Northeastern Festival

TICKETS will be available at the door for the northeastern electro-music festival

September 9-10!

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Tickets will be available at the door for the Northeastern Electro-Music Festival. Click “Ticket Info” above for information on pricing and making a donation .

Feel free to browse pictures and videos from previous festivals in the “Past Festivals” section to get an idea of what goes on at the Northeastern Electro-Music festival.

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Here is the line-up for the northeastern electro-music festival 2017:


Sound Artists:
Alexander + Dorschel
Arthur Loves Plastic
Andrew Sblendorio
Audio Mace
Benjamin Mauch
Escape Velocity
Harrison McKay
Joe Belknap Wall
Jim Spitznagel
Laura Woodswalker
Mario-enrique Paoli
Modular Church
Pallid Mask
Project Ruori
Robert Dorschel

The Melting Transistor
Tom Bruce

Visual Artists:
Jim Tuite
Laura Woodswalker
Project Ruori
Special Agent Aguam
The Rainbow Connection

Creativity Workshop – Tanya Thielke
Talk and Seminar – Howard Moscovitz
Introduction to Visuals in Processing – Andrew Sblendorio
Modular Workshop – Mike Hunter


About The NorthEastern Electro-Music Festival:

For years, the Electro-Music festival was held in the Catskill region of Upstate, NY.

For the first ever Northeastern Electro-Music Festival, a new location has been discovered at the Center for the Arts in Homer, NY. This year’s gathering features two full days of innovative electronic music concerts, seminars, workshops, demonstrations, jam sessions, video artists, and a mini swap-meet.

There will be a hands-on “Synthesizer Petting Zoo,” with various rare and odd synthesizers, drum machines, and other pieces of electronic music gear you hadn’t known existed.
Please bring your own headphones for the Petting Zoo, otherwise a community set of headphones will be made available; iPhone/iPod headsets work well, too.
The NorthEast electro-music Festival 2017 is being hosted at the The Center for the Arts of Homer, in Homer, New York.