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Senator Marco Rubio was slammed as 'pathetically weak' Wednesday night as parents and victims of the massacre in Parkland, Florida, took the stage to confront him in a Town Hall meeting.  Rubio received a chorus of boos when he said that a ban on assault weapons would not have  by the father of one of the Parkland, Florida school shooting victims.   The Town Hall meeting was hosted by CNN's Jake Tapper, who noted at the beginning that President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Rick Scott both denied request to attend. 

Shocking surveillance footage shows the moment a knife-wielding man crawls through a coffee stand window and tries to rape a bikini barista

Shocking surveillance footage (main) shows the moment a knife-wielding man crawled through the window of a coffee stand early Tuesday in an attempt to kidnap and rape a bikini barista in Washington state. The 33-year-old suspect, later identified as Michael Reynolds, is seen sliding what appears to be a tip jar out of the way so that he could climb through the window. In the video, the barista, later identified as Madeline Guinto, is heard screaming 'oh my God' as he grabs her. The Kent Police Department said the incident occurred around 4.45am at Hottie Shots Espresso (top right). The barista told police that after they climbed out of the window, the man forced her into a dark alley near the stand. She said she was saved after another car pulling up spooked the suspect and he took off. Kent police arrested Reynolds on Wednesday from a furniture warehouse, where he worked. He was released from prison in September last year after serving a decade for robbery and burglary. Prosecutors are reviewing the case and will decide whether to file charges.

Scott Kennedy, a 43-year-old Illinois business executive, admitted to spending $5.8million of his employer's money to fund a lavish lifestyle for him and his girlfriend Crystal Lundberg.

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NEW Armed police officers were pictured hiding behind buildings and staking out a building rooftop in the Forest neighborhood of the Belgian capital on Thursday.

President Donald Trump on Thursday defended his brash proposal to have teachers be able to arm themselves using concealed carry permits to protect schools.

The NBA fined outspoken Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban $600k for acknowledging that his team needs to lose in order to get a better draft pick in the 2018 NBA Draft.

Delta airline passengers heading from Kansas City to Los Angeles endured a 12-hour delay on the tarmac before their flight was cancelled due to a violent snowstorm.

The jinx is over! Team USA storm to women's ice hockey gold and end 20 years of misery against arch-rivals Canada with a dramatic shootout victory

America celebrated gold medal joy and ended 20 years of Olympic misery against Canada in most anticipated clash of the Winter Games last night and took the women’s ice hockey title. A dramatic shootout saw America home after 2-2 draw. The US were looking to end 20 years of domination by the Canadians and took the lead through former Boston Pride star Hilary Knight just before the end of the first period.

Freestyle skier David Wise successfully defended his gold medal Thursday, breaking through on his final run to give the U.S. its third gold medal in the halfpipe at the Pyeongchang Olympics.

No fairytale ending for Lindsey Vonn! Olympic ski legend is eliminated from the Alpine combined event after missing a gate, as USA teammate Mikaela Shiffrin wins silver 

Vonn, the leader after the downhill portion, made a mistake early in the slalom on Thursday in Pyeongchang and didn't finish in what's likely the final race of her Olympic career. The first - and likely only - Olympic race between Vonn and her US teammate Mikaela Shiffrin had been expected to go down to the wire. Shiffrin took the silver medal in the event. Switerzerland's Michelle Gisin took gold while fellow Swiss Wendy Holdener took bronze.

The team, composed of pilot Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian and brakewoman Carrie Russell, made its debut yesterday at the PyeongChang games, 30 years after the men's team made its debut.

FILE- In this Jan. 9, 2017, file photo, Ford Executive Vice President Raj Nair addresses the North American International Auto show in Detroit. Ford has ousted Nair, one of its top executives, over allegations of unspecified inappropriate behavior. The company said in a statement that Nair, the North America President, is leaving the company immediately. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio, File)

North America President Raj Nair admitted his actions have not always been consistent with Ford's values as he resigned his post on Wednesday for 'inappropriate behavior'.

That's the wrong 'Un! Impressed North Korean cheerleader is caught on video accidentally clapping as American figure skaters take the ice 

The momentary lapse in discipline among North Korea's 'army of beauties' occurred during the pair skating short program on February 15 at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. The North Korean cheer squad (right) roared in perfectly synchronized applause and flag waving for the nation's figure skating duo Ryom Tae Ok and Kim Ju Sok. Later in the program, as American skaters Alexa Scimeca Knierim and Chris Knierim (left) took the ice, the North Korean cheerleaders sat stony faced - save for one who clapped politely.

The authorities in the Balkan country of Montenegro say the unknown attacker died after hurling a suspected grenade into the U.S. embassy precinct in the capital Podgorica.

Michelle Obama in awe of student gun control activists

Former first lady Michelle Obama has said that she is in 'total awe' of young gun control activists from Florida who are taking their campaign to the highest echelons of government.  'I'm in total awe of the extraordinary students in Florida,' Obama tweeted Wednesday. 'Like every movement for progress in our history, gun reform will take unyielding courage and endurance. But @barackobama and I believe in you, we're proud of you, and we're behind you every step of the way.'

Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz could lose his public defenders after it was revealed that he stands to inherit $800,000 from his late adoptive parents.

Us Rep Claudia Tenney, who is up for re-election, sparked controversy when she said during a radio appearance that 'many people' who commit mass murders are Democrats.

Socialite claims $122,858-a-month divorce payout too small

Tracey Hejailan-Amon, 47, was awarded the monthly support payment by a Monaco court, plus $1.26million in back payments, in her bitter divorce battle with Maurice Amon, 64 (together main). Hejailan-Amon blasted the settlement as insufficient, claiming she needed four times that amount - nearly $500,000 a month - to maintain her lifestyle of year-round private plane and yacht travel. The divorce battle took a bizzare turn last year, when Amon accused his estranged wife of blowtorching a safe (top right) ruining millions of dollars worth of modern art, including Damien Hirst's Acridine (bottom left) and a 1966 And Warhol self-portrait (inset).

Scientists from West Technology Forensics have refined an old technique using particles of silver to successfully detect fingerprints on fired cartridges with a 68 per cent success rate.

New York City teacher Steven Rich, 51, was arrested on Tuesday after police raided his apartment to find seven pounds of what is commonly referred to as the 'date rape drug.'

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in anthrax terror scare

The letter - which was addressed to both Harry and Meghan - prompted a terror alert after it was received at the Palace where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children also live. The package was intercepted by staff and it did not reach Harry or Meghan - but they have both been informed of the incident. Chemical experts were drafted in to analyse the substance and counter-terror police are now investigating. Analysis of the powder, which was sent to the Palace on February 12, found that it was harmless.

The long-awaited reunion lasted just four minutes on a platform in China, but Zeng Xinyi and her child cherished every second. They held and kissed each other before Ms Zeng had to go back to her train.

Roseanne Barr returns as a pro-Trump grandmother

It has been 30 years since Roseanne premiered, kicking off a nine-season run during which the show won four Emmys, three Golden Globes and the prestigious Peabody Award. The show was a sitcom, but one that realistically captured the lives of a working class family living in the midwest, and did not shy away from more serious topics such a domestic abuse, teen pregnancy and homophobia. And now it is set to return, with nine new episodes airing on ABC starting next month, and the show has not lost any of its real-world edge. bIn an interview with The Hollywood Reporter , Barr again confirmed that her character would be pro-Trump while also revealing she will be grandmother to a gender fluid grandson and a black granddaughter. The show will also deal with her husband Dan, played by John Goodman, possibly losing his job to an illegal immigrant, the family's relationship with their Muslim neighbors and in a episode the actors and writers seem most proud of, the opioid crisis. 'People think this show is more political than it is. It's more about how a family deals with a disagreement like that,' said Sara Gilbert, who will reprise her role as oldest daughter Becky and serve as executive producer. 'But I get it, it creates website clicks.'

Edward Enninful, who succeeded Alexandra Shulman as editor of British Vogue last year, was conspicuous by his absence when the Queen attended London Fashion Week.

Michelle Lodzinski, 50, who was convicted in 2016 of murdering her five-year-old son in 1991 has now sued Middlesex county and its Sheriff for injuries she sustained at trial, in a complaint filed on Friday.

Shocking moment Seattle police fatally shoot an armed carjacker after he fired at cops and rammed patrol car

The suspect was fatally shot at about 5.15am on Monday in Seattle's Ravenna neighborhood, after digging through the back seat of a stolen car and refusing to show cops his hands. Cops released a photo (inset) of Smith & Wesson M&P; Shield 9mm recovered on the floor of the stolen car. The incident began at about 4.20 am, when officers rushed to respond to a 911 call about a car prowler in the residential neighborhood.

The world's heaviest man, Juan Pedro Franco, from Mexico, who once tipped the scales at 1302lbs, shows off his 551 lb weight-loss as he dreams of being able to walk again.

Somalia has once again been named the world's most corrupt nation while New Zealand and Denmark topped the opposite end of the list, produced by Transparency International.

Justin Trudeau ridiculed by Indians for his 'fake' outfits

Former ministers, authors, and regular Indians have taken to Twitter to mock Justin Trudeau's outfit choices while visiting their country, accusing him of lacking class and going too over the top. While the Indian media seemed to tolerate the Canadian Prime Minister's wardrobe for the first two days of his trip, by Wednesday the tide turned - spurred on by a gold number he wore to meet Bollywood stars that was described as 'tacky' (left). On Wednesday Omar Abdullah, former chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, tweeted and image of Trudeau in traditional Sikh dress (right) saying that it was 'all a bit much'. Perhaps sensing the mood change, Trudeau wore a suit on Thursday as he was shown around Jama Masjid, one of India's largest mosques (inset).

A British woman asked for advice on getting an invitation to her childhood friend's wedding. She revealed her friend's parents told her no as she had only recently rebuilt the friendship.

The unnamed woman, 42, believed to be from Chiba in Japan, went to her doctor complaining of bloating that had lasted three years. An abdominal scan revealed two gauze sponges.

Harrowing moment cameraman finds his family screaming under rubble after deadly Assad bombing raid as UN describes 'hell on earth' in rebel-held Syrian town

Video shows the Syrian man desperately trying to rescue his pregnant aunt, four cousins and grandmother from rubble in Eastern Ghouta after the area was targeted by Bashar al-Assad's forces. The cameraman was capturing footage of the dictator's deadly bombing campaign when he heard their haunting cries for help. A trapped woman with a bloodied face can be seen crying out in agony (left) as rescuers scramble to free her (top right). The face of a badly injured little boy can also be seen (bottom right). It comes as the UN's chief Antonio Guterres described the death and devastation that has engulfed the area since Sunday as 'hell on earth'.

Two of Vladimir Putin's fifth generation Sukhoi Su-57 stealth fighters were spotted landing at Russia's Khmeimim Air Base, south-east of the city of Latakia in Syria.

Researchers from Cardiff University found that if abuse was shared by trolls it was done so to a small 'echo chamber' of similar accounts, with positive comments also circulating longer online.

Fans pose with strangers they mistook for celebrities

From 'Johnny Depp' snacking on a late-night hot dog to 'Oprah Winfrey' in economy class, fans from around their world spotted their 'idols' in very unlikely situations. The lookalikes were all too happy to pose for a picture - apparently enjoying the attention of looking like a celebrity. While some admittedly look just like a famous face, others are a little harder to see - so can you work out who is who?


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Archive footage reveals early attempts at cryopreservation

The footage shows the early work of the Cryonic Society in Phoenix, Arizona, as a team of scientists' piece together ground-breaking preservation equipment. A model (pictured) is seen giving a demonstration of how one man has already been frozen as she is placed in a long metal cylinder and wrapped head-to-toe in tin foil. The video, first aired in 1967, shows both the interior and exterior of a lab operated by the Cryocare Equipment Corporation (top left). Now defunct, the firm worked closely with the California-based Cryonics Society, a nonprofit organisation that still supports and promotes cryonics research today.

The bodies of two others were also recovered in the operation while a number of girls are still missing after the attack on the Nigerian village of Dapchi in the northeastern state of Yobe, a local official said.

Pictures which apparently show two Chinese men proudly wearing the uniform of WWII Japanese soldiers have caused an outcry in China. The images were said to be taken in Nanjing.

The moment an explosion rips through a ferry in Mexican spring break resort leaving 25 injured including two Americans 

Two Americans and three Canadians were among the 25 people injured when an explosion ripped through a ferry that had just docked at Playa del Carmen in the Gulf of Mexico on Wednesday, with the other 20 being Mexicans. CCTV recorded dozens of people disembarking from the boat and wandering down a concrete jetty when a fireball shoots over their heads, sending people scrambling for cover. It is not known what caused the blast, though preliminary investigations have suggested it could have been a build-up of gas somewhere in the vessel which was then ignited.

The family of Paul Zindel (right), a Pulitzer-winning playwright, is suing director Guillermo Del Toro (left) and Fox Searchlight in a copyright suit, alleging The Shape Of Water 'brazenly' copied his story.

David Glasser (right), the ousted COO of the Weinstein Company, announced that he will be suing the company for $85 million just days after he was abruptly fired from his position.

Fascinating images reveal lives of the Bajau 'sea gypsies'

The Bajau people - a nomadic tribe who spend their lives on the water - have been dubbed 'sea gypsies' for their water-dwelling lifestyle off the coast of Borneo. Striking images - taken by photographer Claudio Sieber - show children out catching fish in long narrow canoes, families on their homemade boats and buildings constructed on stilts. Sieber took the pictures off Borneo where the Bajau are able to dive up to 20 metres without the use of modern scuba gear. They even reportedly experience ‘land sickness’ when they leave the water such is their connection to the ocean.

A US study found people who watch television ‘very often’ are 71 per cent more likely to get a potentially fatal blood clot in their leg as a result of deep vein thrombosis, usually linked to flights.

Blogger Artur Grabowski collected data from 120 trips to find out whether Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze was the fastest service. For each trip, he measured traffic conditions and other factors.

Tattoos to ‘change their life’ and the reasons behind them

BBC Three documentary A Tattoo to Change My Life follows four women as they visit British tattoo artist Poppy Segger who created a design to represent a significant and challenging period in their lives. Featured in the series are Tulsa Vagjiani (bottom right), who lost her family in a plane crash 28 years ago. She was pulled from the wreckage but was left with severe scars all over her body. Mother-of-two Maia (top right) is a breast cancer survivor who chooses to cover her mastectomy scar with a tattoo to 'feel pretty' again. Also featured is 18-year-old Viktoria (bottom left), who wants to cover up her self-harming scars; Jen (top left) who gets a tattoo to cover up the stretch marks from her weight loss on her calf (top left inset).

EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Lawrence, 27, hit back at critics during an interview in London yesterday, saying the revealing gown was her choice – and she will wear a bikini under a snowsuit next time.

Mother Jodie Harper, from Melbourne's Croydon Victoria, has revealed how her five-year-old daughter 'saved her life' after she noticed an unusual freckle on her shoulder.

The 67-year-old, who is due to start his south American tour today is said to have been kept waiting after officials discovered he didn’t have a work visa.

Incredible moment quick-thinking policeman realises there isn’t enough time to use a carpet to catch a falling boy and does it HIMSELF 

CCTV footage shows people looking above to where the child is precariously balanced and three officers rushing around trying to figure out how best to catch the little one. The young boy can be seen plummeting from an apartment in Assiut, Egypt, but remarkably is uninjured from the horrific fall. Yet the courageous police officer who catches the petrified boy is taken to hospital for treatment.

According to Mecca Australia's Romy Erdos, 'these magical microorganisms do incredible things for your digestive system and work wonders for your skin, too'.

Australian stylist, Alarna Hope, revealed to FEMAIL that we need to ditch dressing for our body types, and instead try a new approach to what we wear. Here, FEMAIL shares Alarna's rules.

Woman 25 defends her relationship with older boyfriend

Ryan Rosado, 25, from New York, immediately felt a connection with Steven Russell, 55, from Maine, when they met at a business luncheon two years ago and the pair (pictured left, right and inset) quickly started dating. Ryan, a cyber consultant, explained her family have been supportive of her relationship but said she has yet to meet Steven's daughters, aged 23 and 26, because they refused to accept her as their father's girlfriend. The pair have also agreed not to have children of their own.

Top law enforcement officials hoping to solve the murder of Thomas Wales, a 49-year-old federal prospector in Seattle killed in October 2010, have raised the reward to $1.52million.

Police fake family's murder to trick Russian 22-year-old

Detectives found out about the sickening plot and staged the killing in the family home. An officer played the role of the hired assassin in the Russian resort of Sochi, a host city for this year's World Cup. The son had instructed the 'contract killer' in how and where his family should be murdered. He even drew a floor plan, and indicated where security cameras were placed, and how to avoid guard dogs. The man's mother and father - 'devastated' about their son's murderous intent - played dead for the mock-up photographs (left and right), with blood gushing from 'fatal' knife wounds. After seeing the pictures, the man expressed 'delight' and agreed to pay the promised £38,000 fee to the man he believed was a contract killer. But he was arrested instead.

Cinemark movie theatres across the United States will implement a stricter policy for the size of personal items that can be brought into their screenings, effective on Thursday.

According to the victim’s sister-in-law, Vania Ramos, the young woman had just received the gadget as a prize from the make-up company she worked for in Brazil, for record sales of lipsticks.

It means Porsche customers will no longer have the option of a new diesel-powered Macan, Panamera or Cayenne as the German manufacturer switches full attention to petrol and hybrid models.

Morbidly obese woman who weighed 704lbs gains weight

Lisa Fleming, 49, from Mobile, Alabama, (pictured while bedridden) had pleaded to doctors for help after discovering maggots in the folds of her skin. She was put on a controlled diet in hospital (bottom left) by Dr Younan Nowzaradan ahead of planned weight loss surgery, during which time she managed to lose 87lbs. However, Lisa was then kicked off the program by Dr Nowzaradan after he discovered she had gained 29lbs. She had been secretly eating junk food at home (bottom right).

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WWII footage shows fierce fighting with battleships

Iwo Jima was one of the most savage conflicts of the Second World War with 6,500 US servicemen sacrificing their lives to take the tiny island, 660 miles south of Tokyo, Japan. The invasion began on February 19, 1945 and now, 73 years on, rare video has brought the brutal and bloodthirsty fighting to life. Captured by a crew embedded with the US Marines over a month-long period, the footage begins by showing a fleet of landing craft heading towards the coast with troops waiting nervously on-board. It then cuts to Marines storming the beaches under heavy fire and an aerial view of Allied aircraft dropping bombs on Japanese bases, as tanks manoeuvre inland. We later see troops with flame throwers torching bunkers and the corpses of Japanese soldiers piled up in their wake. Mortar crews bombing positions are also captured in the film, before we see the soldiers erect the Stars and Stripes in a picture that would go on to be one of the most recognizable pictures of the Second World War.

When Lauren Jubb arrived in Nusa Lemobongan she expected it would be live up to its reputation of an island paradise. Instead what lay in ocean's surface was unimaginable.

AYR is launching a $65 plain white T-shirt as well as a $55 tank top and people can't wait to get their hands on the tees as there's a 600 person wait list already.

Matthew McMeans, 27, of Virginia, pleaded guilty last October to rape and use of a computer to commit sex offenses with a minor for repeatedly having sexual contact with a young girl beginning in 2015.

Stunning rainbow images guaranteed to brighten up your day

Spotting a rainbow can brighten the greyest of days, as these images show. MailOnline Travel recently witnessed a rainbow from the air while taking off from Ushuaia airport at the tip of the Argentina, with the coloured rays rising up from the mountainous scenery behind. Others have been equally lucky to see rainbows in the sky during a flight or while using a drone. One photographer captured the Victoria Falls in South Africa with a coloured arc forming in the clouds of fine spray. Another eagle-eyed photographer took a breathtaking panorama of a band of colour raining down over the winding Sella Pass mountain road between the provinces of Trentino and South Tyrol in Italy.


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Strong defending! Outnumbered soccer player picks up CORNER FLAG to fend off members of the opposing team chasing him round the pitch

Ecuadorian Angelo Preciado picked up the pole after realising he was outnumbered as half the players from Uruguayan side River Plate chased after him. River Plate lost the game to Preciado’s Ecuadorian team Independiente del Valle 3-2. It was not clear what the 20-year-old defender had said to upset his rivals so much to make nearly the entire side charge at him. But once joined by his teammates, Preciado was persuaded to eventually throw the makeshift weapon to the ground after threatening to stab his would-be attackers with it. The shocking incident happened on Wednesday night at the end of an under 20s semi-final in the Copa Libertadores, a south American football league.

The blast occurred in a residential complex in China and sent a 110lb manhole cover flying 10ft into the air. The firecracker lit the methane in the underground system, causing the explosion.

This the adorable moment make-up artist Suzanne McGowan caught her one-year-old son, Freddy, as he tried to apply fake tan in front of the mirror at their home in Glasgow.

A toddler in China had a chopstick removed from his skull after it got lodged there through his mouth. The boy, known by his nickname Yang Yang, accidentally fell onto the chopstick at his home.

After Jacob Laukaitis from Lithuania was hit by a drunk driver while traveling through Thailand he realised how precarious life is - so he attacked his bucket list.

Heart-stopping moment small child plays on a ninth-floor window ledge for ten minutes in Brazil before terrified mother realises 

Those who witnessed the toddler walking calmly along a window ledge in Goiania were stunned that the incident did not end in tragedy. The tot's 30 metre high (about 100ft) antics continued for about 10 minutes until an adult appeared on the balcony and took him down with a scolding. A concerned witness said: 'I was watching all the time and I must have held my breath for the duration the child was on the window's edge. He must have thought that he was Spiderman.'



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