Whitewater Rafting the Sunwapta River in Jasper, Alberta

If you’re looking for excellent Jasper Rafting, raft the Sunwapta River!

Experience the turbulent Sunwapta waters that have pleased past and present generations of Jasper rafters alike

JASPER, ALBERTA–You haven’t experienced Jasper whitewater rafting until you’ve rafted the Sunwapta River. Meaning “turbulent river” in the Stoney Indian language, the Sunwapta River divides Jasper National Park and Banff National Park with its gushing rapids. The Sunwapta river starts near the Columbia Icefield in Sunwapta Pass; the Athabasca Glacier is its primary source. It’s also major tributary of the Athabasca River, also in Jasper, Alberta.

June and July are prime times to visit the Sunwapta River as the wildlife will often come out to have a peek at who is rafting down their river. Sunwapta Rafting trips are perfect for inexperienced rafters who can’t wait to dip their toes into the Canadian Rockies!

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