Damian is a sexologist and research scientist, specialized in digital epidemiology.  

Prior to studying medicine at University of Lublin Medical School, Damian was educated at NYU, Columbia,  Harvard,  and Jagiellonski Collegium Medicum -- receiving training in the psychology of religion, cancer genetics, psychiatric epidemiology & public health, respectively. A frequent guest at international psychiatric and sexological meetings, he presents work on paraphilias, general psychiatry, and adaptability of e-tharapy in providing Internet-based psychological interventions. Professionally, Damian is a junior member of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, and has served as expert reviewer for several notable publications, including the Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology.

During undergraduate tenure at NYU, he interdisciplinarily studied the relationship between the scientific revolution and theological thought. At the same time at Columbia, Damian completed rigorous thesis research in the Institute of Cancer Genetics where he studied mammary gland remodeling in the context of microRNA-mediated tissue transformations in animal models of breast cancer.

Subsequently, he moved to Boston to scientifically study epigenetic drug development and psychiatric epidemiology, both at Departments of Genetics and Psychiatry of Harvard Medical School.  >>>

While at Harvard, Damian worked toward completing a graduate degree, and built a portfolio of research experience in biology, leading to full-time positions as an associate biologist at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute & the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

His clinical and legal work are in forensic psychiatry and medicine, respectively, while research has been focused on adapting eHealth therapies for patients with physical and psychiatric disabilities.

Currently Damian conducts research in the areas of sexual medicine, general psychiatry, and public health. He oversees and mentors a group of several supporting M.D. and graduate students, designs and implements population-based studies in psychiatry in central Europe, and works as associated psychologist with patients of sexual behavioral clinic. >>>

He is a recipient of several notable distinctions, including the United States President Barack Obama's Gold Service Award for humanitarian work, and United Nations in Asia Letter of Distinction for volunteering. He held fellowships in public service from the Edward I. Koch Foundation in New York, and honors medical research at Harvard Medical School in Boston. Damian's college education was generously supported by the Roberts Family Foundation and Peter Vallone merit scholarships. His research in medical genetics earned him Dean's Award for Summer Research at NYU.

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