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The ordinary homes that hide a sinister secret

At first glance these images show your everyday run of the mill homes and suburban streets. But these pictures in fact reveal the present day sites of some of the most horrific crimes to have been committed in British history, including those of John Christie, Donald Hume and Ruth Ellis (pictured left to right, now and then). The harrowing now and then shots can be found in historian Winston Ramsey's new book 'Scenes Of Murder, Then And Now', which explores and returns to the scene of dozens of infamous murders.

Woman may have been murdered as she walked through London

Police found the body of a female victim in her 20s next to a pavilion in the heart of Finsbury Park, North London, yesterday (main picture) - three days after she was last seen. Officers have said they will not name the woman, who is foreign-born, until they have traced her relatives abroad and told them the bad news. A post-mortem examination is being carried out today to establish how she died but Scotland Yard has confirmed they are treating it as murder. A crime scene remains in place including a blue and white forensics tent where the body was found and an officer was seen photographing items of discarded clothing on the grass next to a baseball and cricket pitch (inset).

Jessie, a four-year-old cat, was attacked and killed by the dogs right outside her owners' home at Mount, West Yorkshire. The dog walker then scooped her up with a spade and dumped her in a field.

The findings will raise fears in Whitehall that forces are retreating from the front line and the ‘bobby on the beat’ could soon be extinct.

A man has died after being found on fire in the middle of a street in Hull. Emergency services attended the scene at 8pm last night but the man sadly died.

Official statistics show how hundreds of thousands of crimes, including burglary, shoplifting, robbery and vehicle theft, are going unpunished by police forces across England and Wales.

Lukasz Herba, worked for Wrexham-based agency 24/7 Recruitment as a driver for DHL but he quit his job in February, five months before he allegedly held Chloe Ayling hostage in Italy (pictured).

The Channel 4 presenter, 46, was left furious by the 'ridiculous edict' claiming it 'belittles' genuinely sexist, racist and other discriminatory language.

Criminal networks have been setting up prostitutes in tourist resorts across the country, with temporary brothels found in Torquay, the Lake District and the Peak District.

Dennis the Menace is moving with the politically correct times and is dropping his moniker. Head of Beano Studios Scotland Mike Stirling said character had 'made mistakes' in the past.

More than 10,000 tax returns were submitted online to the taxman in total over Christmas Day and Boxing Day, figures show.

Rev Philip Clements, 79, sold his home in Kent and bought a property in Bucharest which he then signed over to his 24-year-old male model husband days before the couple split up.


An article on July 8, based on information provided by the Campaign against Anti-Semitism, reported that Islamic preacher Shaykh Ebrahim Bham had ‘compared Jews to fleas’.

Welsh mum bringing up grandchildren after daughters died

Samantha Dorricott, 44, from Treorchy, South Wales, has told of her triple heartache over the losses of children Abbie (left with daughter Chantelle) Emilie and Amy (together top right) in a series of unconnected deaths since 2009. Samantha, who also has a son Nathan, 18, suffered every parent's worst nightmare when her three daughters all died in harrowing circumstances. The mother-of-four is now bringing up her grandchildren Jenson, four, and Chantelle, three, (pictured together centre) because she has a 'job to do.' She said: 'I am determined to be the best grandma and mum to them that I can be. After all, I am all they have left.' Ms Dorricott added: 'Losing one child is unimaginable, but I have lost all three of my daughters - all in tragic circumstances. No matter how much time passes I will never come to terms with it'. Samantha's first heartache came in 2009 when her 15-year-old daughter Emilie (bottom right) died at a friend's party after experimenting with drugs. Three years later Amy, 21, died when she suffered two massive strokes. Abbie, 19, left a chip pan on when she fell asleep and died from smoke inhalation in August 2016. 

Plasterer hanged himself on webcam on Christmas Day

Pictured: Tragic Gregory Tomkins hanged himself in front of hundreds of online users who had logged onto the Apple Inc Insults chatroom on Christmas Day. The forum encourages users to verbally abuse one another for points. The self-employed plasterer in his 30s, from Wallington in Sutton, south London, said nothing as he silently took his own life as helpless users looked on in horror. As they did not know his personal information, they were helpless and unable to call the emergency services. A fellow user of the chatroom described Mr Tomkins as ‘lonely’ and said he didn’t think the forum was the right place for him.

Body of missing Sunderland man is found in a bin

Officers are asking the public for information after Jay McLaren (pictured left), of Hadleigh Road, Sunderland, was found dead at around 9.40pm. The 28-year-old was reported missing by family on Saturday after he failed to return home following a night out in Sunderland.

Irish executive who was called a 'pikey' wins £280k payout

Edward Bell (pictured), 52, was told he looked like a 'tinker' and asked where he left his 'horse and cart' by his line manager at Cordant Recruitment in Manchester. At one event, the father-of-one was told by boss Sid Barnes (right) he was the only person who could wear good clothes and still 'look like a gipsy'.

This is the moment a pair of thug passengers beat up a 49-year-old ticket inspector on a Chafford Hundred station platform in Essex. Horrified passengers watched the vicious brawl unfold.

Firefighter Chris Kendall performed CPR on heart attack victim, but was later told he had passed away. However after five months he received a thank you text from the man he had saved, Allan Hainey.

The Met Office has warned that Arctic air hovering across the UK will cause the mercury to plummet on Thursday night, with temperatures below -13C (8.6F) expected in parts of Scotland.

Hospitals made record highs in parking charges this year despite a Government crackdown, and nearly £1 million from parking fines. More than half are still charging disabled patients to park.

Fireworks light up the sky over Parliament in central London during the New Year celebrations (Ben Stevens/PA)

Scotland Yard has increased security ahead of this weekend's New Year Eve celebrations after the capital suffered four major terrorist attacks over the past 12 months.

Neville Hord, 44, accused of stabbing Aldi supermarket worker Jodie Willsher (pictured) to death has appeared at Leeds Crown Court and been remanded in custody.

The Churchill and Langford Minibus Society from north Somerset were left red-faced after a shopper noticed the rude message on the side of their bus when the sliding door was opened.

Leanne Smith, from Hull, feared her son Freddie had a common sickness bug until he started to pass blood in his urine. he was rushed to Hull Royal Infirmary's paediatric emergency department.

A family of five from Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, say they have lost everything in a Christmas Day fire. Ann-Marie Mohammed, 34, escaped the blaze with her three children and they are all unharmed.

Sophie Smith, 21, from neighbouring Gorleston-on-Sea in Norfolk, was said to be 'going through a rough time' before she vanished two days ago.

Rail passengers will get faster internet connections by 2025 under new Government plans. The faster Wi-Fi would mean that every passenger on a train could watch videos simultaneously.

Bishop of Liverpool Paul Bayes criticised US President Donald Trump's evangelical base over their failure to embrace the ideals of Christianity when dealing with the poor and weak in society.

Exasperated Boris Johnson waves his arms in frustration after spending 20 minutes trying to book a hire car at Turin airport

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson could be seen standing in front of a Fox Rent A Car kiosk at Turin airport in northern Italy. But the short clip then shows the 53-year-old former London Mayor throwing his hands up in apparent frustration - having spent 20 minutes trying to secure the booking, according to a bystander. The video was posted online by a traveller along with the caption: 'B.Johnson been there for 20 minutes trying to book a car.'

Distraught mother finally tracks down daughter in Egypt

Jailed British tourist Laura Plummer has been found after her mother drove three and a half hours across the desert to visit her in jail before being told she was not there. Roberta Synclair (left) took a taxi to Qena prison - a notorious jail on the bank of the Nile holding murderers and jihadists over 140 miles from where she was staying - only to be told her daughter was not there. Shop assistant Laura, from Hull, was sentenced to three years in jail on Boxing Day for travelling to Egypt with powerful painkillers in her suitcase that she said were for her boyfriend, Omar (right with Laura), who suffers from back pain. Yesterday her mother was turned away from a separate jail in Safaga, about an hour away from her hotel in Hurghada, after Laura was moved there without her knowledge. Laura's sister, Rachel Plummer, reported today that her mother suffered a 'double blow' after driving out to see Laura and bring her much-needed supplies - only to be disappointed again.

UK weather: Temperatures plummet to -10C with ice warnings

Severe ice warnings have been issued across much of the UK for the morning rush hour, with commuters told to beware of treacherous roads and pavements (shown right). Forecasters have warned motorists that the extremely cold weather overnight (inset), combined with widespread frost, will see road surfaces and public walkways become impassable in some places. During the night, the temperature will drop to as low as -10C, causing icy conditions from the South of England all the way up to the Scottish Highlands. Meanwhile, the Met Office said treatment scattered across Britain's busiest motorways by gritters would be washed away in places by rainy showers, as it urged road users to travel only if necessary. On Wednesday, drivers faced dangerous conditions on many routes and thousands of homes were left without power after several inches of snow fell across the country.

Sibu Kuruvilla, 43, owns the Premier Leo's Supersaver store in Evington, Leicester. The shopkeeper disarmed the raider before he and a co-worker wrestled him to the floor on Christmas Eve.

According to the Home Office, more than 2,000 youngsters under 18 were targeted from 2011 to 2015 by officers armed with Tasers, which can deliver a shock of up to 50,000 volts.

Marie Scott, 58, from Altrincham, was last seen on CCTV near The Wharf bar in Manchester city centre at 1.20pm on December 18. Her eldest son, Stuart, has made an appeal to find her.

The Miniaturist, pictured, the drama chosen to fill the 9pm Boxing Day slot, attracted just under 3m viewers compared to 4.7m for The Witness for the Prosecution last year.

The 57-year-old slammed lean chicken breast, which is often heralded by health bloggers, as ‘horrible and awful’ before revealing how much he loves to eat turkey livers on toast.

Nearly one in three of nursing homes in the country are 'inadequate' or 'require improvement' according to Care Quality Commission reports which highlight the postcode lottery in the country.

Sugary drinks will be banned from hospital canteens and vending machines if managers fail to cut sales to no more than 10 per cent of all beverages sold.

The lions at London Zoo are part of a breeding programme where 70 per cent of cubs are dying. The European Endangered programme saw nine lions brough to Europe in the 90s.

Surgeons hunched over the operating table are suffering more painful bad backs, necks shoulders and arms and hands than coal miners and labourers, a new study suggested.

Tory MPs last night claimed that Labour’s plans, backed by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, would usher in a new era of industrial unrest by taking Britain back to the 1970s.

More than 6,000 motorists have been caught at least twice for driving while distracted by using a mobile phone, in the past four years. Over 400 drivers were caught three times,

Meghan Markle's sister hits back at Prince Harry's claim

Harry told Radio 4 listeners his fiancee had a 'fantastic' Christmas at Sandringham in Norfolk (pictured, the couple on the estate on Christmas Day), and that his family 'loved having' the 36-year-old Suits star. However, Miss Markle's half-sister Samantha (left) has lashed out at the royal's comments and said loved ones 'always' supported her growing up and that she was 'too busy' for them (inset). Samantha, who is related to the actress through their father Thomas, fumed on Twitter: 'Actually she [Meghan] has a large family who were always there with her and for her. Our household was very normal and when dad and Doria divorced, we all made it so it was like she had two houses. No one was estranged, she was just too busy.'

Mum suing Thomas Cook after daughter catches Lyme Disease

Gemma Moran claims her eight-year-old daughter Clio caught the life-long debilitating disease after she was bitten by ticks in their 'disgusting' apartment in Majorca. The family, from Hambleton, had been staying at the Playa Ferrera Apartments. Both Spanish and British doctors confirmed Clio had Lyme Disease from the 'bullseye' tick bite marks. Ms Moran, from Hambleton, North Yorkshire, said: 'This holiday was suppose to be a respite break for the family - but it turned out to be a holiday from hell.'

A senior Wiltshire Police officer involved in the discredited Ted Heath paedophile inquiry is retiring on a full pension despite being under investigation for misconduct.

Princess Margaret launched her first ship in Belfast with Peter Townsend, who is said to have asked for an adjoining bedroom to the Princess, then 17.

Just three per cent of people in the UK know the words to the traditional New Year's song 'Auld Lang Syne' with many believing it was Snoop Dogg, not Robert Burns, who wrote it.

Dawn Wilson, 35, from Hengoed, South Wales, suffers from an incurable tumour while the father of her two daughters, has Huntington disease, a degenerative brain condition.

Eddie Gallen (pictured), a specialist in extreme scaffolding, assembled the famous spaceship at Malin Head in Donegal, Ireland, having been sworn to secrecy about the project by the film's producers.

Ann Farrell says she was left in tears after the home delivery she ordered from Iceland arrived on December 22 without the turkey, sprouts, buck's fizz and chocolate log she had paid for.

Rachel Watson, 43, suffered brain and spinal injuries when she was hit by a car while out running in February. She died later that day in hospital.

Molly McGinley, nine, decided to spend some of her birthday money on food and coffee to help out the homeless in Manchester. Her mother, Janine Kenny, went out with her.

Peggy June Jarvis was found unresponsive at their family home near Marske, East Cleveland, at around 5am. Nearly £5,000 has been raised to help raise money for the young girl's funeral.

Reading council constructs 28 pre-built properties

Authorities in Reading are spending nearly £2million on so-called 'modular houses' like those thrown up during the 'homes for heroes' campaign of the post-war years. The 28 homes being built in the Berkshire town are timber clad with uPVC windows and doors and each contain two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen-diner and a living room. They will be used to house homeless families who would otherwise be put up in B&Bs; in a move the local council hopes will save money over time.

Mark Whittow (pictured), 60, died along with a 29 year-old man from Warwickshire after a collision involving five vehicles on the M40 near Banbury, Oxfordshire on Saturday.

The holidaymaker suffered a cardiac arrest after visiting the underwater Atlantic Museum. He was rushed to dry-land by a rescue boat, but passed away before medics reached him.

A new report has revealed that MPs, Peers and their staff have left a series of moans about the prices and quality of the taxpayer-funded food they get from parliament bars, cafes and canteens.

A private jet allegedly owned by Lord Ashcroft has hit a building after it was blown off the runway of Malta International Airport during strong winds

Firefighters found a Seat Ibiza alight on Clayton Street in Duckinfield, Greater Manchester, at 12.20am on Christmas Day, and quickly brought the fire under control.

Former model who lost breast after blunder awarded £100k

Former model Diane Chambers who had a mastectomy after doctors over-estimated the size of a lump by nearly six times has been awarded £100,000 compensation. She went into debt over mounting bills for further medical treatment and therapy, and even contemplated suicide after having her breast removed when she should have been offered a less invasive lumpectomy. Miss Chambers said she was unable to work due to the pain and she has split from her partner because of stress of the operation.

Santa leaves note for Huddersfield boy whose twin died

Leo Barrett, six, from Huddersfield was facing his first Christmas as an only child after his twin brother Zack passed away in July after suffering with a brain tumour. When Leo's parents Katie and Ryan took him to visit Zack's gravestone they were moved to tears to discover that Santa had left a heartwarming note on his brothers grave. The note said: 'I have just dropped some presents to your amazing brother Zack ... and I am on my way to your house. You are on the nice list this year, as is Zack, you have been such a good boy and worked so hard at school.'

Girl who lost all her limbs to meningitis goes skating

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES. Harmonie-Rose Allen looked festive in a Christmas sweater as she skated on a synthetic ice rink with her family at the Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park in Keynsham, Somerset. Harmonie was struck down by the killer meningitis bug in September 2015 when she was nine months old with one of the worst cases of the virus doctors had ever seen. She lost her arms and legs to save her life. Now able to walk through the use of prosthetic legs, she skated with her family on a Glice Rink - a new synthetic ice surface that is the first in the UK to be installed for skating.

Michael and Linda Gibbs were given a 2004 Vauxhall Corsa at their home in Coulsdon, South London, after their Austin Metro was stolen. The Met Police organised the donation.

The Alexandra pub in Wimbledon, south west London invited 62 people for the free turkey dinner and beer with no strings attached for Christmas lunch if they were spending the day alone.

Katie Trudgill, 31, was with her son and daughter in Bradford city centre when she was handed the penalty. Her son Finley, three, and daughter Amelia, five, fed the crumbs to nearby birds.

Alfie Curtis, who played Dr Evazan in Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope, was also known for his roles in 1980 film The Elephant Man and the Eighties TV series Cribb.

Amy Stone, from Leatherhead, Surrey, suffered permanent spinal damage from the nitrogen in her blood after a series of dives at a five-star resort in south-east Asia.

Pictured: Sophie Smith, 21, was last seen in the early hours of Boxing Day morning before she disappeared from her family home in Gorleston-on-sea wearing a onesie and a jacket.

Charlotte Reat, 21, said she cradled her mother Jayne Toal Reat after she was attacked in her home in Lisburn, Co Antrim during the early hours Christmas morning.

This is the horrifying moment a driving instructor found a green caterpillar wriggling around in her sandwich. Natalie Oliver, 25, from Spital in Merseyside, found the insect in her M&S; snack.

ISIS claim responsibility for Kabul suicide bombing

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. ISIS have claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing involving multiple blasts at a Shia cultural centre in Kabul that killed at least 40 and injured a further 84. The extremist group said it targeted the centre with three bombs followed by a suicide bombing in a statement on its propaganda outlet Amaq. Afghan president Ashraf said: 'The terrorist have killed our people. The terrorists have attacked our mosques, our holy places and now our cultural center.' He also called the attack a crime against humanity.

Putin calls St Petersburg attack 'an act of terror'

Russian President Vladimir Putin called on police to 'act decisively' and 'liquidate bandits on the spot' today after an explosion in St Petersburg wounded 13 people. 'As you know, an act of terror took place in St Petersburg yesterday,' Putin said at a ceremony to award officers who took part in the Syria campaign (pictured). Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, told reporters later that the Russian leader was referring to all those 'who harbour plans to carry out acts of terror in our country.' It comes as CCTV footage showing the bombing suspect walking into a shop with a backpack spread online. In footage from St Petersburg, a man wearing a green coat and hood is seen entering a shop with a backpack believed by police to contain a bomb with the power of 200 grams of TNT.

Majorca families evacuated after blazing wildfire

Families have been evacuated from at least 60 houses after a forest wildfire on the Spanish holiday island of Majorca. Around 45 firefighters and police officers were called to the scene. The cause of the fire is unknown but it is suspected to have been caused by a faulty electricity pylon. None of the evacuated properties have been damaged by the fires so far.

Champagne brand sued for using former porn star to promote

A descendant of the Charles de Cazanove family is suing the owners of the champagne brand that bears his family name after they used Clara Morgane, a former porn star, to promote it. Loïc Chiroussot of Bigault de Cazanove is attempting to pressure the current owners to remove the name from a limited edition pink champagne called 'Champagne by Clara Morgane'. Mr Chiroussot said: 'It's simply scandalous! How can I associate the name of my illustrious family with that of Clara Morgane? It is inconceivable, judge I do not understand, if they knew, my ancestors would turn in their graves!' Ms Morgane joked and said she will 'send him a bottle'.

Former football star George Weah handily beat Vice President Joseph Boakai, with 61.5 per cent of the vote, the National Election Commission (NEC) said, with 98.1 per cent of votes counted.

An ISIS jihadi among the most wanted in France after being convicted of running a recruitment network in the country has been captured in northern Syria by Kurdish YPG militia.

The swap took place close to the Ukrainian town of Gorlivka, and was the largest such exchange since the outbreak of an insurgency almost four years ago.

Four inmates have escaped from Ploetzensee prison in Berlin. The men escaped via a car workshop on the grounds after smashing through reinforced concrete bars.

Pictures show how the golden shoreline of Bali is slowly disappearing under a mountain of garbage amid a growing problem with plastic waste on the island.

The Zimbabwean family of four adults and four children - who are aged between two and 11-years-old - have been trying to leave Thailand since late October.

The horrific incident occurred as medics struggled to deliver a premature child at a hospital in Tartagal, northwestern Argentina. The mother and father are now filing a complaint.

Incredible video footage showed the volcano erupting which caused dangerous ash rain to fall. Locals near the North Sumatra town in Indonesia could only watch from afar.

A group of hardy sailors regularly swim among the icebergs off the coast of Greenland in the freezing waters. Haukur Sigurdsson, 33, said 'It's not dangerous at all' if you don't stay in too long.