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Druid, inventor of all types of potions and fountain of Gaulish wisdom.

Citizenship : Gaul

French name : Panoramix
German name : Miraculix
Dutch name : Panoramix
Spanish name : Panoramix
Italian name : Panoramix
Portugese name : Panoramix


In a village like that of Asterix, where people are all kids at heart who think only of lazing around, feasting or fighting, there was an obvious need for a father figure, an acknowledged wise man who could keep the community from sinking into joyful but total anarchy.

This role quite naturally falls to Getafix, the venerable druid of the village, fountain of knowledge, as well as creator and keeper of the secret magic potion (making him the star of all the yearly gatherings of druids in the forest of Carnutes).

A clear foe of the brute force deployed so unilaterally by the stupidly authoritarian Roman Empire, Getafix stands surety for another concept of order, based on much more humanist values. He thus refuses to dole out any magic potion during quarrels between Gauls, willingly offers assistance to a Roman in distress, and, under the watchful eye of the ecologically-minded Dogmatix, helps preserve the forest surrounding the village (yes, he also invented magic potions for that! See The Mansion of the Gods).

We have to admit that his methods are a roaring success: while the Roman hierarchy quickly crumbles under the hefty blows of Obelix, Getafix is the only one who can make the famous menhir deliverer see reason. And how many people do you know who would dare to say firmly to Obelix: “No, Obelix, not you!” when he insists on having a portion of the magic potion?

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