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Asterix’s pal: not fat (he’s got a powerful physique, that’s all), he fell into a cauldron of magic potion when he was a little boy.

Citizenship : Gaul

French name : Obélix
German name : Obelix
Dutch name : Obelix
Spanish name : Obelix
Italian name : Obelix
Portugese name : Obélix


Determined to make Asterix an anti-hero flying in the face of the established order of the world of comic books, René Goscinny certainly did not want to give his main character a sidekick who would play the classic role of stooge. But Albert Uderzo, somewhat frustrated at not having made Asterix a beefy Gaul like he dreamed, could not resist placing at his side a big strong warrior, more akin to the impressive muscle-bound characters he already excelled at drawing.

Although he had only a minor role in the first adventure, Obelix quickly became an essential character that his authors developed as they went along. He is actually the readers’ favourite hero: all opinion polls place Obelix at the top of the list of favourite village characters. One survey among young adolescent girls even made Obelix out to be the “sexiest” character amongst the Gauls!

In the adventures penned by René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, we find him by turns easily offended (who’s fat?), sensitive (we have seen him cry at a romantic happy ending), and definitely a glutton. An overgrown child who grew up too quickly and who is not yet aware of his own strength (in his defence, it must be said that not everyone falls in a cauldron of magic potion when he’s a little boy!), Obelix is an inexhaustible source of gags.

An eternal klutz, he is irresistible, whether he is fighting, falling in love (which happens often!), finally catching on to something long after the others, or when he overdoes it on the alcoholic drinks (“Zigackly!”)… As far as he is concerned, it is always playtime (well, at least once snack time is finished!), and nothing really matters, because it’s all the others who are crazy. Does the magic potion bless people with the innocence of childhood? It’s not certain that the Romans see things this way…

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