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Kay Burley reviews the Fogo Island Inn in Canada's Newfoundland

It takes planning, resilience and stamina to reach Fogo Island, says Kay Burley. But the rewards, she explains, are worth it: 'It's a wilderness lover's wilderness that you'll never want to leave.' Here she tells of her adventures there, which included learning how to ice-fish, building a type of igloo (bottom left), snow-shoeing (bottom right) and striking a pose by an icy harbour (top left). She stayed in the ultra-hip Fogo Island Inn (main and top right), which is one of the most acclaimed hotels on the planet, despite its remoteness.

Marwell Zoo Hampshire is the perfect family day out for you 

The Sanderson family, including Zak, five, and three-year-old Nell, spent a wonderful day at the zoo near Winchester, in Hampshire. At Easter Marwell is opening an £8million new Tropical House (top and bottom right) allowing visitors face-to-face encounters with mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and fish in a rainforest environment. The family were also given the chance to feed the zoo's giraffes (left)

Direct Qantas flights (17 hours) to Perth begin on March 25. So after a couple of movies and a night’s upright kip, you’re there, says the Daily Mail's. Simon Hughes.

Twitter user Katyagar Moonagon uploaded a picture of a Waitrose card inserted into the power slot of her Dublin hotel room and Twitter went into a state of frenzied excitement.

How grown-up partygoers are returning to Ibiza with their children

Ibiza was a mecca for partygoers in the nineties but now they are grown up and returning to the island with their children. Carol Driver headed to the Balearic isle with her family to experience it for herself, having first visited Ibiza for a post-A-level break around 20 years ago. She found herself in a super-stylish villa (pictured) that really was a swish home-from-home. And one of the biggest causes of excitement? The fact that there's a utility room with a tumble dryer...

A special Boeing 747 test aircraft flew from Victorville, California, with the new GE9X engine mounted under its left wing, dwarfing the plane's three other engines.

In a new study, 68 per cent of respondents said they were more likely to buy products from the UK and they associated items from Scotland, such as haggis and whisky, with being the most British.

A real cliff hanger! Nail-biting footage captures the moment a bus inches its way along a narrow road in the Himalayas with a huge drop below

Nail-biting footage captures the moment a bus trundles along a precarious mountain road in the Himalayas, with no barriers shielding a huge drop down to a valley below. Manohar Lal captured the sweaty-palmed moment as he travelled through the Spiti Valley on a 35km journey from the village of Khab in India to the community of Nako. His shaky film shows how the vehicle he is travelling in is just a couple of feet away from steep edges and big rocks pepper the dusty track.

Famous for its waterways, gondolas and river taxis, a trip to the capital of Italy’s Veneto region is also a wonderful place to explore on foot, here’s our pick.of the best walking tours in Venice.

Mercedes-Maybach has unveiled its ultimate limousine for 'high-ranking passengers' - the £450k-plus Pullman. With 630bhp, the Rolls-Royce rival will accelerate from 0-62mph in 6.5 seconds.

A number of sites have previously been earmarked as potential UK spaceport locations, including Glasgow, Newquay and Llanbedr in north Wales.

The grizzly moment great white sharks reduce a 28ft humpback whale carcass to just two flippers and shreds of blubber

Grizzly footage shows the moment a 28ft-long dead humpback whale gets reduced to shreds by a group of hungry great white sharks. Video clips and photos captured by biologists from Georgia in the U.S. show the large carcass floating in the ocean and attracting a swarm of ravenous predators. Great whites - and tiger sharks - steadily tuck into the whale, until the deceased beast is diminished to just two flippers and a lump of white blubber.

Patricia Kane discovers the joys of Florida, from thrilling airboat rides across the gator-infested Everglades to 'insane' water slides at Rapids Waterpark.

The fish-eating mammals that spend time in Puget Sound have struggled for years with a lack of food, pollution, noise and disturbances from boat traffic.

Oregon Zoo posts hilarious Amazon-style reviews of its animals

'Overall very good first impressions. Sturdy built, totally winter-ready and waterproof. Only comes in brown but that’s actually a plus for me.' This comical Amazon-style review of an otter tweeted by the Oregon Zoo using the hashtag #rateaspecies quickly kicked off a trend, with dozens of other animals receiving humorous assessments on Twitter. Pictured: A lion got a rave review from the Los Angeles Zoo but people were warned to 'avoid during waking hours' (main), a vulture was praised for being 'bigger than expected' by the Oregon Zoo (top right), while an octopus was given a thumbs up by the Monterey Bay Aquarium for being able to 'fit in any space' (bottom right).

From luxurious boltholes perfect for a romantic weekend getaway to spacious apartments packed with family-friendly conveniences, take your pick of our top holiday apartments in Rome.

The arts are at the heart of Czech culture – so whether you’re a die-hard opera fan or just want to see some beautiful architecture, Prague is the place to be.

London's Dorchester is set for a sister property in Dubai

The Dorchester London is one of the world's most iconic hotels - it attracts a roster of A-list clients and even the Queen has visited. And now the five-star luxury landmark is set to get a sister property in Dubai - but with very different styling. The London property has warm 1930s aesthetics, but stunning renderings reveal how the Dubai version is strikingly futuristic, a towering glass and steel structure that will feature a rooftop infinity pool and offer spectacular views over the Middle Eastern metropolis.

So many people barged into the Reykjavik Coworking Unit thinking it was the Icelandic Phallological Museum that a worker there was forced to put a sign up to redirect them.

Lisbon is one of Europe's most fascinating capitals, check out our pick of the best things to see and do in Lisbon.

The most hated travel Instagram poses revealed

Selfies and hot dog legs have been revealed as the most annoying Instagram travel poses around. Shots of loved-up couples kissing have also been deemed irritating by the social media community, as has the candid 'looking away' shot. Other poses to get the thumbs down include people 'pinching' the sunset, freeze jumping and walking away from the camera. The research, conducted by UK cruise agent Bolsover Cruise Club, set out to find the most annoying holiday Instagram poses filling our social media feeds.

Kay Burley reviews Air Canada's Dreamliner business class cabin

When MailOnline asked nervous flier Kay Burley to go to a distant Canadian island and report back she nearly wimped out as it involved five flights. But Air Canada's business class worked its magic. Here she reveals how she actually managed to enjoy the trip across the Atlantic, thanks to a comfy pod, great food and wine and top service.

Poland's third largest city, Lodz, has come a long way — and it shows no signs of stopping. Ella Buchan discovers there's much culture and glamour to be found in and among the industrial buildings.

Friendly locals, fresh air, plenty of history and culture, along with a buzzing centre with masses of great shops and restaurants.Read on to find out more about the Irish capital.

From the majestic Acropolis to modern high rises, stunning timelapse footage captures Athens in all its glory

Mesmerising timelapse footage showcases the sweeping beauty of Athens in all its glory. From the city's ancient statues, to its columned buildings and modern glass high rises, the stylish film by Alexandros Maragos takes viewers on a journey by moonlight. With darkness cast over the metropolis, its streets and roadways come alive with twinkling lights and, at one point, bolts of lightning erupting.

DoNotPay - masterminded by Stanford University tech whizz Joshua Browder - uses a robot lawyer to find legal loopholes and negotiate cheaper prices or re-book travel reservations.

One reported that the number of people landing on the Wisconsin Wakanda Water Park page is up by 620% and another that searches for nearby Wakanda Park are up 55%.

Silversea cruise ship is cut IN HALF and a 49ft section inserted

Thanks to an incredible feat of engineering, a luxury cruise ship has been cut in half and a 49ft section added, extending capacity by 12 per cent. The Silver Spirit, launched at the end of 2009 by Silversea, has a new length of 691 feet after a pre-built midsection was inserted to offer more space. The previous passenger capacity was 540 but this will jump to 608. The extension cost more than $70 million (£50.1 million) and thousands more will be spent on refurbishing the elongated vessel.

A soap opera plays out on the Grand Canal of Venice every day. Book a room in view of the canal and you can watch it play out in real time. Here are a few of the best places to stay in sight of the water.

For the best Paris weather, a relaxed ambience and the rare chance to dine alfresco until late, you can't beat the French capital in summertime.

Stunning drone footage reveals how Disney's $2bn Star Wars land is taking shape, with 10,000 tons of steel and giant chunks of hand-carved rock

Stunning new drone footage reveals how Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge park in California is taking shape, with striking rocky peaks soaring upwards. The film clip, shared by Disney CEO Bob Iger, takes viewers on a flight through the ambitious new west coast attraction, which is part of a $2 billion (£1.43 billion) investment. The camera soars above lengths of scaffolding and dozens of cranes, with the much-anticipated site covering a total of 14 acres.

Busakorn Somkwamdee, 26, was caught on CCTV at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok opening the flap on the tourist's bag and taking 4,000 Chinese yen from it.

Dishes at the New York event were selected to raise awareness about how members can help take pressure off animals threatened by invasive species.

Despite recent struggles, Cape Town is upbeat. Not least because of its new Zeitz Museum — a landmark for local artists. The building itself is just as impressive, and you can even stay the night.

Southend Skylife Lounge promises to let passengers 'live the high life' but had the lowest score of just one out of five, while the No1 lounge at Heathrow Terminal 3 was ranked top.

The dramatic moment a diver pushes away a great white shark with his HAND after it becomes jammed in a cage 

The jaw-dropping moment came courtesy of Texan diver Eli Martinez while he was on a cage-diving operation off Guadalupe Island, Mexico. A few seconds beforehand, the 14ft predator had launched itself out of the water to grab a hunk of meat. Upon landing back in the ocean, the 2000lb shark's momentum carried it on a collision course with the experienced tour guide's enclosure. After getting its jaws stuck on one of the bars, Eli calmly placed his palm under the massive fish's nose and shoved it off the metal and away to safety.

With the road covered in ice and snow continuing to fall, the lorry took corners confidently as its front wheels dragged its load along behind it, in a mountain range in Bosnia.

Continuing The Mail On Sunday's series, this week author and Gulf War veteran John Nichol, 54, recalls his life of adventures, from muddy Northumberland fields to a family safari in Kenya.

Services will commence on June 4 and will be the first passenger flights to Carlisle Lake District Airport since 1993. The county receives 45 million visitors per year.

A Petron gas station in Manila offers its customers bathroom facilities that comprise a toilet framed by an ornate seat, an antique desk and a mirror that wouldn’t look out of place in a castle.

This city is home to a handful of Michelin star restaurants, as well as a range of eateries ran by Michelin experienced chefs. These are some of the city’s top places for unforgettable food.

With no age limit on who can hire an electric bike in France, Ben Taylor and his partner took their 12-year-old son for a whizz around Provence. The 'lazy' way to explore proves a hit.

The small Greek island of Skiathos, located in the Sporades, is famed for its pristine waters. But there's so much more to this isle than its beach-and-party reputation, writes Teresa Levonian Cole.

Bizarre images show some of Tokyo's strangest toilets

Hidefumi Nakamura documents some of the most bizarre looking public toilets in the Japanese capital and posts the pictures to his dedicated Instagram page, toilets_a_go_go. He started the page after noting how many of the public toilets have strange designs that don't blend in with their sleek surroundings. Now, after spending the past year updating his quirky social media page, Mr Nakamura says he loves the diversity of Japanese toilets.

James Baxter, who is based in Edinburgh, opened up about his extraordinary eight-month voyage, recounting how he skied the length of Norway, and then returned by canoe.

Høyden , which is based in Oslo, Norway, employs a team of around 20 abseilers who spend their days scaling some of Norway's highest heights to carry out maintenance and repair work.

The Baia dei Mori Beachclub, located on Sardinia's north-east coast, offers a morning-to-nightfall timetable of activities - perfect for the entire family, writes Richard Kay.

Former politician Michael Portillo says his professional association with trains first began in 1998. Since then, he's hosted more than 300 programmes charting railway journeys.

Crowned in January, Leeuwarden, in the Dutch province of Friesland, has been named a European Capital of Culture for 2018 - and if you've only got 48 hours, here's what you need to see.

Despite 21 hours per day of darkness, the buzzy university city of Tromso, Norway, lives up to the hype. Visit for a chance to see the Northern Lights and to spot orcas in their natural habitat.

Whether you're an avid artist looking for inspiration or a beginner looking to master a new skill, these artistic escapes, from the U.S to the UK, offer picturesque destinations - and expert tuition is included.

The most useful inventions ever

These pictures are a tonic for anyone who’s struggled to open a carton of milk. They’re a reminder that there are, actually, lots of very useful inventions out there. Some of them are incredibly, mind-bogglingly simple. For example, the underground car park in Madrid that has lines extending up the wall to help drivers align their cars and the drawers that are built into stairs. Others are heart-warming, such as the crossing that gives pensioners more time to get across the road (top left), the SOS machine on top of the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge in New Mexico for those who feel they’ve lost hope (bottom middle) and the vending machine for pets. Also pictured is a 'panic pole' on the U.S/Mexico border (bottom left), stairs that double as drawers (top middle) and a plaster dispensing machine (top right).

For those looking to book a family ski holiday over Easter, try the small resort town of St Christoph, Austria - it's much cheaper and quieter than nearby St Anton, writes Jeremy Daniels.

The theatrical city of Buenos Aires, Argentina - known for its signature tango - is now more accessible than ever thanks to Norwegian's new direct flights.

Boasting an upbeat and infectiously full-on atmosphere, plenty of gold decor and a colourful clientele, Southend-on-Sea's Seven Hotel has a bright future, writes The Inspector.

The passenger flight from Dhaka, Bangladesh, landed in Kathmandu, Nepal, but ended up careening off the runway and crashing in a nearby field, according to witnesses at the scene.

The British-based carrier, founded by Sir Richard Branson, will offer cheaper fares on routes, where passengers can only take cabin luggage and aren't able to choose their seat in advance.

Couple gain legion of fans thanks to photos of UK's prettiest spots

This is the picture perfect couple who earn their living by trundling from one picturesque place to another in their vintage Morris Minor. And their stunning images perfectly capture the spectacular beauty and uniqueness of the British Isles. Mona Jones, 24, and Aaron Gibson, 25, have gained a legion of fans with their breathtaking pictures. Miss Jones initially started travelling and photographing the British countryside in 2012 to help her cope with her anxiety - but her blog, Monalogue, where she posts the pictures, has since become a full-time career.

Cities such as Venice, Dubrovnik and Barcelona see huge crowds arriving daily on cheap flights and cruise ships but are often overwhelmed by the sudden influxes.

The eatery, called Mirai Shokudo, is located in Tokyo's Jinbocho district and has already 'employed' 500 people for one-off shifts to settle their tabs.

Finalists of the 2017 Smithsonian photo contest revealed

The stunning images have been submitted from photographers in 240 countries and territories across the world and have been grouped into six categories - the natural world, people, travel, altered images and mobile, which includes pictures taken on a phone or tablet. The sixth category is American experience, which includes snaps of events, objects or activities connecting the American people to their history or cultural heritage. Pictured is a seal in Germany, top left, a deer in woodland in India, top right, a butcher selling meat in Cuba, bottom left, and wrestling in California, bottom right.

New research covering 11 different countries has revealed the most appropriate ways to behave on dates - according to your geographical location.

From summer 2018, those travelling in economy on the German carrier will be to order one of seven meals on long haul flights for an extra charge up to 24 hours before their departure.

Futuristic wilderness cabins launch on North Cornwall coast

Ever fancy an alternative to traditional hotels? Then these quirky wilderness cabins could make a ideal choice. Located in a disused slate quarry on the North Cornwall coast, these brand new boltholes are elevated high above the ground and accessed through a ladder (left). The cabins, or 'Kudhva' - the Cornish word for 'hideout' - also boast a large window (top right) offering a view of the local countryside.

The four social media experts will be selected to complete a three-month jaunt across the continent on one condition: they document it online.

Featuring the presence of woman, the AI facility in Auckland Airport in New Zealand answers common bio-security questions and provides directions for tourists coming into the arrivals hall.

To many of us, Africa represents a safari destination that offers a once-in-a-lifetime holiday but to Harry and his brother William, it has become a precious sanctuary.

Many Navajo people believe Monument Valley is one of the wonders of the world. MailOnline Travel spent a night there to see if they are right.

Henriette Bjorge, 38, from Norway, went out to Bamyan in central Afghanistan to teach skiing at the Bamyan Ski Club back in 2013 and help introduce Afghan women to the sport.

The high-speed attraction at the theme park in Staffordshire is the first wooden roller coaster to be built in the UK for 21 years and is set to open to those brave enough to ride it in the spring.

Are these the world's worst hotels?

There are bad reviews, and those that label a hotel as being quite possibly the very worst in the world. Here, complete with accusations of 'blood-stained sheets', 'cockroaches' and 'entirely abandoned floors', we present some of the biggest contenders for that unwelcome title But do they really deserve it? You decide... Pictured: New Delhi's Centaur Hotel (bottom middle); The Lonsdale Hotel, London (bottom left); The Grand Hotel, Pristina (top left); Aspinals Hotel, Singapore (top middle), and New York's New World Hotel (far right).

The most stunning views from hot tubs in the world

Nothing beats staying somewhere luxurious and chilling out in your own private hot tub. Nothing, that is, except chilling out in a private hot tub that has jaw-dropping views. To prove the point, holiday rentals firm CV Villas has compiled a list of the outdoor tubs that have the most impressive vistas - and we've found a couple of corkers ourselves. They include the hot tub at the Elounda Gulf Royal Spa Villa, Crete, top left, which features views over Mirabello Bay, the boat style tub at a guest house in Iceland, top right, the Felicia villa in Corfu, bottom left, which has a hot tub with views of the coastline and a tub in Italy, bottom right, which is in the middle of the Tuscan countryside.

If you're an American from the Deep South, then the chances are that when you speak - foreigners will melt. That's according to a survey of people from 43 countries.

Situated an hour out of Sydney, No.772 Putty Road, East Kurrajong looks more suited to the set of Game of Thrones than the Australia bush. This medieval home is on the market for $1.6million.

Tower of London Beefeaters have their own secret pub in royal castle

They are, of course, part of London's tourist appeal. And the iconic Beefeaters are rewarded for their service with a top perk: their very own secret pub. After the hordes of tourists with their cameras and selfie sticks depart from the Tower of London every evening, a private drinking hole for Beefeaters (and their guests) comes to life within the walls of the royal fortress. After the daily hubbub fades, they can change out of their uniforms and head for a quiet drink at the Yeoman Warders' Club, their own private bar in a discreet corner of the sprawling fortress - a much-needed respite.

Pictures reveal the glory of early Anglo-Scots sleeper trains

The vintage pictures form the basis of a new book called Anglo-Scottish Sleepers by Church of England priest and author, David Meara. In one vintage image from the turn of the 20th century, a man in official uniform and hat can be seen handing a white pillow to a train conductor with a 'Rugs & Pillows' truck behind him (top right). Another snap reveals the comforts of a woman staying in a first-class compartment on the Northern Belle, lying in her bed and receiving a professionally prepared breakfast on a tray handed to her by a train attendant (inset). There are also pictures of third-class accommodation (bottom right) and Euston station in 1909 (bottom left).

Two British-based gynaecologists and obstetricians told MailOnline Travel the advice they would give to pregnant patients wanting to jet off abroad.

A new study has shown that it's US locations that make up most of the popular places to film movies and TV shows with the only non-US countries making the top 20 being Canada and the UK.

Chelsea Dickenson from north London set out on a mission to see how many trips she could squeeze in over 12 months after being horrified by how much Brits spend on holidays.

Delta reveals its Zac Posen cabin crew uniforms

The US-based carrier is changing its employee workwear for the first time in 10 years and Posen has spent three years designing the outfits and making sure they are practical for staff. The new uniforms have seen Delta's traditional red, white and blue infused with new hues, which have been dubbed 'passport plum' (purple), left, 'cruising cardinal' (red), right, and 'ground speed graphite' (grey).

The Asiatic lion population has come under threat due to hunting and human encroachment on its habitat

The lion, which once roamed across southwest Asia but is now restricted to the 1,400-square-kilometre Gir sanctuary, was listed as critically endangered in 2000. But its numbers are rising.

Starting today, the artificial intelligence-driven robot that can 'cook the perfect burger every time' has joined his human co-workers during the lunch shift. Flippy has been in test trials for over a year.

Forget Instagram food fads, the glorious five-star Merrion Hotel in Dublin has been pioneering the true art of food for the past two decades, with its lavish Art Tea - a twist on the classic British meal.

MailOnline Travel has scoured the world for some of the most incredible hotel bathrooms, unearthing rock star-themed rooms in Birmingham and pink marble tubs in Rajasthan.

Capturing nature in all its glory, the winners of the prestigious International Landscape Photographer of the Year contest have been revealed, with Max Rive from the Netherlands scoring the top spot.

Stunning Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year images

Thousands of remarkable images were submitted for the annual Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year contest competition, which culminated this week. These included a rainbow soaring by Loch Clair, Glen Torridon (top left), waves crashing against the craggy cliffs of Yesnaby, Orkney (top right), winter skies at Ardvreck Castle, Loch Assynt (bottom left), and Sgurr Eilde Mor in a full winter coat (bottom right).

Shinmoedake, which was featured as a villain's secret lair in the 1967 film You Only Live Twice starring Sean Connery agent 007, erupted in rural Japan around 600 miles from Tokyo.

Shangri-La's West Coast Wilderness Adventure package combines thrills in Vancouver with action in Whistler, for a chance to experience the vast wilderness that surrounds this cool Canadian city.

The UK Heritage Awards reveal Britain’s finest historic attractions

From the best loos to the most wonderful places to stay - the UK Heritage Awards 2018 have honoured Britain's finest heritage experiences. Among the winners for 2018 are Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, top left, Hampton Court Palace, Richmond, top right, The Victoria in Norfolk, bottom left, and Castle Howard, North Yorkshire, bottom right.

Experts blame the weaker pound, which has made foreign trips more expensive and pushed up inflation domestically, leaving holidaymakers with less disposable income for travel and leisure.

Customers wishing to purchase Foiler, created by Enata Marine in Sharjah, the third largest and third most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, will have to wait a year for delivery.

Windcliffe Manor on the Isle of Wight goes on the market for £1m

The Enchanted Manor, formerly called Windcliffe Manor, dates back to 1838 and is nestled in the pretty seaside resort of Niton Undercliff on the Isle of Wight. It enjoys spectacular views. It was snapped up at auction for £750,000 by current owners Ric and Maggie Hilton, who spent six months lovingly transforming it into a luxury romantic getaway. And now it has been put on the market for £1million. It's a truly magical place.

Footage of a terrifying 'headless' toad found in a forest in Connecticut has left scientists baffled. Theories range from its face being eaten by rats to it being a victim of flesh-eating toad fly larvae

Alien hunters are convinced a mysterious object spotted on Google Earth on the remote South Georgia Island in the South Atlantic Ocean where 20 people live is a crash-landed spaceship.

The dramatic incident took place at Terminal 2 of the Nanchang Changbei International Airport in East China's Jiangxi Province on Sunday.

Consumer group Which? collected photographic evidence of damage from hire car customers across Europe who believed they had been charged more than they should have.

Behind-the-scenes photos show how the finishing touches are now being applied to Royal Caribbean's newest ship, Symphony of the Seas, at the Saint Nazaire shipyard in France.

Alexis Stephens, 33, and Christian Parsons, 42, from North Carolina, sold all of their possessions and hit the road in their kooky trailer-style abode more than two-and-a-half years ago.

The world’s wackiest luggage revealed

It's not often that luggage turns heads. But these choice pieces of baggage are the exception to the rule. Here MailOnline Travel has scoured the hidden pockets of the internet to bring you suitcases that amuse, baffle and raise eyebrows. There's the case that resembles a sandwich, the rucksack designed for giants and a case that may well be bigger on the inside than the out - because it has a Tardis design. Also not to be missed is the Boba Fett suitcase and what's possibly the world's most erotic handbag.

Like many visitors to India, Georgina Brown had only stopped in Mumbai overnight en route to a beach in Goa or Kerala. But now she lives in the city and says its a fast, smart place.

The Australian airline has found itself in a political correctness row after issuing instructions to employees to use 'gender appropriate' terms and avoid saying 'husband and wife'.

So you'd like to escape to somewhere warmer while chilly Britain recovers from the Beast From The East? Why not head for Marrakech, where the average March temperature is 23C.

Singer and actress Martine McCutcheon reveals where she went on her first holiday, how she went abroad to Spain for the first time aged eight and how she honeymooned in Italy with husband Jack.

Tolon is perched on a sandy fringe in southern Greece. Benedict Allen found it pleased his 'slightly desperate' wife and three children, who are all 'screamers'.

The world's best cities for millennials revealed and Berlin wins

The study, by German-based apartment search engine Nestpick, looked at factors such as housing affordability, quality of nightlife, the economy, immigration tolerance and youth migration. Coming top of the list is Berlin, top left, which received 10 out of 10 for its nightlife scene. Second place is Montreal in Canada, bottom right, followed by London, centre top, Amsterdam, centre bottom, and Toronto. Other cities ranked highly on the list include Barcelona in seventh, New York City, bottom left, in eighth and Manchester, top right, in 10th.

Cap Corse on the northern 'thumb' of Corsica is the home of sweet Muscat and plenty of potable rose wines. Quentin Letts visited and ended up scolding himself for not going there sooner.

Each year National Geographic honours the achievements of people in the fields of exploration, adventure sports, conservation and humanitarianism on its Adventurer of the Year list.

How household brand names change from country to country

Brands morph from country to country – sometimes due to legal requirements or often just because of local tastes. Here’s how your favourite brands change depending on where you are. Pictured top row are the Burger King, KFC and Doritos cool original brands. But these become Hungry Jack's, PFK and Doritos 'cool ranch' in other countries.

The historic house, called Hollyhocks, in Eardisland in Herefordshire dates back more than 550 years and also hosted medieval knights before the final battle of the War of the Roses.

The popular branch of restaurant chain Sushi Den - located at Bangkok's high-end mall, Siam Paragon - suffered the embarrassing fate after an eagle-eyed customer spotted the infestation.

Two bush walkers stumbled across their dream house and bought it for $2.8million. The estate on Cooroy Mountain has three separate homes on the one property and a waterfall in the backyard.

Welcome to Monowi, America's smallest town with 1 resident

Elsie Eiler is the sole resident of Monowi, Nebraska, and has lived there by herself since her husband's death in 2004. The 84-year-old holds the office of mayor, as well as clerk and treasurer. She still lives in a mobile home a half-block from the only business in the town - the Monowi Tavern - which she owns and operates. It's not her only business. She also runs the town library - a tiny building jammed with 5,000 books, which is dedicated to her husband, who was a devoted reader.

According to U.S-based revenue management software provider PROS, which works with various airlines, a number of operators have already introduced wealth-based 'dynamic pricing'.

Tattoos of a wild bull, a symbol of power and virility, and a Barbary sheep, were found on Egyptian mummies dating to between 3341 and 3017 BC at the British Museum in London.

National Geographic Traveller's photo contest winners

Capturing scenes of natural beauty and expressions of human emotion from around the world, the winners of National Geographic Traveller's prestigious photography competition have been announced. This year, UK photographers were invited to submit their entries in one of six categories - action. nature, people, urban, portfolio and video. Pictured from top left, clockwise to centre: Simon Morris’s shot of an eagle hunter in Mongolia, Renato Granieri’s portrait of two king penguins, Chris Kirby’s snap of a local lady looking pretty in pink in South Africa, Jasmine Van Hoeylandt’s haunting image of Cormorants nesting in Zimbabwe and a colourful plumage trailing behind the Red Arrows display team, as captured by Jonny Williams.

In this 2017 photo provided by Simon Pierce, Jonathan Green checks on a fin-mounted satellite tag on a whale shark in the Galapagos Islands area of Ecuador.  Despite typically being bigger than a double-decker bus, the elusive whale shark has only tiny, almost useless teeth. It's also one of the least understood animals in the ocean. ( via AP)

In an attempt to solve some of the most enduring mysteries, a group of scientists spent several weeks diving with whale sharks in the Galapagos Islands last summer and fall.

The electronic passes will be given to 'all nationals whose countries allow their citizens to visit' from 1 April. The move is part of a bid to further modernise the desert country's global image.

Vilina Vlas - the hotel used as a rape camp in Bosnian war

Taking a recommendation from a guide book, Australian Kym Vercoe checked into the Vilina Vlas, unaware that the hotel had been used to detain, rape and execute people during the war. It was used as the headquarters for notorious paramilitary group the White Eagles (bottom right) but now promises 'all elements for a real rest'.

The annual visa restrictions index compiled by UK-based law firm Henley & Partners showed people from Japan and Singapore can travel to 180 countries without the need for a visa.

An extreme summer is likely to follow this winter's icy conditions, providing the perfect climate for jellyfish to arrive on our shores, an expert at the National Sea Life Centre Birmingham said.

Inside Stanley, the capital of the Falkland Islands

During a recent trip to sub-Antarctica, MailOnline Travel's Sadie Whitelocks stopped at the weather-beaten city of Stanley in the Falkland Islands. Despite being more than 12,600km away from the UK, Stanley - which has a population of just over 2,000 - is like a 'little Britain' with Union Jacks flying, fish and chips frying and seagulls crying. Sadie said when she popped into the local supermarket, she was surprised to find Waitrose and Marks & Spencer-branded produce. Pictured from clockwise from top left: Stanley, the interior of one of the local pubs, the exterior of the pub, a Union Flag showing the islands' allegiance to the UK and Christ Church Cathedral, the southernmost Anglican cathedral in the world.

The Parry family from Brownhills in the West Midlands say they were left in the airport for 24 hours without anywhere else to go after bad weather meant flights from the island were delayed.

The punniest launderette names revealed 

Washing dirty clothes isn't usually a barrel of laughs. But these cleverly-named launderettes inject a little humour into the process. For Tolkien devotees, Lord of the Rinse (top left) might get you a bit more animated come laundry day. While Iron Maiden (top centre) might appeal to the rock 'n' rollers and Soapranos to the TV buffs (top right). Over in Oklahoma in the U.S., Liberty Laundry (bottom left) is known for regularly updating its message board with a good old pun, telling customers this past January to 'wring in the New Year' with a spot of washing. Other comical launderette names include The Found Sock (bottom centre) and All Washed Up (bottom right).

Researchers form the Woods Hole Oceanographic institution found 1.5 million Adélie penguins in the remote region of Antarctica called the Danger Islands.

In 1967 Canadian Club launched its Hide A Case campaign, with 25 cases of booze dropped in remote locations all over the world including Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.

The stunning pictures show Dubai's huge skyscrapers as well as the luxurious hotels, popular marina and winding roads. The unique perspective of the city was captured by Bachir Moukarzel.

The world's most luxurious hotel rooms

Should you use price comparison websites to get a few pounds off the cost of your holiday hotel, you might want to look away now. As TV presenter Giles Coren shows in the new BBC series of Amazing Hotels, there are some hotel suites clearly aimed at guests for whom money is no object. Forget free mini toiletries and sewing kits, here perks include haute couture outfits to wear during your stay (at the £20,000 a night Mandarin Oriential in New York, centre right), bullet-proof windows (at the £62,000 President Wilson Hotel in Switzerland, left) and heated loo seats (Four Seasons, New York, top right). Meanwhile, at the Royal Villa at the Grand Resort in Athens (bottom right), where visitors have included Leonardo DiCaprio and Mel Gibson, each guest is presented with their own fitness trainer on arrival.

EXCLUSIVE Award-winning photographer Espen Bergersen, 37, from the northern Norwegian island of Andoya, started photographing whales eight years ago.

Researchers waded through more than 300,000 Instagram posts and found the non-London places with the most #beautiful, #stunning, #wonderful and #lovely hashtags.

Ryanair said it had run out of patience waiting for the Scottish Government to reduce Air Passenger Duty (APD) tax. Glasgow Airport said it was bitterly disappointed by the move.

Cove Haven hotel has champagne glass-shaped hot tubs

You might want to avoid having too much fizz before clambering into this wacky hot tub. In a bid to get guests in the mood for love, one hotel in the U.S. has installed bubble baths in the shape of giant Champagne coupe glasses in three of its suites. The towering tubs - in the 'Champagne Tower Suites' at the couples-only Cove Haven resort in Poconos, Pennsylvania - are raised seven feet from the ground on stem-shaped pillars.

MailOnline readers from across the country have seized the chance to take these brilliant images of Britain covered in thick layers of snow. Pictures from Glasgow, Kent, Surrey and more feature.

The prestigious Sony World Photography Awards shortlist has been revealed. It includes an array of compositions, from gorgeous natural landscapes to harsh human environments.

Lord of the Rings fan snaps the locations from the movies

More than 16 years on from the first Lord of the Rings film release in 2001, hordes of fans still flock to New Zealand, where it was filmed. One such fan, Bry Voydatch, decided to venture there from Massachusetts for her 21st birthday in a bid to photograph herself at the exact locations used in the fantasy trilogy - and the results are very impressive. The physics student told MailOnline Travel that she spent two weeks venturing around the North and South islands of New Zealand and managed to visit almost every filming site from Lord of the Rings. Pictured: Bry (left) emulates Frodo Baggins as he leaves the Shire in The Fellowship of the Ring and retraces his journey into Mordor (right) on Mount Ruapehu.

In the final seconds of the American Airlines video a cabin crew member says 'great is what we’re going for' before a group of staff cheers and claps. This upbeat ending has reportedly riled fliers.

Disney chief executive Bob Iger announced the huge investment in the Paris park and the new planned attractions after a meeting with the French president, Emmanuel Macron.

The fake ski chalet websites scamming unwitting customers

Several people have told MailOnline how they thought they'd booked a luxury chalet, but actually wired money to scammers – with one victim losing 30,000 euros. So just how were they duped? We investigated and uncovered how scam sites will steal pictures and descriptions from genuine agents (pictured), communicate only through emails and mobile phones and refuse to take credit card payments.

Hundreds of holidaymakers travelling to and from the Canaries have been hit by flight cancellations and long delays due to a severe storm.

A diver off the coast of Florida discovered 7,000 year old human remains. The burial grounds were found at the Manasota Key Offshore archaeological site, located west of Venice, Florida.

Singapore hotel guest gets lots of photos of Jeff Goldblum

One hotel went above and beyond for a guest who instead of flowers by the bed, requested a picture of Hollywood star Jeff Goldblum. Imgur user cornwallis1 said that he jokingly wrote to the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel via email and asked for an alluring painting of Goldblum with his shirt semi-unbuttoned to be put on the bedside table. And the holidaymaker was stunned when he checked into his room with his wife and found that the hotel had followed through with his request and there were shots of Goldblum pasted at every turn.

Unidentified travelers exit the airport past a green metal container designed for "Disposal for Prescription and Recreational Drugs," set outside one of the entrances to McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018. People catching a flight at the airport can now get rid of prescription and recreational drugs, before entering the Clark County-Department of Aviation-owned property, thanks to the receptacles commonly referred to as "amnesty boxes." The first of about 20 green metal containers commonly referred to as amnesty boxes were installed earlier this month in response to county officials banning marijuana possession and advertising at the airport last year. (AP Photo/Regina Garcia Cano)

Tourists catching a flight out of Sin City can now dump their leftover legal marijuana in metal containers set up at the entrance to Las Vegas McCarran International Airport.

A whole new world! Torrential rain in Brazil submerges hiking trail to create an eerily stunning underwater scene

Breathtaking footage shows a submerged hiking trail in Brazil, which had been transformed into a colourful underwater world after days of heavy rain. The video, shot at Recanto Ecologico Rio da Prata reserve close to the southwestern town of Bonito, shows walkways, bridges, and rain forest drowned in several feet of crystal clear water. At first it is hard to see that the cameraman - reserve worker Waldemilson Vera -  is underwater, but when he tilts the lens towards the water's surface it becomes clear that he is swimming and not walking along while filming.

The University of Toronto has released a guide for medical professionals to show how they can monitor patient's vital signs reliably in the cabin environment using the equipment on board.

Rome's Mediterranean climate and proximity to the sea usually result in mild winters, such that restaurants often keep outdoor seating open even through the coldest months of the year.

Travel journalist and blogger Sebastiaan Bedaux has been globetrotting for the last 10 years and during that time has uncovered some of the world's most stunning holiday homes.

The cause of the mistakes and misguided messages on display in pictures from around the world will forever remain a mystery, but you’ll be too busy laughing, we suspect, to care.

Ski heaven Cairngorm National Park in surprising location

With perfect powder snow, craggy peaks and even reindeer, there can be no doubt that this is the perfect place for a skiing holiday. But the location of the pictures may come as a surprise. Accessed overnight via sleeper train from London, this resort is not in the Alps, Scandinavia or Canada – but the Cairngorm National Park in the Scottish Highlands.

The capsules are at St Christophers At The Village in London Bridge and a total of 26 pods have been installed that come with mood lighting, free wifi, ear plugs and plug sockets.

MailOnline Travel has scoured the globe for the most impressive pieces of gravity-defying art, from rock creations in California to topsy-turvy tanker trucks in Weston-super-Mare.

German behemoth tent took 40 people and one week to build

Tents, on the whole, don’t tend to be labelled as ‘dramatic’. But this German behemoth most certainly does. It was used for a World Youth Day scout meeting in Dusseldorf and took 40 scouts one entire week to build it. It resembled a cathedral and even had a church bell installed in one of the two towers, which rose up to a height of 15 metres.

As Eurostar launches its new direct service from London to Amsterdam, The Mail on Sunday's Fred Mawer reveals his 48-hour guide to exploring the city.

Whether you’re green-fingered or just a bit nosey, Museum Van Loon's annual Open Garden Days event is the only way you’ll truly uncover Amsterdam’s secret sanctuaries.

The world's worst hotel views... ever

From brick walls, to grimy skips and building sites, aggrieved hotel guests have shared some of the not-so-delightful views from their bedroom windows. Eduardo M from Chile said he was thoroughly disappointed after checking into Orchard Garden Hotel in San Francisco. Instead of the sweeping city view he was hoping for, he wrote on TripAdvisor: 'I was given room 305, and when we entered the room we saw this horrible brick wall facing our only window.' Meanwhile, MailOnline Travel was equally disappointed by the view at Heathrow's Radisson hotel. The vista was a grimy-looking skip looming outside the window (bottom left).

If you’d rather splash your cash on the Irish craic, than spend it on a traditional hotel, here are the top ten hostels in Dublin.

The Gladstone Library in Flintshire is a delightfully eccentric hotel that just happens to have 150,000 books for you to dip into.

A video montage shows how social media is saturated with copycat images, with the Leaning Tower of Pisa pose being one of the most popular shots.

It's a dream come true for weary travellers, because hotels across America have been rated on the quality of sleep they offer with a hip design hotel in Kentucky coming out on top.

Images show the world's most incredible abandoned castles

They were once great buildings that stood proudly as a symbol of strength. But now, having been bombarded with shells, set on fire and left to rot, these castles are looking a little worse for wear. This fascinating series of photographs includes UK ruins such as Old Wardour Castle in Wiltshire, Crichton Castle in Scotland and Kinbane Castle in County Antrim. And European edifices such as Xixona Castle in Alicante and Birkenfels Castle in Alsace. They may not be looking so grand today, but they're still utterly intriguing - time-capsule buildings that offer glimpses into by-gone ages.

EXCLUSIVE The whaling station on South Georgia opened in 1904 and shut in 1966. MailOnline's Sadie Whitelocks explored the spooky site, where the waters once 'writhed with whales'.

The 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War on November 11 makes this a special year for trips to the battlefields across Belgium and France and monuments to the fallen.

The actress recalls her first holiday to the South Coast, her top school trip - getting drunk in Italy - and her 'far from majestic' honeymoon.

Inside Qatar Airways' new A350-1000 aircraft

Traditionally, passengers get to live the high life on a plane after turning left. But on board Qatar Airways' new A350-1000 aircraft, entering service on Saturday between London and Doha, economy class passengers will get to feel like VIPs, too. That's because in their cabin there are millions of ambient anti-jet lag LED lights, hospital-grade filters - with the entire cabin air renewed every two to three minutes - larger overhead bins, higher ceilings and every window seat has an actual window.

Alderney, which is one of the smallest of the Channel Islands and the closest to England, got the thumbs up from the Daily Mail's Tony Rennell.

The San Francisco-based firm, which launched a decade ago, revealed it would be soon listing custom-designed getaways involving some of the world's most luxurious homes.

The holiday home on the platform of a railway station

All aboard for a quirky getaway. This holiday home sits right on the platform of Malvern Link Railway Station, offering guests commanding views of services to Great Malvern, Hereford and Worcester Foregate Street. It was built in the 1800s and was the home of the station master in charge of ensuring the smooth running of the railway. It's now been fully restored.

An expert at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City has warned the country's cultural heritage is at risk of being wiped out unless pollution is cut down.

Murren’s Inferno Race Week features a course that is up to ten miles long. The amateur contest, which takes place in Switzerland, is easy to enter, provided you can ski a bit.

Scores have been given based on restaurant quality, price and menu variety with Narita International Airport in Tokyo coming out on top in the non-U.S list. And Denver top in America.

MailOnline Travel has ascended the heights of historic London to offer you the ultimate views, most stylish surroundings, impeccable service and gorgeous getaways.

Meet the pampered pets who travel around in bags

There's no getting dirty paws for these pampered pets, with their owners taking animal care to new heights. In photos shared to Imgur, dozens of critters are seen being carted around in bags, from dogs in New York to cats in Asia. Pictured from top left, clockwise: A man carries a dog on his back in a baby harness-like contraption, a cat can be seen peering out of a rucksack, a dog peers out of a tote bag, a lady checks in on her four-legged passenger, a puppy on the back of its parent and a man with his pet in a sling bag.

Photographs and a timelapse video show how Claudius Schulze, 33, from Hamburg, Germany, knocked his waterborne home together and sailed it hundreds of miles to Paris.

The study, carried out by National Geographic, showed that people in the UK now take an average of three flights every year but that hasn't stopped a third of Brits having a fear of taking to the skies.

TripAdvisor names the best beaches in the world for 2018

Grace Bay in the Turks and Caicos, top left, came out on top of the TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Beach awards beating competition from beautiful beaches in Brazil, Cuba and Spain. The top-rated beach in the UK is Bournemouth beach, top right, the No1 in the USA is Clearwater Beach in Florida, bottom left, while Manly Beach is deemed to be the best in Australia. Taking the crown for the best beach in Europe is La Concha Beach in San Sebastian, Spain, bottom right.

Researchers conducted swab tests across six surfaces at three major US airports and on aeroplanes and analysed them to establish which passenger areas are the most germ ridden.

The Andaz, by London's Liverpool Street Station, is a grand-looking hotel with 267 rooms. But The Inspector said once he stepped inside, there was nothing grand about it.

A fascinating new infographic reveals the varying cost of travel vaccines for Brits around the world, with China proving one of the most expensive places to be fully protected.

Hero Douglas' action-packed adventure to Cape Verde

Hero Douglas ventured to Sal - one of ten small volcanic, arid islands in the former Portuguese colony of the Cape Verde archipelago - to celebrate her 19th birthday. She said her holiday requirement list had included bikini weather, deserted sandy beaches, a small island, an authentic feel, vegan-friendly, a short flight, similar time zone and affordability. Her budget was about £400 for food, flights and accommodation.Eventually, she managed to find a bargain break to Cape Verde online. Pictured is: Hero diving, top left, driving a quad bike, top right, riding a horse, bottom right, floating in the sea, bottom left, and a view of the island scenery, centre.

Researchers from the French National Center for Scientific Research used DNA analysis to find that 'wild' horses were domesticated in ancient Kazakhstan 5,500 years ago

Airbus shared new video of its Alpha One self-flying taxi taking off from an airport last month. Alpha One is part of Project Vahana, the aerospace giant's advanced projects division.

The Boeing 737 Max 7 is the third and newest member of the company's Max 7 range to be built at the company's plant in Renton, Washington, and is due to go into service early next year.

YouTube presenter Dan Bell and his sidekick Will Krupinsky explored a derelict 42-room mansion in Baltimore, Maryland, where 'spirits still roam' with its rotting interiors caught on camera.

Omar Abass from Columbus, Ohio, said he came up with the idea for his RetraStrap during a long trip to Europe and now he has raised more than £15,000 via Kickstarter to produce it.

Stunning rainbow images guaranteed to brighten up your day

Spotting a rainbow can brighten the greyest of days, as these images show. MailOnline Travel recently witnessed a rainbow from the air while taking off from Ushuaia airport at the tip of the Argentina, with the coloured rays rising up from the mountainous scenery behind. Others have been equally lucky to see rainbows in the sky during a flight or while using a drone. One photographer captured the Victoria Falls in South Africa with a coloured arc forming in the clouds of fine spray. Another eagle-eyed photographer took a breathtaking panorama of a band of colour raining down over the winding Sella Pass mountain road between the provinces of Trentino and South Tyrol in Italy.

British explorer Levison Wood recently returned from one of the world's most dangerous holidays - travelling through Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. He claims Syria has a great nightlife.

Blogger Artur Grabowski collected data from 120 trips to find out whether Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze was the fastest service. For each trip, he measured traffic conditions and other factors.

The world's most remote post offices revealed

These post offices give a whole new meaning to the phrase 'snail mail', as their remote locations could mean several weeks of waiting before letters reach their destination. MailOnline Travel has pushed the envelope to find the most obscure places at which you can pop something in the post. One of the odder spots includes a post box ten feet down at the bottom of the South Pacific Ocean (top right), where you can buy waterproof postcards and postal marks are embossed instead of inked. Other equally far-flung spots that promise to make the postman's job a bit more tricky include the End of the World Post Office in Argentina (bottom right), the world's most southerly mailing depot at Port Lockroy in Antarctica (bottom left), the barrel box on Floreana Island in the Galapagos (top left) and the mail shed on the Isle of Tanera Mòr in Scotland (inset).


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