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The Benefits of Weighted Blankets for Alzheimer’s Disease


The onset of an individual’s Alzheimer’s disease can be a difficult time for the entire family. Typically, the deterioration of the afflicted becomes noticeable when they begin repeating themselves, forget to perform everyday tasks, and have trouble putting names and faces of family members together.

Most common in people over 65 years old, the dementia can cause mood swings, confusion, and stress. While the disease is currently incurable, as a caregiver you can help the sufferer feel comfortable and secure.

Giving the patient a Mosaic Weighted Blanket® provides comfort through the naturally pleasant feeling of being held. Many have described the added weight in our blankets as feeling like a hug. Being able to give your loved one a “hug,” even if you aren’t there physically, will help the afflicted person relax through the transition.

Often as dementia progresses, insomnia can become an issue. Sleeping for one or two hours during the night, then awakening only to wander around the house, is a common experience. Sometimes even medications can cause sleep disturbances for the ill.

Whatever the reason, those with Alzheimer’s disease benefit from the sleep-inducing qualities of a Mosaic Weighted Blanket®. Weighted enough to give deep pressure touch stimulation without being too heavy to remove on their own, Mosaic Weighted Blankets® may assist with a full night’s rest for the individual and peace of mind for caregivers.

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