Ultraviolet Quartz Lens Assemblies

UV Quartz Lenses and Lens Design for electronics, optics, medical and precision industrial applications.

uv_lens_groupOur line of Ultraviolet Quartz Lenses is designed for imaging in the deep UV spectrum

UV Quartz lenses optimized for 266nm wavelength.

Available from stock in 6,9,12, 25, 50, 78, and 105mm focal lengths, these lenses are well suited to forensic investigation and other UV and Infra-red imaging applications.

We have designed and manufactured these lenses as a reasonably priced solution to the growing need for imaging in the other than visible spectrum. Owing to the broad transmission range of the quartz elements this family of lenses can transmit well into the Infra-red spectrum as well.

This chart shows the typical transmission of the Universe family of quartz lenses. Though they are optimized for 266nm you can see the wide range of transmission. Be advised that the lenses are NOT corrected for constant focus throughout this range. Re-focus will be required at different wavelengths.

Applications Include: – Electronics, Optics, Medical and Precision Industrial applications.

We offer a full line of camera specific T- mount adapters and filters to fit all of our quartz lenses. We also have bare filter rings to mount your custom filters if desired, for maximum versatility. Please call 516-624-2444 to learn more about this useful offering of lenses.

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