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A no-nonsense elite policeman who calls himself ‘Raptor 13’ (left) has been filmed at the centre of a confrontation (centre) with a group of men on their way to ex-Comanchero bikie boss Mick Hawi’s (top right) burial after his Islamic funeral (bottom right). The men were driving to Rookwood Cemetery in western Sydney on Thursday when they were pulled over by police on King Georges Road. Raptor 13, whose real name is Senior Constable Andrew Murphy, was seen drawing his taser and shouting 'You're going to get searched' as tensions flared. 'I don't care, you're going to be searched, stand against the fence all of you... you're all being searched for firearms and drugs,' he adds, as a man threatens that the officers are outnumbered. Mr Murphy, 39, made headlines last year for a number of colourful arrests that were filmed and posted online. He has been filmed appearing to throw a motorcyclist’s licence on the ground, pushing away a woman, refusing to show a driver his speed radar and holding a metal pole to a driver’s head during a routine traffic stop. 

Sydney teen girls convicted for child prostitute business

Two teenage sisters (pictured being taken into custody by police) who recruited vulnerable homeless girls into a child prostitution ring and made them have sex with 'fat old men' in carparks and grotty motels have been jailed. The pair ran their brothel from a housing unit in Warwick Farm, west Sydney for three years since they were 16 and 19. Through Facebook or mutual friends, they lured seven vulnerable girls aged 12 to 16 with the promise of shelter and drugs such as ice. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were at the centre of an anthrax scare after white powder was reportedly sent to Kensington Palace.

Nurse jailed for shocking abuse of girl while high

A dug-addict nurse who kicked, smothered and slapped a four-year-old girl in a campaign of brutal emotional and physical abuse has been jailed for three years after surviving a joint suicide attempt which killed her boyfriend. Katherine Walker, 26, attacked the child while looking after her on a two-week holiday with her boyfriend in Western Australia.  She even threatened to kill the child, telling her: 'Go to sleep before I come in here and pummel you until you die.' 

A bride has left her friend crying in a restaurant after dumping her from the wedding party because she had gained 20 kilograms and would 'ruin the wedding photos'.

SPONSORED: Although cybercrime costs Australians billions each year, a recent study has found we're not protecting ourselves. Here, we show you easy ways to prevent hackers stealing from you.

Terrifying moment lions attack Hyundai with two children in the back after safari park rangers CLOSED the gates leaving them trapped in the enclosure for 50 minutes

Heart-stopping footage shows the lightening-fast beasts bounding on to the bonnet and roof of the Hyundai i-30 leaving behind a huge paw print-shaped dent. Abi Tudge, 23 (right), and Jazzy Reynolds (inset) became shut in the lion enclosure at West Midlands Safari Park in Bewdley, Worcestershire, when the rangers closed the gates for safety on Wednesday. The pair, who had two children in the back seat, became trapped in the section for around 50 minutes as wardens tried to deal with the 'agitated' and 'aggravated' animals (left and right). But they were left stunned when the pack suddenly bolted for a female and leapt on top of the car, leaving behind dents and scratches (inset).

Sitting just five minutes from popular spot Pandawa Beach, is Bali's most bizarre attraction. An abandoned Boeing 737, that has no identifying marks lies in a field. So how did it get there?

Jack Howlett found a message in a bottle dated 1935 at Fraser Island 60 years ago.The letter was addressed to a family in Ballarat. A public plea made a daughter of the author step forward.

Inside Comanchero leader Mick Hawi's funeral and burial

A tattoo parlour shooting that left a customer fighting for his life on the day of Mick Hawi's funeral could be linked to the Comanchero boss' murder, police say. As Hawi's family and friends gathered for traditional prayers at a Sydney mosque around 1pm today, two masked men stormed Nitro Ink Tattoo Studio in south-east Melbourne and gunned down a customer in a hail of bullets. The men escaped in a silver saloon car before setting it on fire and are still on the run. The victim, 35, is fighting for his life at The Alfred Hospital with wounds to his upper body after the incident in Hampton Park.

Nitro Ink in south-east Melbourne was blasted in a night-time drive-by just a day after 17 shots were fired into the nearby clubhouse of the Hells' Angels bikie gang in 2013.

Senior Finks bikie member, Andrew Manners, 32, has been refused bail after he allegedly resisted arrest and assaulted officers in northern New South Wales.

'Shut up! That is enough': Furious argument between a bisexual Muslim and a niqab-wearing woman exposes a deep divide in Australia's Islamic community

This is the tense moment two Australian Muslim women clash and expose a deep divide in the Islamic community. The mood became uncomfortable when Rita (left), a bisexual Muslim woman who practises Sufism, proposed reciting spiritual prayers over a meal during the final episode of SBS documentary Muslims Like Us. This didn't go down well with Anjum (right), a Sunni religious conservative who covers her face with a niqab in the TV series filmed on Sydney's northern beaches. Before long, Rita lost her patience with Anjum as she kept interrupting her. 'No shut up. Shut up. That is enough. I have heard enough,' Rita said.

A Muslim woman wearing a niqab reflects on her experience talking to a stranger about her full-face veil on Sydney's Manly Beach in a clip from a new SBS two-part reality TV documentary.

Bradley Edwards charged with the murder of Sarah Spiers

An accused serial killer has been charged with the murder of an 18-year-old girl who mysteriously vanished on Australia Day 22 years. Bradley Robert Edwards (inset), 49, has been charged with the murder of Sarah Spiers (main image), 18, who disappeared after calling a cab on a night out with friends in Claremont, Perth in 1996. Mr Edwards was charged in December last year with the murders of two other girls (Jane Rimmer, bottom left, and Ciara Glennon, bottom right) who both vanished after a night out in 1996 and 1997 respectively.

Cybersecurity firm SEC Consult discovered that Mi-Cam's HD baby monitors, made by miSafes, have flaws (pictured) that allow for the 'hijacking of arbitrary video baby monitors.'

The 51-year-old (pictured) faced charges at Brisbane Arrest Court on Thursday and was granted bail after he was found inside the huge instrument insured for more than $1 million.

Dramatic moment heavily-armed plain-clothes police officers swarm a car stopped at a set of traffic lights and arrest a 21-year-old man

The moment heavily-armed police officers swarm a car stopped at a set of traffic lights has been caught on camera. A 21-year-old man was arrested at an intersection off the Roe Highway in Willetton, south of Perth just before 6pm on Wednesday. Two police cars boxed in the man's white Holden Viva before about a dozen officers jumped out and pulled the driver from the vehicle. He was taken to the ground and arrested, while onlookers watched on. A witness told Nine News he had 'no idea' the police were following the driver, who was wanted over a number of offences.

Australia's Belgian-born Acting Prime Minister Mathias Cormann says special treatment should be given to younger immigrants. He moved to Australia for love at age 23 and now runs the nation.

'It's like cottage cheese': Patient has a huge pus-filled cyst popped that had been growing on his shoulder since he was 16

WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT: It is unsure where the man in the stomach-churning clip is from or how old he is, but his accent appears to be from the US.

Could Tasmanian Tigers come back from the dead? Stunning 3D scans of the creatures may unlock its genetic mysteries to help scientists clone the beast

Researchers from the University of Melbourne have created 3D images (left) using CT scans (right) of the extinct Tasmanian tiger (inset left) young, preserved in museum collections (inset), that show its unusual development. The joey lived in the pouch of its mother from birth until it was 12 weeks old and over this time developed distinctly dog-like features that turned it into the top predator in Australasia before its extinction in 1936. Through understanding their complex development researchers believe they could bring the animal back to life.

Sydney’s Star casino lost or destroyed two cheques totaling $7million it was given as security by a high-rolling Chinese gambler who has not paid the money back.

'They're pretty fantastic!' Royal fan is left delighted after Meghan Markle complimented her nails during her Edinburgh visit (and the manicurist says she's available for the wedding)

Meghan, 36, spotted Ashleigh Meikle (right), 25, from Bo'ness, and her pink nail art in a crowd during her visit to Edinburgh earlier this month. In the clip Meghan can be heard saying: 'Wow, look at your nails. That's pretty fantastic. They're very valentines-y.' Manicurist Ashley Tenor (centre top) was delighted with the praise and even cheekily offered to do Meghan's wedding nails.

ALDI Australia has cemented itself as a retailer that sells award-winning alcohol at an affordable price. Now their top seven selling wines have been revealed.

Adelaide mum, Krechelle Carter, who has six children under the age of six has revealed how she keeps her home tidy and organised. She shared her best tips and tricks for dealing with daily chores.

'You're a racist pig!' Fiona O'Loughlin SLAMS David Oldfield on I'm A Celebrity during clash over aboriginals after former One Nation leader bizarrely claims blacks 'didn't invent anything'

David Oldfield has been branded a 'racist pig' by his I'm A Celebrity...Get Me out Of Here! co-star and comedian Fiona O'Loughlin in a heated exchange about Australia's Indigenous population on Thursday's episode. The fracas started whens Josh Gibson confronted David, asking him what he thought of Aboriginal people. 'I don't have a negative feeling about them,' David replied. 'I don't like a lot of the promotion that's not based in any truth.'

If the clay seal, discovered in Ophel, Jerusalem in Israel, was for the Prophet Isaiah, a key biblical figure, it would be the first archaeological evidence of the prophet's existence.

Bride almost misses her own wedding party after getting stuck in a lift… but sips Champagne as she waits to be rescued

This unlucky bride almost missed her own party after being stuck in an elevator for nearly an hour before being rescued by the fire service. Melissa McNamara Rodger, was attending her wedding reception at The Providence Biltmore in Rhode Island, when she became trapped in a lift between the 17th and 18th floor. Luckily, her bridesmaids - who were waiting for the 32-year-old - quickly realised something was wrong.

Armed police officers were pictured hiding behind buildings and staking out a building rooftop in the Forest neighborhood of the Belgian capital on Thursday.

Why MAFS star Sarah Roza wears so much makeup

The Married At First Sight bride always looks glamorous on-screen with voluminous red tresses and a full-face of flawless makeup. And Sarah Roza has revealed the heartbreaking reason you rarely see her fresh-faced and without a touch of cosmetic product. 'I've never been with a man who told me I was beautiful without make-up, so I've always felt like I have to present "the whole package",' she told OK Magazine.

Experts at Indian computer Security firm Appsecure uncovered the bug, which takes advantage of a flaw in both the dating app's login process and Facebook-developed software it's based on.

MailOnline can exclusively report the former Friends actress, 49, started renovation work on the $21 million Bel Air after they married in August 2015 to create separate ‘his n hers’ living quarters.

Matty J and Laura Byrne attend Bachelor of the Year awards

The stars came up with some revealing and daring looks on the red carpet for the Cosmopolitan + Tinder Bachelor of the Year awards on Friday. Ninja Warrior star Jenna Louise (left) showed off her toned limbs and pert posterior. The Bachelor’s golden couple Matty J and Laura Byrne (second left) looked smitten in a tender embrace, while last season’s villain of that show Jen Hawke (second from right), caught the eye in a revealing flamenco outfit. Noni Janur (right) was another Bachelor alumnus to wear a racy number, while Christian Wilkins provided the shock value by sharing a passionate kiss with another male guest (inset)

Fans pose with strangers they mistook for celebrities

From 'Johnny Depp' snacking on a late-night hot dog to 'Oprah Winfrey' in economy class, fans from around their world spotted their 'idols' in very unlikely situations. The lookalikes were all too happy to pose for a picture - apparently enjoying the attention of looking like a celebrity. While some admittedly look just like a famous face, others are a little harder to see - so can you work out who is who?

The stranger, Tony, approached her car after he saw the state of her tyres. He told her that he couldn't live with it if he just walked past and offered to pay for a new set.

The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed on Thursday his country had helped foil a terror plot to blow uo a flight from Australia which had a hidden bomb on board.

Caught red-handed! Brazen 'thief attempts to break into a car after stealing keys' - but stops in his tracks when he discovers he's being filmed

The footage released on Thursday has been released as part of a police probe after the incident in a suburb in Melbourne's north east earlier in Feburary. It shows the incredible moment a brazen would-be car thief attempts to cover his tracks when he notices his attempts to steal a car from a suburban home is being captured on camera. Wearing a black beanie, the man tries playing with car lock for about 15 seconds before his daring cover-up.

British financial advisor Harriet, 32, married Richard, 28, a police sergeant on Channel 4's Married at First Sight after they admitted putting their careers first had stopped them finding the one.

Police fake family's murder to trick Russian 22-year-old

Detectives found out about the sickening plot and staged the killing in the family home. An officer played the role of the hired assassin in the Russian resort of Sochi, a host city for this year's World Cup. The son had instructed the 'contract killer' in how and where his family should be murdered. He even drew a floor plan, and indicated where security cameras were placed, and how to avoid guard dogs. The man's mother and father - 'devastated' about their son's murderous intent - played dead for the mock-up photographs (left and right), with blood gushing from 'fatal' knife wounds. After seeing the pictures, the man expressed 'delight' and agreed to pay the promised £38,000 fee to the man he believed was a contract killer. But he was arrested instead.

Rebecca Greatley, 25, pleaded guilty to causing death and serious injury by dangerous driving over the crash which killed her friend Jamie Dumbleton.

Lucas Mata, David Mari, Lachlan Reidy and Hayden Smith, who make up Australia's bobsleigh team crashed into a corner during training and suffered serious ice burn. The four still compete

Royal Ballet photographer who harassed dancer ex sentenced

Andrej Uspenski (pictured right), 38, targeted Tatjana Novitjenko (left) after she ended their relationship in June last year. Russian-born Uspenski had been dating the dancer for eight months when she dumped him for being possessive. She became 'very anxious' after receiving a string of aggressive text messages and got a court order to stop him getting in touch. But the ruling made no difference and he continued to bombard her with texts, emails, flowers and a 'double-ended sex toy'. He was today sentenced at Westminster Magistrates Court to a 12-month community order and told not to contact his ex-girlfriend under any circumstances.

Sydney's lock-out laws are lifted for one night on March 3 for Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. The parade to celebrate the evolution of LGBTQI+ rights is turning 40.

The hell of Iwo Jima in color: Incredible WWII footage shows US Marines storming bunkers with FLAMETHROWERS before hoisting the Stars and Stripes for legendary photograph

Iwo Jima was one of the most savage conflicts of the Second World War with 6,500 US servicemen sacrificing their lives to take the tiny island, 660 miles south of Tokyo, Japan. The invasion began on February 19, 1945 and now, 73 years on, rare video has brought the brutal and bloodthirsty fighting to life. Captured by a crew embedded with the US Marines over a month-long period, the footage begins by showing a fleet of landing craft heading towards the coast with troops waiting nervously on-board. It then cuts to Marines storming the beaches under heavy fire and an aerial view of Allied aircraft dropping bombs on Japanese bases, as tanks manoeuvre inland. We later see troops with flame throwers torching bunkers and the corpses of Japanese soldiers piled up in their wake. Mortar crews bombing positions are also captured in the film, before we see the soldiers erect the Stars and Stripes in a picture that would go on to be one of the most recognizable pictures of the Second World War.


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Mother sheds 60 kilos without exercise

A morbidly obese mum who was told she would die before her daughter grew up has shed half her body weight in a jaw-dropping transformation – despite not being able to work out. New Zealand mum-of-one Ali Richards (left and right) began piling on the pounds during her pregnancy with Kirsten, now 14, and continued to gain weight over the years – until she reached a whopping 125kg (19st 9lbs) in 2006.

The Environmental Protection Authority is investigating the mysterious mass death of the sulfur-crested cockatoos in New South Wales' Hunter Valley.

Sassy the Doberman gave birth to 18 healthy puppies remaining equal to the Australian record for most puppies born. The Perth dog needed ten vet staff to help her give birth to the puppies.

Tread with caution when opening emails from Australia Post, Queensland Police warn, as they may contain malicious software asking for your personal or financial information.

Researchers from the Milan-based pharmaceutical company Velleja Research found turmeric's key component curcumin eases discomfort just as much as paracetamol.

'Tastes like rotten eggs and unicorns!' American kids try Vegemite and other Aussie snacks for the first time - and give their brutally honest reviews

A YouTube video shows a handful of American kids sampling Vegemite, Burger Rings, Picnic bars and Freddo frogs. The boys' and girls' reactions to the Australian snacks are mixed, and often hilarious.

Fascinating images reveal lives of the Bajau 'sea gypsies'

The Bajau people - a nomadic tribe who spend their lives on the water - have been dubbed 'sea gypsies' for their water-dwelling lifestyle off the coast of Borneo. Striking images - taken by photographer Claudio Sieber - show children out catching fish in long narrow canoes, families on their homemade boats and buildings constructed on stilts. Sieber took the pictures off Borneo where the Bajau are able to dive up to 20 metres without the use of modern scuba gear. They even reportedly experience ‘land sickness’ when they leave the water such is their connection to the ocean.

Emily Skye has shared a photograph of her before and after pregnancy body. But the new mum has faced backlash from some people who called her 'selfish' for focusing on health.

Keilly Wilson, 33, from St Albans, Hertfordshire, said Ronnie gets comments everywhere they go about his amazing hair, with strangers often wanting to touch it. He was born with a full head of hair.

A Perth woman found dead in her car is believed to have died from choking on a chicken burger. She bought the burger around 12.30pm from an unnamed fast food restaurant.

Woman 25 defends her relationship with older boyfriend

Ryan Rosado, 25, from New York, immediately felt a connection with Steven Russell, 55, from Maine, when they met at a business luncheon two years ago and the pair (pictured left, right and inset) quickly started dating. Ryan, a cyber consultant, explained her family have been supportive of her relationship but said she has yet to meet Steven's daughters, aged 23 and 26, because they refused to accept her as their father's girlfriend. The pair have also agreed not to have children of their own.

Reham Khan, 44, the former wife of Imran Khan today said his hopes of becoming Pakistan prime minister were in tatters after 'cringeworthy' photos of his third wife wearing a head to toe veil

Taking to Twitter (pictured), South Wales Fire Service said crews from Maindee and Malpas in Newport were called after a man got in trouble with a steel ring spanner.

A British woman asked for advice on getting an invitation to her childhood friend's wedding. She revealed her friend's parents told her no as she had only recently rebuilt the friendship.

Real-life 'Notebook' couple die within hours of each other

A real-life 'Notebook' couple who met at 17 before sharing a lifelong love story died side-by-side within hours of each other aged 93. Childhood sweethearts Máire and Gerry Ryan were born just one day apart in Tipperary and enjoyed an eight-decade long romance. They lived in the same nursing home after Máire developed Alzheimer's and Gerry fell ill. In their final hours, had their beds wheeled together so they could hold hands. Máire and Gerry's  heartwarming story has been compared to hit Hollywood film The Notebook, which stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams as a couple who share a lifelong romance before McAdams' character develops dementia. Máire and Gerry passed away peacefully on Monday surrounded by staff and nurses at the Curragh Lawn Nursing Home in Co Kildare.

The authorities in the Balkan country of Montenegro say the unknown attacker died after hurling a suspected grenade into the U.S. embassy precinct in the capital Podgorica.

Mehdi Solhi, 28, and Meysam Falahati Roshanagh, 31, appeared before Sydney's Central Local Court on Thursday, charged with importing a commercial quantity of methamphetamine.

Stunning rainbow images guaranteed to brighten up your day

Spotting a rainbow can brighten the greyest of days, as these images show. MailOnline Travel recently witnessed a rainbow from the air while taking off from Ushuaia airport at the tip of the Argentina, with the coloured rays rising up from the mountainous scenery behind. Others have been equally lucky to see rainbows in the sky during a flight or while using a drone. One photographer captured the Victoria Falls in South Africa with a coloured arc forming in the clouds of fine spray. Another eagle-eyed photographer took a breathtaking panorama of a band of colour raining down over the winding Sella Pass mountain road between the provinces of Trentino and South Tyrol in Italy.

The unnamed woman, 42, believed to be from Chiba in Japan, went to her doctor complaining of bloating that had lasted three years. An abdominal scan revealed two gauze sponges.

Australian designers, Carly Warson, 27, and Stephanie Korn, 27, founded The Fold swimwear label to cater to women from a D cup and upwards. They spoke to FEMAIL about the line.

SpaceX's Starlink satellites, launched today from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, will form the first of a constellation of thousands, designed to provide low-cost internet from orbit.

Gucci slammed for putting a turban on a white man at MFW

Actor and model Avan Jogia (inset left), 32, who is a dual citizen of Canada and the UK, shared his disappointment with the creative director Alessandro Michele's decision to dress several models in turbans (main images) at Milan Fashion Week. The luxury brand has faced backlash following the fashion house's controversial fall 2018 collection. Several white models were sent down the runway wearing turbans, that are usually reserved for practising Sikhs.

The Fairmile Grange home in Christchurch, Dorset, organised the 'inappropriate' activity usually associated with lap dancing clubs for about 30 pensioners, both male and female.

Speaking to OK! magazine, the 39-year-old has claimed he has been 'harassed' in the street and 'blamed for every problem with gender politics'.

McDonald's says it is sending a total of 20million packets of the sauce to all of its US stores and will be serving it from Monday after a limited roll-out last year ended with riots by Rick and Morty fans.

Jia Shao was granted bail on Thursday over the death of Jean Huang, who died two days after receiving a breast enlargement operation at her Sydney beauty clinic last August.

Former world's heaviest man shows off 551lb weight loss

The world's heaviest man, Juan Pedro Franco, from Mexico, who once tipped the scales at 590kg, shows off his 250kg weight-loss as he dreams of being able to walk again. Franco, 33 was declared the heaviest man alive by the Guinness World Records in 2017 and has since undergone two weight-loss operations as part of a strict programme.

The Australian Government will attempt to disqualify drug and alcohol addicts from the payments when it reintroduces its welfare reform, which was blocked in the Senate last year.

Millie Mackintosh has fuelled speculation she will play a pivotal role in the Royal Wedding on May 19, after she was seen carrying a wedding dress en-route to a private fitting in London on Monday.

Airline passenger captures the eye of Typhoon Damrey

A jaw-dropping photo taken from an airplane captures the ferocious typhoon that wreaked havoc across Vietnam last autumn and caused more than 60 deaths. The fear-inducing aerial image was taken by John Su, 48, from Taiwan, while he was on a flight with China Airlines on November 4. He said he was shocked to see the eye of the storm when he looked out of the window from his plane seat, with the menacing whirlpool looking more like a black hole in space.

During his meeting with survivors and parents of the Parkland school massacre at the White House on Wednesday, Trump carried a cue card reminding him to say: 'I hear you.'

Australian bride Mikaila, 22, and her groom Harley Brisbane, 24, tied the knot in an intimate ceremony on February 10 after the community rallied behind the couple to bring their wedding forward.

Outrage as Australia's top beach revealed on TripAdvisor

When you think of beautiful beaches in Australia, white sand options such as Whitehaven or unspoilt havens in Western Australia (top right) spring to mind. But after Tripadvisor named an unexpected spot in Sydney as the top beach in Australia among travellers, many were left outraged and criticised the decision on social media. 'I think it's absolutely outrageous,' Tourism and Events Queensland board member, Paul Donovan, said.


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The early quest to be IMMORTAL: Fascinating 1960s cryogenics footage reveals the crude first attempts at freezing bodies so they could one day be brought back to life

The footage shows the early work of the Cryonic Society in Phoenix, Arizona, as a team of scientists' piece together ground-breaking preservation equipment. A model (pictured) is seen giving a demonstration of how one man has already been frozen as she is placed in a long metal cylinder and wrapped head-to-toe in tin foil. The video, first aired in 1967, shows both the interior and exterior of a lab operated by the Cryocare Equipment Corporation (top left). Now defunct, the firm worked closely with the California-based Cryonics Society, a nonprofit organisation that still supports and promotes cryonics research today.

Former Police Association boss Paul Mullett said it would be in the community interest for Mr Guerin to be suspended because 'he's delegated with the power' to punish others for similar comments.

A man on child sex charges attempted to slit his neck and wrists while he awaited his outcome in front of a regional New South Wales court.

This is the hilarious moment a pet owner in China challenges his two dogs to a noodle-eating contest - and gets soundly beaten.

Shocking surveillance video shows the moment a knife-wielding man crawled through the window of a coffee stand early Tuesday in an attempt to kidnap and rape a bikini barista in Washington state.

Incredible moment quick-thinking policeman realises there isn’t enough time to use a carpet to catch a falling boy and does it HIMSELF 

CCTV footage shows people looking above to where the child is precariously balanced and three officers rushing around trying to figure out how best to catch the little one. The young boy can be seen plummeting from an apartment in Assiut, Egypt, but remarkably is uninjured from the horrific fall. Yet the courageous police officer who catches the petrified boy is taken to hospital for treatment.



The horrific moment a man is crushed to death by a falling tree at a traditional tree-cutting event in Peru

One of the most popular traditional events in Puno, Brazil, is the Yunza, a tree decorated with presents that people dance around and take turns trying to chop down. However, a local man lost his life when a tree toppled over in front of a cheering group and crushed him. Although he was given first aid at the carnival site before being transferred to the Hospital Juliaca, he died from his injuries.

Cher Loh, of Good Housekeeping Institute's Cookery School, shows you the best trick for lining your tins perfectly every time. He says you will need two separate sheets of baking parchment.

Tea experts say that limescale inside your kettle can severely affect the taste of a brew. It's safe to drink but the minerals in the residue can flatten the flavour. Hard water can also impact on taste.

King, a morelia boeleni python may first seem menacing in appearance, but a video shot by his owner in Medan, Indonesia showcases rare beauty in its holographic scales.

The child, aged between three and four, was filmed by a worker watching from an office located in front of the residential building in Goiania, central west Brazil. She saw him saunter along the ledge.

Strong defending! Outnumbered football player picks up CORNER FLAG to fend off members of the opposing team chasing him round the pitch 

Ecuadorian Angelo Preciado picked up the pole after realising he was outnumbered as half the players from Uruguayan side River Plate chased after him. River Plate lost the game to Preciado’s Ecuadorian team Independiente del Valle 3-2. It was not clear what the 20-year-old defender had said to upset his rivals so much to make nearly the entire side charge at him. But once joined by his teammates, Preciado was persuaded to eventually throw the makeshift weapon to the ground after threatening to stab his would-be attackers with it. The shocking incident happened on Wednesday night at the end of an under 20s semi-final in the Copa Libertadores, a south American football league.