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Denver, CO

The Phantom Circus has collected some of the best circus performers in the state of Colorado, combining creativity and artistry with the fervent and savvy energy of a start-up.

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  • We Amaze with

    Featured Performances

    Audiences sit and enjoy a proper show, which can range in length from one 5-minute act to a 2-hour, full-length show. The acts are dynamic, athletic, and will hold your patrons' rapt attention. We can bring one of our signature circus shows, or create an entire themed performance based on your needs.

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    Bartending Services

    Imagine your guests walking into a ballroom greeted with the sight of aerialists hanging from a chandelier pouring champagne. A stilt walker wanders by and pours a signature cocktail. A contortionist performs on a table and hands out wine glasses. The Phantom Circus carries liquor liability insurance and our performers are TIPS certified.

  • Imagine your guests walking in

    Ambient Entertainment

    If your guests want to keep networking, talking, or participate in other endeavors, circus can make a stunning backdrop to your event. Aerialists hold beautiful poses in the air, and flow gracefully on their apparatus for up to 20 minutes at a time. Stilt walkers pose for pictures. Ground performers dot the landscape while your guests wander the event.

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The Phantom Circus Promo Reel

Our performances are dynamic, varied, and designed to create an unforgettable experience.

Watch our demo video to get a feel for our performances.

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The Phantom Circus offers a wide variety of experiences and performances. We are by default 100% family friendly, but can create more risqué performances.

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