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Looking for Best Chin Augmentation in Hyderabad or Double Chin Surgery in Hyderabad by Experienced Chin Augmentation Surgeon in Hyderabad?

Chin surgery, or mentoplasty, is a surgical procedure to reshape the chin either by enhancement with an Chin implant or Chin reduction surgery on the bone.Chin surgery helps provide a harmonious balance to your facial features so that you feel better about the way you look.Here We Introduced the best Chin Augmentation Surgeon In Hyderabad for Chin Augmentation in Hyderabad & Double Chin Reduction in Hyderabad.

JMJ Cosmetic Surgery Centre - 10% Off On Appointment

Contact Person: Dr Jagdish M Jyoti

Address: 2nd Floor, Vaishnavi's Sree square,  Cyber Hills Colony,  Besides Gachibowli Flyover,  Hyderabad ,  Hyderabad,  500008.

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JMJ Cosmetic Surgery Centre

Dr Jagdish M Jyoti is an Experienced Consultant Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon in Hyderabad with he has 23 Years of USA Experience in Plastic Surgeries.Dr Jagdish M Jyoti is a Specialist Surgeon of All Face, Body,Breast,Hair Surgeries and also Member of

- Life Member of - Association of Plastic Surgeons of India(APSI)

- Life Member of Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic

- Surgeons(IAAPS) Life Member of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic

- Surgeons(ISAPS) Indian Medical Association (IMA)

- Member ISHRS

- Member AHRS

Specialised In:

Chin Augumentation & Double Chin Reduction.


Chin Augmentation in Hyderabad or Double Chin Reduction in Hyderabad is done for Receding Chin in young Individuals. This Chin Augmentation Procedure gives good Projection and Cosmetically good looking face.

Q) Who Requires Chin Augmentation or Chin Surgery?

People who are having a “weak” chin and Having an excessively smaller or broader chin area makes your face appear disproportionate.

Q) How much Time Required for Chin Augmentation in Hyderabad?

Chin Augmentation or Chin Implants procedure is done under General Anaesthesia and It Requires 30 to 45 minutes Only.

Q) Is Chin Augumentation is Safe?

100% Safe.

Q) What is the recovery time of Chin Surgery?

The swelling may take a couple of weeks to heal.

Q) What are the benefits of chin Augumentation or Double Chin Reduction in Hyderabad?

- Perfect Facial Balance.

- Safe and Easy Procedure.

- Nominal Recovery Time .

- Permanent Result.

Consult Here for chin Augumentation in Hyderabad and Double Chin Reduction in Hyderabad.Book chin Augumentation Surgeon in Hyderabad Appointment here and Get Special Discount on Consultation Charges.

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