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National high-tech enterprise

        Xuchuan Chemical (Suzhou) Co.Ltd was established in 2007,specializes in producing polyester polyols,PU resin for shoe sole, PU resin for synthetic leather, PU adhesive, PU melting adhesive, waterborne PU resin and non-solvent PU resin. As a leading PU resin producer in China, we have four production sites located in Taicang, Kunshan, Lishui and Wenzhou, also a PU resin R&D center in Suzhou Headquarter. Xuchuan Chemical aims to be one of the most professional PU producer in China, we are committed to provide our customers with qualified products and sustainable innovation.




Comprehensive strength of super team

       The company sticks to the principle of technological innovation. Resin R&D center has 90 professional research personnel, two of whom have doctor’s degree (with an overseas returnee), and 10 of whom have master’s degree. They form an outstanding group with high technology, rich practical experience and appropriate division. It establishes the foundation for technological innovation and industrialization.