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Window Tins

uCan-Packaging has window tins in all different sizes. These tin containers and metal tins are great for displaying tea, candy, or herbs.

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9 Items

 Window Tins – Tin Containers To Display Your Goods

Tin containers come in all sorts and sizes. Ranging from small metal containers to larger sized metal tins, these packaging materials meet all your storage needs. Window tins are a unique type of metal tins that, as their name suggests, come with a transparent lid. These lids allow you to look inside the empty can. Clear top tins are especially popular for storing compact and colorful goods. As these clear top tins allow the consumer to see your colorful goods stored in the tin, they are great to be used as an eye-catcher. After all, who wouldn’t be tempted to buy a tin filled up with tasty sweets or colorful herbs?

In the web store of uCan-Packaging, you can browse through an assortment of dozens of different tin cans. Our wide selection of tins includes a large number of window tins that come with different volumes. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you happen to be looking for a window tin with a volume that is not available on our website. We are always open to advise and are happy to help you in your search for that one specific type of small metal tin. Just like all other tin cans that can be found in our shop, also these tins are food-safe and BPA-free. We have carefully selected our manufacturers and only deliver tins of the highest quality. All empty tins are available starting from 50 pieces. People who decide to buy in bulk can enjoy our highly discounted wholesale tin container prices.


1. What Are Window Tins?

A window tin separates itself from other tin containers in the way that it comes with a beautiful see-through top. These lids are commonly made out of durable plastic. The most expensive metal tins, however, can also be equipped with glass lids. All the clear top tins available at uCan-Packaging come with plastic windows. Caps that feature glass instead of plastic are available upon request. Just like all other types of small metal containers, these tins come in all shapes and with different volumes. They can furthermore be fully customized upon request, thus providing you with a great and unique wrapping for your goods.

Because window tins come with a see-through top, these tin cans are great for displaying goods. This particular type of metal tins is often found in the food or cosmetics industries where they are filled up with colorful treats, herbs, or makeup. Additionally, they are commonly used for holding scented wax lights and bathing salts. After their content has been consumed, these tins are often kept and reused by people in order to serve other storage needs. To some people, collecting these beautiful tins with lids has even become a full-blown hobby.


2. What Are Window Tin Containers Used For?

Tin containers that come with a transparent top can, just like other metal tins, be used for a wide range of storage purposes. Depending on the volume of the tin can, they are used to hold for example herbs, candy, makeup, and wax lights. As these tins have been equipped with a see-through cap, they are not that often used for keeping liquids. Instead, they are used to hold tiny objects, dried food, or solid cosmetics such as wax. Unlike our other tin cans, these tins also do not come with an EPE liner. This makes them less suitable for holding fresh products. Below, we’ll briefly take you through the main storage purposes of these clear top tins.


2.1 Spice Containers & Tea Tins

These small metal tins can commonly be found in people’s kitchens where they are being used as spice containers. Dried herbs come in many different colors which makes them great for showing off. This is why manufacturers and herb sellers often choose to store their products in tin cans with a transparent top. The benefit of these window tins is that, after usage, you can simply fill them up again for re-usage. Besides being used by shops, end-users also can simply buy their own empty cans and fill them up with their favorite seasoning. Displaying your colorful spices will truly increase the atmosphere of your kitchen at home. Additionally, they can also be used as tea tins or to store other dried foods such as coffee.


2.2 Candy Tins

Candy tins feature an attractive design, are colorful and, you guessed it, often come with a transparent cap. Just like herbs, candies come in a wide range of different colors. These bright colors make them great for showing off as they are sure to grab a person’s attention. Being able to see which mouthwatering sweets are stored inside a tin container makes it difficult to pass along without feeling the urge to buy some candy. Window tins are used in particular to store hard candies such as jelly beans. Naturally, these small metal tins can also be used to hold any other sort of treats ranging from cookies to chocolates.


2.3 Makeup Containers

Especially the smaller model metal tins that feature a 5ml or 10ml content are often used as makeup containers. These smaller sized tins are generally speaking filled up with wax, lotions, or crèmes. As far as window tins are concerned, these are commonly used to hold colorful goods such as lip gloss. Tin cans with a volume below 20ml have proven themselves to be popular lip gloss containers. With their see-through lids, these lip balm tins offer a great way to display colorful red or pink gloss to young girls and teenagers.


2.4 Candle Tins

Candles and wax lights can nowadays often be found inside a tin container. These so-called candle tins are directly filled up with wax, turning them into a stylish candle that can be closed off while not in use. Candle tins are most commonly used to store scented wax lights. Not only does the lid make it easy to store your wax lights away when not in use, it also conceals the smell at times you are not using them. Although all types of metal tins can be used to hold candles, the most commonly used model is the window tin. The reason behind this seems logical as the see-through top allows you to enjoy the beautiful colors of your candle even when it’s not in use. Candle tins can nowadays be found in nearly any cozy household as they will create an atmosphere of warmth even when the wax light is not lit.


3. What Are These Small Metal Containers Made Off?

Although tin containers were originally made from tin, modern metal tins are often produced using a different material. In today’s world, metal tins are mostly made out of lightweight aluminium. Traditional empty cans with tin plating are still available; however, they are less popular due to the fact that they are more expensive and heavier in weight. The clear top tins found at uCan-Packaging are crafted out of high-end aluminium and come with plastic windows inside their lid. All our aluminum tins feature a seamless design, are corrosion resistant, and are 100% food-safe and BPA free. Traditional tin cans that are made out of tin plated steel and come with real glass lids are available upon request.

4. Custom Made Metal Tins

At uCan-Packaging, you find tins in all shapes and sizes. Nevertheless, we do understand that we do not have every model aluminum tins in our assortment. If you are looking for a certain tin can with a volume or shape that is not available on our website, we would be happy to hear from you. At uCan-Packaging, you’ll be able to create your own custom-made tins with the help of our industry professionals. Whether you’re simply looking for a compact metal container with an odd content, or a fully customized tin – we will be happy to help you out. All the empty cans found on our website can be customized, including our window tins.

Custom made metal tins offer an innovative and unique way for you to create brand awareness. These colorful cans are great to be used to differentiate your organization or product from competitors. Tin cans can be customized in any way imaginable. With their colorful and seamless finish, these beautiful and well-crafted tins provide you with a cheap resource for self-promotion. Besides different printing techniques to customize your tin can, you can also choose from different construction and closing methods. Altogether, our small metal containers can be customized to meet your exact demands in order to fully represent your product or brand.

If you choose to design your own tins with uCan-Packaging, you can enjoy the free help of our industry professionals. Together, we will co-create a unique and outstanding metal tin that is custom made to meet your exact requirements. Our factory lets you choose from different designs, volumes, and printing techniques. Additionally, you will be able to choose the lid and closing mechanism of your window tin. Hereby you can think about a screw top mechanism, hinged lids, or classic lift-up caps.

uCan-Packaging furthermore offers you the possibility to choose from a large number of different printing techniques to further customize your empty cans. We offer both matte and lacquered full-color prints. Additionally, you can choose from simple paper etiquettes or stickers to further personalize your tins. We even offer the possibility to laser engrave your company name or to add a 3D logo. Simply send us an email and let us know what you have in mind. Our professionals will be happy to advise you and, together, co-create a unique tin that perfectly suits your business.

If you wish to read more about how to design and create your own tin can, we would like to advise you to head over to our custom made tins page. On here, you’ll be able to find all the details on the different production and printing techniques we offer. Naturally, you’re also welcome to contact one of our professionals by mail. We will be happy to hear from you and will do our best to answer all your questions within 24-hours.