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Over 250 civilians killed in 2 days of Syrian air strikes

Syrian and Russian air strikes on Eastern Ghouta near the capital Damascus, have killed more than 100 civilians for the second day in a row, taking the total of deaths to 250 in 48 hours. Syrian and Russian air strikes on a rebel-held enclave on the outskirts of the capital Damascus, have killed more than 100 civilians for the second day in a row. Air strikes, rockets and artillery fire have been battering Eastern Ghouta enclave in apparent preparation for a government ground assault. At least 250 civilians have been killed since the escalation began on Sunday, among them dozens of children, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

Detectives say victims were captured in poor parts of Nigeria and terrorised using voodoo rituals to 'break their will' before being smuggled into Europe using fake travel documents.

The unemployed husband, from Dubai, told his wife the fee was because the time he spent chauffeuring her was keeping him from his friends, she said.

Mitsutoki Shigeta, 28, had hatched a plan to produce a big family, after which he would run in an election and win by letting his children vote for him, Japanese media reports.

Anastasia Cecati, 31, a well known model, singer and actress in the country, is said to have rowed with Alexei Mitachi, 34, before he murdered her at an apartment in Moldova's capital Chisinau.

A mentally ill man was pulled alive from a lion's enclosure in India after breaking in while drunk. He had been missing from his home for several days.

The victim was reportedly subjected to such horrific sexual violence that her intestines 'spilled out', before she was left to die under a bridge in South Dinajpur, West Bengal, local news reports.

Sex guru who has rocked the Kremlin

Alex Lesley, 36, a self-proclaimed 'sex guru' who runs 'seduction and orgasm courses for women' (right) claims to have played a part in the events which led to YouTube and Instagram being threatened with a ban in Russia. His 'student' Nastya Rybka (pictured left with Lesley) boasted that she slept with oligarch Oleg Deripaska on his yacht in 2016, and that Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko - was on board at the same time, and posted video evidence on her social media accounts (inset).

Muslim protesters burn piles of Pampers nappies and call for a ban because cartoon cat's whiskers printed on them 'look like the Arabic spelling of Mohammed'

The whiskers, nose, mouth and left eye of the cartoon cat on a Pampers nappy (inset left) allegedly resemble the Prophet's name when written in Arabic or Urdu (inset right), and the image has been branded an 'insult' to Islam by critics. Protesters are now calling for a boycott of Pampers, with video footage viewed more than 175,000 times online showing outraged parents forming pyres out of Pampers Baby Dry Pants in the streets of India and torching whole packets in protest.

Families in rural China believe scantily-clad showgirls could make a funeral more successful - by drawing attendees. Now the authority has vowed to put a stop to the 'obscene' trend.

Bailiffs in Volgograd had been sent to the parents' home, to recover the cost of the child's care on behalf of the orphanage. The mother fainted upon hearing that her baby was still alive.

A wildlife photographer has captured the moment a giraffe gave birth right in front of her. The male calf's first steps were caught on camera at the Kragga Kamma park in South Africa.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Reception class teacher Fiona Childs, 47, was walking through woodland, to the beach in Koh Rong Samloem when the animal suddenly charged at her.

One of the world's highest-paid supermodels has been under fire after posting 'Happy Lunar New Year' instead of 'Happy Chinese New Year' on her Instagram account.

Tuan Tuan, 13, was attempting to mate with Yuan Yuan, also 13, at Taipei Zoo. But he focused his efforts on the wrong end of his partner. Researchers have had her artificially inseminated.

Peace for the dog who slept beside his master's grave

The black Alsatian was some four years old when Miguel Guzman, who had bought the dog as a present for his son, Damian, passed away in 2006 in Villa Carlos Paz, near Cordoba, Argentina's second city. The dog disappeared not long afterwards and the family thought he had found a new home or had been killed. But several months later, on one of their visits to the cemetery during 2007, there was Capitan. To their astonishment, neighbours told them how they started to feed the pet when they realised he slept by the grave each night.

Cat with two faces has an even split of grey and black fur

The rare markings on the British short hair, pictured at her home in France, are thought to be the result of two embryos fusing together. She has both light grey and black fur on her face, separated evenly in a remarkably straight line. While the exact cause of the pet's striking appearance is not known, other felines with this mysterious look are known as chimera cats, which are the result of the merging of two fertilised eggs, or two early embryos in the mother's womb.

Elise Christie – a triple world champion - vowed to compete again in Beijing in 2022 and slammed those who have sent her abusive messages int he wake of her latest disappointment.

The 18-year-old Briton, named as Jack Roberts, died after a single-vehicle crash in Maungati on New Zealand's south island.

US cyber security firm FireEye said on Tuesday that the cyber espionage group, previously known only for targeting South Korea's government and private sector, has become more sophisticated.

Terrifying moment a diver is ATTACKED by a moray eel after interrupting its mating ritual

This frightening footage captures the moment an eel launched a surprise attack on an underwater photographer. Petrified snapper, Bartosz Lukasik, found himself being chased by the moray eel during a coral reef dive in Sodwana Bay, South Africa. Mr Lukasik, from Poland, had been filming the eel and its mate as they appeared to be courting or mating, when one suddenly turned on him and chased him for nearly 50ft.

Colourised pictures of D-Day heroes seen for first time

Haunting images show troops inside a landing craft approaching Omaha Beach (left) and gunners wading ashore as reinforcements (top right) along the coast of Normandy, France, on D-Day. Other shots show Lance Corporals A.Burton and L.Barnett of 6th Airborne Division guarding a road junction near Ranville (bottom right) shortly after D-Day. Operation Overlord saw some 156,000 Allied troops landing in Normandy. It is thought as many as 4,400 were killed in an operation Winston Churchill described as 'undoubtedly the most complicated and difficult that has ever taken place'. The original black and white photographs were colourised by design engineer Paul Reynolds, 48, from Birmingham.

A group of South Korean tourists hid blocks of gold up their rectums to avoid tax. Seven would-be smugglers were caught out at customs at a Japanese airport last month.

Mellisa Meville, 25, from the Isle of Wight, was charged at by a huge cow as she walked back to her hotel in Rajasthan, northern India. She had just sang the rap song 'My Humps' to the creature.

The huge 66ft whale created a stir among locals after it was discovered on the shoreline of Punta Arenas in the Magallanes Region of southern Chile.