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Georgie Gardner brands Karl Stefanovic 'pathetic' after Ubergate

Georgie Gardner offered a thinly-veiled rebuke to Karl Stefanovic on Monday's Today show (centre) as details of his 'b**chy' phone conversation with brother Peter (pictured together top right) surfaced. During a recent Uber ride, Karl was overheard 'angrily' complaining about his female co-host and warning Peter that her future on the breakfast program was in doubt unless she 'stepped up', according to New Idea. While Georgie did not address the phone conversation directly, she took the opportunity during a light-hearted segment about sausage dogs to brand Karl 'pathetic'. On Monday, the magazine published details of Peter and Karl's now-infamous phone call, which was apparently 'overheard' by an Uber driver. The driver recalled: 'He said she didn't have enough opinions and he wanted her to step up. He actually sounded angry and said he was going to start pushing hard and that she needed to do that if she wanted to stay on the show.' The Stefanovic brothers also discussed Richard Wilkins (bottom right), saying he 'kept all the entertainment contacts close to his chest and doesn't share anything'.

Teenage girl take selfies, sends messages during brain surgery

A brave teenage girl has undergone brain surgery while wide awake - and she couldn't resist sending a few selfies from the operating theatre Jess Banik, 19, has suffered from epilepsy since she was four years old, and has had two brain resection surgeries ten years apart at Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne During her most recent surgery she stayed awake throughout and spent time on her phone taking photos and messaging her family. 'Awake' brain surgery is designed to protect the parts of the brain which control speech and movement. 'My friends were pretty amazed I did that type of thing. Surgery is scary enough, but when you're having it done awake, people tell me that it's just another level of courage,' Ms Banik told the Herald Sun. A wall of sheets was pinned up behind her so she couldn't see the scalpels working on her head. She was still able to hear the drills as surgeons removed part of her skull, about the size of her palm. 

TV star Ant McPartlin has been arrested on suspicion of drink-driving after his vehicle smashed into two cars in Richmond, West London.

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IT consultant Alice and her husband Eric*, who works in finance, have been leading a double life as one of Australia's swinging couples. Here, they offer a glimpse into their spontaneous lives.

Speaking to FEMAIL, celebrity brow guru, Sharon Lee Hamilton, revealed the major brow mistakes you're making - and the eyebrow products every woman should have in her beauty cupboard.

A Brisbane man escaped torture on Sunday after he was stabbed in his legs. The 22-year-old dragged himself to police where he was taken to hospital.Man, 38, has been charged and due to face court.

All the details from Karl and Peter Stefanovic's Uber chat

The details of Karl and Peter Stefanovic's 'b**chy' Uber phone conversation about their Channel Nine colleagues Georgie Gardner (left) and Richard Wilkins (top right) was revealed by New Idea on Monday in a rumoured '$50,000' deal. An Uber driver supposedly overheard the brothers' 45-minute conversation after Petertook a late-night ride in his car and spoke to Karl (pictured together bottom right) on speakerphone. It was previously speculated he had recorded the conversation, but the driver denies this. Peter was apparently 'intoxicated' during the conversation and was joined by his wife Sylvia Jeffreys, however she did not join in on the boys' discussion.

Karl Stefanovic, 43, described his commitment ceremony with Jasmine Yarbrough, 33, as 'lovely' after the couple exchanged vows this month.

In the days leading up to the exposé of Karl and Peter Stefanovic's 'b**chy' phone conversation about their Nine colleagues, Georgie Gardner was 'furious and demanding to hear the recording'.

Peter Stefanovic complains about HATING his job in leaked Uber chat

Peter Stefanovic and brother Karl's alleged 'b**chy' Uber phone conversation discussing their careers and colleagues at Channel Nine were revealed by New Idea on Monday in a rumoured '$50,000' deal. And of the gripes held by the siblings, Peter apparently bemoaned being 'knocked back' and having 'no luck' when trying to get ahead. The Uber driver supposedly overheard the Weekend Today host, 36, complain that he hated his job and often aims his frustration and unhappiness on wife Sylvia.

British beauty expert Elsa McAlonan reveals double moussing is back and tells you exactly how to make the most of its effects. She also talks about Meghan Markle's favourite beauty bargain.

After travelling to India and studying the Ayurvedic lifestyle, Sydney-based nutritionist Lee Homes taught others about the three different body types and what people with each one should be eating.

Australian claims to have tracked down flight MH370 on Google Earth

Australian mechanical engineer Peter McMahon believes he has found the final resting place of doomed Malaysia airlines flight MH370, 22.5km North of Mauritius. He also claims that US officials are refusing to search the area saying they don't want it found 'as it's full of bullets'. The area has never been searched before. Malaysia airlines flight MH370 disappeared in 2014, with a number of theories surrounding the fate of the aircraft and its 239 passengers.

This week, Inge van Lotringen gave an anonymous reader advice on getting rid of skin tags. She suggests electrolysis to nip them off.

NEW Beloved fast food chain, KFC, are launching a new 'triple cheese' burger in Australia, which features oozing cheese patty, mozzarella, cheddar, cheese sauce and classic slice.

A bookstore thief's uncoordinated attempts at burglary have been caught on camera after he tried to burglar a Melbourne business at midnight last week on to have he efforts captured by CCTV.

The glamorous 34-year-old arrived alone at a central Moscow polling station and appeared to be wearing a wedding ring. Kabaeva, 31 years younger than Putin, asked how to cast her ballot.

Bushfire destroys 70 homes tennis ball sized embers fall in Tathra

A seaside town has been left devastated (left, top and bottom right) after a fast-moving bushfire ripped through dozens of homes and businesses. Up to 70 properties, including a popular caravan park, in Tathra east of Bega on the New South Wales far south coast, have been destroyed. The fast-moving blaze broke out on Sunday, and firefighters who fought the inferno described embers the size of tennis balls falling on the picturesque town.

Firefighters in southwest Victoria are struggling to control several bushfires which have already destroyed 18 homes and burned through 40,000 hectares, killing hundreds of livestock.

Police investigations have not uncovered any evidence to support the women's claims they were drugged while partying with tennis star Tomic and his entourage on the Gold Coast in March.

A Brisbane pharmacist and doctor has developed a product she believes can cure hangovers. The product works by providing the liver with an excess of the compounds it uses to process alcohol.

How Prince Charles tried to stop court case of Paul Burrell

The doorbell rang at 6.50 in the morning of January 18, 2001. Paul Burrell (pictured left, with Diana), who was asleep, was woken by his wife. Standing at the door was Detective Chief Inspector Maxine de Brunner and three other police officers. ‘Do you have any items from Kensington Palace in this house?’ Princess Diana’s former butler was asked. ‘No,’ he lied. He was then placed under arrest and the pre-dawn raid on his home near Runcorn in Cheshire began. He was later put on trial accused of stealing 310 items together worth £4.5 million (pictured right, arriving at court). But Charles tried to stop the case, fearing embarrassing details about the Royal Family would emerge.

University of Technology lecturer Dr Timothy Laurie emailed his students two days before lectures were due to begin saying class was cancelled due to 'the suitability of a church as a venue'.

Laura Jane Tait, 28, from Sydney, has been the subject of more than 12,000 posts on Twitter since July 2017 that branded her, among other things, 'a criminal' and 'a narcissistic psychopath.'

Wisconsin wife of 'Mr Six-Pack' opens about body confidence

Wedding photographer Jenna Kutcher, 29, from Wisconsin, has opened up about how Internet trolls tried to drag her down for being married to whom she refers to as 'Mr Six-Pack', her husband, Drew (pictured together, right). She said she received a direct message from someone saying 'they couldn't believe [she] had managed to land a guy as good looking' as Drew. In reply, Jenna posted a photo on Instagram on Wednesday of her and her husband walking on a beach in Hawaii, both dressed in swimsuits (left). She wrote: ''So yes, my thighs kiss, my arms are big, and my bum is bumpy but there is just more of me for him to love and I chose the man that could handle alllll that (and so much more!).' As of Sunday afternoon, the post has received more than 40,000 likes and more than 2,000 comments. The majority of the comments were supportive and positive, feeling Jenna overwhelmed with appreciation.

The alleged sexual assault took place on a access path to Alexandra Beach where the man followed a 17-year-old girl on to the path before grabbing her inappropriately.

The flames were only 100 metres away and the winds were crazy at the wedding (pictured) in regional Victoria. The party came to a standstill as the couple and their guests hid in a brick stable.

South Sydney Rabbitohs star player Greg Inglis has filed a formal complaint with the NRL Integrity Unit after a fan was heard shouting a racial slur at him during a game in Penrith.

Allora Gardens Nursery owner Estelle Cornell posted the heartfelt video to Facebook on Sunday revealing she was targeted by looters after Cyclone Marcus ravaged her Darwin business.

Cirque du Soleil aerialist plunges to his death in front of horrified spectators while performing a routine for the first time, after posting on Instagram 'It's time to go for it'

Yann Arnaud, 38, died from his injuries hours after accident of the show VOLTA. Arnaud, who had 15 years experience, fell on stage in Tampa during the aerial straps number. Cirque du Soleil has canceled the last two shows that were scheduled following the accident.

Shane Pinder's pregnant mother Selina Tonge, 29, launched an appeal for him after he went missing on Friday and said he was without his phone after she took it away because of his bad behaviour.

MAFS' Ashley  'betrayed' by Troy's new romance with Carly

She struggled to ignite the spark with her Married At First Sight 'husband' Troy Delmege.  And while it appears their relationship has not worked out, Ashley Irvin has still been left feeling 'played and betrayed' by Troy's new romance with fellow MAFS star Carly Bowyer, according to a new NW report. On Monday, the magazine published claims that Ashley was left in tears by Troy and Carly, who were packing on the PDA at a whole cast reunion, which was held a month after the show finished filming.  

NEW Photos of Married At First Sight's Tracey Jewel and Sean Thomsen on holiday in Bali surfaced last week, seemingly confirming her split with 'husband' Dean Wells.

Ahead of splitting with 'husband' Dean Wells, MAFS' Tracey Jewel gave avid fans a brief insight into her apartment – unlikely décor included.

MAFS' Tracey Jewel appears to CONFIRM she's dating Dean Thomsen

They've been plagued by romance rumours for several weeks, and were recently spotted enjoying a blissful holiday in Bali together. And Tracey Jewel appeared to finally confirm that she's dating her Married At First Sight co-star Sean Thomsen, as she coyly admitted she's 'not single anymore'.  The dating expert, 34, confessed she has been with her mystery man 'since before Christmas' - but gave a giggling 'no comment' when asked if her suitor was Sean.

Elle Macpherson sports bikini top and denim shorts in Australia

She's earned her reputation as one of the world's most famous supermodels. And Elle Macpherson showed off her hard-earned body while on the beach in Australia on Sunday afternoon. The 53-year-old stunner rocked a tiny black bikini top and denim shorts as she frolicked along the sand for a day of fun in the sun.

The young man found dead in the backyard of his parents' Mudgeeraba home has been identified as Sam Leschke. He was found Saturday morning following a night out and an alleged pub fight.

Brisbane mother Amy Dawes calls for forceps to be banned

A mother-of-two has called for forceps to be banned during childbirth after she was left with horrific injuries giving birth to her daughter Eliya. Former personal trainer Amy Dawes (left) suffered a stage two bladder and bowel prolapse after her daughter Eliya was delivered in December 2013 (together right). The Brisbane woman's pelvic floor muscle was completely torn from her pubic bone when doctors used forceps - a surgical instrument resembling a pair of tongs (inset). Now five years on, Ms Dawes wants to prevent other mothers from suffering the same fate.

Coulter, 56, had a laugh when a TMZ papparazzo ambushed her and a male friend outside of Nate N' Al's Deli in Beverly Hills, California on Saturday, but stuck to her guns as always.

A teacher who learned to greet her pupils in the 35 languages spoken at her deprived inner city school in Brent has scooped the highly-competitive Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize worth $1m.

Tamara Ecclestone criticised over daughter Sophia's birthday party

She is the apple of her billionaire mother's eye who rang in her fourth birthday on Saturday. And Formula One heiress Tamara Ecclestone pulled out all the stops to treat her young daughter Sophia to a spectacular birthday bash to remember (pictured), but faced criticism from her social media followers for the extravagant celebration.

Rory McIlroy nearly clashes with rowdy golf fan

Professional golfer Rory McIlroy is competing in the Arnold Palmer Invitational near Orlando, Florida. He almost approached a drunken fan on Saturday after they heckled about his wife, Erica Stoll (pictured inset). The Northern Ireland golfer entered the final round of the tournament on Sunday in third position with a chance to take the title. But he was thrown off on Saturday by drunken fans who thought they could heckle at him about his wife. He said tournaments should stop selling liquor or limit it to prevent fans from becoming too disorderly. McIlroy has had fans thrown off in the past for disorderly conduct.

How to win an election, Putin-style: Wrestlers, nuns and 'independent' monitors are caught on video fixing votes as Russian strongman 'cruises to victory with more than 70 per cent of the vote'

Shocking videos show blatant ballot rigging as Vladimir Putin headed towards a landslide victory in Sunday's Russian presidential election. In the Moscow suburb of Lyubertsy, a stash of filled-in votes was put in the ballot box by an election official. Soon after, another official put more ballot papers in the box - all caught by CCTV cameras. It comes as an exit poll showed Putin had won the election with 73.9 per cent of the vote. The voting projection, by pollster VTsIOM, put Communist party challenger Pavel Grudinin in second place with 11.2 per cent. Vladimir Zhirinovsky, head of the nationalist Liberal Democratic Party, was on 6.7 per cent, and TV personality Ksenia Sobchak had 2.5 per cent, the exit poll showed.

Six people have been arrested in a drug sting across Sydney's southwest last week. They included a grandmother, a grandfather, and a young construction worker.

The Ford was pictured at Witham Station, Essex, and was shared on social media as people were both confused and amazed at the time-consuming prank.

Sydney weather: City to swelter after hottest autumn day in 80 years

The blast of hot March weather over the weekend that saw Sydney swelter through its hottest autumn day in nearly eight decades is set to continue. The mercury hit a blistering 40.5C in the city's inner-south on Sunday, 16C higher than the average March temperature of 24C. Sydney can expect yet another scorcher on Monday, with temperatures in parts of the city reaching the mid-30s by early afternoon. Thousands flocked to Sydney's beaches (Bondi, left and Coogee right) over the weekend to escape the heat.

The institution's headquarters are based in Edinburgh, and the Grand Master, who presides over tens of thousands of freemasons in the world, wants more Scots to take part in their practices.

South Australian Health confirmed the boy died on Sunday afternoon, as they offered their sincere condolences to the parents A shortage of a meningococcal vaccine may see babies at risk.

How an 80s cult poisoned an Oregon town

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh was a famous spiritual guru in India who created a commune near Antelope, Oregon in 1981. Years later the cult would lead the largest poison attack in US history. The cult, home to 1,600 followers, would overtake the town of Antelope by burning buildings, poison, and murder plots in an effort to control its politics.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: A man from Kannur in southern India who had his skull pierced by a metal rod which went through his forehead and out near his ear had a miraculous survival.

Amalia Young, 26, rushed to the emergency room at Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital before told her drink must have been spiked. Tests later revealed she had suffered a brain haemorrhage.

Is this the ghost of Admiral Nelson's wife? Shadowy figure roams around the upper chamber of the HMS Victory before disappearing through a WALL 

This is the chilling moment the 'ghost of Admiral Nelson's wife' was seen wandering around the HMS Victory before disappearing through a wall. The spine-tingling footage appears to show the ghostly figure of a woman in a dress and heels walking through the upper chamber of the warship. Tony Ferguson, who has a keen interest in the paranormal, was exploring the vessel during a day out when he felt like something was following him.

Nguhi Muturi, 23, from Dallas, Texas, went viral after she shared the story of how she came to be reunited with the beloved black cat she had lost five years agom who just happened to be next door.

Horror CCTV footage captured a group of men and one woman fighting in Sydney's south west. A woman tried to break the fight up but she had no luck as two men were stabbed.

Cyclists have a wheelie good time getting their clothes off

The first Naked Bike Ride was held in 2004 and has run annually every year since. The ride is designed to raise awareness for cyclist safety, body positivity and the use of renewable energy. By riding naked cyclists want to remind motorists to always be aware of cyclists on the roads. This year's Melbourne event started at Edinburgh Gardens in Fitzroy.

A notorious gangster who was acquitted of six armed robberies could face a retrial after police secretly recorded him telling a friend how he spent the proceeds.

Mounted police and scores of officers were called in after hundreds of teens descended on a house in the Perth suburb of Gosnells on Friday night but Whitley Turner wss left unimpressed.

Parents share the funniest things their six-year-olds have said

In a series of hilarious tweets compiled by Bored Panda, parents have revealed the most surprising - and comical - comebacks their six-year-old children have ever come out with. Some are already showing a healthy sense of cynicism despite their youth, while others sound six going on 16. Others already appreciate the finer things in life, like the child who told their parents they were most thankful for 'family, friends and WiFi.'

Melbourne Victory had a convincing 5-2 win over the Mariners at their home ground of AAMI Park on Sunday. The real show occurred in the 64th minute when players had to fix a broken goal net.

Australian researchers say they have had a major breakthrough in finding a drug which will help treat recovering drug and alcohol addicts and stop them relapsing into addiction.

Alabama bridesmaid loses half body weight after seeing wedding pics

Kayla Hatcher, from Grand Bay, Alabama, said she 'didn't recognize' herself in the photos from her cousin's wedding (pictured left). The mother-of-two, who guzzled two litres of fizzy drinks every day, resolved to overhaul her lifestyle and began going to the gym twice a day. Within 12 months, Kayla had lost 110lbs (7st 8lbs) and dropped from a US size 18 (UK 22) to a US 8 (UK 12) - showing off her new slimmer figure while acting as a bridesmaid at another family wedding a year later (right).


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David and Candice Warner return to Cape Town after safari

The Warner family went out for a walk in Cape Town on Saturday ahead of the Third Test against South Africa. They returned to the city after Sonny Bill Williams left with his Auckland Blues teammates after it emerged they were due to be staying at the same hotel. Pushing a stroller, the Warners were joined by Shaun Marsh and his family and shared jokes and laughed together. The series in South Africa has been marred in controversy with excessive sledging spats.

A 62-year-old teacher from Brisbane has been charged with claims of sexual assault on his female students. The teacher took his students behind the desk and allegedly abused them.

Kate Moss at post-wedding party of Prince Christian of Hanover

Prince Christian of Hanover, the stepson of Princess Caroline of Monaco, and his new bride, Alessandra de Osma, (pictured centre) hosted guests at a post-wedding cocktail party in Peru on Saturday night. Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie looked glamorous as they arrived at the glitzy bash (pictured left), having attended the wedding on Friday. Kate Moss was also at the post-wedding cocktail party (far right), looking sensational in a plunging teal maxi dress.

Lifetime released teaser for Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance on Saturday. 'I don't need my life to be this perfect royal picture. I just need you,' Harry whispers to Meghan in clip.

The 15-year-old allegedly pounced on the woman while she was walking near Perth's Claisebrook station at around 9.30pm on Saturday night.

Rare letters written in Charles Dickens's own hand may reveal the true inspiration for Wackford Squeers, the cruel headmaster of Dotheboys Hall in Nicholas Nickleby.

Disturbing footage shows a car running down emus as the RSPCA condemns the act as 'appalling and unacceptable'

The frightening footage, uploaded to Snapchat, shows a four-wheel-drive moving extremely fast as it veers through the regional dirt road. The video was paused before impact, but the car appears to hit four emus.The Western Australian RSPCA chief inspector condemned the act as potentially deliberate, appalling and unacceptable.

Footage shows a member of the religious group 'Iron King' performing a bloodless but painful initiation ritual on the man by slamming down the knife on different parts of his body.

A horrified couple saw four men trying to bundle her and another naked woman into a car as the victims 'jumped excitedly' before becoming 'really scared'. The couple took her to their Byron Bay hotel.

Prince Harry blew Taliban extremists to pieces while serving in Afghanistan in a mission to save US soldiers that included Christopher Zanetis, who was killed on Thursday.

Elizabeth Hurley updated fans on her nephew's condition this evening. 'Thank you to all who sent such kind messages following the news my nephew was viciously stabbed', she wrote.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is in Melbourne and shares tip for staying fit

The terminator star landed in Melbourne on Friday for a weekend packed with events. Between his busy schedule he stopped to offer fans some advice on getting and keeping a buff body. The 70-year-old stills gets up at 5am everyday to cycle to the gym, pump some iron and still enjoys feeling the burn. His secret to maintaining a ripped physique he says is to get out the door and into the gym before you have even thought about it.

Serial traffic offenders in NSW will be targeted with random home visits in a new unconventional police strategy aimed at removing dangerous drivers from the roads.

A man has died in a tragic accident while coming to the aid of a bogged driver in north Queensland. It is the second fatal accident involving a towing strap in the state's north in the last year.

Shocking moment a car almost flips onto its roof in heavy traffic after another vehicle merges into its lane - but who's in the wrong?

Dash cam footage has captured the terrifying moment a car almost flipped onto its roof after another vehicle merged into its lane from the far left in peak hour traffic on a busy road in Sydney. A poster claiming to be the owner of the red car says the driver in the merging vehicle 'didn't even stop or come back - she just continued driving like nothing happened'.

A look back at Steve Jacob's marriage to wife Rose

On Saturday, it was reported that former Today Show weatherman Steve Jacobs had split from his wife, Rose. And the couple, who have been married for seven years, have certainly had a colourful union.  In the wake of a friend's claim to Confidential that the pair have 'grown in different directions', Daily Mail Australia takes a look back at their relationship.

The matches against Australia will take place at the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne. The series will feature the world's most famous players alongside Australian most talented stars.

Ny Anstalt is located in Nuuk, the capital of the country, and is set to open in 2019. It is the product of a competition for a contract to design a new prison.

The 11-year-old girl was pronounced dead at the scene after she was struck by a train on a railway bridge in Ngruawhia, Waikato at 6pm New Zealand time. The coroner is now investigating.

Murdoch's purchase their neighbour's house for $4.4million

Lachlan and Sarah Murdoch (inset) bought their neighbour's Bellevue Hill home (pictured) after they were approved to add another storey. The renovation would have hindered the famous couple's water views from their $23million property.This is the second property they have bought to enhance their Georgian-style home that they bought in 2003. Lachlan, 46, is the heir to his father, Rupert Murdoch's multi-billion dollar media empire.

In a clip called 50 Mums 50 Kids 1 Extra Chromosome, a group of mothers and children with the condition from the UK do their own version of carpool karaoke to raise awareness.

Experts at the Chemical Research Institute near Nukus, Uzbekistan, and the Shikhany Institute in Russia, would make the dogs wear gas masks and walk on treadmills during the experiments.

They are the jobs lazy Aussies - or Lozies - don't want to do, from picking fruit to scrubbing pans and baking bread. We look at the industries forced to rely on foreign workers to get the job done.

Kate Middleton fans creates her designer wardrobe on Cambridge Mums

Two mothers who find their outfit inspirations from Kate Middleton have offered a glimpse into their royal wardrobe. Brooke Nurthen (far left) and her friend Rachael Tagg (second from right) have been sharing pictures of their copycat looks to social media, where they are part of a trend called 'replikating'. The pair, from Sydney, met when they were pregnant at the same time - and they quickly bonded over their love of the Duchess of Cambridge's coveted style. So the royal super fans went on to launch Cambridge Mum - an Instagram page dedicated to emulating a designer wardrobe identical to Kate's.

Megan Evans from Glasgow was taken to hospital, and later a 'tangerine sized' tumour was found in her brain, and has been left with just three per cent vision.

A mum-of-two from Melbourne has written a blog post on the realities of giving birth by caesarean. Her compelling appeal is a bid to debunk the myth mothers are taking the 'easy way out.'

Syrian president Assad greets and poses for selfies with soldiers

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was spotted smiling and chatting with troops as he visited the front lines of the latest conflict in the country. The photos come after weeks of brutal fighting in eastern Ghouta, near the capital Damascus, where a government offensive has been underway for the past month. In the images, Assad can be seen standing near a tank while being surrounded by cheering and fist-pumping soldiers.

Mark Sharky Russell was just turning his life around after decades on Sydney's streets before he was murdered in his Surry Hills flat, his family said on Sunday as they plead for answers about his killers.

Pippa Middleton looks chic in a checked coat and oversized shades

Pippa Middleton, 34, (pictured left and right as she prepares to get back on her bike) finished off her ensemble with a black sweater and jeans, along with a pair of brown ankle boots. Clearly safety-conscious, she made sure to put on her helmet before getting back onto her bike. Wearing her brunette locks down over her shoulders, Pippa wore a pair of oversized sunglasses as she showed off her glowing complexion.


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ONE SIZE PUFF_lauren.brewster.jpg


Miss Bum Bum winner to sue Cristiano Ronaldo for harassment

Brazilian beauty queen Erika Canela (left) 26, claims she was sent 'offensive and insulting' messages when she ended her two-month relationship with the Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo (right) 33, came to an end. She says she received messages from the Real Madrid forward that called her a 'w****' and said he would 'ruin her life' but did not know if they were from him or someone else.

I used to be one of those lucky people who could sleep any time or place they wanted. I was such a good sleeper that I would nod off on trains and planes.


Where Australians once chose to smoke and drink to relax, they now prefer to gorge on cheap fast food. And experts say we're left with little choice, with the aim a pack of cigarettes will cost $40 by 2020.

Kerry Hutchinson, 35, from Rugeley has buried three of her babies, held funerals for two, miscarried 16 and has just lost her 22nd child. But doctors say she is healthy just 'very unlucky'.

Jason King, 45, married his wife Julia, 48, in a Halloween-themed ceremony at the Hawkesbury Function Centre in Londonderry, north-west of Sydney on Sunday.

Male lion spares a cub in Kenya after wiping out a pride and smiles

Onlookers were amazed to see the pair in the Kenyan reserve become so friendly. After taking over a pride, male lions will usually kill all remaining cubs in order to start a fresh family with the females. Yet astonishing pictures (left, right and inset) show the unlikely friends snuggling and play fighting just moments after the male lion chased away the youngster's father and slaughtered his siblings.



Vultures, inked buttocks and dyed EYES: Body art fans hit London

The London Tattoo Convention welcomed 150 artists from the UK and Ireland as fans gathered to showcase intricate back pieces (pictured, right) as well as full-length sleeves and leg work (pictured, centre). Marilyn Monroe re-imagined as a zombie and torsos decorated with tributes to Native American (pictured, left) and other cultures were among the walking works of art that descended on the capital yesterday. The two-day festival continues today in what used to be London's largest brewery, with artist Grace Neutral showing off her dyed eye balls (inset).

Adorable footage shows two little girls happily running alongside a friendly racehorse, two-year-old thoroughbred Shelby, in New South Wales, Australia. They have a very strong bond.

Louis, 18, a male gorilla who has been at the zoo since July 2004, is keeping his hands clean by choosing to walk around on two legs.

A two-year-old boy from Castro Valley, California, got upset after his family sang 'Happy Birthday' to him. He was upset because he didn't want to turn another year older.

The fly-on-the-wall film, flatteringly titled Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist, follows a two-year collaboration with the producers. Yet it seems the opposite is the case.

Queenstown, Tasmania tops list of Australia's cheapest towns to rent

The revelation Sydney is now more expensive than London and New York may leave many locals feeling it's time for a change. And who can blame them with the average rental price for a two-bedroom rental in the Harbour City hitting AUD$910, compared to AUD$898 in the 'Big Apple'. But those wanting to save up will need to consider a tree change, with the cheapest places to snag a rental unsurprisingly all located in regional parts of Australia.