Languages Law passed in Parliament
Saturday, 26 July 2008

Using the Badenter principles, the Parliament had passed the use of languages law that will touch all ethnicties in Macedonia.

According to sources from VMRO, the language law is in accordance with the Constitution, the Framework Agreement and VMRO's principles.
The law doesn't allow for use of Albanian or any other minority language as a second official language on Macedonia's territory. The presidents of Parliamentary Commissions may speak Albanian.
Inside Parliament, the members of ethnic minorities can get materials and documents in Macedonian and their native language. 

If a minority is over 20% in a given municipality, besides Macedonian, they could get answers to their questions in their mother tongue.
The Police and Army Command and Control will use only the Macedonian language. Government Ministers, no matter what ethnicities they belong to will correspond only Macedonian.
Parliamentary sessions to be held only in Macedonian.
The villages of Zajas, Drugovo, Vranestica will join Kicevo in 2012.


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