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"A significant part of the
pleasure of eating is in
one's accurate consciousness
of the lives and the world
from which the food comes."

Wendell Berry



Product Portfolio
Created and launched for Odwalla Inc.


Soy Smart – soy milk with 32mg Martek DHA, (an algae source of DHA) and 10% dv of fiber, from inulin per serving
Matcha-Licious – Green Tea Super Protein, made with ground Japanese green tea leaves
Superfood – Amazing Purple (the power of purple featuring acai and grape seed extract)
Berries Go Mega – 6 grams of Fiber from beverage grade flax meal
Blueberry B Monster – Blueberry smoothie fortified with 60% of daily needs of B vitamins
Super Protein – 18 grams of soy protein isolate in a fruit juice blend
Chocolate Super Protein – 18 grams of protein from soy milk and soy protein isolate, plus vitamins B6 & B12
Glorious Morning – pre-biotic fiber (from Western Larch Tree) fortified with tri-calcium phosphate and magnesium in a Cranberry and Orange juice blend
Tropical Calci-Yum Monster – 30% DV Calcium, magnesium fortified with vitamin D2
Raspberry Cha Cha Smoothie – A scrumptious blend of Raspberries, unfiltered apple juice and orange juice.
Blueberry Smoothie – like Raspberry Cha Cha but with raspberry puree
Passionate C – lightly fortified with 60% dv of vitamin C with a hint of passion fruit, acerola cherry, pineapple and orange juice
Simple Sports Drink, Berry and Citrus – honey sweetened for natural sustained energy and sea salt for electolytes
Vivas Las Veggies – very complex blend of tomatoes, celery, red bell pepper, onion, mango, habanero chilies and cocoa
Anti-Oxidance Super Quencher – The power of anthocyanins in a light quenching cherry and passion fruit beverage
B Berrier Super Quencher – Cranberry, raspberry and lime quencher lightly fortified with B Vitamins

The Odwalla bar is unique in that it is not extruded but actually baked with whole oats, soy nut butter and dried fruits, like fig, date, and plums. List includes reformulations and new bars.

Berries Go Mega – with 1 tlbs. ground flax meal in every bar
Superfood – an interesting interpretation of Odwallaâs perennial classic Superfood smoothie baked in a bar spirulina and kelp with dried organic
Banana C Monster – Cranberries and citrus with vitamin C fortification
Carrot – Organic Carrots, dried plums and whole oats
Super Protein – 12 grams of protein in an oatmeal cookie type bar
Chocolate Raspberry Antioxidant Bar