Ukrainian military officials have unveiled an adaptable war robot that can switch up its mode of travel, and even the type of weapons it carries. The Phantom ground robot can be fitted with tank-like treads, or move about on six wheels – and, it can carry anti-tank weapons, grenade launchers, or machine guns, according to DefenseOne . The robot was demonstrated on Monday at the Association of the US Army show in Washington, D.C., and could hit the battlefield as soon as next year.

Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences took DNA from the thighbone of the Tianyuan Man, named after the cave where he was found, 35 miles (56 km) southwest of Beijing.

Researchers at the Institute of Science and Technology in Austria found in cases where two ant-queens founded a colony together the surviving queen would bury the corpse.

Dr Konstantin Batygin, a planetary astrophysicist at Caltech in Pasadena, whose team is closing in on finding Planet Nine, says there is now enough evidence to assume the mysterious world exists.

Researchers from the Technical University in Vienna have developed the new idea for a cloaking technology that involves disrupting the way that light waves pass through opaque objects.

Brown made the provocative remark on Thursday in Frankfurt, Germany where he was promoting his new novel, 'Origin', the fifth outing for 'symbology' professor Robert Langdon.

The ride-hailing app filed documents at Westminster Magistrates' Court today opposing the ruling, with a hearing now expected on December 11.

The move is part of a trial by Essex County Council and care company Essex Cares Limited that will see 40 OAPs in Essex communicating with their carers over Skype.

Arabian show horse described as 'horrific' by experts

Pedigree Arabian show horses are bred to have a concave face, arching neck and high tail. Dating back 3,000 years, veterinarians are increasingly worried about the practice of extreme breeding, predominately seen in cats and dogs, that is starting to be seen with this type of horse, pictured. This is the latest subject of an article by the British Equine Veterinary Association, who has condemned the practice, following the birth of a horse in the US named El Rey Magnum.

Researchers from the University of Surrey, commissioned by the National Trust, used brain imaging to demonstrate how meaningful places impact our emotional and physical wellbeing.

The new analysis of Cassini’s data reveals how the craft behaved as it plunged into the ringed planet it had studied for the past 13 years – and, the team now says it ‘did everything we asked of it.’

A Dutch startup is training rows to drop cigarette butts in a 'Crowbar,' which scans the item to confirm it's a cigarette butt, and then gives the crow a food reward to reinforce the behavior.

NASA researchers found that the 2015-2016 El Niño made it more difficult for plants to suck up man-made carbon emissions and sparked fires that released more carbon into the atmosphere.

Experts at the University of East Anglia claim that the combined tone of supporter tweets during football games is a better predictor of match outcomes than betting site in-play odds.

Alphabet Inc's Waymo sought at least $1 billion in damages and a public apology from Uber Technologies as conditions for settling its high-profile trade secret lawsuit - which Uber rejected.

The EU-backed project at one of the world's largest geothermal power plants in Hellisheidi, Iceland, will capture CO2 from ambient air for permanent storage underground.

Arabic text 'Allah' uncovered in Viking burial clothing

Researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden working to recreate textile patterns found in Viking woven bands (left) discovered that they contained Kufic characters rather than the assumed Viking patterns (right). Both Allah and Ali, the cousin and son-in-law of Muhammed, the prophet of Islam, are mentioned in the text. Researchers believe the find could point to similarities between the Viking and Muslim view of the afterlife.

The new ring, developed by researchers at the University of California, San Diego, is designed to be affordable and portable, to provide rapid alerts of any possible security threats nearby.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia designed the earthquake-resistant material, which will be used as part of a retrofit of a Vancouver elementary school.

Elon Musk's Tesla is recalling 11,000 Model X SUVs worldwide because their rear seats might not lock into place and could move forward in a crash.

The U.S. Border Patrol is considering another type of surveillance balloon that can be quickly moved to spot illegal activity, part of an effort to see if more eyes in the sky translate to fewer illegal crossings.

Equifax said on Thursday it has taken one of its customer help web pages offline as its security team looks into reports of another potential cyber breach at the credit reporting company.

This May 3, 2017, photo shows the Target logo on a store in Upper Saint Clair, Pa. Target is jumping into voice-activated shopping as it deepens its relationship with Google, offering thousands of items found in the store except for perishables like fruit and milk. The move is happening as Google says shopping will be available later in 2017 through Google Assistant on iPhone and Android phones, joining its Google Home device and Android TV. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

Target is jumping into voice-activated shopping as it deepens its relationship with Google, offering thousands of items found in the store except for perishables like fruit and milk.

Elon Musk reveals the massive robotic stamping machines building the firm's make or break Model 3

Elon Musk has shared another look at Tesla’s Model 3 robots in action. In a new video posted to Instagram, the electric car-maker has revealed the firm’s massive stamping machine, which works in tandem with two robotic arms to swap out the body panels. The footage shows how each precisely-timed mechanism fits into the task, with one arm even appearing to just narrowly escape being crushed with each turn.

Researchers from UC Santa Cruz analysed bone fragments from the ancient skeletal remains of five people, which were excavated in the 1980s,to make their discovery.

MIT researchers have developed a model to simulate albatross flight, and have used it to identify the optimal flight pattern that an albatross should take in order to harvest the most wind and energy.

A host of Bronze Age items have been found near the top of Switzerland's Lötschberg pass, which at its highest point reaches 2,700 metres (8,800 ft) above sea level.

Researchers from the University of Bern found women are able to smell who will make a good father for their children, but men prefer the whiff of fertile females.

Researchers from the University of Grenoble in France found that women from various cultures with more contrasting eyes and lips look younger.

Researchers at Princeton University found that mothers use a different timbre when addressing their newborns. They do this so that their babies learn to recognize their mothers from birth.

From cool, dark booths at Creech Air Force Base in Indian Springs, Nevada, pilots work closely with teams of intelligence analysts who sift streams of real-time data transmitted by the drones.

Richard Branson's Virgin Group has partnered with Los Angeles-based Hyperloop One, which is developing a method of firing passengers in pods through low-pressure tubes at high speed.

NASA finishes tests on engines to power its megarocket

NASA has completed flight preparations for the four engines of the massive mega-rocket that could one day carry astronauts to Mars. According to the space agency, the engines are now ready to be integrated into the rocket’s core stage – the largest ever built. The enormous rocket, dubbed the Space Launch System (SLS), will fly with the Orion spacecraft’s Exploration Mission-1 in 2019, in an unmanned test journey ahead of future crewed missions.

A North Dakota State University researcher says that cyberattackers may find it attractive to embed malicious software in the physical world, waiting for unsuspecting people to scan it with a smartphone.

China’s Five hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) has detected two rapidly rotating stars, known as pulsars, according to the National Astronomical Observatories of China.

Researchers at the University of Nottingham had almost given up on Jeremy's chances for children, but they found he had produced offspring last week.

The Copenhagen-based European Environment Agency found 520,400 premature deaths in 41 European countries were caused by air pollutants from fossil fuels in 2014.

Binatone, a British telecommunications firm based in London, has been licenced by Moto to create the Binatone Blade based on the Motorola RAZR.

Researchers from the University of East Anglia have warned about the dangers of unregulated chemicals like dichloromethane that are used heavily in industrial East Asia.

Pornhub's new service uses computer vision to scan videos and pinpoint the distinct faces, with the ability to differentiate between over 10,000 pornstars from the company’s database.

Russia reveals the latest version of its real-life 'Stormtrooper' armor complete with exoskeleton, smart helmet and watch that can withstand a nuclear blast

The high-tech suit includes an exo-skeleton, designed to boost strength and stamina, body armour and even a watch capable of surviving a nuclear blast. The all-black kit also has a Stormtrooper-style helmet with a tinted glass visor and a mini task light poking out of the side. The Ratnik kit comprises five integrated systems that include life support, command and communication, engaging, protection and energy saving subsystems.

The prestigious institution has released its annual batch of sample questions potential students may have to face, as part of its ongoing attempts to demystify the application process.

The creature, affectionately named Baldy, was brought to Hessilhead Wildlife Sanctuary after concerned residents found her in a garden in Duntocher, Scotland.

Land Rover has revealed its first ‘green’ plug-in electric hybrid car - the Range Rover Sport P400e - which will hit the road next year with a claimed 101mpg.

Researchers from the Parco Faunistico di Piano dell'Abatino animal sanctuary in Italy observed a new mother carrying her dead infant for weeks, before eating its mummified remains.

Multiple reports have claimed it has taken more time to assemble the TrueDepth 3D camera's system's so-called 'Romeo' module than the 'Juliet' module.

British tomatoes will be available all year round with a move to grow them under LED lights in vast greenhouses through the winter.

Roger Jepson braved days of downpours hoping to photograph an otter but was instead rewarded with pictures of a unique meteorological event over Fishnish Port on the Isle of Mull.

Researchers from the University of Melbourne, Australia, studied if mindfulness and meditation helped physical and mental health. They found no evidence that the practices were beneficial.

Researchers from Rice University in Texas developed anodes with porous carbon made from asphalt that was exceptionally stable after more than 500 charge-discharge cycles.

Researchers from Imperial College London have discovered cosmic dust in chalk samples from the white cliffs of Dover. They also say dust can be used to trace the location of water-rich asteroids.

The video is based on a study from Rutgers University, New Jersey, which showed that a group of 11-month-old children could watch snakes without showing signs of fear.

Rosalind Franklin's name was added to a plaque at The Eagle pub in Cambridge honouring James Watson and Francis Crick for discovering the DNA double helix.

Facebook and Twitter will be made to reveal the true scale of online hate, with Culture Secretary Karen Bradley calling for the sites to live up to face their responsibilities regarding cyberbullying and trolling.

Chunks of plastic have been found on remote frozen ice floes just 1,000 miles from the North Pole, the first such find in an area previously inaccessible because of sea ice.

This historic footage shows how the Soviet Union detonated a nuclear bomb underground to extinguish a fire in a natural gas field in Uzbekistan in September 1966.

The detailed images captured by instruments aboard NASA’s Landsat 8 show the widening gap between the main shelf and the ice berg, with a thin layer of loose, floating ice in between.

This is the terrifying moment a mother spider releases dozens of her tiny babies she was hiding on her back. It was captured on camera in Georgia, U.S.A. by a man and his son.

This is the moment a gang of chimpanzees dethrone their alpha male - by attacking him (pictured) and leaving him bloodied on the ground. It was seen at Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania.

The jagged geological ridges are found at the highest altitudes on Pluto's surface, near its equator, and can soar many hundreds of feet into the sky – as high as a New York City skyscraper.

Samuel Payler, a doctoral candidate at the UK Centre for Astrobiology at the University of Edinburgh, was among five other researchers who entered the dome in Hawaii back in January.

NASA has published a stunning image captured by Osiris-Rex during its travels, showing our planet in breathtaking detail. Australia, California and southwestern US can all be seen in the photo.

NASA's ‘damage proxy map’ was created using satellite data captured before and after the storm made landfall, and covers an area of 105 by 60 miles around the capital city, San Juan.

The video, taken in June of 1961, shows Hal Graham - a Buck Rogers fan and pilot of the rocket belt - strapping himself in before attempting to fly over Buffalo’s Niagara Falls Boulevard.

The plastic suits, crafted by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, start out flat, but when heated fold over the robot to transform it into a specialised machine.

Close contact between the hominin Parathropus boisei and our ancestors was common around sources of water, such as Kenya's Lake Turkana, providing the perfect opportunity for infection.

The 27th annual Ig Nobel awards were announced last night at Harvard University in Boston, with winners including the scientists who discovered that old men really do have big ears.

An ancient skeleton discovered in a Mexican cave could be one of the earliest examples of human settlement in the Americas. Isotopic analysis has dated it back to 13,000 years ago.

Dr Jurgen Otto spotted the five new species of spider on his travels through Western Australia, including the Jotus auripes spider, which has almost holographic bristles at the front.

Facebook and Instagram are down in parts of the US, UK, Brazil, Japan, India and parts of Europe, sparking a hilarious social media meltdown with people comparing it to the 'end of the world'.

The eye-catching ancient jewellery was discovered on the skeletons of female invaders from the nomadic Xiongnu warrior people who lived by the Yenisei River in remote Tuva republic.

Life-like robot Sophia, created by Hanson robotics, made a surprise appearance at a UN technology event in New York as a panellist.

Facebook user Nicole Coulthard sparked heated debates in homes around the world when she posted this picture of a pair of trainers that look either grey and aqua or pink and white.

A tower of human skulls unearthed beneath the heart of Mexico City has raised new questions about the culture of human sacrifice of women and children in the Aztec Empire.

A stunning new map from Imgur user Fejetlenfej shows the complex network of rivers and streams in the contiguous United States, highlighting the massive expanse of basins across the country.