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Travel addict Leanne Melody reveals top travel tips

'Professional wanderer' Leanne Melody has trekked through more than 28 countries. Here, FEMAIL takes a look at her top tricks, including how to pack like a pro, style a bum bag so it doesn't scream 'tourist', and how score that all important upgrade on your next flight.

Woman accused of killing husband's search history revealed

The online search history of a mother-of-three who is accused of killing her husband included 'getting away with murder', police will allege. Natasha Darcy-Crossman has been charged with the murder of her husband Mathew Dunbar (together main) in Walcha, New South Wales. Mr Dunbar, 42, was found dead at his multimillion-dollar sheep farm on Thunderbolts Way on August 2. Ms Darcy-Crossman, 42, has been charged with his murder, and police allege her Google search history includes the term 'the science of getting away with murder', according to the police facts sheet as reported by the Daily Telegraph. Other searches police allege Ms Darcy-Crossman (inset) undertook included '99 undetectable poisons', if 'helium showed up in an autopsy', 'murder by injection', 'helium filled exit bag', 'euthanasia device', 'suicide/suffocation/helium' and 'arsenic'. Police allege she staged the suicide of her husband after putting drugs and sedatives in his food, then putting a plastic bag on his head and pumping helium into the bag from a canister. 

Alexandra Abrahams, 41, of Bromley, turned up to her job interview smartly dressed. Her potential boss, 28, was in a casual, bohemian frock. But it wasn't just their dresses that clashed.

Daily Mail News Tips Daily Mail News Tips

A new quiz from Playbuzz puts your numeracy skills to the test with 15 fiendishly tricky questions - and according to its creator just three per cent of the population will get a perfect score.

The volcano began erupting black ash and smoke 700m above its peak just after 5pm local time, but authorities say its alert level remains unchanged.

A high school teacher at an elite girls' school in Victoria has been charged with possessing child pornography. The 30-year-old maths teacher was arrested last week.

Man who terrorised Bourke Street mall with a gun is jailed

The man who walked through Bourke Street Mall carrying a gun and wearing tactical gear has been jailed. Aaron John Purvis, 27, (pictured) was sentenced to 12 months jail in Melbourne on Tuesday. The former security guard was spotted wearing a tactical vest in January, just days after six people died following a car rampage. It was later revealed Mr Purvis was unlicensed to carry the gun when he was photographed.

Belinda Van Krevel WANTED for arrest after court no show

Australia's 'most evil woman' is wanted after failing to show up for court on Tuesday to be sentenced for stealing and drug offences. Belinda Van Krevel (left, inset and bottom right), 37, was due to be sentenced after she stole a red handbag and a wallet from an elderly woman, in a brazen robbery near Wollongong, earlier this year. But after she failed to show up to Wollongong Local Court, on Tuesday a magistrate convicted her of both the stealing offences, and also issued a warrant for her arrest. Van Krevel masterminded the murder of her father Jack in August 2000, sitting with a child in the room next door as her boyfriend hacked him to death. Once dubbed 'Belinda Van Evil', she served four years in prison for her role in her father's death, and may soon find herself behind bars if police can hunt her down.

Made you look! Woman struts through a mall in nothing but a thong, pasties, and a BODY PAINT outfit to see if other shoppers would spot her saucy get-up 

Model Maria Luciotti was given a faux pair of jeans and a shirt by body paint artist Jen Seidel before they headed to a mall in Towson, Maryland. Several shoppers did double-takes when they realized what the model was definitely not wearing, with some creepier observers taking out their phones. The video has been viewed more than 200,000 times in just three days.

Twitter and Facebook users show off badass credentials

The hilarious collection of images, circulated on social media, shows would-be rebels trying to impress their online followers by flouting the rules with toe-curling consequences. Clockwise from top left: A threatening hoodie proves an odd choice for a day at Disneyland; a Facebook user is teased over his 'hardcore' status; one man shows off his bloodied hand in a desperate attempt to intimidate his online followers; a Facebooker hilariously boasts about his go-getting attitude; a woman practises her 'mugshot' despite not having been arrested; and a horse owner shows off her equestrian credentials with a cringeworthy t-shirt.

The Australian retail giant, which currently runs close to 1,019 stores, has endured a six-year slide in earnings and needed to rid themselves of the debt-collecting shops.

The singer began her career in the early eighties.And before her big break, Madonna posed nude for a shoot with photographer Cecil I. Taylor.

Schoolies snapped sitting on the edge of balconies

Numerous schoolies seen sitting on the railings of high-rise balconies on the Gold Coast or perilously close to the edge during pre-drinks before heading out to party for the weeklong end of exams celebrations. Several schoolies were snapped sitting on the ledge of a balcony at least nine floors above the ground (inset), after others were seriously injured from falling in previous years. Schoolies posted footage to Snapchat of themselves taking LSD and inhaling nangs, dozens were arrested for drug possession, and a $1 million MDMA shipment meant to be sold to revellers was intercepted.

Michelle Bridges shares inside snaps of healthy fridge

She admittedly once wrestled a cookie out of her toddler son's hands at his first birthday party. So it's no surprise that there was no junk food in sight in a candid snap showing the inside of Michelle Bridges' home refrigerator. The former Biggest Loser trainer took to Instagram on Tuesday to show fans a '100% uninterrupted unstylised photo' of her fridge and as expected, it was completely free of sugary treats and instead packed with fat-burning fruits and vegetables.

Chris Hemsworth took some well-earned time out with his children and his brother Luke on Sunday, following the successful release of Thor: Ragnarok.

The 27-year-old actress talked about the invasive experience as she said she is 'still actually processing it' on an episode of The Hollywood Reporter's Awards Chatter Podcast.

Sydney teen charged after he vandalised Scott Marsh murals

A 16-year-old has been charged with vandalism after defacing murals in Sydney. The teen was seen painting over a George Michael mural in Erskinville on Monday night (left and right, after being defaced). Artist Scott Marsh painted the iconic mural to honor the late singer and gay icon. Mr Marsh's artwork has been targeted by vandals over the last week, including a provocative mural in Newtown.

Prison guards at Sydney's privately operated Parklea Correctional Centre have been accused of smuggling contraband such as mobile phones to inmates via nightly meal trays.

America's last iron lungs: Polio survivors whose life saving-equipment is repaired by CAR MECHANICS after insurers stopped covering them 13 years ago

Paul Alexander, 70, of Dallas, is one of just a handful of people around the world who still relies on an iron lung to help him breathe. Today, he spends almost every moment in the device after contracting polio as a five-year-old in 1952. But he faced a crisis in 2015 when the machine began to malfunction. With no support from the manufacturers, his insurance companies, and parts only rarely available at great cost, he put out a YouTube video appealing for help. Thankfully, Brady Richards, who runs the Environmental Testing Laboratory, and is a keen hobbyist mechanic saw the appeal and reached out.

The foods you eat before going to bed can have a serious impact on the quality of your sleep. FEMAIL takes a look at those you should avoid, and those to eat to ensure a great night's slumber.

Welcome to 'Ice School': How former addicts including a woman who got hooked on meth at 40 are warning students about the dangers of the deadly drug

The Australian Anti Ice Campaign runs school-based programs to teach students about the danger of ice - and ex-addict Andrea Simmons (pictured) is more than happy to share the message. She was 40 years old when a partner she thought she 'trusted' offered her ice as a way to relax. At the time she didn't even know it was a drug. As she spiralled deeper into addiction, Ms Simmons told the students during one particular lesson that she 'lost everything she'd ever had in life.' Now five years clean, Ms Simmons wants students to understand how addictive and dangerous the drug is.

Two teenage boys have been charged with robbing a supermarket at knife point - wearing burqas. The youths, both 17, allegedly entered a Woolworths in the Muslim Sydney suburb of Auburn.

Police raid Ibrahim home in Sydney following shooting

Police have raided the house of the mother of nightclub figure John Ibrahim, just days after Mr Ibrahim's bodyguard Semi 'Tongan Sam' Ngata was shot, 9NEWS reports. Police are expected to remain in the area for several hours as they raid other properties across Sydney.

Does Mick Fanning have a new girlfriend?

In February 2016, Mick Fanning announced that he and model wife Karissa had ended their eight year marriage.  And it seems that the surfing great has found love again, almost two years since his separation.  The 36-year-old shark attack survivor was spotted out buying alcohol with a pretty blonde, on Tuesday on the Gold Coast. 

Tiffiny Hall shares how to keep the Christmas weight off

Former trainer on The Biggest Loser Tiffiny Hall has shared her top tips for keeping your body in shape over the festive season - undoubtedly the most difficult time for watching your weight. According to Tiffiny we shouldn't be too strict on ourselves. 'If you want to taste a little bit of everything on the Christmas table that's fine by me but we get ourselves in trouble by overindulging or going back for seconds, or even thirds,' she tells FEMAIL.

Mitchell Pearce relaxes on holiday before leaving Roosters

Mitchell Pearce insists leaving the Sydney Roosters is the best decision for his NRL career as he seeks to become 'the best halfback I can be.' On Monday the club ended weeks of speculation around Pearce's future by granting their long-time halfback a release from the final two years of his contract. The move comes two weeks after the Roosters lured Kangaroos star Cooper Cronk on a two-year deal to be their new halfback, and days after Pearce's (left) return from an overseas holiday. He was spotted with girlfriend Zoe Grant (right) seaside in Hawaii last week (inset), despite the couple being plagued by break-up rumours. The pair were seen soaking up the sun before renting a couple of boards, despite a lack of waves.

A driver who mounted a kerb and allegedly mowed down pedestrians in front of a busy shopping centre in Canberra injured at least one person.

Leanne Loughrey, 47, and her 22-year-old daughter Tiffany offered Chris McIlroy $300 and a pack of cigarettes to 'get rid' of her husband's new girlfriend - but he took the cash and dobbed them in.

Colorado boy who stabbed woman to death had a 'kill list'

A 15-year-old boy accused of stabbing 19-year-old Makayla Grote (left and right) to death at her home in Longmont, Colorado (inset), allegedly had a 'kill list', according to police. Grote, an aspiring race car driver, was not on the reported 'hit list' but her 18-year-old sister, who was home at the time of the murder, was the first name. The 15-year-old arrived at the Grotes' home around 6pm and allegedly stabbed Grote in the head and chest when she answered the door. Her younger sister was able to escape by locking herself inside of a bedroom. Authorities tracked down the suspect who was hiding in his parents' car where he was about a mile away from the third person on his 'kill list'. He is due back in court .

Scientists from the University of Edinburgh have studied powerful flows of interplanetary dust (pictured) that can travel through space at up to 43.75 miles per second (70km/s).

Miranda Kerr was the first Australian model to ever be offered a VS contract and the only Aussie to earn Angel wings alongside VS legends like Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio.

MAFS's Zoe Hendrix celebrates daughter's first birthday

She welcomed her first daughter with her Married At First Sight husband Alex Garner last year. And Zoe Hendrix has marked little Harper's first birthday, sharing adorable photographs from her big day on Instagram. The 27-year-old posted snaps from their weekend celebration of herself, Alex and their little bub, with the caption: 'we had a blast' and the hashtag '#wesurvivedthefirstyear.'

Sarah's Day shares her typical day on a plate

Lifestyle and fitness vlogger, Sarah Stevenson, has gained a loyal following due to her handy tips and tricks on fitness, health and wellbeing. The 25-year-old Australian influencer regularly shares her advice for following a holistic lifestyle and how she transformed her body and mindset towards living an active life. Through a new way of living and a newfound love for wholefoods, Sarah was also able to rid herself from the cellulite, hormonal acne and stomach pains that she had been struggling with for years.

A second man has been charged with murder by detectives investigating the disappearance of Allecha Suzette Boyd from Wagga Wagga. A 19-year-old man is already facing court in relation to Allecha's death.

Family of Queens jogger Karina Vetrano weep in court

The parents of the Queens jogger who was murdered in August 2016 wept in court as her accused killer went into details about the final moments of her life.  Cathie and Philip Vetrano (pictured inset in April) sat in court as Chanel Lewis (right) calmly confessed to the brutal beating and strangulation of their daughter, Karina Vetrano (left). At one point the distraught mother brought a foot-long golden crucifix she keeps with her in court to her tear-stained face as she watched the footage of his confession, according to the New York Post.  Police claim the 21-year-old murdered Vetrano, 30, on August 2, 2016, while she was on a run in Spring Creek Park in Howard Beach, Queens.

A man is fighting for his life after he was found stabbed at the top of an escalator at a Logan shopping centre after an altercation with an offender who is still on the run in the car park.

Are these the world’s worst wax works?

These bizarre celebrity wax figures appear in tourist attractions around the world but baffled visitors are left struggling to work out which star they are looking at without peeking at their name tags. Some of the worst offenders are these unrecognisable renderings. Can you tell who they're meant to be?

Sydney Finance blogger Belinda White talks to FEMAIL about how 'buy now pay later' services such as AfterPay might not always be your best option to spread the cost of Christmas spending.

Model Madeline Stuart celebrates her 21st birthday

Madeline Stuart (pictured left and right) was awarded the Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy award in Denver, Colorado, walking for the Be Beautiful, Be Yourself Fashion Show for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. She was caught in pictures with Eva Longoria (inset), who also received the award, and enjoyed a concert and dancing with Jamie Foxx. Madeline's mum Rosanne said she spent three months in speech therapy to prepare for her big speech at the gala. After the event, Madeline returned home and celebrated her big birthday with her boyfriend and a close group of friends.


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'Nice set of boobs you've got': The moment a woman films a man on a bike who stops to sexually harass her as she walks down the street

This is the moment a woman films her sleazy encounter with a man who sexually harasses her on the street. She confronts the pest on the side of the road in suburban Kallangur, north of Brisbane. With her smartphone camera switched on, she does her usual daily walk down School Road only to be harassed with remarks about her body. 'Nice set of boobs you've got,' he says.

Viral Facebook photo of dog hidden among the ferns

Dog owner Karen Fornos Klein posted the snap of her pooch Ambar hiding during an autumnal walk in the Surrey woodland on Facebook - where it has quickly racked up dozens of likes and comments. The adorable hound is cleverly camouflaged among the dead ferns and autumn leaves thanks to its distinctive brown hair and markings - so can you spot it?

Islamic fashion designer MOGA has sent a gay pride rainbow hijab to Tony Abbott in support of gay rights, despite the majority of Muslim areas in Australia voting no to same-sex marriage.

Hanrob Pet Hotels, which can be found in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Canberra, also offer DVD players, a limo service to the building, and a blow-dry before checkout.

Two people have been killed and a 21-year-old woman airlifted to Westmead hospital in Sydney after a truck and car collided near Condobolin in rural New South Wales on Monday.

Twenty years after Michael Hutchence ate his last meal at Flavour of India in Sydney's eastern suburbs the restaurant still receives an inquiry most weeks about booking his favourite table.

Lorraine viewers go wild on Twitter for Priscilla Presley

She has dedicated her life to preserving the legacy of her late husband and the original King of Rock 'n' Roll. Yet, Priscilla Presley's appearance got viewers talking on social media following her interview on Monday's instalment of Lorraine as she promoted Christmas with Elvis and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra's album and tour.

Australia's Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has warned fundamentalist Muslims will push for Sharia law if gay marriage legislation is rushed, arguing they'll exploit religious freedoms.

Paramedics said it was 'concerning' how many females have required treatment for intoxication as the annual celebration on the Gold Coast moves into its third day.

The fiancé of Australian woman Justine Ruszczyk, 40, who was shot dead by police outside her home in Minneapolis in July, has revealed he told her to phone 911 after she heard a woman being raped.

The key people INXS frontman Michael Hutchence left behind

He was the Australian rock star who suffered a lonely death in a hotel room in Sydney's Double Bay on November 22, 1997. And as the 20th anniversary of Michael Hutchence's suicide approaches, Daily Mail Australia looks back at those closest to the star at the time of his passing. From his only daughter and numerous lovers, to his INXS bandmates and siblings, here's where the key people in the late singer's life are now.

Canadian police could not believe their eyes when they pulled over a driver who had strapped his tablet and phone to the steering wheel of his car. 

A disabled man's specially modified car has been stolen by heartless thieves. Canberra man Zac Barrett, 21, is confined to a wheelchair after a motorcycle accident left him a paraplegic in 2014.

Uber is facing a potential class action from taxi and hire-car operators in Victoria who believe they have lost earnings as a result of the ride-share giant's conduct.

KFC New Zealand has brought out its own range of fried-chicken themed decorations to help spice up people's Christmas trees this year, with five unique chicken-themed ornaments.

Bella Hadid leads 2017 Victoria's Secret Show in Shanghai

This Victoria's Secret show has been surrounded by controversy with reports that several models have been denied entry to China where this year's event is taking place, as well as angry protests by locals. But catwalk stars (L-R) Candice Swanepoel, Romee Strijid, Adriana Lima, Bella Hadid, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lais Ribeiro and Karlie Kloss ensured that one of the biggest fashion moments of the year went off well as they led the host of models on the runway for the 22nd annual show at the Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai today. Flaunting their enviable physiques in skimpy lingerie and the trademark Angel wings, the stunning supermodels were serenaded down the runway with music frHarry Styles, Miguel, Jane Zhang and Leslie Odom Jr.

New research from the University of Queensland has found that exercise can also play an important role in the recovery for people with a brain injury.

Renowned tenor David Lewis with Opera Australia has been charged with historic sex offences over the alleged assault of a girl, 14, who was in the children's chorus at the time.

An Earlwood teenager has been arrested after decapitating statues of Jesus and Mary outside a church in Sydney's inner West and then posted pictures of himself holding the pieces on social media.

Haqqani hostages speak out about being gang-raped

Joshua (right) and Caitlan Boyle (left, with daughter Grace), 34 and 31, were kidnapped by the Haqqani network while backpacking through Afghanistan in 2012. Catilan, an American, was five months pregnant at the time, and went on to have two more children during their five years in captivity. In an interview with ABC News, which aired Monday, Caitlan described how she was gang-raped by their guards. The couple said the guards sometimes tried to beat their children, but they fought back to protect their kids. Joshua says he was offered freedom four times if he agreed to join the group. He said no each time and told the guards they would 'burn in hell fire for what they had done'. Last month, Pakistani forces received intel from the U.S. about the couple's whereabouts, in the northeastern region of the country. They couple was rescued and have since returned to Joshua's native Canada.

Seven Sydney students have been transported to hospital with dizziness and breathing difficulties after a science experiment went wrong and exposed them to toxic substances at Concord High School.

Police divers are searching shark-infested waters for a 29-year-old snorkeller who disappeared while searching for lobsters at Port Stephens, NSW, two days ago.

Stevie Nicks won't forgive doctor who gave her pills

Stevie Nicks opens up about her battles with addiction and her roller coaster love life in the new book, Gold Dust Woman: The Biography of Stevie Nicks by Stephen Davis. Despite romances with Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood and Don Henley, Nicks says Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh was the love of her life. But their breakup was bitter when he dumped her to head off to tour in Australia. The 69-year-old admits that overcoming her addiction to pills was even harder than quitting her $1 million cocaine habit.The Fleetwood Mac singer said she'll never forgive the 'groupie' psychiatrist who just wanted to hear 'rock and roll' stories so he kept her hooked on pills. During her drug-fueled days she snorted so much cocaine it tore a hole through her nose, admitting she had to use the 'devil's dandruff' in her private parts for the ultimate high.

All that's left is charred bricks and part of a roof but the three-bedroom home at 25 Wellington Street, Rosbery, in Sydney's inner west has attracted a number of potential buyers.

NASA believes they could be 'granular flows', where grains of sand and dust slip downhill to make dark streaks, rather than the ground being darkened by seeping water.

Australian homes will halve in size from 189.8sqm to 90sqm over the next 20 years as property prices soar and people swap big kitchens for restaurants and takeaways.

An unlikely hero has emerged in a small Brisbane community after his passionate plea for a KFC to be built 'two minutes' from his house went viral on a councillor's Facebook page.

Malia Obama caught kissing a mystery man and smoking a cigarette at the Harvard-Yale football game

The 19-year-old daughter of former President Obama started Harvard this year. On Saturday, she was seen tailgating the Harvard-Yale game in New Haven. Video shows the moment Malia and a mystery fellow Crimson fan started kissing. Another photo shows Malia smoking what appears to be a cigarette. A year ago, her father said that Malia and his younger daughter Sasha had already started dating and that he was 'pretty relaxed' about it since they have Secret Service protection. 'They've had Secret Service. There's only so much these guys can do,' Barack joked.

A North Korean official has labelled Malcolm Turnbull President Donald Trump's 'mouthpiece' after the Australian prime minister criticised the country's illegal fundraising overseas.

Moment a brazen robber uses a sledgehammer to smash into a bowling club in the middle of the day before leaving with just a few COINS

Thieves have been caught on camera making a dramatic smashing entrance into a bowling club in an attempt to rob it – but only came away with a bag of bowls and a few coins. The two thieves broke into the North Manly Bowls Club north of Sydney using a sledgehammer on Monday morning (pictured left), according to Nine News. One of the men used a sledgehammer to smash through the door of the club before him and his acquaintance – wearing thongs – entered the premises.One of the thieves then began searching the club for money, shaking slot machines in an attempt to acquire some cash. Club manager Paul Campbell said the incident was 'pretty frightening'. 'I'm really glad no-one was here, and no-one was hurt,' he said. The thieves smashed a wooden door inside the club with the sledgehammer (pictured right), causing significant damage.

Do the traffic jam tango: Dancers entertain motorists with stunning routine in the middle of a freeway during long delay

An exercise group has made the most of bumper-to-bumper traffic, jumping off their bus and performing a dance routine on the middle of a freeway. Members of the Wallarah Point Physical Culture Club on the NSW Central Coast were caught up in lengthy delays after a truck crash on the Pacific Motorway on Sunday. They took the opportunity to entertain commuters with a carefully choreographed performance.


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Couple's lucky escape as monster Python slithers into bed

An unlucky woman experienced a waking nightmare on Friday morning when she opened her eyes to find an three-metre long scrub python just centimetres from her face. Jan Nielson was sleeping peacefully in her Trinity Park, Queensland, home when her dog Susie started pawing her and whimpering at around 4am. 'I jumped up screaming that there was a snake in the bedroom! I never thought I could move that quickly at my age.'

Several streets in Junee, a town in the Riverina region of NSW, were closed off to pedestrians and traffic as police attempt to negotiate with the man.

Cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists are now performing 'blotox' procedures which uses Botox under a woman's hair follicles to keep blow-dries in place.

'Australia has changed': Imam who speaks out against radical Muslims is PUNCHED in the face in a random attack - as he says Australia has turned into haven for religious extremists 

A Muslim imam who campaigns against radical Islam has been punched in the face in a random attack. Sheikh Mohammad Tawhidi, 34, (left) was sitting in his car at Mawson Lake Shopping Centre carpark in Adelaide's north, about 12.45pm on Tuesday when he was approached by a stranger and punched in the jaw (inset). 'He came towards my car and extended his hand so I rolled down the window and shook his hand, then straight away he hit me in my face,' Imam Tawhidi told Daily Mail Australia on Tuesday. He posted footage of his alleged attacker's arrest on Tuesday afternoon (right).



Pictures capture painfully obvious signs

People from around the world shared these hilarious images of incredibly obvious instructions, signs (top centre) and clothing labels (top left and bottom centre). While they might seem utterly pointless to most viewers, the gallery also includes images of people who were in desperate need of a little more guidance (top and bottom right) and those who still failed to follow even the most basic instructions (bottom left).

An upmarket winery in a picturesque valley just outside of Melbourne looking for a new chef has not had a single job applicant in six months, forcing them to look overseas for workers.

A tiny Sydney studio with a loft-bed and a ladder next to the front door has hit the market. The home is in Paddington, where the median price across houses and apartments is a whopping $2.3million.

University of Alaska has created the first data set of surface temperatures from across the world that significantly improves representation of the Arctic during the 'global warming hiatus.'

Nazi Blitzkrieg motorcyclists revealed in photographs

The Nazis used motorbikes as a key part of their fast-moving attacks which tore through Holland, Poland and Czechoslovakia at the start of the war. The pictures show the iconic German motorbike and sidecars (top left) which have since appeared in scores of war films, as well as the stunts pulled by riders as they attempted to show off their skills. The motorbikes were put to use for propaganda on the home front (top right), with displays before large crowds used to boost morale. As well as German bikes, the book shows other attempts at creating a military motorbike, such as this French bid to combine the motorbike and the tank in 1939 (bottom right).