Sessions are interactive, dynamic, practical, respectful


Relationships, Anxiety, Fear, Panic, Depression, Family/Sibling Issues,  Grief, Confidence, Anger, Frustration, Friendships, Loneliness, Drug and Alcohol Issues, Stress, Weight, Communication, Mid-Life Issues


Mothering Experiences, Fertility/Loss, Post-natal, Parenting, Impact on Couple Relationship, Managing Technology in the Home (facebook, PS games, PC time)


Children’s Issues (from age three to adulthood), Sleep Settling, Behaviour Management, Aggressive Behaviour, Discipline, Friendships, School Transition and Adjustment, Teenage Transition Issues, Study Techniques, Sexuality, ‘Coming out’

Separated Families

Divorce,  Life after Separation,  Separation, Communication with Ex-Partners, Mediation, Management of Family Law Issues

Adults, Teenagers, Children, Famlies. One on one, or group sessions.


Due to complex Medicare rules and individual circumstances, you will need to contact Betty for more information about the costs and rebates amount applicable to you. Full or part rebates are available with a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP or Private Health Insurance with Psychology cover. See here for more details.


Bachelor of Behavioural Sciences (Honours), La Trobe University
Master of Educational Psychology, University of Melbourne
Member of the Australian Psychological Society
Registered with the Psychology Board of Australia

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Beingamother Workshop: Sharon “I can honestly say that things have never been better between {child} and myself. I have really concentrated on keeping myself calm and in control when dealing with her. Whilst she is a difficult child to parent at times it just goes to show that the softer and more level headed I am the better she behaves. {Husband} has been away a lot these past few weeks and we have had a fantastic time together. {Husband} has noticed the difference in her behavior and mine!!!!!!! It does really work on all levels…..Anyway, thank you again for a wonderful workshop.

Beingamother Workshop: Christina “I am astounded that so many other mothers feel the same way about things”

Beingamother Workshop: Andi  ” would rate the overall course as extremely highly useful, so relevant, so important, so meaningful, no matter what your stage or issue re parenting.”

Beingamother Workshop: Juliet “I did not get the chance to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the workshop you ran.  It was truly amazing the transformation between Ruby and myself.”

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