Secret of a long life? Stay AWAY from the doctor

Lydia Kang and Nate Pedersen unveil the forgotten experimental medical procedures that suggest practices were torture, rather than ways of making poorly people feel better in their new book (pictured inset). From amputations (illustrated left), lobotomies to smoking to kill germs (pictured right), the book features accounts of the history of pharmaceutical and medical notions, not for the squeamish.

Winner of last year's Daily Mail First Novel Competition Amy Lloyd, has since received a flood of interest in her disturbing psychological thriller. She shared how winning has transformed her life.

Charles Jennings and Paul Keers discuss 'real-life wine drinking' in their new book of hilarious essays, 'I've Bought It, So I'll Drink It'. Their contrasting personalities discuss every aspect of enjoying wine.

Mark Mason selects a range of reads from this year that make perfect stocking fillers. His selection includes Mac See And Unseen 2017 as well as a Our History Of The 20th Century.

Marcus Berkmann gives readers the chance to win £1000 in a festive book quiz. The challenge which closes January 15th, 2018, features questions based on this year's Daily Mail books pages.

Flappers: the feminists who knew how to have fun!

Tony Rennell reveals the best historical books to gift other this Christmas. His top picks include the memoir, Winston Churchill And Me as well as well as an insight into the glorious, boozy party after World War I in Lost Girls: The Invention Of The Flapper (pictured left). Churchill also shows up in the dynamic personal account of World War II given in Train To Nowhere.

Literary expert Ysenda Maxtone-Graham shares her top picks of books on the royals. Her selection includes 'Ma'am Darling: 99 Glimpses Of Princess Margaret' as well as 'My Husband And I'.

Marcus Berkmann curated a selection of this year's best sports interest books to gift others this Christmas. Top picks include John McEnroe's sequel to his 2002 best seller and Ali: A Life.

Roger Lewis curated a selection of this year's must read celebrity biographies and memoirs. His top picks include, 'Only Fools And Stories' by David Jason and 'What I Learn't' by Jeremy Vine.

A selection of stars from the Daily Mail including Richard Littlejohn, Craig Brown and Sarah Vine shared their favourite books from this year. From recommendations by ex-presidents to kids stories.

Literary expert Katya Edwards compiled this year's best animal books which make perfect gifts for Christmas. Her top picks include Secret Life Of Cows and A Farmer And His Dog.

Jane Shilling curated a selection of this year's best gardening books to gift green-fingered individuals this Christmas. Top picks include The Secret Gardeners and Plant Love.

Authors Cody Cassidy and Paul Doherty explore the myths behind some of the world's most gruesome fates including falling into quicksand and being swallowed by a whale.

Damien Lewis diaries one of the most daring undercover operations of World War 2 in new book. He shares the story of Captain Henry Buck who recruited a number of men to go behind enemy lines.

Dave Hill recalls the iconic moments of his music career as part of glam rock band Slade in new memoir. Despite his zany outfits he remained a conservative person at heart.

This year's best Children's books

Sally Morris revealed the best children's books to gift this Christmas. Her top picks includes picture book 'All The Way Home' by Debi Gliori (pictured right) which tells the story of a penguin lost in the North Pole and teen read, 'A Skinful Of Shadows' by Frances Hardinge.

Field Marshal Lord Bramall was awarded an MC for his time at Normandy. In a new history book he collates speeches and writings from his time in the Armed Forces.

Frank Paul's latest book contends with the toughest pub quiz's of all time. He collates questions asked at The Mill pub in Cambridge whilst cryptically linking the answers in each round

British expert Alexander Langlands believes new methods of manual labour could help sustain natural resources. He encourages readers to connect with their local environment in his new book.

For a generation of actors, Michael Whitehall was one of the best agents in the business. After his son Jack Whitehall made a name for himself they joined forces for a TV talk show.

John Virgo's 'Say Goodnight, JV: My Autobiography' is full of hilarious antidotes taken from his life. Once in the grip of a serious gambling problem, he over came his demons

The love letters of Joan Leigh Fermor are shared in a new biography about her life. Her marriage to the travel writer Patrick Leigh Fermor began 20 years after they first met in Cairo.

Serve up a feast for the cook in your life

Jane Shilling compiles a selection of the ultimate cookery books for foodies this Christmas. Top picks include Comfort written by former Bake Off winner, John Whaite and festive read, The Christmas Chronicles (pictured left) which documents the etiquette of Christmas from cards to dining.

Translated from Welsh as the 'corpse bird', author John Lewis-Stempel uncovers the cultural fascination and curiosity surrounding owls which stretches 30,000 years in a new book.

Miranda Kaufmann reveals that conventional wisdom from history books may have deceived our perception of what it was like to be black in 16th-century England in new book.

Novelist Dame Penelope Lively writes of the joys and health benefits of gardening - especially among the elderly. She believes that gardening allows those of old age to focus on the future.

Marcus Rediker rescues Benjamin Lay and his forgotten history from obscurity in a new book documenting his quest against slavery during the 1730s. Lay exposed the hypocrisy of the time .

A Short History of Drunkenness by Mark Forsyth is a new book that takes readers on a journey of drunken antics around the world, looking at different cultures' attitudes towards alcohol.

BBC Radio 4 presenter Eddie Mair shares funny stories in his new book A Good Face For Radio. He talks about the time that a pair of socks were discovered in one of the fridges at the BBC.