It's the coolest party in town with the hottest music and guests, so Event just had to gatecrash rehearsals for tonight's annual Hootenanny

This is a record that could be quite offputting. It's 70 minutes long, it deals with memory loss, it includes songs called Empiricist and Chiaroscuro, and it's made by an indie band from Portland, Oregon.

'Lenny is doomed to success,' a student friend confided to his diary when Bernstein was still in his teens. And it was true.

Imagine Meryl Streep keeping you company during the morning commute, or Colin Firth's husky baritone lulling you off to sleep at night

Drunken violence, racist abuse, flagrant drug-taking and 'disgusting' behaviour. Eric Clapton: Life In 12 Bars is not your usual brand-bolstering music movie

A new movie year kicks off tomorrow with the release of Molly's Game, a film that has already garnered a Golden Globe nomination for its flame-haired star, Jessica Chastain.

This is not the stage version of the fabulous 1940 Disney film, nor is it a children's show with singalongs. It is advertised for 'brave eight-year-olds and above'.

And on the Perry juggernaut rolls. It's hard to remember a time the transvestite artist didn't have an exhibition opening (or a TV show airing or a book being published).

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You don't have to open the menu to work out that this place ain't going to be cheap. Yet annoyingly tinkling muzak aside, it's one hell of a room

What has 2017 taught us? That Tales Of The Unexpected is fact rather than fiction? You'll never regret an early night? Or perhaps that a good meal is always a great idea

The year 2017 was, the authors tell us, 'the weirdest year since last year'. I suspect they are underselling it: with Donald Trump in the White House, things have suddenly grown a whole lot weirder