Game Of Thrones star Aidan Gillen is waiting expectantly for the one question everyone wants to know about his latest role, Dave Allen. 'The finger,' he says with a slight grin

Beatrix Potter was cremated after her death in 1943, so any talk of her spinning in her grave is not appropriate. But if there's soon an earthquake in the Lake District, I shan't be at all surprised.

In terms of performances, operas in the repertory and critical esteem, the Czech Leos Janacek sits alongside Benjamin Britten as the most successful opera composer of the 20th century.

It all starts so quietly, sitting upstairs in Shu Xiangge, a Gerrard Street restaurant, sipping cold Chinese beer and strolling through a vast menu that is as much anatomical chart as it is à la carte

Cuba Gooding Jr was a young actor making a name for himself in Hollywood when he landed a part in the 1996 movie Jerry Maguire opposite Tom Cruise.

George Ezra could easily have been a one-hit wonder. He sprang from nowhere four years ago with Budapest, a tune prompted by missing a train after waking up with a hangover.

In director Emma Rice's reinvention, actors appear on stage and also in a specially made film version. There's a model train and the film's Rachmaninoff piano soundtrack is used along with ukulele music.

In Turkey, since there's a 'Day' for pretty much everything else, how about October 29 for Turkish Wine Day, which is also Republic Day?

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A mother and father are surprised when their daughter, Leila, who has just turned 16, fails to return from school. They manage to get in touch with her 19-year-old sister, Ayan. 'Leila is with me.'

There aren't many exhibitions I can remember where the visitor gets to eat the artworks, but such is the case here. Lettuce is being grown with the tilapia droppings from four fish tanks.

Eamonn Holmes is finding it tough living in these times of political correctness - hard even for a man who grew up in the cauldron of Northern Ireland during the Troubles

At 93, Charles Aznavour thought he had heard it all. Only last month, his 'great friend' Sting told the French press how he envied the 'French Frank Sinatra' for his longevity

Her 007 days are long gone. But Rosamund Pike has lost none of her licence to thrill. Which is why she took on the role of a 'violent and frightening' gun-toting German terrorist