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    CreditPhotograph by David Abrahams. Styled by Haidee Findlay-Levin

    The 10 Most Stunning Pieces of Jewelry Featured in T This Year

    From mismatched pairs of earrings to a riff on Richard Burton’s 40th birthday gift for Elizabeth Taylor, 2017 sure sparkled. Here, a roundup of the gorgeous gems that made it to our pages.

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    CreditMara Corsino

    Modest Dressing, as a Virtue

    What’s really behind fashion’s — and women’s — love of concealing clothes?

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    CreditJeremy Piper

    The School Prepping for Apocalypse

    Bali’s Green School is betting that the skills kids will need for a dystopian future aren’t just math and history. Is this the new wave of progressive education?

  2. On Beauty

    CreditMari Maeda and Yuji Oboshi

    The Enduring Power of a Low Bun

    The simple style, swept up and worn at the back of the head, offers an unexpected allure.

  3. From the Archives

    CreditPhotograph by Karim Sadli. Styled by Joe McKenna.

    Phoebe Philo’s Prophetic Fashion

    This story was originally published in 2014. We’re revisiting it today upon the announcement that the artistic director is leaving Céline.

T's Dec. 3 Holiday Issue

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    Malta, Where the West Was Born

    The country has been home to the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Romans and the Ottomans — which might explain the allure of this Mediterranean gem.